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kansas city mo pain medication prescribers
127 Replies RSS
I am uninsured and have a referral to a pain management clinic, but cannot afford the clinic. I would like to know of any cheap doctors who would prescribe the narcotic pain medication I need to be on in the Kansas City MO area. ## Hi, Kat! How are you? I'm sorry, but under the new regulations that were put in place this year, if you require narcotic pain medications on a long-term basis to treat chronic pain, you're going to have to see a pain management specialist. PCPs are no severely restricted in what they can prescribe, how long they can prescribe it and why they can prescribe it. Do you qualify for any type of assistance to help paying for the clinic? ## Hello Verwon, thank you for the reply. I am currently trying to get Medicaid but I know the clinics do not take Medicai...
Updated 1 minute ago in Percocet.
side effects of idrofos 150+does it lead to fever too ?
4 Replies RSS
My wife has been advised a dosage of one every mont to be taken on the same day each month and at at the same time. she feels feverish and pain all over the very next day. do you have any explanation to these symptoms ? ## HI, Bidyut! Very sorry about the problems your wife is having. Is she feeling any better? Idrofos contains the active ingredient Ibandronate, it's used to treat or prevent osteoporosis and yes, it has been known to cause those types of side effects in some people that take it. Has she consulted her doctor? It may not be the right one for her to take and she may need to try a different medication. Learn more Idrofos details here. ## After taking ibandronic acid tablets im having server leg pain and also chest pain and Im not able to walk...what can be done please r...
Updated 26 minutes ago in Ibandronate.
Generic Subutex/buprenorphine - Which manufacturer do you prefer?
185 Replies RSS
Hello All, I recently just got changed from suboxone to subutex due to a pretty bad allergic reaction to the naloxone in the suboxone. Basically my question for everyone is which generic do you guys prefer my pharmacist can order any kind for me so Im at the moment just got the Roxanne ones 8mg they are white round tablets. This is my first day using and am already noticing my migraines are starting to subside not fully but starting too. So yeah if anyone has any suggestions please let me know all the ups and downs that you guys have been experiencing thanks! Good luck to one and all! D ## I may not have personal experience with either of these generics, but I did want to go ahead and link you to a couple other threads here with more information on other Subutex reviews: Discuss/can-sub...
Updated 28 minutes ago in Subutex.
Doctors Willing To Prescribe Heavy Pain Medication In Colorado
5379 Replies RSS
I have a serious problem. My dr. had two patients start dr. shopping and has decided it is too big of a pain in his butt to continue prescribing, even though I have gotten MRIs and Xrays to prove my problems. I have over a half a dozen herniated discs in my low back, along with degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, scoliosis and arthritis in my facet joints. I am currently on5 30mg oxycodone a day for breakthrough and 60mg of methadone for my long lasting meds. I REALLY need a doctor in the Denver, CO area who will not judge me because of my age, thinking I'm just some drug seeker as I TRULY need my meds to function. I am even being placed on disability until I can get my back healed because if something doesn't change I will be in big time pain for the rest of my life. If...
Updated 29 minutes ago in Oxycodone.
Tooth root still inside gum/ infection
Post a Reply
I have a bad tooth that had so much decay the outside portion broke off leaving the root inside my gums as well as a hole in my gum were the tooth was. Should i have it removed? How will it bet got out of there is nothing to grab to pull out? I had a root canal done before i lost the tooth so I dont feel much but was told i have an abcess formed and that was the reason for the bad taste i had in the tooth. Would i feel the abcess if i had the root canal done?
Updated 37 minutes ago.
evion 400 tablets
4 Replies RSS
Hi, I am a girl of 20 years of age. Suffering from dark circles problem, hair fall, white hair & dandruff. My friend's mother suggested me to take this pills evion 400. I wonder whether this will work or not? Kindly suggest me, & what dosage should I take per day for better results? Please give me advice for the dark circles problem. All my friends always say to me "kuch to kar dark circles ka". ## Hello. Mujhe ek mahene se ziyada ho gaya h mc nhi aai plzz sir koi dawa bataye. ## Ya u can take it and also use a multivitamin tablet with Himalaya under eye cream. ## Hii, i m 20 years old boy. Can i take evion tablets for my skin and hair? I am having hair fall and in my face i have pimples. ## I am suffering from a gray hair problem. I am nineteen years old. I started ...
Updated 45 minutes ago.
I had periods in january n its been 4 months that I m not having periods what shuld I do I m having pain in my whole body from past 2 n half months
2 Replies RSS
I had periods in january n its been 4 months that I m not having periods what shuld I do?? I m having pain in my whole body from past 2 n half months is it because of irregular periods kindly tell me I m so much worried i m 15 years old is there any medicine so that my periods would start?? I had this prblm last year also that I didnt hv periods for four months n I dnt hv periods every month I hv periods after the gap of one month I first had periods in august 2010 ## Hi Nimi! U really need 2 call your Doctor. Seriously !!! ## Haven't get my periods yet since I stopped mala-N for four months. I took mala-N for 2 and half years. Is it normal???
Updated 45 minutes ago.
real vs fake norco pill
17 Replies RSS
How can you tell a real 7.5/325 from a fake one? Is there any tests you or your pharmacy could do? Thank you! ## Hello, Arlene! How are you? No, the only way to be sure, if you didn't obtain it from a licensed U.S. pharmacy, would be to pay to have it lab evaluated somewhere. Are there any markings on the tablet in question? That information would enable to check more details on it for you, such as if there are known fakes. The FDA classifies this medication as being a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. ## I've gotten two different ones before that I thought and knew were fake. Including Norco 10/325. I'll write down markings of both. Markings on Norco ...
Updated 51 minutes ago in Norco.
Persistant Side Effects from Injectafer
124 Replies RSS
My first dose was given four days ago and I am still feeling nauseous, muscle pain and cold sweats. Realizing that we're all different, I'm hoping someone's experience with Injectafer is better than mine and can offer some hope that things get better. Compared to my Infed and Venofer infusions this is the worst I've felt afterwards. This is my first try at a forum. Thank you for any advice. ## Those can be normal side effects of such infusions and, unfortunately, they don't always improve or go away. Some people end up with such symptoms for life. You may also experience dizziness, flushing and darkening of the skin at the administration site. Has it improve any, yet? Why were you switched off of the others, were they no longer working? ## I had mine on Friday (it...
Updated 1 hour ago in Injectafer.
Nucynta - discontinued
22 Replies RSS
Has Nucynta been discontinued? ## I'm sorry, what thing are you looking for? I am not finding any information, at this time, that Nucynta, which contains the active ingredient Tapentadol, that is used to treat pain, has been discontinued. However, if it was a very recent action, it may not be added to the FDA databases, yet. Do you have a source for this information? ## Walgreens has stated Nucynta has been discontinued as of 9/14/2017. Could not fill my prescription. ## my walgreens told me it is discontinued also. sept 22 ## My mother has been taking nucynta for years. It's the only drug she doesn't have a reaction to. Her pharmacy has said it was a manufacturing problem and they would have it in a few weeks. Doesn't help right now as a believe she is having withdrawal...
Updated 1 hour ago in Nucynta.

