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Morgans Lysine creates more sores

Felt the cold sore tingle this morning on the right side of my upper lip. I had left home and could not take Lysine tablet. I stopped at the store and got Morgans Lysine. Started using it immediately. Now it is evening. The sore got worse. Another started on the left side of my lip, and one in the middle. As well, everywhere there is one on my upper lip, one has began on my lower lip. Now I have 6 cold sores. I would not recommend using Morgans Lysine. The tablets you get at the local health/nutrition store are much more effective. ## I'm sorry that it got worse, I know it sucks. However, to be honest, there's really nothing that's guaranteed to work, all the time. There are various products and remedies that are claimed to help, some work great for some people and some don...

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