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10mg diazepam actavis

In simple terms they are are actavis 10mg c dc with a split line through the middle. Light blue, blank on one side in sealed silver strips, with 14 to each. Fake... ## There aren't 14 in a strip ## Yes.thats the same marking that are on activis diazepam.but be carefull if u got them from any other place besides a chemist cause there a lot of conterfit 1s going about.Put 1 under your tongue.if it starts melting and tastes kinda sweet then its diazepam. ## Your getting 1 of the best benzos out. Actavis, Teva and Crescent. All UK MADE. LUCKY U. ## Yeap exactly, chalky with a hint of sweetness. ## Yes, they will melt easily under your tongue. You taste a slight chalky taste with a hint off sweetness. If it melts like that then your fine. If it doesn't start to melt as soon as u put ...

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Bensedin 10mg diazepam

Hi, Has anyone seen/taken or have any information on Bensedin (Galenika) Diazepam 10mg? The box/strip looks ok but the actual tablet is white circular/domed with no markings at all.... I presume that they are Eastern European. Any information at all would be most appreciated. Peace ## Yes, received my prescription today. Took 1/4 tab, now, two hours later, my spasms from a ski shoulder injury, are not spasming anymore. I plan to take another 1/4 tad 2.5mg before bed. Seems like a good brand. ## Galenika bensedin is very very high quality pharmaceutical grade diazepam! it is top notch, one of the best brands available. Bensedin 10mg x 15 Tabs in a blister pack, 30 x 10mg diazepam a box, and around. I also am prescribed Galenika ksalol/alprazolam 1mg x 15 tabs a blister pack 30 x 1mg tabs...

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Prolifen medicine for conceiving

My doctor has advised me to take prolifen as i got married from the last 4 years and still have not concieved. I'm taking this medicine for the first time and have been taking cerophene etc of the same formula. would u plz help me as to how long i should take it? when should i change my medicine?? plz rep. thanks ## 5 years ago my doc gave me prolifen and after using it for only 5 days i conceived twins. Now I'm trying for a baby. My doc gave me prolifen and then duphaston, but i got pain in the sides of my body, like kidney pain. Should i continue? ## My semen report shows that sperm count is approx 15 millions while Min req is 60 million. i show this report to a doctor & he suggest me to use evion & prolifen capsules for 3 months. Please help me if this decision is rig...

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nakakataba at nakakakinis ng kutis ang althea pill

Gumagamit po ako ng lady pills 2 years na.. at ngayon po nagkakaroon na ako ng pimples dumadami na siya at kung noon tumataba na ako sa lady pills ngayon naman ang bilis ng pinayat ko.. gusto ko po sana kuminis at tumaba ako ulit,effective po kaya yung althea?gusto ko e try ## its may first time to take Althea pill.. nirecommend ng doc ko kasi i have PCOS.. pag na übos ko na ang 21 pills, dadating ba ang menstruation ko next day?? pls answer.. ## Ano po bang pills ang nakakataba at nakakakinis ng balat!! nagtake ako ng trust pills parang lalo pa ko pumayat at mainitin pa ang ulo ko. ## hello po , Ask ko lAng Po kung anong Pills po ang hnde nakakataba ? nag start po ako mag Pills almost 3yrs na po smula nanganak ako sa pangalawang anak ko . gamit ko pong pills Ladypills po at Tumaba...


last period ko po march 22 3 days sya dpt april 22 reglahin ako gang ngyn dp ako nireregla delaynako ng 7 days uminom ako ng cortal methergin at redhorse reglahin n po kya ako nagpahilot ako wla nakapa wg dw ako magalala magkakaroon po b ako. plz reply salamat po..... ## mag Pregnancy Test ka para maka sigurado ka yong GF ko nga 1month delay e kala niya buntis siya non. Pero yon nagkaroon naman siya ng regla. ## last period ko po ay nov. 21-25, 2013, at ngaung dec. ndi pa dn po ako nagkakaron 6 days n po ang late pano po un ano po pwede inumin pamparegla? nid answer now tnx ## last po aq dinatnan dec.19 tpos few days b4 new year hnimatay aq..tpos dpat nun jan.19 datnan n aq pero wala p dn,4 days n po aq delayed..2wiks before akala q meron n aq kc me dugo s panty ko kaya nag napkin na ak...

