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Eliquis and Depression

66 yr old male, 5'11", 191 lbs. Exercise daily. Prescribed 5MG Eliquis x 2 day. Since starting approximately 3 weeks ago I have become extremely depressed to the verge of crying. Never been like this before and I contribute this depression to the drug. Also very lethargic which I contribute to Eliquis. Anyone with similar reaction? Was on a aspirin and I think I should return. I suspect this depression to be directly linked to the drug. ## Hello Abel! How are you? I'm very sorry about the way you're feeling. Yes, depression can be a side effect of this medication, as listed by the FDA. You may also experience nausea, dizziness, headache, increased risk of bleeding and easy bruising. If it is that severe, then yes, you should most likely consult your doctor about stopping...

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Odor of eliminations while taking Eliquis

I hate to be indelicate but I have noticed something strange since taking Eliquis. My urine and bowel movements smell different and I wondered if anyone else had noticed this. I would describe it as sort of a toasted oaty fragrance. I am not making this up or being weird. I am concerned and hope I am not along. ## Oh my goodness YES, it does have an odd smell. ## NIH.gov actually lists the following side effects associated with Eliquis (Apixaban): red, brown, or pink urine; red or black, tarry stools. However nothing in particular about its smell. Has anyone else experienced these odd colors in their urine/stool or think that this may be attributing to the different smell in some way? In either case I would suspect it's more than likely Eliquis that's causing the problem if you...

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Eliquis and grapefruit

Does ANYONE know if you can eat grapefruit while in Eliquis. NOBODY seems to be able to give me an answer! ## According to Poison Control you should avoid grapefruit while taking Eliquis: "You can take Eliquis® (apixaban) with or without most foods. You should avoid grapefruit, grapefruit juice, marmalades, limes, and pomelos while you are taking Eliquis®. These fruits prevent the breakdown of apixaban and may increase side effects." Source: ## Thank you Roy! How hard could it have been for my doctor, even for Eliquis' manufacturer, to either tell me or point me to this article? ## You're very welcome! And yes, apparently too hard for them lol ## :) Thanks again

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Eliquis and Weight: I Need The Truth

Today I am speaking with my hemotologist about switching from Xarelto to Eliquis. Xarelto has caused me, a runner with a very slim diet, to gain almost 14 pounds in 4 weeks. 7 of those pounds in the last two weeks. I need to know of any serious weight gain issues with Eliquis. Doctors always swear that the side effects listed are the only ones but I was never told by my doctor nor the literature that Xarelto causes abnormal weight gain either. Google had to tell me that after yesterday's terrible weigh-in. I'm looking for absolute candor. I am 34 and female and I'd be taking it for PE. Thanks. ## Anytime you want to know all possible side effects, it's best to ask a pharmacist, visit a site like this, or research it on your own. Doctor's aren't trained as much in...

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Eliquis swelling In feet and legs

I have been on Eliquis for about a month. I have some itching, weight gain, and swelling in my legs and feet that has become very painful. Also frequent urination. They are taking me off the meds. Has anyone else had the swelling? ## I have had very painful burning and aching with some numbness on the soles of my feet for 3 months.After being blood-tested for every disease in the world,it dawned on me it might be the Eliquis. The doctors (3) assured me that the drug was an unlikely culprit.I went off the Eliquis on my own,and within a week all my "peripheral neuropathy" was gone. ## Hello, Glenda! How are you? Yes, it is a known possible side effect of this medication, as listed by the FDA. You may also experience nausea, headache, increased risk of bleeding and easy bruising. D...

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Eliquis Drug Information

My 91 year old Mom was switched to Eliquis and has been totally exhausted and suffering from confusion and memory loss. Anyone else having the confusion/memory loss issue? ## Hello, Freddie! How is your mom doing? Yes, those are known side effects of taking Eliquis, along with bruising, fainting and headache. Side effects should start to taper off in severity after about 4 weeks, as her body adjusts to the medication. But if they don't, or if they worsen, her doctor should be consulted. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Yes, my 88 year old husband has been on Eliquis since July and he is experiencing major confusion, and I believe even had a night terror. When I carefully skip a dose he regains his usual mental state back. It's very frustrating as the doctors aren't...

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Extreme fatique, joint pain, muscle weakness with Eliquis for AFIB

I was having extreme fatigue, joint pain, muscle weakness after starting Eliquis and started to having black stool with nausea and abdominal pain. I gradually reduced the dose until no longer taking Eliquis nor ever will. It really put a fear in me. Asprin works for me via my AFIB. I can tell if my blood is too thick when my heart is working hard to pump the blood out of my heart. I feel much better when my heart is pumping normally when the blood is thinner. You sometimes have to insist to your doctor the side effects you are feeling, this is a fairly new medication. Anyone else have these side effects? ## Yes, you are not the first person to post about these types of problems with it. If the Aspirin is working well for you, then it is likely a good idea to stick with it, unless your d...

