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A vitamin is an organic compound and an essential nutrient that an organism requires in limited amounts. An organic chemical compound (or related set of compounds) is called a vitamin when the organism cannot synthesize the compound in sufficient quantities, and it must be obtained through the diet; thus, the term vitamin is conditional upon the circumstances and the particular organism. For example, ascorbic acid (one form of vitamin C) is a vitamin for humans, but not for most other animals...

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Side Effects Of Sangobion
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Please provide specific details on the side effects of Sangobion ## Sangobion is a vitamin supplement containing: Copper sulfate (200 mcg), Fe gluconate (250 mg), folic acid (1 mg), manganese sulfate (200 mcg), sorbitol (25 mg), vit B12 (7.5 mcg), vit C (50 mg). It is used primarily to treat iron deficiency anemia. I am afraid that since it is a supplement and not classified as a drug, I can't find the rest of the information you are seeking regarding side effects. If this is taken properly by a healthy individual I can say that there shouldn't be any side effects other than the possibility of digestive issues with the pills. I am not a doctor; just basing this info off of close friends experiences and personal experiences with taking multivitamin pills. It is important to know ...
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Iron Infusion Side Effects Such As Hair Loss
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I took five iron infusion to try to build up my blood count, but in the process my hair came out all over my head. My doctor said he looked up side effects and didn't see that one. Told him I would bring him a copy that it is so. Help. I know it comes back but does it need help? ## It actually isn't a listed side effect of supplementing your iron, it is usually caused by your being low in iron, so it was more than likely caused by the deficiency that required you to undergo the infusions. Rectifying the problem, since you've had the infusions, should help it to correct itself. There are some medications and supplements that may help, but they also carry the risk of side effects, so you may be better off to just let it grow back on its own. Are there any other questions? ## I...
Updated 16 hours ago in Iron Salts.
diet in acitrom tablet
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what vegetables should not be taken in case we intake Acitrom 2 tablets ## Please answer this question someone! ## why is no one replying? kindly reply this as soon as possible. Plz. ## Dnt eat Green vegetables, it contains vitamin k.... Use of acitrom is for removing vitamin k form blood nd thinning the blood.... So dnt eat green vegis nd other things which contains vitamin k.... But also take vitamin k in very less amount othrwise more thinning of blood hve some side effects like blood in urine, headache, bleeding from anywhere in body, etc. So maintain the INR of blood.... ## WHAT ARE THE DIATS EATING 3.2 ACITORM TABLET ## Hi iam 35years old. Iam value surgery 10month before. Iam health good. Acitrim tab 2/3mg daily. Iam weight 75.Weight after change weight big ## what food shuldavoi...
Updated 1 day ago.
short memory lost
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i opened my eyes in AUBMC emergency room one night , reason i was asking different things and asking too many questions to my daughter without knowing what i'm doing , in hospital neurologist asked for EKG and MRI for brain,results were negative , as dr. said my case was SHORT MEMORY LOSS that i'll never remember back what happened in that short period time and must not try to remember . they put me on VITAMIN B12 buvable for long duration , but still i'm forgetting things specially names and getting more confused day by day, as to neurologist dr. he keeps telling me nothing serious with my brain. can anyone help?
Updated 2 days ago.
Ocuvite - frozen in my mailbox
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My two boxes of Ocuvite were in my mailbox in the freezing weather! Should I take them with confidence or not?
Updated 2 days ago in Ocuvite.
Mosegor Syrup for kids
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I have difficulty in feeding my son, he is 2 years and 5 months now. I am about to give him mosegor vita many ml should i be giving him? Please give me a specific answer because i am afraid of the side effects of pizotifen..thank u. ## This product contains a Vitamin B complex, with the Pizotifen, which is used to treat migraines and stimulate appetite and weight gain. However, I do not have any information regarding the appropriate amount for children. So, you may wish to check with your doctor or pharmacist, before using it. The Pizotifen is an antihistamine, so it may cause side effects, such as: nausea, drowsiness and dry mouth. Has his doctor recommended this? ## my daughter is 1 years old and quite skinny .........please cn you tell what syrup will be the best to use fo...
Updated 3 days ago in Enhancer.
how does ilvitrim help me when hiv positive
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I tested HIV+ last year in December and since then i have been taking the Ilvitrim tablets but i am always having an itchy rash on my vagina. Is it due to the ilvirtrim or what, as i also suffer from lower abdominal pains? i did a consultation and did some scans and they told me there is nothing wrong. How dangerous is low blood pressure as i am anemic when HIV+? I also take multivitamins, B-tabs, iron and the folic acid along with the ilvitrim. ## Ilvitrim contains the active ingredients Sulfamethoxazole and Trimethoprim, it's commonly prescribed in many countries under the name Bactrim, it is an antibiotic, used to treat or prevent infection. Being HIV positive can make you much more prone to getting infections. As to the vaginal rash and itching, it may be due to a yeast infectio...
Updated 3 days ago in Folic Acids.
mosegor vita capsule
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Sold in the Philippines for weight gain. The syrup and tablets contain pizotifen and vitamins B1,2,3, and 6. Small capsule is orange and yellow and comes in a 2X5 10 capsule foil pack. No markings on capsule but foil pack has a red Rx and inside a red rectangle it says Pizotifen Vitamin B Complex, and below the box it says Mosegor Vita Capsule. My fiance INSISTS that the Mosegor tablets don't work for her but the capsules do. ## Sorry, since this is not something available in the US, I have no information on it. ## mosegor tablet don't work for me, What can i do? ## Where i can buy this mosegor vita in Singapore? is the name mosegor vita is the same name/brand they used in Singapore? thank you ## i want to know the action of drugs. ## Be carefull with this drug and ordering it. ...
Updated 4 days ago.
D Rise Vitamin
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I have been prescribed vit-d rise (to be taken once every week in the morning) 1) should it be consumed on empty stomach or after breakfast? 2) are there any specific dos and don'ts? 3) are there any side effects? (i am 69 yrs old) ## my Dr prescribed vit-d rise once a week @ bedtime test report 25-OH vitamin D3 defciency: under 20 insufficency: 20-30 sufficiency: 30-60 toxicity: over 150 With the above test report is it ok to take d rise? kindly advise me. ## Hi, My Vitamin D test result shows value of 6.4 so my doc has suggested me to take D Rise vitamin D sachet 15 days once for 5 months (my age is 32). Is there any side effects are there coz of taking this sachet and is there any particular time is there to take this Regards ## Assuming that the only ingredient in this medicatio...
Updated 5 days ago.
Effectiveness of ketoanalogue ketobest to lower creatinine level
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Does ketobest lower creatinine level? Is it safe to use daily as vitamin for kidney? ## What are the effects of ketobest in the kidney? ## Ketobest - Is it really effective lowering the creatinine level? ## Can ketobest help in reducing creatinine?I have chronic kidney disease with creatinine in my urine. ## I stop using a ckd ketobest reduce creatinine?
Updated 5 days ago.

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