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Neliz diazepam 10mg

I have some 10mg Neliz diazepam tablets. Flat white tablets with a dividing line on one side. No other markings. They come in foil strips of 14 tablets per strip. Has anyone heard of these or had any experience with them? ## Hello Barry, I was able to find some pills that matched your description. It seems that Terapia Ranbaxy is the manufacturer who makes these pills. Here is some useful information I was able to find on Diazepam according to the National Institute of Health. Primary Use: This medications primary use is to treat anxiety disorders, alcohol withdrawls, tremors and to control seizures. Warnings: Notify your doctor immediately if you develop a rapid heart rate, chest pain, yellowing of eyes or skin, mood changes, incoordination, strange thoughts, mental confusion or depres...

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Prolia side effects

Would like to know of side effects after Prolia infusion from other persons. Up to now I have none. ## Prolia is used to treat or prevent Osteoporosis, specifically in post-menopausal women, it contains the active ingredient Denosumab. I'm glad to hear you've had no side effects, however, they can include: skin infections, jaw bone problems, irritation at the injection site and hypocalcemia. Read more: Is there anyone else with experience using this? ## How are you doing now? Still now side effects? Please let us know ## I was given a shot of prolia 8 days ago. I am suffering from pains in my arms and legs, digestive discomfort and nausea. Has anyone had this shot as I would like to know how long these side effects last as I am unable to work at the moment. I really feel terribl...

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gamot after a week sa pagpapalaglag

Ano po bang gamot ang pedeng itake after a 11 days na pagpapalaglag pra po masure kung walang naiwan n kung ano sa matris ko. ano po bang safe n gamot ang pede kong itake pra maiwasan ko po ung pagppraspa. nttakot kci ako, kaya anong gamot po kaya ang panglinis sa matris ko pra maiwasan po ung infection s loob ng ktwan ko. As soon as possible po no ko po mggwa un by myself. ## Nkinim ka b ng gamot? Ano gamot po gnmit mo. ## Nag take po q ng cytotec tpos dinugo po q mdming buo pero bntis pdn aq den after 2 weeks ng take ulit ako aobrng dming buong dugo pero bntis padn aq bt po ganun? ## nagpalaglag kase ako anu po ba ang pwde kng inuming gamot pra hnd na po ako mgpa raspa? ## Hi sana matulungan nio ako nakunan ako at niraspa after 15 days may nangyre samin ng asawa ko poseble ba na mabun...

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Metronidazole lasting side effects

I have been taking this medication for 7 days and off of it since a week and still have severe side effects, abdominal cramps, severe headaches, dizziness, unsteadiness... How long is it expected to last? It was prescribed with Ciprofloxacin to me and I take Entrophen on a regular basis... ## Have things improved any? Have you consulted your doctor? For a short course of the medication, it would be unusual for side effects to remain that severe for that long, after you are finished with it. ## I started flagyl on 3/5/12 I'm so sick now, but I stopped it 3 days ago when these symptoms started yet they have only gotten worse. My throat is covered in sores and blisters. It also has a yellow type puss that runs down the back of my throat. I Itch like crazy my stomach is so bloated i loo...

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Maling Paginom Ng Pills

nagkmali husband q ng pagbigay ng # ng pills instead # 9 ang iinumin q dat nyt naibigay nya is # 14.. late q n nkita n pabalik n pla ung # n iniinom q... pero tinuloy q p din ang paginom. Is there any chances n mbuntis aq? Kindly respond nagwwory kasi aq mallit p ung bunso q... ## Nakainom po ako ng pills diretsong 2 buwan masama po ba yun? Hindi ko po kasi alam.ano po pwedeng epekto nun? ## paano po kung ang dapat nya inumin ngaun ay 5 pero kahapon nya nainum yun at un 4 ay ininum nya ngaun ## pano kung un nainom na number mali anu po b ang dapat gawin ## Nagkamali ng inom ng pills...6 then 14 ## nagkamali po ako once ngayon this month ng pills imbis #14 ang iinumin ko nsa #15 ang nainom ko ng araw na yon may possible po ba na maging buntis ako pag gnun once lng naman po ung pagkakamal...

