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White xanax bar no imprint

It was filled from a pharmacy in Tijuana and has no numbers anywhere but has the 3 scores on both sides. Seems to work for me but I want to make sure it's actual Alprazolam. ## I have the same pills, I get my rx filled from Mexico as well. I doubt they're bad, they just might be generic? My other friend who has a prescription & gets them here in AZ had a different type. She let me compare hers to mine & they work the same in my opinion. Hers are 1 mg & mine are supposedly 2 mg. I always take half of mine because a whole one makes me super drowsy. Hope this helps :) ## I think they're called Rafil, we see them a lot here in Laredo (it's a border town). They're still Alprazolam, just from out of the country. ## It's just a generic version. You see them ...

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Prodes Diazepam 10mg

I have received some tablets called prodes diazepam 10mg. They are very small round white tablets with no markings. They come in strips of 30 tablets and were apparently made on Spain. There is very little about them online and this is in Spanish. On translation this is a standard medication information leaflet which says nothing new. This is the only reference I can find. I took one and feel nice and relaxed. No bad side effects. Has anyone heard of these and have any information? ## I have had a closer look at the tablets and the strip. In the sunlight the tablets are a very pale shade of blue or green and have 10 stamped on one side. The other side of the strip says "Diazepam prodes 10mg comprimidos", then "Diazepam Via oral" Then under this is "Kern Pharma, S.L....

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Methadone and Garcinia Cambogia

I have been on methadone for 10 years for fibro. I take 60-100 mgs a day. I have recently begun taking garcinia cambogia, green coffee bean and raspberry ketones for weight loss. Though they have been working, (I've lost 20 lbs) I've noticed about 1-2 hrs after taking them I start to withdraw. It doesn't matter if it's been 2 hrs or 10 hrs since my last methadone dose, my body acts like it's been 14+hrs as the anxiety clamps on like a vice and the nose turns into a faucet. Does anyone know if there is a withdrawal interaction or if this is just coincidence and I got a bad batch of methadone? ## I have noticed the same thing. Two times now, after taking this supplement for 4-7 days, I have come into a debilitating withdrawal. I was searching online to see if others ha...

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Mylan 2.5mg Lorazepam? Real or fake?

It’s a long story but traveling and needed medication for my anxiety. Have been off Lorazepam for a while but ended up in a situation where I needed to go local for some medication. Ended up with Mylan 2.5mg tabs. They came in a blister pack and seem labeled correctly. Also came in the original Mylan box. All seems okay but being from the US I’m accustomed to seeing the imprint. These have none. Only a score down the middle and white. Needless to say, I’m holding off on taking them. Not looking for a “fix”, looking for medication. First, I didn’t know and can’t find much documentation on Mylab creating a 2.5mg version. At least the website doesn’t mention it. The pack it came in lists the exp date to be in 2020 so it’s not old. The s...

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Yellow tablets dp 402

I found these oblong shaped yellow pills with the inscription dp on one side and 402 on the other. Google lens doesn’t pull up anything but hydrocodone and roxicodone neither of which it is.

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doctors willing to prescribe xanax in new jersey

I suffer from severe panic attacks on a daily basis. im a perfect example of a person that needs medicine and is unable to get it because of so many people abusing prescription drugs. I have such severe anxiety and panic attacks and cant find a doctor to prescribe me xanax because im only 25 and its so addicting. but what they dont understand that i should be on xanax for the rest of my life because my anxiety is so bad. So if any1 knows a doctor in the monmouth county area of new jersey that will prescribe me xanax please let me know...thank u ## Actually, part of your problem is that you are so convinced that you need that specific medication and are already insisting you will need it for life. This will automatically make doctors wary of prescribing it, because, even though you may n...

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Blue Norco WES 303

Anyone have these new Norco by EYWA marked "WES 303"? ## Blue capsule shaped pill with imprint WES 303 contains Acetaminophen 325 mg / Hydrocodone bitartrate 10 mg from Eywa Pharma Inc. (NDC 71930-021) Inactive Ingredients: - Croscarmellose Sodium - Silicon Dioxide - Magnesium Stearate - Cellulose, Microcrystalline - FD&C Yellow No. 6 Source: DailyMed ## Nope... I miss norco. I only get Alprazolam, Adderall, and Subutex now. ## yes. Thank u . I know what it is and about it . However, to make it clearer... does anyone take it and if so how does it work for u compared to the other brands? ## Never heard of or seen those before. ## I get adderall Xanax and subutex too and would take subutex over any pain killer any day cuz subs have a ceiling level where it’s a waste if y...

