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A vitamin is an organic molecule (or a set of molecules closely related chemically, i.e. vitamers) that is an essential micronutrient which an organism needs in small quantities for the proper functioning of its metabolism. Essential nutrients cannot be synthesized in the organism, either at all or not in sufficient quantities, and therefore must be obtained through the diet. Vitamin C can be synthesized by some species but not by others; it is not a vitamin in the first instance but is in th...

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polynerv-500 green tablet

can i take polynerv 500 before sleep? ## anu po ang polynerv na gamot ## Polynerv is a supplement, which contains a lot of the B vitamins, these usually provide an energy boost and may not be advisable before bed. Has your doctor suggested a dosing schedule? ## i am taking polynerve 500mg daily. what benefits do i get from this vitamin? ## what is the side effect of polynerve vitamin? ## None yet ## I don't know what this vitamin is really for. ## Jomar and Irene, since it is just a vitamin supplement, the side effect profile is not actually studied, like it is for a regular medication. The only things noted for B vitamins is that some people experience nausea when they first take it and since they can increase energy, some also experience insomnia. As to what it's for, many doc...

M2 Tone and Folic Acid

I have been trying to conceive and recently started taking M2 Tone with Folic Acid. I would like to find out how long it will take me to conceive as a result of taking these medications? Thank you. ## we ve been looking for child, pls can my wife combine m2- tone with pregnatcare conception? ## Can I take clomid, vitamin E, m2 tone and folic acid , pregnacare concaption all together? ## I want to conceive and my doctor advise me to take folic acid and m2-tone please I want to know if this can help me get pregnant ## Hello Waspee, The Charak manufacturers website claims that M2 tone syrup is used to treat scanty menstrual flow, heavy menstrual flow, irregular menstrual flow, and unexplained female infertility. I was not able to find any clinical studies that support this claim nor was I ...

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Red Arrow Lemon And Cream Of Tartar

How many per day to take, and for how long? ## This is a supplement, not an actual medication, so there are no specific guidelines for its use. What you should really do is follow whatever instructions have been provided on the packaging. Learn more dietary supplement details here. What are you using it to treat? ## alady I know with 6 boils under each arm. ## Want to buy cream of tarter with suffer wafers, or would like formula so I could get my drugest to make them ## At this time you can purchase the Red Arrow Lemon Cream of Tartar with Sulphur Wafers from Metro Chem Associates. They are the formulator and manufacturer. Phone: 940-484-2178, 940-325-8503, or 940-325-9284. Website coming soon for ordering. ## I tried the red arrow brand for the ggrandkis. They don't taste good and ...

Vizylac versus Velgut

My doctor prescribed me Vizylac, but the compound pharmacy gave me Velgut and said they are both the same composition. l am not sure. Please let me know if you have any information on this. ## What is the difference between velgut cap and vizylac cap? ## They are the same, both contain various enzymes to improve gastrointestinal function. The FDA warns that it may cause side effects, such as gas, nausea, and diarrhea. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Cherifer PGM 10-22

height increasing food supplement ## This is a supplement from the Phillipines, there is no scientific proof that it does as claimed. ## can u help me? i want to grow up. my height is only 5'2 ## does Cherifer PGM really increases growth? I am 18 and 5'3 in height.. i really want to grow at least 2 inches..but seems cherifer doeasn't work at all.. please reply..thanks ## How long should i eat the cherifer pills to grow up? when is the best time to eat the medicine and is there any effect? ## my sister bought me a box of cherifer premium instead of pgm, does premium are good for the growth? or just a vitamins.. plz reply me.. tnx ## i take cherifer, because i want to grow more, but it seems it doesnt work! ## when i bought cheriffer pgm.. the girl in the merury drugs says tha...

yellow oblong pill unidentified.

I have a pill that is blank on one side and the letters LDE on the other side. It is a lighter yellow in color and oblong in shape. I don't know what it is. Help? ## @worried, Is this something you ordered off the internet or found on the street perhaps? Only wondering because there aren't any relevant matches that fit this description in my searching. However any additional clues you might have relating to its origin may also help narrow down potential results. One other thing I ask is if there's any way you can double check the imprint to make the letters are exactly as you stated, since sometimes they can be misinterpreted depending on the condition of the tablet or font being used. Hope this helps, and thanks in advance for checking! ## why does it matter. if you found i...

Emanzen Forte uses

What is Emanzen Forte used for? ## Emanzen Forte is reported to contain Serratiopeptidase 10 mg [1], which is an enzyme promoted for its anti-inflammatory properties. ## What is the function of this medicine? ## Sorry, this is not something available in the US and thus, I cannot find any information on it. ## As a consumer, I find it does the work the Doc says... reduce sorethroat, pllegm and swelling that can cause difficulty when swollowing food.

Peach oval gel pill no markings

It is a peach large oblong style pill. It's gel soft exterior with fluid inside. Very large pill it has no markings to identify it. I wondering if it is a vitamin type but not sure. ## If I had to guess I would say it's probably a vitamin of some sort. In general, medications tend to have specific letters or numbers inscribed on them. Could be anything from vitamin D gels to fish oil. I wish I could say something more definitive. Did it come in a specific packaging or container, or if not, where did you find it?

Glutaphos side effects

adverse effect, contraindications ## after taking glutaphos for 7 days i developed acne on my face ## Glutaphos is actually a supplement, touted to help with memory issues, it contains Glutamic Acid, Dicalcium Phosphate, Thiamine and Vitamin B12. It is available by prescription in the Phillipines. That said, since suppelements are not tested like regular prescription drugs, they are not proven to help with anything, other than a vitamin or nutrient deficiency and possible side effects are unknown. Did you have any other questions? ## is glutaphos a drug or a food suplement? ## I've been using it when i was in college in the philippines ITS OVER THE COUNTER! as simple as buying an ointment in most famous drugstores there. bought it countless of times. ## It works as a brain vitamins....

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Pizotifen Vitamin B Complex Mosegor Vita Capsule

is it safe for me to take mosegor although i have been diagnose for gastro esophageal reflux desease ## Hi! How are you? I'd suggest checking with your doctor, before taking it. Some of the high potency B vitamins can cause stomach irritation in some people, so it may not be good for you to take them. Are you currently taking anything for your GERD? Your doctor may be able to help you find one that you can take that won't be so irritating to your stomach. ## What do pizotifen vitamin b complex mosegor vita capsule do? Can I gain weight with it same time as a sleeping pill? ## My son was diagnosed with cyclic vomiting syndrome? Can these vitamins cure my son? ## Pwede bang uminom ng mosegor ang may liver cirrhosis? Thanks! ## My doctor of gastroenerology prescribed this supplemen...


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