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Eliquis causing back pain and blurred vision

I have been taking eliquis for 2 months for pe, having back pain, blurred vision, weakness and a clenched jaw. Any suggestions? Anyone else with those symptoms? ## Hello, Denis! How are you? Yes, those have all been reported side effects of this medication, by users and the FDA. You may also experience nausea, headache and easy bruising. If the issues are severe, you may want to speak to your doctor as it may not be the right medication for you to take. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Thanks verwon, going to see the doctor tomorrow, my back pain getting worse any recommendations on a cream or anything that can lessen the back pain ## I have really healthy eyes and never had blurry vision at all. I was recently diagnosed with a DVT and was placed on Eliquis. I started noticing...

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Procedure for stopping Eliquis and going back to Aspirin

Anyone know how to safely get off eliquis and back on just aspirin? ## Hi cynthia, Depending on how long you've been on Eliquis (Apixaban) for, I think it would be wise to talk to your doctor about developing some sort of tapering schedule that reduces any risk of serious withdrawal symptoms. According to ucsd.edu, apparently Eliquis comes with a "black box warning label" regarding its withdrawals in patients with A-Fib (atrial fibrillation); with some articles stating that Eliquis may trigger a stroke if suddenly stopped. So working closely with your doctor to avoid that risk seems to me like it should be first priority. Does anyone else here have personal experience coming off Eliquis who can offer some pointers on what to expect? ## Hi Cynthia I have also come off Elequis...

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what to do for insomnia while taking eliquis

I started taking Eliquis a few weeks ago, my biggest complaint is insomnia! Anyone else have the same problem and if you did, what did you do, what did you take to fall asleep? I've tried Tylenol PM - seem to have to take 2-3 to fall asleep, my doctor suggested Melatonin, I bought the 10mg, that didn't work either.. Any suggestions? ## Hello, Charlie! How are you? I'm sorry about the problem you're having. Has there been any improvement, yet? Most side effects are transient and will go away in time, once your body gets used to a medication, but that can take 4 to 5 weeks. As reported by the FDA, other typical side effects for Eliquis may include nausea, headache, increased risk of bleeding and easy bruising. Have you tried avoiding caffeine and other stimulants in the ev...

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what if i take a double dose of eliquis?

I may have accidently taken a double dose of eliquis early this morning. I am suppose to take one 5 mg twice a day. Usually at nine and nine. I think I could have taken two pills in am. Should I leave off my night pill even if I'm not sure. ## I accidentally took an extra lisinipril 40 MLB after already taking it this morning with amlodipine will I be ok ## I accidentally took a double dose of eloquence 5 mg should I take my next scheduled dose or stupid ## If anyone accidentally took more than prescribed, I would encourage you all to contact your prescribing doctors. It may turn out that you'll be fine, but he/she may recommended some minor adjustments in your dosing or frequency of administration in order to compensate for this extra dose (not to mention that the prescription ...

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Alcohol and enantyum 25 mg

Can I drink alcohol with enantyum ## Hello, Mary! How are you? No, it is not safe to do so. This medication is a type of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, which in itself is very harsh on your stomach and liver, if you add alcohol, it may result in a bleeding ulcer, dangerous liver damage, or full liver failure. The FDA lists the typical side effects of this medication as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, increased risk of bleeding and stomach irritation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## While taking Eliquis I have been drinking several beers a day. I just started to see a very light blood show in urine. If I refrain from drinking will this bleed stop? ## How soon can I take a Ibuprofen after taking Enantyum 25 mg? ## How long after having been given an enantyum sh...

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Eliquis discount coupons

Unfortunately I have a second occurrence of atrial flutter. While waiting for my cardiologist to decide next steps I was out on eliquis. When I got to the pharmacy I was informed the cost could be $500 for a 30 day supply. But thankful the pharmacist informed of a coupon to bring it down to a $10 copay. While I completed the online application she filled my prescription. Another example of the crazy run away cost of drugs and physicians prescribing with little concern of the patients cost. Thankfully this pharmacist did the right thing. Here is the web site for the coupon ## Hello Doug, how are you? That's wonderful, I'm glad your pharmacist was so helpful. Eliquis Savings and Support is a great resource both for the monetary savings, and the medication details that are provided...

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Eliquis - can I split a pill in half?