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225mg Effexor all at once

Is it ok to take all 225mg at night? Doc says 150 at night and 75 in morning, but I hate doing that. I have to take my hypothyroidism medication in the morning on an empty stomach, and just don’t want to mix them. Thoughts? ## Hello Wally, how are you? Effexor is usually taken in divided daily doses to help maintain the level of it in your body to aid in its efficacy. So, it is best to follow your doctors instructions. Ideally, you should take it about an hour after taking your thyroid medication. Effexor may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, weight changes, and mood changes. Ref: Medline Plus Effexor Are these the only medications you are currently taking regularly? ## Yes, only medications I’m taking. You said it’s “usually “ taken...

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White Buprenorphine round 460

So I went to the pharmacy yesterday to get my script and they told me they were out but they would have more tomorrow. When I picked my script up it wasn't what I normally get. They told me it was a generic but I have never seen them before and I have been in treatment for years now. I have tried looking them up but can't find any reviews or anything really on them. Has anyone ever gotten these? And do they work as good as the 54 411? Also it is kind of minty which reminded me of suboxone and I'm not prescribed suboxone. ## I just got them too. Ive never seen these before either but i dont notice the difference in how they work. They pretty much work the same. ## This tablet is manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals and they list it as containing 8mgs of Buprenorphine. The FDA ...

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Diazepam prodes kern pharma

Has anyone had these recently? Think Italian or French. Just received my prescription refill of 30 tablets and never heard of this brand. Its spelled diazepan prodes 10mg comprimidos by kern pharma. I understand the spelling is different as a different language, found the company website and it seems legitimate. Has anyone ever used this brand please and can you describe the pill and any side effects? Nothing else about it that I can find, although most of it isn't in English anyway. ## I too have received them for first time..idk if they're ok I haven't tried yet but the pharmacy that I got them from has always been ok... ## Have either of you tried it, yet? If it is from a licensed pharmacy, there shouldn't be a problem, but the way any given product works for any spec...

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Calvepen 666mg Tablets Question?

I Have Being Taken Calvepon For Nearly 3 days now because for infected throat due to smoking happened me twice in over a month was on augmention for a week the first time found them hard on stomach.. my third day on the tablets i experienced headackes alot is this a side effect of the tablet or could it be the infection??? how long does it take for calvepen to work?? Thanks Colin ## Calvepen contains the antibiotic Penicillin. Yes, it can cause headaches, or they could be cause by the infection or something else entirely, it is hard to say. You should consult your doctor. In order for this to work effectively, you need to take it for the full course of treatment. ## ON Calvepen tables 666mg can i still drink alcohal on them or will it have a effect on me??? ## i've been given calvep...

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How long does 2mg valium stay in my system?

I took a 2mg Valium on last Tue or Wed-- then had to go in yesterday for a 10 panel UA. I have never taken Valium before last week. And only took it cause a friend was trying to get my panic attack to calm down.. I didn't feel like it did anything, and shouldn't have taken it at all... Should I be worried my test will come back positive? It had been 6-7 days since I took it. ## Yes, there is a good chance that it will show up on the test, because Valium contains the active ingredient Diazepam, which is a Benzodiazepine and the can be detected on standard urine tests for approximately 6 weeks, after last taking them. Learn more Valium details here. Are there any other comments or questions? ## I took two 2mg valum this morn I might have a pee test Friday morning but that's th...

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Round pale blue tablets blank on one side and C score line DC on the other

I have pale blue diazepam blank on one side and on the other c scoreline DC are they diazepam? They are made by Actavis ## This is listed as being a 10mg Diazepam tablet, a generic for Valium, that is manufactured by Actavis UK. It also fits their imprint pattern for them, as the 2mg tablet has A DC and the 5mg tablet has B DC. However, I haven't found this specifically listed on their website, so I'd suggest calling them to confirm. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I also filled a prescription for these (same imprint) came in box and blister packs but took 5 at first (my tolerance is high with benzos), then 4 later and nothing. I'm quite disappointed. ## I also have the pale blue pills. Blank on one side, the letter c on top half score them dc on the bottom. Someb...