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  • Sep 26 2017 Clorotekal Chloroprocaine Hydrochloride (SINTETICA SA)

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  • Dec 7 2017 59535-0269 Bright Eye Vitalizer 1 g/100ml Topical Cream (Ami Cosmetic Co., Ltd.)
  • Dec 6 2017 0169-4132 Ozempic 1.34 mg/ml Subcutaneous Injection, Solution (Novo Nordisk)
  • Dec 6 2017 0169-4136 Ozempic 1.34 mg/ml Subcutaneous Injection, Solution (Novo Nordisk)
  • Dec 6 2017 36800-377 Salicylic Acid .4 g/181 Topical Plaster (Topco Associates LLC)
  • Dec 6 2017 55946-703 Calendula Diaper Rash 12 g/100g Topical Cream (Weleda, Inc.)
  • Dec 6 2017 63824-430 Clearasil Rapid Rescue Body Treatment 2 g/100ml Topical Lotion (Reckitt Benckiser LLC)
  • Dec 6 2017 63824-433 Clearasil Rapid Rescue Spot Treatment 10 g/100g Topical Cream (Reckitt Benckiser LLC)
  • Dec 6 2017 63824-434 Clearasil Rapid Rescue Spot Treatment 2 g/100g Topical Gel (Reckitt Benckiser LLC)
  • Dec 6 2017 63824-437 Clearasil Stubborn Acne Control 5in1 Concealing Treatment 10 g/100g Topical Cream (Reckitt Benckiser LLC)
  • Dec 6 2017 63824-438 Clearasil Stubborn Acne Control 5in1 Spot Treatment 10 g/100g Topical Cream (Reckitt Benckiser LLC)
  • Dec 6 2017 65841-606 Atomoxetine 18 mg Oral Capsule (Cadila Healthcare Limited)
  • Dec 6 2017 65841-607 Atomoxetine 25 mg Oral Capsule (Cadila Healthcare Limited)
  • Dec 6 2017 65841-608 Atomoxetine 40 mg Oral Capsule (Cadila Healthcare Limited)
  • Dec 6 2017 65841-609 Atomoxetine 60 mg Oral Capsule (Cadila Healthcare Limited)
  • Dec 6 2017 65841-610 Atomoxetine 80 mg Oral Capsule (Cadila Healthcare Limited)
  • Dec 6 2017 65841-611 Atomoxetine 100 mg Oral Capsule (Cadila Healthcare Limited)
  • Dec 6 2017 68382-216 Atomoxetine 18 mg Oral Capsule (Zydus Pharmaceuticals (Usa) Inc.)
  • Dec 6 2017 68382-217 Atomoxetine 25 mg Oral Capsule (Zydus Pharmaceuticals (Usa) Inc.)
  • Dec 6 2017 68382-218 Atomoxetine 40 mg Oral Capsule (Zydus Pharmaceuticals (Usa) Inc.)
  • Dec 6 2017 68382-219 Atomoxetine 60 mg Oral Capsule (Zydus Pharmaceuticals (Usa) Inc.)

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