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I found blue and white capsules with Chinese writing on it. It has 2 sideway Vs on it almost like a greater/less than symbol (on blue side) on white side is Chinese symbols in blue writing. They are in pop out silver backing individualized. They are Lizone? (I think a Chinese pharmacy) and say OTC on package. No way for me to identify. Found them in my husbands backpack after returning from a trip. Any hints?


ask ko lang po,kung para saan yung polynerv-e with lecithin? ## PARA SAAN ANG POLYNERV WITH LICITHIN ## Polynerv-E sa Lechithin ay isang multivitamin nutritional karagdagan, madalas ito ay ibinigay sa paggamot ng mga deficiencies sa mga mahahalagang nutrients ito ay naglalaman ng, o upang maiwasan ang mga ito, sapagkat ito ay ipinapakita na ang isang kakulangan sa ilang mga nutrients ay maaaring maging sanhi ng ilang mga malubhang problema sa kalusugan, o magpagalitiba, tulad ng magpalakas ng loob sakit at nagbibigay-malay pagpapahina. Mayroon bang anumang iba pang mga katanungan o mga puna? ## I'm taking polynerv-e,will it affect the liver,Because I have a fatty liver.Do I still need to take Vit. C. ## nakakatulong po ba ang polynerve e sa kakulungan na mabuntis ## PARA SAAN ANG PO...

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Is this an illegal drug or a prescription? ## Are you referring to the vitamin supplement, from India, called Vigor-ACE? It contains 200mgs of Lecithin, 50mcgs Selenium, 7,500 IUs Vitamin A, 250mgs Vitamin C, 100 IUs Vitamin E and 20mgs of Zinc. It is given to help with nutritional deficits and to help slow the aging process. That said, it is a prescription vitamin supplement, but is not illegal if you have a valid prescription for it. ## whats the side effects on .. vigrious pills ## how u use the vigrious pills... ## What is the use of this capsule with writing vigorous ## Is this capsule a male enhancement supplement?

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Is it safe for me to take this pill with high blood pressure? ## Dispan Doble contains the following Ingredients: Root lima Brown seaweed Tlanchalagua Cocolmeca Dehydrated Nopal Lecithin Chromium polynicotinate Since they appear to be all natural plant-based ingredients for the most part, I haven't found any claims or allegations against using it in those with high blood pressure. Ultimately, I would suggest clarifying this with your doctor, that way you can at least go off of your medical records to help determine whether or not taking this medication might become a problem. I hope this helps! ## Is Dispan some kind of narcotic drug that can affect your drug test or does it leave your system quickly?

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Hi! my problem is I have a tear duct obstruction since 2010. I started taking polynerv with lecithin last february 2013. I remember before i start taking the said vitamin, my left eye (the one affected) when i message it, there's a yellow liquid discharge of. i think its a pus, because it has an odor, but when i started taking the above-mentioned vitamin. i observed the liquid discharge in my eye donot have bad odor. Do you think the vitamin helped avoid the infection? maryjane 40yrs old ## Hi, Maryjane! How are you? And yes, there's a chance that it could have helped avoid the infection by boosting your immune system, especially if it has Vitamin D in it, since it's known to be low in most instances where people get infections. Has your doctor ever run blood tests to check ...

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CAPSULE ## Are you referring to the vitamin supplement, from India, called Vigor-ACE? It contains 200mgs of Lecithin, 50mcgs Selenium, 7,500 IUs Vitamin A, 250mgs Vitamin C, 100 IUs Vitamin E and 20mgs of Zinc. It is given to help with nutritional deficits and to help slow the aging process. Is this the correct medication? ## I would like ask if is there any difference between the vigorous capsule that comes in white and blue color and the vigorous capsule products shown in the internet? ## what is the effect of vigorous capsule with white and blue color with chinese marked? is this capsule use for erectile dysfunction and can it also be use as aphrodisiac medicine? ## the pill your talking about is Santi scalper capsule ## What side effects could occur if you take the vigorous white an...

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this is 100% natural product in a yellow ugly box from mexico ## What exactly is Dispan-Doble, and how does it work? ## i want to know that too?? ## DISPAN-CONTAINS:CACTUS FIBER,LECITHIN,MARINE ALGAE,APPLE VINEGAR,VITAMIN B-6. IT HELPS BURN FAT, DETOXIFIES THE LIVER, CLEANS OUT DIGESTIVE SYSEM, DOESN'T CAUSE JITTERS, MAY HELP RELIEVE HEADACHES there is also dispan doble ## there is Disban and Disban Doble-the one I use is DISBAN-WORKS GREAT ## there is Disban and Disban Doble-the one I use is DISBAN-WORKS GREAT- DISBAN COMES IN A GREEN AND YELLOW BOX ## Hi just say ur message about dispan pills Where can I purchase at I'm very interested ## How many times a week do you have to take them or how do you drink them ## I believe it's 2 capsules every night with a tea called manza...

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With this med, can I still take my vinegar pill with soy lecithin and b complex? I'm thinking the vinegar will dilute or take away the potency of the methocarbomal? ## Hello, Spasms! How are you? I really don't think the tablet form of the ACV will have much effect on it, but without studies to know, I can't be certain. I'd suggest checking with your pharmacist and/or trying to make sure to make sure to separate the dosing of each by a few hours. Methocarbamol may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache and dry mouth. Are there any other questions or concerns?

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For G-Tube feedings. Beneprotein is in powder form, 1 scoop q.i.d. given with Jevity Plus. ## Based on my research, Beneprotein is an instant protein powder created by Nestle. Its formulated out of whey protein isolate and soy lecithin. The serving size for one scoop (or packet) is 7 grams. This product is formulated so that it can be used in feeding tubes. It's also possible to mix the powder with a variety of foods and beverages to increase protein content. Nutritional content: -(35 mg) of potassium + (15 mg) of phosphorus in 1 scoop. -1 serving provides 15 (mg) of sodium. -1 serving provides (30 mg) of calcium. Note: Beneprotein is a kosher product as well as both gluten-free and lactose-free (According to product information). If you have a milk allergy be cautious when using Be...

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what is the benefits of Ploynerv E with Lecithin. Is it recommended to use it daily? ## This is just a vitamin supplement, that's used to prevent or treat the problems that can occur if someone is lacking in the vital nutrients it contains. Learn more Vitamin details here. Most people do take a supplement like this daily, but if you have a good diet, then that may not be necessary. Has your doctor advised you to take it? ## just to ask is polynerv 500 helps women get pregnant?

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About 5 years ago I was supplementing with lecithin at a pretty high dose. 4-6 tablespoons a day. After 2 months of continuing to take this one night I came down with a fever and extreme joint inflammation. It has turned into a autoimmune disease for me "chronic" with joint inflammation throughout my body. Doctors dont know what it is and just prescribe me antiinflaamatorys. Did I take to much lecithin? Lecithin has high omega 6 which can lead to autoimmune? I didnt know this when I was taking it. I have heard of studies using 100 grams perday for months without problems. I was taking in around 45-50 grams I think. My immune system is not right now. It attacks my joint on a regular basis. , and flare ups are hell. ## What does anyone think of this? ## Were you diagnosed with Aut...

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