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  1. Prolia Side Effects Duration
    Updated October 18, 2019 in Prolia Trend: FRESH
  2. Pain management termination due to Dr prescribed benzodiazepine
    Updated October 15, 2019 in Ativan Trend: FRESH
  3. Is Mylan Lorazepam Discontinued?
    Updated October 19, 2019 in Lorazepam Trend: FRESH
  4. Chronic Pain patients must get organized to lobby for their rights.
    Updated October 16, 2019 in Vicodin Trend: FRESH
  5. My Doc will not refill my xanax Im feeling sick
    Updated October 15, 2019 in Xanax Trend: FRESH
  6. Big Pharma's Lockdown On Legitimate Chronic Pain Patients
    Updated October 14, 2019 in Ibuprofen Trend: -5
  7. Prolia & Hair Loss
    Updated October 19, 2019 in Prolia Trend: FRESH
  8. Rhodes/Purdue buprenorphine hcl 8mg RP b8 vs Roxanne 54 411
    Updated October 20, 2019 in Buprenorphine Trend: -6
  9. Losartan Recalls
    Updated October 17, 2019 in Losartan Potassium + Hydrochlorothiazide Trend: FRESH
  10. My Modafinil prescription is not affordable and now I have to detox from it
    Updated October 17, 2019 in Modafinil Trend: FRESH

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Scopolamine, pseudoephedrine and methyl .

This drug is available to anyone, anywhere on the Planet. Pseudoephedrine is precursor to crystal meth, crank, ice. Addictive and life destroying illegal drug. Scopolamine too is famed in the ilicit drug trade, A major hallucinogen used by Shamen for 1000s of years, recently wd discovered the brain's amygdala produces DMT dimethytriptiline for use when in the dream state or REM state. My point is that by these seeminly mundane chemicals in mundane medicines, when anyone with a secondry school education could easily turn thier inquisitive curiosity to turn thier hands to made illegal drugs quite simply and to profit from it greatly.

Updated in Pannaz
Rhodes/Purdue buprenorphine hcl 8mg RP b8 vs Roxanne 54 411

I have made the switch from the 8mg films to 8mg buprenorphine tablets only. With all the research I've done and experience I do my best to stay away from actavis mylan and nowadays sandoz. I noticed everyone has enjoyed the Roxanne now westward generics amongst hi-tech coming in second/mylan. I have no experience with mylan bup and don't want to take the risk even as mylan has always been a waste imo. I'm not a fan of allergan (actavis) taking over watson so depending on the drug dispenses I most stay away. There are as of now 7 manufacturers of generic buprenorphine hcl 8mg (generic subutex). They are in order of my preferred with not much experience except with brand name: *roxanne (now westward pharma)- 54 411 *hi tech- 8 ^(arrow) *mylan- M924 *teva (allergen/activas own...

Updated in Buprenorphine
Mavyret living with side effects?

I was diagnosed with Hep C 25 yrs ago, took Interferon injections for a yr, my Hep C came back as soon as I stopped treatment. Then was given Interferon and Ribavirin but couldn't tolerate it. In 2016 I made it 5 weeks into Harvoni and couldn't live with the side effects. Since 2016 my liver fibrosis has increased now at a 2-3 was a 1-2 for yrs but its now jumped up since the Harvoni. My Dr wants me to start a new treatment but with my sensitivity to medications I'm scared. I've been looking into Mavyret? The paperwork the nurse gave me said 8 weeks? Looks doable ? Was wondering if anyone has had any long term side effects? My Dr said most people tolerate Harvoni , but on this forum I found a group who had as bad, if not worse side effects then I had!. Please can you hel...

Updated in Mavyret
Prolia & Hair Loss

I've just recently had my second Prolia shot. So far so good...a little back pain. I continually have stress fractures on my feet and have also taken fosamax. My current problem is hair loss & I wondered if anyone else was having that problem? ## Hello, Gracie! How are you? No, this isn't listed from what I can find, but I'll check a couple more sources to be sure and post back. Are you on any other medications? How old are you? ## I'm 57. On no other meds except evista and a pill for reflux. A friend sent me a website that stated that there was a study with some hair loss ## Yes, after my second shot of Prolea, I had two UTIs, fatigue, huge bumps under the skin on my face and all over my scalp, an array of unexplained symptoms like peripheral neuropathy (not diabeti...

