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  1. Chronic Pain patients must get organized to lobby for their rights.
    Updated August 15, 2018 in Vicodin Trend: SAME
  2. Big Pharma's Lockdown On Legitimate Chronic Pain Patients
    Updated August 17, 2018 in Ibuprofen Trend: +7
  3. What Is The Best Generic Of Lamictal
    Updated August 16, 2018 in Lamictal Trend: +2
  4. Roxane Subutex (westward/hikma)
    Updated August 17, 2018 in Subutex Trend: FRESH
  5. buprenorphine 8mg with 460 imprint vs 54 411
    Updated August 17, 2018 in Buprenorphine Trend: FRESH
  6. Nervous system damage from epclusa
    Updated August 16, 2018 in Epclusa Trend: FRESH
  7. clonazepam ingredients mylan brand vs Teva vs Accord
    Updated August 17, 2018 in Clonazepam Trend: +2
  8. Adderall manufactured by Teva not working
    Updated August 15, 2018 in Adderall Trend: +16
  9. Pharmacies that carry buprenorphine made by Mylan or Roxanne 54 411
    Updated August 11, 2018 in Buprenorphine Trend: +40
  10. Prolia side effects
    Updated August 14, 2018 in Prolia Trend: FRESH

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Blue 10mg diazepam

I have been prescribed Valium for anxiety for a while, I recently got some 10mg ones with an A and a straight line across the middle with 278 at the bottom and on the other side a mark like a smiley ) but the right way round "as in when people put this next to a comment" :) we know its a smiley! Not sure if they are fake or generic! Any info would be appreciated ## Please do not take they are fake. I normally take half and that's enough but I ended up taking two and felt nothing. I ended up having a terrible sleep cos they made me feel weird ## I'm having the same dilemma with these pills. These are genuinely prescribed 10mg blue valium but i dont recognize them, i think they are too bitter and apart from this post haven't found out anything about them after ten mins...

Updated in Diazepam
Yellow pill T 188 oxycodone 15 mgs

This is the first time I've been given this tiny yellow oxycodone 15mg it's the smallest 15mg I've ever been given by my pharmacy. Has anyone else had these before? I'm use to the green 16mg A214's. Is there a strength difference? Do they work the same? Please need help I have chronic brain ear Injury and barely get relief from my normal green 15 mg's are these tiny yellows as effective? ## Correction imeant to say A214 15mgs not 16mgs. Just made a correction to a misprint. Thanks in advance for anyone who can help with any information. ## I too have been introduced to this new pill and I like them much better than the others. I have had them all from the U23 to the Ks. These seem to work faster and last longer. Just my opinion ## I just took one t 188 it's t...

Updated in Oxycodone
T 188 yellow round Oxycodone

I have an Oxycodone 15 mg yellow and round with the inscription 188 on one side and a T above a score mark on the other. Who is the manufacturer and is itching a common reaction? ## I can confirm that the imprint and color which you are reporting is Oxycodone 15 mg manufactured by Camber Pharmaceuticals (NDC 31722-917). To answer your question, itching is actually listed as one of the more serious side effects (according to MedlinePlus), and you are urged to report this to your doctor ASAP. Inactive ingredients for this tablet: - magnesium stearate - microcrystalline cellulose - sodium starch glycolate type a potato - silicon dioxide - lactose - d&c yellow no. 10 Are you just starting your Oxycodone treatment, or have you been switched to this pill from a different manufacturer?

Updated in Oxycodone
NIH and Pain Management

Good day to all. This post is for those who may be faced with chronic pain or who may have loved ones undergoing difficult challenges in a similar capacity. I'm writing this message because I just stumbled upon an article by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), as they recently announced a meeting they held on May 31st through June 1st, 2018 discussing chronic pain and the opioid crisis. The event was intended to highlight the need for better pain management by taking advantage of the latest research in the field. In hindsight, many of us have come to terms that it's predominantly an illicit drug and fentanyl crisis (not solely prescribed opioids as is often depicted), but for the sake of allowing mainstream news to shed light on better approaches to pain management, I think...

