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The human skin is the outer covering of the body. In humans, it is the largest organ of the integumentary system. The skin has up to seven layers of ectodermal tissue and guards the underlying muscles, bones, ligaments and internal organs.[1] Human skin is similar to that of most other mammals. Though nearly all human skin is covered with hair follicles, it can appear hairless. There are two general types of skin, hairy and glabrous skin (hairless).[2] The adjective cutaneous literally means ...

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vagina and clobetasol propionate
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My gynocologist upon my annual pap, showed me pointing a mirror at my vagina that I have some white skin that could possibly end in pre-cancer or worse. So she prescribed “clobetasol propionate .05. When I got home, I realized I have absolutely no idea where this cream suppose to go??? I guess my best bet is to go back to my gyno and ask her to show me again. Do you by any chance know off hand where to put this cream? Thank you if you can help.
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Propysalic Ointment For Psoriasis
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info about Propysalic Ointment For Psoriasis ## My husband is suffering from psoriasis more than eight years.Is there any cream ,body lotion or ointment to get rid of this condition. ## Psoriasis is an immune disorder, so there is no cure per se, the condition can only be managed as best as possible. Learn more Psoriasis details here. From what I have found, Propysalic is listed as being a high potency ointment that contains the steroid Clobetasol coupled with Salicylic Acid. Learn more Clobetasol details here. Learn more Salicyclic Acid details here. Has it been recommended to treat this condition? ## Betnovate or dovabate cream is great I think I've had and used it and is cured ## I am 35 years Male, I have Psoriasis since past 6 months. Unknowingly I have been using Propy salic N...
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Melas cream usage
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Melas should not be used as a skin fairness cream... Melas cream should be used only at night before bed time for 15-20 minutes and then clean your face. And the next day use Melas ultra cream 5-6 times during the day. Note: After you've finished the product use only Melas soap... ## Meals cream is very effective - you all should use it. ## Can I still use melas cream for skin whitening if I don't have acne or pimples? Or will it cause side effects? ## I had used melas cream for 2 months, now my skin has become red and some pimples are forming by using this. What can I do? Please tell me as soon as possible.
Updated 6 days ago.
Krimson35 - side effects / purpose
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Hello, I am a 32 yr old female. I have had gynec issues in the past like missed / delayed / bad periods etc. That is sort of ok now, but i have a lot of hair growth on my chin, upperlips & breasts. And hair loss on my scalp (hirsutism) I am not prone to acne / pimples other than some rare occasional outbursts. I am overweight despite my controlled diet. No thyroid prob detected. My doc prescribed Krimson 35 and i have been taking it for the past 15 days. Apart from the various common side effects, i have started getting pimples on my face and chest area. And my phlem has increased considerably with no other symptoms of cold/cough. is this normal, or should i contact my doctor? ## The pimples are fairly normal, since it is actually a hormonal based contraceptive. The phlegm, however,...
Updated 8 days ago.
Accutane Effects After 20 Plus Years...Destruction!
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I Took Accutane ore than 20 years ago...for moderate Acne. I Experienced the so called Usual Side effects...Dry Lips chapped lips and joint pain..along with severely irritated Stomach...(Sudden allergy to Diary)and other Problems I was ASSURED would soon as i stopped taking the ACCUTANE... Well....Lets just say....The effects do gradually subside....and the Acne is better. Something else I discovered is.....Slowly....The Joint pain returns...only much more severely...the Stomach problems get worse...and eventually your stomach might even begin to bleed...and feel as though it was burned by acid.. Then..Maybe you will need an x ray...for some small May have suffered...At the Young age of 24....possibly on accout of a Dizzy Spell....(Associated?...)Maybe..You fa...
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poslam ointment
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old remedy for skin rashes ## Does anyone know where I can buy Poslam Ointment? My Grandmoyher used to have it and it's the best. ## I am also looking for this product. From what I can tell it is no longer made but I won't give up yet. ## I am also looking for Poslam and cannot find a source. Maybe someone should start making it again. It's very effective for skin problems. ## when I googled poslam, I was offered link to ebay, antique- bottle pictures show ingredients. ## Poslam used to be made by Emergency Laboratories, Jersey City, NJ 07302. I tried to find them in on-line phone directories but they don’t seem to exist any more. A pharmacist passed along this formula to my parents. A compounding pharmacy should be able to make it up. I don’t know if it is paten...
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what does profloxin 500 treat
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I went to the hospital for a pain at the right side of my stomach. The dr. there gave me profloxin. ## I have abdominal pain always before my menstraution and too many clotts during menstrauting, pains during intercourse. and doctor gave me profloxin to use before 3 days before menstrauting and 3 days after menstrauting. ## I'm on Arv's and taking profloxin will be a problem. What exatly profloxin do. And I want to fall pregnant. ## I had pain on my left I'm not sure whether its in the ovaries or stamoch my doctor did a pragnancy test an it was nagetive she gave me profloxin an after taking them for 4days my nipples r saw what could be the cause ## I will fall pregnancy If use it because i come from doctor today i never use this pills b4 ## i was at the doctor today she give...
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use of clobetasol propionate & salicylic acid ointment
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can we use clobetasol propionate & salicylic acid ointment to the private parts? ## You should not use anything on your genitals that has not been specifically formulated to be used on them, unless your doctor has instructed you to do so. If you do so, it could result in infection, skin irritation, redness, burning, itching, and fungal infections, according to the NIH. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Can I apply clobetasol & salicylic acid cream can apply for scalp ## I'm using Clobetasol Propionate and Salicylic Acid Ointment. The acne has reduced in its size but the skin near the acne has become white in color. Will it be normal in a few days or should I get something done to it?
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how to use lobate gm skin cream
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I have dark black spots on face caused by burning. can i use lobate gm neo to remove spots ## I have to many pimples in my face ## Can I use lobate gm neo 15m on my face for pimples and acne? Does it have any side effect? Thanks! ## Lobate-GM is listed as containing Clobetasol, which is a type of steroid. Thus, that means it may actually worsen some skin conditions, such as acne, because it can actually cause it, as a side effect. Other possible side effects, as listed by the FDA, may include skin dryness, redness and irritation. Taani, it isn't likely that it will help those dark spots, either. Have you consulted a dermatologist? ## Hello sir, I am staying in gulf. Here the weather is too hot. My age is 44. I have pigmentation problem since long time. Another problem is i have dark...
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White Pill/NC
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Round white pill with NC on center of one side, other side is blank ## acne medicine ## Devon is correct, this is an over the counter product used to treat acne, it is sold under the brand name Nature's Cure, though I cannot provide the specific formulation of this one, since they use the same logo on all of their products. The FDA warns that their products are only supplements, so they are not actually proven to help with anything. They may also be contraindicated with some prescription medications, and some medical conditions. Some people also experience nausea, and diarrhea as side effects. Are there any questions?
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