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who prescribes xanax in galloway nj

I need a Dr. in or near Galloway NJ that prescribe xanax.My pain specialist will no longer do it.He said I need to find a psychiatrist.So I’m trying but don’t want one that won’t help me.I have a traumatic brain injury along with VP shunt tubes coming out of my brain.Xanax has been the only medicine to help with the pressure in my head & severely soar muscles.The Xanax was given by my neorologists in Philly. ## Hello T, Doctors are supposed to prescribe medication based on the situation at hand so I won't be able to give you a direct answer but what I can do is provide you with a website that allows you to find psychiatrists in your area and then do your research on which ones recieved the best reviews. Here is the link to the website that I have found gives th...

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small,round,white pill marked E311

small,round,white pill marked E311 ## Is this pill marked E311 white and round tablet my muscle relaxer? ## Cindi-My first time at this site-I noticed your inquiry of 1-21. Do you know what it is yet? I found a few of these in my sons room. If you know, please respond. Thanks! ## Hello, I was able to find a pill that may match your description depending on if the opposite side of the pill is marked with with the imprint AV. Here is what I found on the National Institute of Health's website. NDC 41167-4232 IMPRINT e;311;AV NAME Childrens Allegra Allergy INGREDIENTS - Fexofenadine Hydrochloride 30 mg; LABEL AUTHOR Chattem, Inc. COLOR White SIZE 11mm SHAPE Round SCORE 1 INACTIVE INGREDIENTS - Aspartame - Crospovidone - Magnesium Stearate - Lactose Monohydrate - Cellulose, Microcrystall...

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Amoxicillin dosage for dogs

80 lb dog = how much amoxicillin? ## I have 250mg Amoxicillin capsules, but my dog only needs 60mg. How would I handle this? Rocky weighs 6 1/2 lbs. I believe I calculated the dose correctly. ## Can the Amoxicillin 400 mg (bmp 196) green tablets be crushed and mixed with food to give to my dog? ## How much amoxicillin tr k clv 500/125 is safe for an 8lb dog? She has skin irritation after her cycle. ## Hello, According to the NIH "The recommended dose of amoxicillin in dogs and cats is 5-10mg/pound" so a dog who is 80 lbs should have 400-800 mg. Since this is such a wide gap I suggest you call into your vet office and see what they suggest, typically if they have your animal on file they will have a good estimate of what they should have. Best wishes and happy holidays.

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RED SMALL CAPSULE, ONE SIDE DARKER RED TAN THE OTHER ## What is meprozin exactley it is like a red capsule?? I know it is generic but for what exactly? ## Hello, Going off of the info that you provided I was able to find only one brand/generic of this medication. According to the NIH, [1] linked here, there is only one brand of meperidine hydrochloride/promethazine hydrochloride (meprozine) that comes in a red capsule. Here is the info for what the NIH has on this pill. IMPRINT 622 ACTIVE INGREDIENTS - Meperidine Hydrochloride 50 mg - Promethazine Hydrochloride 25 mg LABEL AUTHOR - ECI Pharmaceuticals LLC COLOR Red SIZE 21mm SHAPE Capsule SCORE 1 PRODUCT CODE 51293-622 INACTIVE INGREDIENTS - Fd&c Blue No. 1 - Fd&c Red No. 3 - Fd&c Yellow No. 6 - Gelatinlactose - Magnesium S...

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Is Digipam the same as Diazepam?

