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Memory loss from Gabapentin?

I have a really bad memory these past 5yrs. I've been taking gabapentin the past 7yrs, I also take oxycodone, oxymorphone, mobic and stopped taking valium and a muscle relaxer about a year ago. I don't consume cannabis anymore. It's been about 15 yrs since I have. But when I did smoke back in the day I smoked a lot for a good 10yrs. I've noticed lately that I cant remember anything. When someone introduces themselves I just totally forget 2 mins later. I have tried the trick where you say the person's name over 5x's or use it in a sentence to help remember. But to no avail. Even at work, I'm told 3 things to do, I only remember 2 of them, or when it's time to do a task at work I just totally forget. It's affecting my job and making me look very stupid...

Updated in Gabapentin
KRKA Apaurin Diazepam

Are apaurin blue Valium with a 10mg on one side and score on the other still in circulation? I have been dispensed 20 and am too concerned to take them as they didn't come in a blister packet from the pharmacy. I keep hearing they are best available. I also get actavis from my doctor but worry about taking anything. I tested them with an eezee benzo kit and colour came back exactly as it should. Thanks for any advice. ## Ya I’ve taken um very nice there blue with score on one side I find them great for anxiety ## What size of strips do they come in? Plus do they defo got 10 and a score on each side? Also do you know what color krka's (who make apurin) generic xanax helex g are? Are they slow release? I'm in Europe. ## Yes they're blue. They work within a half hour....

Updated in Diazepam
round white pill scored on one side

Found white round pill with EP on one side and scored. Blank on the other side. No numbers. Anyone know what it is? ## Hi Kelly, Is the score line on the same side as "EP"? I only ask because there are at least a handful of other white round pills marked with "EP" sitting over top of a score line on one side and blank on the back. They're reportedly made by a company called Excellium Pharmaceuticals (hence the EP). However, the only discrepancy I've noticed is that these other pills also have a (3 digit) set of numbers underneath the score line. I just wonder if your numbers could've been rubbed off? - depending on its condition. Does anyone else here recognize this tablet? ## Lorazepam-used to treat anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, insomnia, multi pers...

Updated in Lorazepam
Mecobalamin vs Methylcobalamin uses

I wish to know the difference between usages if methylcobalamin and mecobalamin as both are prescribed by different doctors for the treatment of leg muscular pains. ## There is actually no difference in these, they are both the same thing. The correct name is Methycobalamin, but in some foreign countries, the spelling has been adulterated to Mecobalamin. However, both refer to the same form of Vitamin B12, which is often given to treat certain types of pain, because a deficiency in this vital nutrient can cause or contribute to such conditions. Have you discussed it with either doctor? It is probably not advisable to take both, without a doctor's approval, because too much B12 can also be dangerous. ## Sir, I am being prescribed either mecobalamin or methyl cobalamin by my doctors. ...

Updated in Vitamins & Supplements
barmicil compuesto cream 30 g

BETAMETASONA & CLOTRIMAZOL & GENTAMICINA ## Have been using Barmicil Compuesto Cream which I purchased at Walmart in Acapulco....Is this a safe cream and, if so, where can it be purchased in the USA???? ## I have been using Barmicil for several skin problems such as sores, pimples, rosacea, ringworms, and gotten excellent healing of ailments, with no skin scarring. I buy it in Progreso, MX for about $3.00 a tube. This lasts for months. I also keep an extra tube handy, so that if I encounter someone with dire need of skin help, I can offer it to them. ## For everyone's reference, I believe the active ingredients of this medication translate to: Betamethasone + Clotrimazole + Gentamicin From what I have seen the closest equivalent available in the US contains 2 of the active i...

Updated in Betamethasone
Tamol XX 200

Is Tamol-xx 200mg , tramadol Hcl a long acting drug? ## From what I can find, yes it is listed as being a time released formulation of Tramadol. Has this been prescribed for you? ## I'd like some clarity: Tamol XX tablets are white, whereas Tramadol X 200 mg tablets are pink coloured. Does anyone know why and what the different colours indicate? Maybe different applications?

Updated in Tramadol
Rumoquin pill information

It's a round lavender pill with no imprint on the pill itself. ## Sorry, I can't find anything under that name in prescription databases or otherwise. If there are no imprints on the pill, then it is not a prescription drug from the US, of any kind. All prescriptions sold legally in the US must have, by law, a unique imprint for ID purposes. And I am afraid that since I can't find that name listed anywhere, I am unable to tell you anything about this, sorry. ## Without Rumoquin NF I literally could not get out of bed and walk in the morning for almost an hour. I lived in Mexico for 8 years and suffer with arthritis in all the joints of both legs and my right hand. This is not a pain killer. It is the best anti-inflamatory I have ever used. When I returned to live in the US I...

Updated in Tylenol
Efudex with Dovonex

Just letting everyone know that I just did the newest Efudex treatment protocol which requires mixing 50% Efudex with 50% Dovonex (vitamin D) and it was very fast and easy. Four days of application of the combo “lit up” my face and 7 days later my face and scalp were virtually back to normal. Minimal pain, like a sunburn, and no scabbing, pus, etc. I was really scared to do the longer treatment after reading blogs and looking at pictures, but the new treatment is a piece of cake. Plus, according to related articles, it actually works better. A real win-win! "SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ. – A four-day topical combination regimen of 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) and calcipotriene removed almost 90% of facial actinic keratoses – significantly more than with 5-FU monotherapy, in a r...

Updated in Efudex
Difference between MET-XL And METOLAR-XR

I WAS TAKING MET-XL, NOW MEDICAL STORE HAS GIVEN ME METOLAR-XR SAYING BOTH ARE SAME. PLEASE CLARIFY. ## Dif bitbeen metolar (cipla) or Metoprolol (jan ausdi) ## I am taking Amlopresss-5 mg (daily one) & recently doctor added met XL 25. These two are same or different uses? Plz. clarify ## Yes, all of the mentioned medications contain the active ingredient Metoprolol in a time released formulation. The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, increased urination, and hypotension. Just, they are not the same, but both can be prescribed to treat high blood pressure, and certain cardiac conditions, so it is best to follow your doctor's instructions for taking them, since allowing such a medical condition to get out of control has the pote...

Updated in Metoprolol
how long can i take m2 tone

I delivered at six months ago n wen I was three to four I had ma menses nw it has stop coming. But checked n was negative. Till nw I have nt have ma period. So wat is happening to me nw. Pls help me. Tnx! ## I am 29 years old and I have not seen my menstruation for 3month now nd am negative,I have use 1 pack of m2 tone nd av not seen my period , pls what should I do because I need baby . Thanks ## Should I take m2 tone after my menses or before my menses ## Pls, can m2 tone be taken during menstruation?


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