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    Updated March 29, 2020 in Kratom Trend: +13
  4. Rhodes/Purdue buprenorphine hcl 8mg RP b8 vs Roxanne 54 411
    Updated March 31, 2020 in Buprenorphine Trend: FRESH
  5. Clonazepam ingredients Mylan brand vs Teva vs Accord
    Updated March 31, 2020 in Clonazepam Trend: FRESH
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  7. Farmapram 2mg from Mexico
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  8. suboxone/personality change
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    Updated March 27, 2020 in Epclusa Trend: FRESH

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I found 11 light blue round pills in a small bag with no imprint and I'm trying to find out what they are - does anyone have any advice.

light blue round tables - less than 1/2 inch in diameter - they look as if they have little specs of something brown but very smaill and not may - any info would help ## Sorry, if there is no marking on them, then there is no way to positively identify them, unless you would pay to have them tested by a lab. ## I found a round blue scored pill with not imprint. How do I find a lab that will analyze it? If it is something illegal, can I get in trouble? ## If you are unsure what they are do not take them. Yes you can get in trouble if they are a narcotic,. ## Me course I would not take them. My concern is that I found them in my daughters car on the passenger side. That is why I need to identify them. ## Possibly oxycodone (oxycontin). Sounds like what my husband was taking/prescribed for...

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Rhodes/Purdue buprenorphine hcl 8mg RP b8 vs Roxanne 54 411

I have made the switch from the 8mg films to 8mg buprenorphine tablets only. With all the research I've done and experience I do my best to stay away from actavis mylan and nowadays sandoz. I noticed everyone has enjoyed the Roxanne now westward generics amongst hi-tech coming in second/mylan. I have no experience with mylan bup and don't want to take the risk even as mylan has always been a waste imo. I'm not a fan of allergan (actavis) taking over watson so depending on the drug dispenses I most stay away. There are as of now 7 manufacturers of generic buprenorphine hcl 8mg (generic subutex). They are in order of my preferred with not much experience except with brand name: *roxanne (now westward pharma)- 54 411 *hi tech- 8 ^(arrow) *mylan- M924 *teva (allergen/activas own...

Updated in Buprenorphine
Injectafer & Shortness of Breath?

I had my first of 2 Injectafer infusions today. It’s only been about 12 hrs and so far the only problem I have is shortness of breath. Has anyone else experienced this? I also have bad anxiety, which can also cause shortness of breath. Don’t know if I should ride this out or go to the ER. My anti-anxiety drug (Loraxepam) doesn’t seem to be helping. Would appreciate any input. Thank you ## The typical side effects of Injectafer are listed a possibly including nausea, hypertension, flushing, and dizziness. However, it would be best to consult your doctor to be sure of what's going on, as a safety measure. Are you on any other medications, or just this and the Lorazepam? ## According to Medline Plus, it says that trouble breathing (shortness of breath) could be a more...

Updated in Injectafer
Weird way to see

Sorry, I just do not know what title to give this bizarre question. What condition, except hypothyrodism, can cause a person to see things dissociated? For instance, if a girl with a ponytail is walking past, I would see the ponytail following the girls head, a gap in between her head and hair. Should I look at a person, I may not recognise his arm as an arm, because I do not see the rest of him - as if I am standing too close to a very large image to make out detail. As a result, the arm, which I do see, may look like a branch. I am not English speaking, and I am also having trouble expressing myself in words. I could only hope that someone with insight will know what on earth is going on. This is happening more frequently since I started Thyroxine. Dr said my blood test (thyroid) came ba

Anxicalm diazepam

Hello I’m currently based in Ireland. North Dublin to be precise, Male 27 yo with a number of anxiety issues & health problems. Back problem, broken hand, some sort of nerve damage that causes random muscle spasms in almost every part of my body, constant chest pain etc. & panic attacks. I’ve also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I’ve been prescribed Diazepam / Valium for the last 6 years along with Tramadol, Phenergan/Promethazine (added in the last 8months), Diclac gel & Just recently added Butrans Patch (I removed Temazepam then zimovane and then neurontin as I did with the other meds I mention below and settled on Diaz as it helps the spasms and chest pain more than others) most prescribed at different time periods . Was also on lexotan by Roche bromaz...

