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Calcitrol Overview

Calcitriol is the active form of vitamin D, normally made in the kidney.[8][9] It is also known as 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol. It is a hormone which binds to and activates the vitamin D receptor in the nucleus of the cell, which then increases the expression of many genes.[10] Calcitriol increases blood calcium (Ca2+) mainly by increasing the uptake of calcium from the intestines.[7] It can be given as a medication for the tr...

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My Xray Report States That I Am Having Hand Fracture Problem And M Severe Pain In Even Dont Able To Work For Sometime Is This Recoverable Doctor Has P

my X-ray report states that i am having hand fracture problem and m having severe pain in hand ..even dont able to work for sometime. is this problem recoverable ?? my Doctor has prescribed 3 Medicines 1)OSTEOWIN-PLUS Tablet 2)ACTIROL SACHET & 3)ENZOWIN Softgels so i want to know about the formulations of all these medicines. Regards ## OSTEOWIN PLUS TABLET INDIA'S FIRST COMPELETE CALCIUM THERAPY CONTAINS CCM+CALCITROL+VITAMIN K2 ## Drives Away D3 Deficiency Vitamin D deficiency is a major concern in India affecting all age groups. ACTIROL SACHET a brand of vitamin D3 containing 60,000 IU of Cholecalciferol has been introduced to address this health concern. Increasing awareness on Vitamin D deficiency and its implications is widening the market of Vitamin – D...


Please list the possible side effects of "bio-d3 strong" taken daily by a woman of age 50 ## This is just a nutritional supplement that contains that contains a complex of vitamins that are important to your overall health. The ingredients are calcitrol, calcium carbonate, Vitamin K, Methylcobalamin, Magnesium and Zinc. Learn more Vitamin details here. Supplements aren't actually tested and studied for side effects, as is done with actual medications, but they have been known to cause nausea in some people. They are generally considered safe, as long as you follow the usage directions and don't exceed the recommended dosage. Is there anything else I can help with? ## it is safe when u feed ur baby.....pls reply ## My wife is suffering from Arthritis since 2011. But despi...

Shelcal os side effects - ITCHING!!

Hi, I am 28 yr old. I have a 15 months old son whom I still breastfeed. About a couple of months back, I was diagnosed with Vitamin D defficiency and prescribed calcitrol sashet. Ever since I have taken this, I have been itching. taking citzene would reduce itching but not completely stop. Now my doctor prescribed me Shelcal os tablet, and that has aggreviated my itching. Please let me know if this will affect my son and also, please suggest a medicine to stop itching and bring back my vitamin d levels to normal. Right now, my vitamin d level is 13. I also have thyroid and I am takibg thyroup 75 mg for the same. Thank you. ## SInce these are just nutritional supplements, it is doubtful it will have any effect on your son, even if they are passed in breast milk, babies need higher amount...

Use Of Bone C Plus

I am having pain in both legs. Starts from the feet and upwards. Both my knee joints and right shoulder joint also ache. ## Bone-C Plus is a multivitamin supplement, it contains Calcitrol, Calcium, Folic Acid, Methylcobalamin and Vitamin B6. It is sometimes given to people with certain types of joint and never pain, because a lack in vital nutrients can cause or aggravate the condition. Is there anything I can help with? ## I ran half marathon on 1st Dec 2013 and in mid Jan 2014 my and Knee and ankel of left leg are paining, i went to medical and storekeeper gave me Cipla Nicip plus, can you advise if this tablet can resolve my pain issue.


gemcal ds is prescribed by my doctor for osteoporosis for lower back pain . is it worth taking . ## This is actually just a multivitamin supplement, the regular Gemcal contains Calcitrol, Calcium and Zinc, I would guess that the DS formulation also contains something else, but I can't find any specific information on it. It will not actually treat pain, but by supplementing these vital minerals, especially the calcium, it might help prevent worsening of the Osteoporosis. Are there any other questions? ## It looks like Gemcal DS is actually supposed to contain Calcium Carbonate 1250 mg + Calcitriol 0.25 mcg, typically prescribed for osteoporosis. So it sounds similar to the regular Gemcal, but does vary in its formulation. ## I used to take gemcal ds for 1month that tym it dint pain ...

Side Effects Of Shelcal Ct

I am taking Shelcal-CT for last 8 months. I feel Gas in stomach. What are the side effect of this medicine. ## Plase tell me the action of shelcal-ct and its side effects ## Shelcal-CT is just a nutritional supplement that contains calcium and calcitrol. Learn more Calcium details here. Learn more Calcitrol details here. As such, it hasn't been tested for side effects, as is done with actual prescription drugs. However, it may cause some gas or stomach acidity, that can occur with almost anything you take. Have you tried anything to remedy the situation? ## I am 41 year old and mother of 2. I have been taking 1 Revital tablet (ranbaxy) daily for the last 3 months and found great level of difference. Want to know if there r any side effects and can i continue taking the same for a lo...

Why Use Caldikind Tablets

What is the reason of used caldikind plus ## Caldikind Plus is a nutritional supplement that contains nutrients that are very important to your overall health. It contains Methylcobalamin, Calcitrol, Calcium Carbonate, Eicosapentaenoic Acid, Docosahexanoic acid, Folic Acid and Boron. Learn more Vitamins details here. Have you been told you should take it?

tablet gemcal

Pls. give the details for what reason is Tablet Gemcal is prescribed. ## i have been detected with Hypothyroidism. M a female of age 27. I had a lot of pains in my body. Earlier I was prescribed Thyrox25. I took it for 1 month and my Thyroid level was increased by .3 in this month. Now doctor has increased the dose to Throx 50 and has given me UltraNuron, Gemcal, Supradyn and a painkiller plus anti acidity medicine. ## I want to know if taking all these medicines at one time harmful in any sense? ## Gemcal is a nutritional supplement that contains 0.25mcgs of Calcitrol, 500mgs of Calcium and 7.5mgs of Zinc. It is mainly given as an antacid to treat heartburn and similar conditions. Thyrox contains Levothyroxine sodium, it is used to treat Thyroid conditions. Did you mean Ultraneural...

Tab Shelcal 500

my husband is 52 yrs old is it alright to give him shelcal 500 mg 1 a day to keep him away from knee and occasional shoulder pain he takes alcohol of 2 to 3 pegs of brandy or whisky per day.does it have any side effects. ## ShelCal is just a nutritional supplement that contains Calcium and Calcitrol. Learn more Calcium details here. Learn more Calcitrol details here. So, as such, it will not actually do anything to help pain and it has not been tested for side effects, or possible interactions with alcohol. Are there any other questions or comments?

My Mri Report States That Am Having Hand Fracture Problem And M Severe Pain At Back Even Dont Able To Walk For Sometime Is This Rec

my mri report states that am having hand fracture problem and m having severe pain at back ..even dont able to walk for sometime,,,is this problem recoverable my Doctor has prescribed 3 Medicines 1 is OSTEOWIN-PLUS Tablet 2nd is ACTIROL SACHET & 3rd is ENZOWIN Softgels so i want to know about the formulations of all these medicines. Regards ## OSTEOWIN PLUS TABLET INDIA'S FIRST COMPELETE CALCIUM THERAPY CONTAINS CCM+CALCITROL+VITAMIN K2 ## ACTIROL SACHET I wonder whether people are aware that in India, even in the big cities, generally doctors do not ask for testing the Vitamin D levels in the blood of a patient. Further I do not even know whether some or any of the labs would be equipped to find the Vit D levels. This is what doctors routinely do: They prescribe sachets contain...


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