Can I cut a 5mg eliquis in half, instead of getting the 2.5mg ones? I need to reduce the dosage after a successful ablation. Please comment. Thanks! ## Can I split a 10 mg pill of Eliquis in half? ## Does the tablet have a score line? It appears that the Eliquis tablets are film coated according to what I see on DailyMed. If there's no score line then I would not recommend it. ## Eliquis does not come in a 10 mg. tablet, just 2.5 and 5 mg. 2nd Eliquis is not scored, 3rd Eliquis is not film coated, just a simple compressed tablet. The tablet is so small it would really be difficult to split evenly. ## What did your doctor tell you to do? If he/she told you to decrease your dosage, why can't they give you another Rx? I don't think Eliquis is a drug you can or should cut in hal...

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ELIQUIS: Stomach Pain, Abdominal Swelling, Bloating, Gas

Have been taking Eliquis 5 mg 2x day for almost 3 months. Seem to be having Stomach Pain, Abdominal Swelling, Bloating, Gas, Facial Swelling and lots of weight gain and water retention. Also brain fog and memory problems. (It's hard to tell how much of this is from Eliquis and how much from CHF associated with A-Fib. Also taking Beta Blocker and Digoxin.) Eliquis has been out long enough for the pharmaceutical company (BMS) to put out a REVISED list of side-effects, to reflect real-life patients' experiences. Wonder if they have done so, or when they'll do so? Am probably going to switch to Xarelto and stop the Eliquis, in hopes that the Xarelto will cause fewer problems. ## You might want to rethink that decison, Afibber. Here is what the pharmacists say: Examining the Comp...

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Extreme hair loss

Can you tell me if extreme hair loss occur from Eliquis? I have been on it since last November for an AFib attack. The hair loss is extreme and I already have areas that are bald with other areas thinning quickly. My hair dresser is alarmed at the speed this is happening. I also am having trouble w/my legs, as in weakness and stiffness. I know that that is a symptom. ## Hair loss is not a known side effect of Eliquis. Ref: Hair Loss Monitoring Study The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, headache, easy bruising, increased risk of bleeding, as well as the weakness, and stiffness that you mentioned. Were you ever given a different blood thinner, such as Heparin, or Warfarin? They can cause hair loss. Have you ever had Covid 19? Hair loss is also a symptom of ...

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Eliquis is working better than I imagined

I was scheduled for a laminectomy because my spinal stenosis had become so painful that it was even causing horrible cramping / muscle spasms all around my lower legs and feet. I was forced to sleep sitting up with my feet on the floor or the cramping would eject me from my bed. Because I was in a seated position and not moving for many hours, I developed DVT in my left leg. I should also note that my feet and ankles were extremely swollen but this is a common side effect of Amlodipine which is a PB med. Also, even though no DVT was detected in my right leg, I was having pain in my right calf that was getting progressively worse until after three days I needed a cane to walk. I was put on Eliquis 10 mg twice a day and within three days the swelling in my feet and ankles has completely d...

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Eliquis causing memory loss

My 81 yr old mother takes Eliquis and now suffers extreme memory loss. She's gone from running a family business to not remembering what she ate for breakfast. The doctors don't seem to listen to our concerns. She was on warfrin for years without any problems. Should we ask the doctors to take her off Eliquis and put her back on Warfrin? ## Hi! My mother is 77 years old. She is on Eliquis for the past couple of months, and I have noticed slight memory loss which she didn't have before. She is mentally active and has been for years. She teaches Sunday school and is the prayer leader at our church. I am hoping it is the medication. Please respond to my personal e-mail below. I am interested in communicating with you. ## My 81 yo mother was placed on Eliquis a month ago for atr...

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Eliquis and dark brown stool

Does Eliquis cause dark brown stools? This has started two days ago. Although I have been on this drug for the last two months. ## The last 3 bowel movements have been a maroon blackish color. I take Eliquis 2 times a day. Should I be conserned? ## Please consult your respective doctors immediately, or seek emergency medical attention. Dark colored stools, such as you've both described, could be a sign of internal bleeding, which Eliquis has been known to cause as a side effect, according to FDA warnings. Other side effects may include nausea, dizziness, headache, and easy bruising. Ref: Eliquis Information How are you both doing? Has there been any change?

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Stopping Eliquis SAFELY

I've been taking Eliquis for a couple months after a bout of a-fib. I'm back in sinus rhythm and am in the low risk (Cat 1) group for clots. Due to the side effects and cost, I want to stop Eliquis and take aspirin daily. But the FDA black box warning makes me scared to stop Eliquis. Is tapering the dose over time a good way to get off it safely? IS there a safe way, or is it a scare tactic to have me pay for Eliquis for the rest of my life? I'm really angry - if I'd known about the FDA warning, I'd never have agreed to take it in the first place. ## I was on Elequis for 2 years. I needed to go off of it. My doctor said to just go off of it cold turkey. I did. Have been off of it for a month. ## In reality, this medication is usually just stopped, cold turkey, as Jo ...

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