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Toprol XL 100 mg for heart disease?

Is Toprol XL 100 mg help heart disease? ## Possibly? Conjunctive Heart Failure as explained to me. Of course that sounded like my heart was failing? ## Troprol XL is a beta-blocker used to treat chest pain (angina), high blood pressure, and heart failure. By lowering your high blood pressure it helps prevent strokes, heart attacks, and kidney problems.

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Can Topamac 25 Mg side effects

Can Topamac 25 mg cause psychosis? ## Topamac (Topiramate) common side effects are: diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pain, fever, fatigue, dizziness, lack of appetite, memory impairment, numbness, psychomotor impairment, change in taste, speech disorder, upper respiratory infection, weight loss, and visual impairment.

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Tonact Q vs Tonact TG

I would like to know details of this drug and comparison with Tonact TG. ## Tonact Q (Atorvastatin and Coenzyme Q10) is used in the treatment of high cholesterol. Tonact TG (Atorvastatin 10mg and Fenofibrate 160mg) is used to treat high cholesterol and heart attack.

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Metoprolol & hair loss

I have been taking 200 mg. a day for about 4 years. I thought it was a coincidence that I've lost 50% of my hair during this time because I am also going through menopause. I just found out that it is possible the hair loss is caused by metoprolol, so my doctor just wrote me a RX for a different drug. Will my hair grow back? It was very long, down to my waist, but I've been cutting it to compensate for the thinness. I just touch my head and lose a few hairs! Any ideas? ## I have been on 25 mg of metoprolol for 2 months and my hair is rapidly falling out. I have stopped taking it. Will my hair stop falling out? Is the hair loss that I have already experienced reversable? ## If your hair loss truly was caused by taking Metoprolol, then yes, your hair will all grow back. BUT you we...

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How to buy X112 diet liquid

I am interested to buy X112 diet liquid. I would like to have more information to buy this weight lost liquid. Please, provide me more information about this diet liquid. thank you in advance. ## Where can I buy the liquid diet drops X112. I used it back in the 80's to lose weight and it really works. Now I definitely need to lose weight now for a wedding and just to get my weight back under control. Please Help!! ## I am also interested in buying X112. Had great weight loss results when I used it while living in Germany. No side effects except headache if you used too much. ## I took X112 when I was in Germany and I can't seem to be able to find a site to purchase it from. Does anyone know where I can buy it from? ## I'm sorry, this site does not manufacture nor sell any pr...

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Side effects of Tonact 10 and GTN Sorbitrate CR 2.6

I am 55 years old having problem of hyper acidity and allergy of Sulfur, recently I have done an angiography as I have face some problems of chest pain. As per the result 40% blockage was found and doctor has prescribe the medicine but Mono Isordil SR 30 did not work for me. I have severe headaches so my doctor changed the drug and gave me GTN Sorbitrate CR 2.6, but I face the same problem, though I got some relief in chest pain. So what I have to do ? Please let me know the side effects of both the drugs. ## Common side effects of Tonact 10 (Atorvastatin) is constipation, flatulence, dyspepsia, and abdominal pain. ## Common side effects of GTN Sorbitrate CR 2 (Nitroglycerin) is dizziness, headaches, blurred vision, decreased blood pressure, increased heart rate, lightheadedness, and ti...

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Tonact 10 side effects

I am advised by the doctor to take Tonact 10 for high Cholesterol. Now I have been taking it almost for a year. I sometimes feel weak and loose control of nerves. Is this kind of side effect? Should I discontinue? Still my Cholesterol levels are not very encouraging. ## this site is not medical professionals and even if we were, we could not properly advise you on what to do over the internet. That said, Tonact contains the active ingredient Atorvastatin and the side effects you are experiencing are normal for these Statin medications. For some people they are severe enough that they must stop or switch medications or have a dosage adjustment. You can also experience: muscle aches, joint pain and headache. You can read more here: Have you spoken to your doctor about this? ## I was advic...

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