Could you please tell me if there is a Diazepam 10 mgs called Digipam 10 mgs from India? Are they safe and real? Is it the same as Diazepam 10mg as in the United States? They are white with no writing just a line down the middle. Thank you. ## There is a Valium available in India under this name, but without any markings, there is no way to be certain that is what you have. Has anyone else tried this product? Do you recognize it? The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, constipation, and dry mouth. ## Is digipam 10 mg the same as diazepam 10 mg? I would like to know before I take it. Thank you. ## Yes there is a pharmaceutical company called Vision in India that manufactures diazepam under...

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Tramadol vs Tylenol 4

How many Tylenol 4 would I have to take to equal 400 Mgs of tramadol? I'm trying to keep the withdrawals at bay. Please help. ## Look I'm not a doctor but i do have a lot of experience with pain meds as I have been on narcotics for chronic pain since 2008. Even though tramadol is considered on the lower epsilon of narcotics I have a hard time with nausea and constipation if i mix acetaminophen with hydrocodone or percocet. Just trust your doctor and discuss it with your pharmacist. Unfortunately doctors don't always know everything you are taking and your pharmacist does. Also trust what your body tells you. Personally i half my pills until I'm sure i can handle more i try to stick to that then when I'm sure I'm ok. I take the other half and drink plenty of fluid...

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Pregnancy Termination Through St Mom

im 5 week pregnant 2 days later i had a home pregnancy test it was v v v v faint so i take st mom 200 mcg 4+4+4 i bleed for 2 days normal bleeding with lots of cramps .. i have 4 a month bby and a 3 yrs old bby both wid c section so to avoid another c section i want to terminate this bby plz tell me that the abortion was successfull or still incomplete ??? ## Do another pregnancy test and if negative and you have cramping and pain then go to a doctor and told her you had a miscarriage and having problems. Doctor usually cannot tell difference in medical abortion and miscarriage. ## I also have da same problem. ## hello dear can any one tell me mein 4 week pregnency the mein ny c.t.mom tablels use ki bleeding start ho ge hy kya es k bad koi pregnency k chances hy ? kya es koi ghost ka to...

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Primolut N to prepone periods

I am a middle age women. For the past 2 years i have been having irregular periods. On Sunday 3rd June there is function. My last period was on the 24th April. I took primolut-N for three days 3 times 5mg. Already 4 days have passed since I took the tablets. I am yet to get my periods. Now what I would like to know is will I get my periods or should I take some medicine to postpone them? ## From my perspective based on your description, it sounds like you may be experiencing what is called "perimenopause", which is a state of reduced hormones that occurs before full menopause. It can last for months to years, so it's not useful for predicting when they will stop for good, except to say that it's probably going to be within a couple years. It is a natural event that norma...

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War On Chronic Pain Patients

Thanks to all you drug abusers there has been an ongoing war on us legit chronic pain patients. Thanks to all who abuse pills and alcohol, because of you they wage war on us. Street drugs are cheaper so why do you all have to mess with the pills and make life difficult for us chronic pain sufferers? Are you stupid or just self centered? Britain uses our military to protect Afghan poppy for people like you, so quit trying to cook up the pills. We legit chronic pain patients would really appreciate it, not that you care, but maybe when you stop acting so self centered, people will actually begin to care about you. You reap what you sow. To stem cell labs worldwide: We need you to cure degenerative discs and herniations for those that want to be cured instead of on pain meds. Make yourselv...

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Is Omnacortil 10 Mg Too Strong For a 3 Year Old Child

my niece(3 years) is suffering from nephrotic syndrome. she has been adviced to administer omnacortil 10 mg.. can any one tell me please is it too much for her? ## I think this depends on how credible the person is who told you that your niece should take Omnacorti (10 mg). If you were told this by an accredited doctor or pharmacist, I would consider it to be safe. Otherwise I would ultimately talk to one of these people for proper advice on what to do (given your niece's age), including what dosage. If anything, your local pharmacy should be able to give you comforting advice. Omnacortil contains the active ingredient Prednisolon, You can read more details about this drug in the link below: Hope this helps! ## it was advised by a pediatrician.... sir. ## Can I take Omnacortil 20 ...


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