Updated in Fentanyl
plain round yellow pill

I have been prescribed yellow circle pills with the letter a above the number 273 on one side and a funny half line in the other side what are they ## What are the yellow tablets with A-273 on it and the other side (

White round pill tick 272

I've read this is both just guisafin and also a narcotic pain reliever? Pictures match the both as well. Anyone know any definitive ways to tell? ## Sorry, that was TCL 272. I typed it in wrong the first time. ## Hello, Lindsey! How are you? No worries, I'm fluent in Typonese! :-) As listed by the FDA in their databases, this is a 400mgs Guaifenesin tablet that is used to treat cold symptoms. Its typical side effects may possibly include nausea, dizziness, dry mouth and cough. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Show picture of white round pill with TCL_272 ON IT

Updated in Guaifenesin
Hattiesburg , MS area Dr

I need to know of a doctor in the Hattiesburg area of MS who will write me Xanax it at least klonopin in conjunction with my Suboxone ## Hello, Mojo! How are you? Have you checked this out with your Suboxone prescriber? Some of them don't permit the use of any other controlled substances, while you're under treatment with it. It would be best to check on that first, to be sure you don't break your treatment contract. ## I need a pain management dr n hattiesburg ms ## Need a Doctor to help me come off of 12-16 mgs of xanax daily. I don't have insurance and can't cold turkey I have a seizure within 10 hours of last dose. I live in the Hattiesburg Mississippi area. Please if anyone can help it would be great. I'm so sick of being on these but I don't know where ...

Updated in Xanax
clonazepam ingredients mylan brand vs Teva vs Accord

Please help with this, i have taken the mylan brand for several years, when the pharmacy could no longer order it they ordered Teva, it immediately gave me pains that seemed to be in my chest....kind of the opposite of what it's supposed to do. So with Mylan being available though only two pharmacies, someone mentioned accord...but what is the difference of fillers. could you simply list all the ingredients for all three brands so if Accord matches Mylan i'm ok? ## Hi Eric, Sorry to hear about your experience with the different makers of Clonazepam. I hope you've gotten around to feeling better since the timing of your post. As far as inactive ingredients are concerned, listed below are the National Drug Codes for each manufacturer's version of Clonazepam. If you click o...

Updated in Clonazepam
TRP white diamond pill

Trying to identify a white diamond shaped pill about 1/4 inch long, 3/16 inch thick. One side has the marking TRP on it. What can it be, as it doesn't match and of the descriptions that I've seen? ## I double checked this site's NDC database, and I believe I found an over the counter product which matches your description. NDC 17312-043, "Ring Relief" tablets. Looks like a homeopathic formula which is meant to help with ringing in the ears. White, diamond-shaped tablets with the marking TRP. It appears to be available over the counter from places like Amazon. Ingredients: - Allylthiourea - Arnica Montana - Calcium Sulfide - Hypericum Perforatum - Lycopodium Clavatum Spore - Mercurius Solubilis - Salicylic Acid - Silicon Dioxide {affiliate link added}

Updated in Ear Care
buprenorphine 8mg with 460 imprint vs 54 411

Does the buprenorphine 8mg 460 work as well as 54 411's? I'm curious as I've seen other imprints, just not 460. Please let me know if they are better or worse. ## BETTER. The only thing is they taste a tad worse. I use 1mg intranasally a day and these are slightly smaller and worker slightly better in my opinion. ## Among other influential factors, some people may respond better or worse to the different binders/fillers upon switching from one tablet to the next. That said, the only true way to compare efficacy is to go through trial and error with both versions yourself and not solely based off someone else's feedback. Inactive ingredients in the 460 pill are: Lactose Monohydrate, Mannitol, Povidones, Anhydrous Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Butylated Hydroxyanisole, Magn...

Updated in Buprenorphine

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