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A vitamin is an organic molecule (or related set of molecules) that is an essential micronutrient that an organism needs in small quantities for the proper functioning of its metabolism. Essential nutrients cannot be synthesized in the organism, either at all or not in sufficient quantities, and therefore must be obtained through the diet. Vitamin C can be synthesized by some species but not by others; it is not a vitamin in the first instance but is in the second. The term vitamin does not i...

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What Is Livogen Used For

MY PERIOD IS NOT REGULAR & HAS CONTINUED FOR 25 DAYS. ## Did your doctor tell you to take this? Livogen is a supplement that contains iron and folic acid, so it's not really going to do much for your problem, unless it has been caused by a severe deficiency in these nutrients. ## DOCTOR HAS ADVISED ME LIVOGEN N I AM 18 WEEKS PREGNANT........IS IT GOOD TO TAKE THIS TABLET RITE NOW..??? ## why we r used livogen cabtabs ? and this tablet is used in TB ? ## Heart problem are given......... ## I have a hair loss prblm.the doctor has said to me to take livogen tablets for 15days after breakfast. Can I know the benefit s ## In hairfall the doctor was suggested me livogen tabs bcoz he said my harmones are suggest these tabs are good or harmful to health. ## My sis in law i...

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Mosegor vita syrup for my 1 year old

Is it ok for my baby who is 1 yr and 3 months old? ## How many ml of mosegor should i give to my child? She is 1 yr and 7 months old now. My sister bought mosegor syrup and the age limit starts at 2 yrs and up. ## Ask ko po my baby is 13 months mahina po uung immune system nya mbilis xa mgkadipon at mgkaubo dhil s climate at enviroment nkktulong b ang mosegor ky baby. 8 kilos po sya ilng ml po if ever. ## Hi. My daughter is 7.2 kg only and she is 13 months old. Can i give her mosegor vita? If so, how many ml can she take? Please give me a reply. Thank u ## Pwde po b ang mosegor sa 10 years old. Ang payat po kc nya parang 7 years old po. ## Ma’am ilang ML po binigay nio sa baby nio? 1 yr & 10 mos palang Baby q e. Binili ko narin mosegor ## My Daughter is 1 year and 6 months now...

Osteo Valin

For Building Bones ## My wife has been using osteo valen for about a year. she has noticed no side effects or adverse reactions, and her stature and posture is good, but has not had a bone density test since she started the medicine. We'd appreciate any experience replies, (good or bad) about the product. ## This is an over the counter item, so it is not regulated like prescritption drugs and information on it, and proof of its efficacy are not readily available. ## I have been taking Osteo Valin for 6 months. My bone scan on April 8, 2010 showed strong healthy bones. About 15 years ago I was diagnosed with osteopenia. In 2002 I asked for another scan and it came back with severe osteoporosis. I took Fosamax for 3 years - experienced jaw pain that I finally figured out was from the ...

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dosage and when to take glutaphos tablet

Just want to know when to take the medicine... Is it morning, lunch or before bedtime, or at any time of the day? Hoping for your immediate reply. Thank you. ## I want my child to take glutaphos tablets but he's only 13 years old. Can he take it? ## Hello Ritchneil, According to pascual labs Glutaphos product label the tablet does not have a specified time to be taken but I have found consumer reports that claim it is best to take it on a full stomach. Since the time is not specified it should be safe to be taken at any point in the day. I hope this information helps. ## Is it okay if I take a tablet everyday? ## Hello, I'm already taking pharex b complex as my vitamins. Is it okay to take glutaphos with it?

large white oval pill. has a nc inside a circle on the pill

Not sure what this is. its a large white oval pill with imprint of NC inside a circle or swoosh on the pill ## @Rzip, Linked below is another related discussion thread here about this same pill. The feedback that was posted there depicts this as being a supplement and not a drug - Quite possibly a collagen supplement or perhaps something else used for skin wrinkles and stronger nails. I suppose the only way to know for sure would be to have its contents analyzed by a lab, but I do wonder if this pill ID sounds like a potential suspect as to what it might contain based off anything you may have read or purchased? Large white oval pill with swirl around n c imprint Hope this helps! ## Find white oval pill with marking NC with a circle around the letter. Find in daughter room.what is it. I...

Replacement for Trisovit

What is the best replacement for trisovit vitamins? ## What lung vitamins can I take to replace Trosovit? Do you have any other recommendations for lung vitamins? ## I've taken Trisovit before and since it is not available now has anyone found a better alternative? ## I just came from the doctor and she said that if I know the medicine that replaces trisovit she will prescribe that to me. ## What is the best replacement/substitute of trisovit since it is not already available in the pharmacies? ## Why they are not making lung vitamins like trisovit? It is very effective... nowadays, so many patient have been diagnosed with tb and lungs related problem. ## What are the best vitamins to take for weak lungs? ## What is a suitable replacement for trisovit since it's now phased-out? ...

Erovit T Vitamins

vitamin B1, B6 and B12 Tablets ## It a nutritional supplement that may also help with certain types of neuropathy. Learn more B vitamin details here. Did you have any specific questions? ## I'm a 24 years old male soccer player,what could this vitamin do to me? ## Does Erovit-T make one gain weight?

b long pyridoxine sustained release and folic acid tablets

Hi, from last 3 months i have spotting befor 2-3 days of my periods. Thin discharge little brown or red in colour.n flow is not as usual. It reduced. I consult a doctor n she reconmend b-long f tablet. When i start taking tablet, after 2 days my menses starts n flow become normal as always. But agsin this month the same problem occur,discharge before menses. Then again i take the tablets n now mu menses are ok. My PCOD & thyroid test are normal. M married since 3 yrs n having child. Still not planning. So i need to know what exactly b long f tablet is for, n why dr.suggest it in my condition as it only used for pregnant women or those who want to b pregnant. One more thing, this problem starts when i take i pill contraseptive tablet. Kindly suggest asap. ## Hi, from last 3 months i ...

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M2 Tone and Folic Acid

I have been trying to conceive and recently started taking M2 Tone with Folic Acid. I would like to find out how long it will take me to conceive as a result of taking these medications? Thank you. ## we ve been looking for child, pls can my wife combine m2- tone with pregnatcare conception? ## Can I take clomid, vitamin E, m2 tone and folic acid , pregnacare concaption all together? ## I want to conceive and my doctor advise me to take folic acid and m2-tone please I want to know if this can help me get pregnant ## Hello Waspee, The Charak manufacturers website claims that M2 tone syrup is used to treat scanty menstrual flow, heavy menstrual flow, irregular menstrual flow, and unexplained female infertility. I was not able to find any clinical studies that support this claim nor was I ...

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Neurobion Forte Tablets

What are the indications for taking Neurobion Forte? ## Neurobion is a B Complex vitamin supplement containing Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12. The B vitamins may be necessary in order to: Support and increase the rate of metabolism Maintain healthy skin and muscle tone- Enhance immune and nervous system function- Promote cell growth and division, including that of the red blood cells that help prevent anemia- Reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer - one of the most lethal forms of cancer - when consumed in food, but not when ingested in vitamin tablet form. More details about these vitamins are available at: If you have any other questions or concerns, please post back and I will be happy to assist you. ## How can i get this product over the counter? ## Is neurobion forte helpful...


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