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Fumaderm - how long for results?
2 Replies RSS Share
Hi. I'm on fumaderm for psoriasis. Been taking it for almost 2 and a half months now (been on 6 full strength tablets a day for almost 3 weeks) and I haven't seen any improvement to my skin yet. The leaflet says results are usually seen around 8 weeks so I'm worrying it may not work for me. Anyone else been on this and had to wait a few months for results? Thanks. ## Hello, Herald! How are you doing? Has there been any change, yet? In most cases, when they give a certain number of weeks for results, they usually mean one steady dose for that period of time, because things can fluctuate, as long as your dosage is still changing. Have you been experience any side effects? The NIH lists the most common ones as possibly including abdominal pain, diarrhea, and flatulence. Are you...
Updated 9 minutes ago in Fumaderm.
Generic suboxone pills vs brand name strips
26 Replies RSS Share
I was started on Suboxone strips and paid out of pocket first week. Found out that ins will pay for Suboxone but I have to start with the pills and a pre-auth. So I pick up the generic pills, same dose as strips were and they aren't nearly as strong... Feeling a lot of cravings and w/d's and needed to take more to keep them at bay. The only way ins will pay for strips is if I have some sort of problem taking the pills.... What can I say to the Dr so he will switch my pre-auth to the strips? Called pharmacy and he said if you go from strips to pills you may need to increase your dose by 35% to get the results as you got from strips... Can anyone please help? ## Hi. The answer to ur question: what kind of insurance do u have? I know most ins including Medicaid will pay for strips ...
Updated 31 minutes ago in Suboxone.
Medicine To Start Loose Motion
6 Replies RSS Share
sir can u prescribe me a medicine that helps to start loose motion ## I need good tablets to getting loose motion to clean my stomach. ## icchabedi ras is strong loose motions tablet . eat 4 tablets at once for good reaction ## I am in bangalore can you tell me the medicine to start the loose motion. Because my stomach is not clear ## Sir, I have 2 omichoice 20 with me. Can I use this tablet to create loose motion to clean my stomach? ## I have stomach problem its very hard am not getting motion daily ## China sanya My stomach is not clear i want loose motion
Updated 43 minutes ago.
Prednisone affecting my 1-dose Methadone maintenance
13 Replies RSS Share
Hello. I'm an addict in recovery, using the methadone maintenance as the way to wean off opiates. I currently take 1 95mg dose (methadone) in the morning, and I'm weaning down 2mg/month. I also have spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease and major lumbar pain. I take only Aleve for pain, as I'm told the methadone will not help me because I only take 1 single dose/day and not for pain management. I have had 2 surgeries on my back. A simple laminectomy, but my 2nd surgery was spinal fusion surgery. I have a metal cage in my lower back, but now; I need a 3rd surgery to repair the discs higher on my spine, as all the pain has returned and my very well-respected doctor highly suggests this. He ordered a series of steroidal epidural shots in my back. I did the 1st round of sho...
Updated 1 hour ago in Prednisone.
Damaged skin due to persivate cream
5 Replies RSS Share
I have been using persivate for almost a year and I wasn't aware of the side effects, but now my skin is darker, I have lots of pimples and rashes, it is itchy and dry... Please advise me on what to do. Any recommendations? ## I was also using persivate cream for more than 5 years. I stopped using it and I had pimples and my skin became dark. My face was itchy night and day then I decided to consult a skin specialist. Although it was very expensive but my skin is healing nicely. The doc told me that if you are using persivate you are damaging your skin. Whoever is continuing using this poison must stop honestly. ## Hi, I used persivate ointment last year to clear dark marks on my face n yes they did fade away but then i stopped using it and now my skin is worse than b4 the dark mark...
Updated 2 hours ago in Prednisone.
Max fol tablet use
2 Replies RSS Share
I want to conceive and my Dr suggested that I take Max Fol tablet. I want to know the benefits and purpose of this medicine. ## I want to concieve, so my dr suggested that I consider maxfol tablets. Please tell me any tips for pregnancy and whether this might be useful. I also take Sunvit injection and Avion capsules. ## I got married one year ago, i have been issue with irregular periods, And PCOS, Gynae suggested me to use Gynotrial tube, and Diane 35, after that the ultrasound shown the same issue, now i m using Glucuphage and Dupahaston, and Neo Q10, I want to get pregnant ASAP, please help me. My age is 29 Years, My husband's Semen Analysis is Okay. Can I, Get pregnant while taking Dupahaston and primolut n? Because my period date was 15 Feb and still i am not having any period...
Updated 2 hours ago.
round peach pill with R 128 & oval white pill with U 136
2 Replies RSS Share
The oval white pill imprinted with U 136 as well as the round peach pill imprinted R 128 are both 0.2 mg clonidine! I am a recovering addict who's suffered from the disease of addiction. I was for years chasing my next high. My doctor gave me these to help with withdrawal and sleeping. They do not make you feel high as they're non narcotic! They do however put you to sleep. Originally they are indicated for high blood pressure and drug withdrawal. ## Clonidine can also be used for treating anxiety, ADHD and several other medications. The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, sedation, drowsiness, dry mouth, and headache. I have not taken it, but I've heard it works miracles for high blood pressure. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hello I...
Updated 3 hours ago in Clonidine.
can i stop taking multaq
5 Replies RSS Share
I have been taking Multaq for 10 months. I was hospitalized at that time for bronchitis. When asked what medications I was presently taking I stated all of them. I also mentioned that I have MVP and was taking 200 mg of Acebutolol 2 X daily. I also mentioned that 18 year's ago I went into A-Fib for 3 days. While hospitalized, they put me on Multaq. I since don't feel any PVC's but not sure if the Multaq eliminated them. Previously, I was taking Betapace as a preventative for A-Fib. Since taking the Multaq, I have been suffering with my stomach, extreme tiredness and get winded easily. Is taking the Multaq and Acebutolol over doing it ? I was told that the Acebutolol controls the lower part of the heart (PVC's) and the Multaq the upper part of the heart (A-Fib). I feel I ...
Updated 3 hours ago in Multaq.
Big Pharma's Lockdown On Legitimate Chronic Pain Patients
241 Replies RSS Share
Is narcotic pain medicine becoming a thing of the past? Why are doctors across America phasing out the practice of prescribing effective pain medication? Will big pharmaceutical companies ever truly understand what it's like to face the other side of the coin? Lately there's been a musty scent in the air surrounding the use of prescribed narcotic pain medication. Many doctors appear to be running scared as the DEA scours through fields of medical records, inspecting prescribing pads like a mouse scavenges for food in a dimly lit cellar. Should the day come when doctors recommend Ibuprofen to a feeble man who's been involved in a terrible car accident (breaking several bones / requiring extensive surgery), is this doctor at risk of malpractice when there are more effective op...
Updated 4 hours ago in Ibuprofen.
Zpack to Augmentin
2 Replies RSS Share
Hello, I was diagnosed with pneumonia yesterday and prescribed the Zpack. I took the first dose which is 2 pills together. I found out after this that because I am on Effexor that that antibiotic is not recommended for me to take because it can interact with eachother and can cause heart issues. They are starting me on Augmentin today. Is it safe to take today being that I just took the first dose of the Zpack yesterday? ## It is always best to follow your doctor's prescribing instructions. If they say it is safe for you to switch, then you should do so. The FDA lists the typical antibiotic side effects as possibly including dizziness, diarrhea, headache, diarrhea, and non-allergic skin rash. I am not saying there aren't any possible risks, but the NIH lists them as being very r...
Updated 4 hours ago in Augmentin.