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A doctor's opinion on pain medication seeking

No one wants to prescribe controlled substances to people on an ongoing basis because it is wrong!! I am a provider and see people all the time who go from practice to practice with stories trying to get narcotics. Patients need to go to drug rehab, find a psychiatrist, do physical therapy, lose weight, and get a job!! This is no way to live and we do not want to jeopardize our licenses feeding into addiction. I have personally been in three serious car accidents (none were my fault) and have had back surgeries, injections, PT etc. but have NEVER taken controlled substances except for two days after surgery. I have chronic back pain but I exercise and take care of myself and go on with my life!! Evidence-based practice tells us that narcotics are no better and pain control than ibuprofe...

Updated in Ibuprofen

Please discuss the cons of both these medicines. Dr wants me to introduce Venlor while reducing Acti-lift until I am on Venlor alone. Which one has the most negative effects on the brain, and in what way? Pléase, I am 70 years old, have nobody left to see should I start to act irresponsible - I need to be able to make decisions and think rassionally. I live on my own, very irregularly see people and have no support system. It is ok, but I need to not compromise my senses in any way I can prevent. With the Ctialopram I do not cry at any bagatelle, but it does leave me with flat emotions, forgetfulnes, a very slow mind, etc. I use 10 mg per day. I am scared to change to this unknown pil, as I do not know what else it may affect, except my corpse-like emotions. Also, how permanent any of

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Benzodiazepine side effects

I have been talking diazepam and sometimes xanax for about 5 years, usually to relax and help me sleep, but the odd time they would make you feel angry and a bad temper, anyone else have this issue? ## I blame my anger on the guy running our Country, but perhaps you might need a mood stabilizer like an SSRI? Talk with your Doc ## That is a known side effect of Benzodiazepines, along with nausea, headache, and the risk of being habit forming. It really depends on how severe it is, some people have to stop taking them, and switch to an alternative class of medications. I experienced that side effect from Xanax, but did okay on the Diazepam, when I took them for anxiety. How often does this occur? ## It's not the meds it’s the anger. Anger management for all Democrats. Revert to ...

Updated in Xanax
Equate Arthricream Rub Trolamine Salicylate 10% intestinal b

I've used the Wal-Mart Arthricream Rub for some time and recently experienced massive intestinal bleeding and was hospitalized. The bleeding stopped when I wasn't using the Arthricream Rub but lat after I had been out of the hospital for a few months and was using the Arthricream again, I was hospitalized again with internal bleeding. This is annoying and appears to be dangerous to use. ## Trolamine Salicylate is also available under the brand name Aspercreme, because the Salicylate is derived from Salicylic Acid, which is Aspirin, so it should not be mixed with anything else containing the same ingredient, Aspirin, or other NSAIDs, such as Ibuprofen, or Naproxen. It may also interact with other medications that you may be taking. It is also warned that prolonged use, or using i...

Updated in Trolamine Salicylate
I Am Taking Alprazolam 0 25 Mg At Bedtime. How Long Can I Take It daily to Be On The Safe Side

Once in a while (when I am mentally diturbed) I take Alprazolam 0.25 m (Restyl). Is it safe to take it daily if I want. Or cosecutively how many days I can take it. ## There is no real set time frame that I can give you, Alprazolam is a Benzodiazepine and it can be habit forming, but the amount and the time it takes for that to happen can vary from person to person. Learn more Alprazolam details here. I was on a similarly low dose of Ativan and I had problems with it if I just take it for a few days in a row, I'd get super irritably the day I stopped taking it and I was also only taking it once a day. However, on the obverse, I have a friend that can take very high doses of any of them for months in a row and then he can stop abruptly, with no ill effects or withdrawal at all, so th...

Updated in Alprazolam

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