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A vitamin is an organic molecule (or a set of molecules closely related chemically, i.e. vitamers) that is an essential micronutrient which an organism needs in small quantities for the proper functioning of its metabolism. Essential nutrients cannot be synthesized in the organism, either at all or not in sufficient quantities, and therefore must be obtained through the diet. Vitamin C can be synthesized by some species but not by others; it is not a vitamin in the first instance but is in th...

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memo plus gold

Please let me know the adverse effects of memo plus gold and the exact time to take memo plus gold for best results... thnx! ## Memo Plus Gold is a natural supplement said to help with memory enhancement. It contains the extract of Bacopa Monierra. That said, as a supplement, it is not proven to help with anything, nor are there any studies done on the possible side effects. The recommended dosing, according to their site, is to start at 2 capsules daily, one with breakfast and one with dinner for the first 3 months. Is there anything else I can help you with? ## wala po bang side effect ang memo plus gold? ty ## Memo Plus Gold has been proven in published clinical trials in India and Australia, that it can help improve or enhance short and long term memory, alleviate forgetfulness, imp...

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Taking Biotin with Metoprolol

I wanted to know if I can take biotin while taking metoprolol? I just want to make sure before I start. ## From what I've researched, Biotin can be naturally found in your body (and is produced by bacteria in your GI tract to aid in digestive functions). It also naturally occurring in many foods. Therefore, I am of the opinion that Metoprolol shouldn't negatively interact with what is already normally present in your body...Otherwise, the medication would be deemed useless for all human consumption...Lol. According to The University of Maryland Medical Center, "although there is no evidence that biotin interacts with any medication, there are some medications that may lower biotin levels." Source: I hope this helps! ## Can i take Biotin with metoprolol? ## You should be ...

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Astymin syrup

Can it help hasten weight gain and also can it be taken during menstruation? ## Hello Sussy, According to apollo pharmacy Astymin Syrup is a compilation of different multivitamins. They do not list weight gain as a potential side effect nor do they warn you to avoid taking this vitamin during pregnancy. I would suggest that before taking any type of vitamin or drug while pregnant you should consult your primary care physician or OBGYN. It is always better to err on the side of caution. Here is a list of active ingredients listed in the syrup 100mg Calcium Pantothenate-5mg L Histidine-3.71mg Folic Acid-0.75mg L-isoleucine-5.9mg Lysine-25mg Methionine-9.2mg Tryptophan-5mg Thiamine (Vitb1)-5mg Riboflavin (Vitb2)-3mg Tocopherol (Vite)-75i.u Cholecalciferol-200i.u Ascorbic Acid (Vitc)-40mg P...

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Cherifer PGM 10-22

height increasing food supplement ## This is a supplement from the Phillipines, there is no scientific proof that it does as claimed. ## can u help me? i want to grow up. my height is only 5'2 ## does Cherifer PGM really increases growth? I am 18 and 5'3 in height.. i really want to grow at least 2 inches..but seems cherifer doeasn't work at all.. please reply..thanks ## How long should i eat the cherifer pills to grow up? when is the best time to eat the medicine and is there any effect? ## my sister bought me a box of cherifer premium instead of pgm, does premium are good for the growth? or just a vitamins.. plz reply me.. tnx ## i take cherifer, because i want to grow more, but it seems it doesnt work! ## when i bought cheriffer pgm.. the girl in the merury drugs says tha...

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Neurobion n ginkgo Biloba extract

Can both neurobion n ginkgo Biloba extract be taken together. Any side effect? Thank you for your attention. ## Can ginkgo Biloba extract be taken with neorobion? ## If you are already taking Ginkgo, but still experiencing Tinnitus or sudden movement of an eye or any similar thing, you can try to take Neurobion once a day for a month. If your condition improved, then stop the neurobion and just continue the Ginkgo. You can already feel after a week if these 2 are good for you. That's what I did, but better ask your doctor. ## They are both nothing more than supplements, the Neurobion contains a blend of B vitamins, and Ginkgo is its own substance that hasn't been actually proven to help with anything, so while there have been no studies done about taking them together, it would ...

Cherifer Pgm 10-22 efficacy

Is Cherifer Pgm 10-22 effective? I'm 5'7 height and play basketball. ## I'm sorry, but I really don't have an answer to that question. This is actually a nutritional supplement and as such, it is not actually tested for efficacy. In addition, even when something has been proven effect, it doesn't always work for everyone that uses it. This does contains a complex of vitamins, with Chlorella Growth Factor and is commonly given to teenagers to try to maximize their growth potential. Has your doctor advised you to use this? ## does it make you gain weight? ## guyz effective po ang cherifer pgm with zinc 2 weeks plang akong umiinom 5'2 ang height ko nging 5'3 bukod sa cherifer dapat my diet and stretching pag umaga.inumin nyo bago mtlog para umeffect.btw im 16 yr...

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White small Round Pill M L on one side blank on other side

Small cirlcle pill but thick. Easy to scrape coding off but no numbers only label ML i found it in my older sisters room under the rug what is it? ## I have found three pills as you described; small, white, round with ML on one side & blank on the other side. I have no idea what they are. If any one does know, please tell me. I have a few friends that take a variety of things if they can & I worry that one time they are going to get something very harmful. ## Has any one yet ID'd these pills? Small white round pill curved front and back and thick. Letters ML on front side, smooth on back side. I took to the pharmacy and pharmacist looked and looked and said it was not in database. I found these in my 88 year old moms weekly pill box which I prepare for her. I did not put the...

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Effective If I Take Memo Plus Gold In 2 Weeks

Will It Still Be Effective If I Take Memo Plus Gold if Its 2 Weeks Before Our Exam?if Yes How Many Capsules? ## Before what exam and effective for what? You didn't post under a specific medication, or testing forum. If you can post back with more details, I'll gladly research information for you. Learn more Vitamin details here. ## how fast does memo plus gold take it's effect? ## usually in 2 weeks time Memo Plus Gold will enhance your health in terms of easier to get up in the morning, you feel much more lighter and less tiring. After a maximum of 3 months of taking it your memory and focus will improve tremendously.. You also must take note that Memo Plus Gold will enhance your memory and focus resulted in better result if you're studying. Without studying there's...

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Vitamin D3 Supplements and Bipolar

My doctor wants me to start vitamin D3 supplements. I’m on the low side in my Vitamin D levels. I was concerned if Vitamin D3 supplements could cause mania or depression because I’m Bipolar. I try not to take anything that will cause depression or mania. ## I didn't find anything listed about it doing so, and I think the biggest concern would be if you took far too much of it, so please make sure to take it exactly as directed by your doctor. You can learn more about Vitamin D here, and its possible side effects. Overall, it is considered safe in therapeutic doses. What medications are you currently taking? It does interact with some.

Vitaplex plus for energy

I am taking Vitaplex plus for energy ## i was prescibed vitaplex P for sickle cell trait, since other meds were giving me naseau, the pharmacist gave me Vitaplex M instead. i want 2 know the difference between the 2 drugs? ## Vitaplex, as well as Vitaplex P, and Vitaplex M are just multivitamin/mineral supplements that are used to help ensure that someone gets the proper amount of the vital nutrients that it contains. Some people experience nausea, and constipation as side effects due to its potency. Ref: Vitamin Information Mystic, I am not sure what the difference is between them. Have you asked your doctor, or pharmacist for more details? Are you on any other medications?

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