Galenika Bensedin Diazepam 10mg

Benzoking Says:

Galenika bensedin is a very high quality pharmaceutical grade diazepam. One of the best brands available are bensedin 10mg x15 tabs in a blister pack of 30x 10mg diazepam to a box. I also use Galenika ksalol/alprazolam 1mg x15 tabs a blister pack, 30x1mg tabs a box. It's also the best Xanax available hands down. It is a Serbian pharmaceutical company and it's up there with Bayer. I wish you could put pictures up so I could show you all the Galenika diazepam and alprazolam worth getting.

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Brinksmatters Says:

Bensedin are currently being counterfeited and sold in the uk. Like all counterfeits some are good, indeed very, and some not so good, indeed bad and that's within the same strip. Tell tale signs you have counterfeits: First of all if they are in blisters they are likely to be counterfeit and if in blisters counterfeits have diazepam written on them and Real Bensedin have Diazepamum or Diazapana. They are not bought by NHS or any UK pharmacies so they don't have any english on the real blisters. Uk is flooded with counterfeit blistered diazepam.

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jade Says:

So are these safe?? I received them today thinking I was getting actavis diazepam bit scared too take them never had them before...thanks..

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jade Says:

Mine have diazepam and not diazepipum or whatever u wrote on them. So u think they're bunk? Anyone else have these? Thanks.

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RussianEnforcer Says:

Hi. I have been to Serbia and Bosnia where these meds are made. I also speak many slavic languages.

I have filled prescriptions for both Bensedin in the UK and Serbia from the pharmacy. Only once did they say DIAZEPAMUM, the rest said diazepam. For me the tell tale sign is the size of the blister (width). The original is much wider, the counterfeits are smaller/thinner, about the same width as Rivotril by Galenika.

I hope this helps! They are superb, Serbia is our last hope for good benzos. Over there 30x 10mg costs around 3.25 euro.

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jade Says:

Thanks so much Russian enforcer I haven't taken them yet an was going too bin them until I read that...mines says diazepam and are quite big an round an thick so they sound like the real ones I'll be trying one tonight for sure....thank you

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Tracey Says:

Mine are white? 10mg all in a strip wont let me share a pic

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Jane Says:

I have been taking Bensedin diazepam for nearly a year now & in my opinion they are best out there.

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Zak Says:

Re: Brinksmatters (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Surely they come in blisters though if genuine. It's usually counterfeits that come in a bag?

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Diazychick Says:

Re: Brinksmatters (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I've ended up with the counterfeits, gutted! Thanks for the info.

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f cruger Says:

Get onto xanax 2mg bars. They're much better and def. work.

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Diazybird Says:

Re: jade (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I had some and they were bunk. No effects what so ever and tasted vile. I've also had Bensedin that tastes different and had some effect, but only just started them. I would nibble a bit off one if I were you. Diazepam has a sweet taste. Hoping you get the real deal. If you drink one with water and can still taste what you imagine poison to be, throw them away.

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Easy e x Says:

How long does the bensidin 10mg take to work ive took one and feel nothing xtempted to take another x

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Magenta Says:

I got them today, their is no markings on the pills, are they legitimate?

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Bob Says:

Re: Brinksmatters (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

This I'd not true I've had e 3 lots of bensadin from galinika they are the cleanest valium on the market no hazy feeling the next morni g like the attivas or whatever they give you on the nhs there made in a state of the art new factory in Serbia. All the benzodiazepine they have are top notch. I ain't seen no counterfeits but apparently the counterfeits got flat tops and the real ones are domed.

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Magenta Says:

Re: Bob (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

When u say domed, do you mean round?

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Gasgowdf118 Says:

Re: jade (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I have them and IMO these are genuine as the other brands can look like they’re real but they can’t mimic the taste of real Valium.

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Horus Says:

Re: jade (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

If they aren't safe to take I would be dead now... Ohh they work, trust me.

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Not a mug Says:

They are being sold from Pakistan in the thousands, on the Web and also on the streets of major cities. They are chalk with dangerous ingredients. If anyone is telling you any differently they are the ones making and selling them!

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Magenta Says:

Re: Horus (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

I have been taking them for anxiety brought on by the menopause
I will try to your take s picture of same if you could confirm they are OK
They don't taste sweet like someone said they just taste that bitter taste, l halted one just to see

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Magenta Says:

Re: Gasgowdf118 (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

What is the taste ?
I have genreric benesdin from a Serbian company called benesdin, no sweet taste of them

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Johnexpat Says:

Re: Matty (# 415) Expand Referenced Message

Thanks Matty, I've taken 5mg twice now Cut in half the 10mg . No effect, maybe i'll try 10mg Tomorrow. I used to take 5mg Roche 3 times a day and were great. These I have are Bensedin 10mg (diazepam) by Galenika with red triangle..... Cheers again.

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Matty Says:

Re: Johnexpat (# 414) Expand Referenced Message

Diazepam is Valium mate. So 10mg is 10mg either way.

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Johnexpat Says:

Maybe 10 Benzodiazapam = 5mg Valum. Any comments Guys PLease???

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Johnexpat Says:

Re: Matty (# 410) Expand Referenced Message

I took 5mg earlier 2 hours after my codiene for pain I’m still alive lol just tired which is usual I guess.
I’ll take 5mg tomorrow in the morning and another 5mg at bedtime see how I feel

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Johnexpat Says:

Am I worrying too much as I need to take codeine for pain but need 5 mg Valium sometimes. During the day. Advice please

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Matty Says:

Re: Nat (# 396) Expand Referenced Message

The bensedin have different packaging now. The new strips are still the same layout but its just black or blue writing on the back.
Youve got the real ones by the sound of it.

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Matty Says:

Re: Johnp (# 409) Expand Referenced Message

I take diazepam for anxiety also and have been on and off it for 30 yrs. And I have OA in my knee and Arthritis in my feet. I think bensedin help with arthritis somehow!! I no this is a drug forum, but a lot of people want valium as a recreational thing. Don't bother please. Its an evil drug that needs respect. I've detoxed from many drugs in the past and diazepam is the hardest drug I've ever had to come off. Its not worth it unless needed.

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Johnp Says:

Re: Matty (# 407) Expand Referenced Message

Thanks both my knee replaced are failing that’s why I’m on codeine 3 times a day but I suffer from anxiety so need the benzo

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Johnp Says:

Re: Matty (# 407) Expand Referenced Message

Thanks Matty I’ll start tomorrow

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Matty Says:

Re: Johnexpat (# 402) Expand Referenced Message

Im on 30mg of dehydracodeine 3 times a day , plus i take 20mg of Diazepam. 10mg in morning, 10mg afternoon. And im absolutly fine. In my opinion youl be fine taking them with codeine.

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