Updated in Prolia
Nervous system damage from epclusa

Has anyone experienced severe anxiety, constant crawling feeling in body after epclusa treatment. Its like my brain and body aren't working right anymore? I had terrible side effects. Finished in January, now it's June and feels like I'm still taking the poison. ## Hello, Barbara! How are you? Has there been any change? Those are not normal side effects of this medication according to recent FDA reports. They typical include nausea, dizziness, insomnia, depression, and diarrhea. Are you on any other medications? Do you take any supplements? Do you drink a lot of sugary, or caffeinated beverages? ## Yes I started with hand/arm pain about a month after starting treatment. Now I am three months post treatment and the pain has now been nerve pain in my hands, lower legs, hands, ...

Updated in Epclusa
formoterol12mcgbudesonide0 5mg

My husband has copdand is sleepy all the time. Can form/ bud make him sleepy? He takes other Meds but can't find any that cause drowsiness. ## Hello, Bev! How is your husband? Has anything changed? As reported by the FDA, this medication usually causes nervousness and insomnia as side effects. What other medications is he taking? There are many that can cause drowsiness and I'll be happy to check them out for you. ## I was treated for hep C,11mths ago Epclusa treatment so far no virus,I'm over 60yrs,Im still feeling anxiety nausea aching legs exhausted everyday,I don't think I will ever feel well again,I now have asthma never had before, been prescribed pulmicort turbohaler with budesonide , been told should not take if had liver problems anyone any ideas.

hydralazine in my system how long?

How long does hydralazine last in your system? ## Hello, Kd! How are you? Hydralazine is classified as a vasodilator that is most commonly used to treat high blood pressure and congestive heart failure. Its typical side effects may possibly include nausea, dizziness, increased urination, headache and hypotension. It's generally life span is anywhere from 10 to 48 hours. Did you suffer adverse effects from it? ## I took this med and experienced redness in my face. Do not use this medicine. It should be banned. I took it for three years. It almost shut my system down. How long does it take to get out of my system? ## Spirinoloctone and endenoprone. Terrible drugs. Spiro i gained 20 lbs most in breasts and butt and kegsn endeniprone potassium sky rocket and went to hospital my blood pr...

Updated in Hydralazine
how long after taking a suboxone can you use opiate

I took 4mg suboxone at 9am this morning and have never taking them before. Can I take a Percocet tonight and still get pain relief? ## People often get confused very easily about this. As an addict who used opiates for about 10 years and now on suboxone for 2 years, and having gone to over 15 rehabs and countless suboxone doctors I have a bit of knowledge on this issue. If you take a suboxone and immediately after try to do opiates, YOU WILL NOT GO INTO WITHDRAWAL. you will just not feel the effects of the opiates because of the blocker. Now if you do it the opposite way, if you do opiates and immediately take your suboxone (you have to wait at the very least 12-24 hours to take it), then you will go into immediate withdrawal and believe me, it is TORTURE! Ask any doctor or anybody who ...

Updated in Suboxone
Adderall on backorder

I take generic Adderall 20 mg for narcolepsy and there is not one local pharmacy that has it in stock. I have never had this problem before. The pharmacies are saying that it's on backorder from the manufacturer. Is anyone else having problems getting their scripts filled? ## I live in Southern NH. I can't find a pharmacy anywhere around here that can get Adderall in any dose from Teva and Barr Pharmaceuticals. My psychiatrist was apparently completely unaware of this situation when he wrote the prescription earlier today, 10/18/2011. I run out in 4 days but am on a very low dose (5mg twice a day) so I may be able to wean off of it safely by cutting back to 5mg once a day, then nothing. I wonder how many people taking higher doses are goint to have major problems with withdrawal...

Updated in Adderall
Is Mylan Lorazepam Discontinued?

My pharmacy told me that they can't buy mylan any more and they do not know if it is discontinued or not. Since Qualitest lorazepam was discontinued, Mylan is the only lorazepam that works (less effective than Qualitest) but works with less side effects than others (Watson, leading pharma, actavis: don't work causing serious side effects). Any alternatives, or another generic lorazepam that works ok? Lorazepam is the only sedative that works for me for anxiety and stiffness due to side effects of levothyroxine. Other medicine such as clonazepam, alprazolam (xanax), cymbalta, zoloft, lexapro, etc do not work. ## I don't know about lorazepam being discontinued but I was told by two representatives the they are discontinuing clonazepam and I'm devastated. Mylan is the only ...

Updated in Lorazepam

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