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  • Dec 19 2017 Steglatro Ertugliflozin (MERCK SHARP DOHME)
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  • Dec 14 2017 Altafluor Benox Benoxinate Hydrochloride + Fluorescein Sodium (ALTAIRE PHARMS INC)
  • Dec 13 2017 Ixifi Infliximab-qbtx (PFIZER INC)

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  • Mar 9 2018 25208-200 Zypitamag 1 mg Oral Tablet, Film Coated (Medicure International Inc)
  • Mar 9 2018 25208-201 Zypitamag 2 mg Oral Tablet, Film Coated (Medicure International Inc)
  • Mar 9 2018 25208-202 Zypitamag 4 mg Oral Tablet, Film Coated (Medicure International Inc)
  • Mar 9 2018 51862-040 Doxycycline 50 mg Oral Capsule (Mayne Pharma Inc.)
  • Mar 9 2018 51862-041 Doxycycline 75 mg Oral Capsule (Mayne Pharma Inc.)
  • Mar 9 2018 51862-042 Doxycycline 100 mg Oral Capsule (Mayne Pharma Inc.)
  • Mar 9 2018 71053-590 N/A .5 mg/.7ml Intramuscular Injection (Rafa Laboratories, Ltd.)
  • Mar 9 2018 71053-591 N/A 1 mg/.7ml Intramuscular Injection (Rafa Laboratories, Ltd.)
  • Mar 9 2018 71053-592 N/A 2 mg/.7ml Intramuscular Injection (Rafa Laboratories, Ltd.)
  • Mar 8 2018 0085-1132 Proventil Hfa 108 ug/1 Respiratory (Inhalation) Aerosol, Metered (Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.)
  • Mar 8 2018 0093-3008 Lansoprazole 15 mg Oral Tablet, Orally Disintegrating, Delayed Release (Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc.)
  • Mar 8 2018 0093-3009 Lansoprazole 30 mg Oral Tablet, Orally Disintegrating, Delayed Release (Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc.)
  • Mar 8 2018 41415-009 Honey Lemon Cough Drops 7.5 mg Oral Lozenge (Publix)
  • Mar 8 2018 57955-3321 Enzyme Restoration Oral Liquid (King Bio Inc)
  • Mar 8 2018 68788-7106 Oseltamavir Phosphate 75 mg Oral Capsule (Preferred Pharmaceuticals Inc.)
  • Mar 8 2018 68788-7107 Adult Low Dose Enteric Coated Aspirin 81 mg Oral Tablet, Delayed Release (Preferred Pharmaceuticals Inc.)
  • Mar 8 2018 68788-7109 Oxybutynin Chloride 15 mg Oral Tablet, Extended Release (Preferred Pharmaceuticals Inc.)
  • Mar 8 2018 69725-003 First C Waterfall Topical Cream (Lizk Co., Ltd.)
  • Mar 8 2018 69725-004 Lizk Serum Topical Aerosol, Spray (Lizk Co., Ltd.)
  • Mar 8 2018 69842-175 Cvs Health Topical Aerosol, Spray (Cvs Pharmacy)

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