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Small blue pill 4 971 - Adderall?
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little blue pill. one side has the #5 and the other side has 971 ## Is there also a b above the 971? If so, Teva Pharmaceuticals lists this as containing 5mgs of mixed Amphetamine salts, which is a generic for Adderall. The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming, and may cause side effects, such as nausea, headache, irritability, mood changes, anorexia, and insomnia.
Updated 2 hours ago.
Adderall manufactured by Teva not working
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I have had two refills of Adderall 20 mg that was manufactured by Teva/barr (Teva) and it seems to have much less medication in each pill. Refills by another manufacturer work. This is ridiculous, and where do we report Teva and who can check each pill for amount for medication? I would gladly donate some of my worthless ones to the FDA? ## You'd have to report any complaints to the FDA, at 888-INFO-FDA. However, there may not actually be anything to report. They do allow generic medications to differ from the name brands, in the amount of the active ingredient, by up to plus or minus 20%. This is considered an acceptable therapeutic window. For most people, these differences don't cause any problems, but if someone is sensitive to medications, it means that one with a slightly ...
Updated 1 day ago.
Empty Adderall Capsules
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My granddaughter takes adderall and I went to give her one today and I noticed it looked strange. Upon closer inspection I realized the capsule was empty. I looked at the rest of them and I found 5 empty capsules. What the hell!! How did this happen? One I can overlook, but 5? What am I supposed to do? She will be without medicine for 5 days now. ## Does anyone else have access to the pills or pill bottle? The capsules could have been emptied and consumed in other ways like "sprinkled" (usually on applesauce), sublingually (dissolving the granules under the tongue) or crushed up and insufflated. You can contact the prescribing doctor but don't be surprised if he/she raises an eyebrow when you explain the situation. Best of luck. ## That is very odd, and I'm afraid my que...
Updated 2 days ago.
Adderall on backorder
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I take generic Adderall 20 mg for narcolepsy and there is not one local pharmacy that has it in stock. I have never had this problem before. The pharmacies are saying that it's on backorder from the manufacturer. Is anyone else having problems getting their scripts filled? ## I live in Southern NH. I can't find a pharmacy anywhere around here that can get Adderall in any dose from Teva and Barr Pharmaceuticals. My psychiatrist was apparently completely unaware of this situation when he wrote the prescription earlier today, 10/18/2011. I run out in 4 days but am on a very low dose (5mg twice a day) so I may be able to wean off of it safely by cutting back to 5mg once a day, then nothing. I wonder how many people taking higher doses are goint to have major problems with withdrawal...
Updated 2 days ago.
white cylinder pill with no imprint
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Someone gave me about a dozen white cylinder shaped pills with no markings on them. They claim to be adderall but I’m unsure. I’ve been searching all over the internet and haven’t found anything that looks similar. Concerta has the same shape and size as this pill but these pills I was given have no imprint or markings on them. Just wanted to get a little info on what they could be. I don’t plan on taking these!!
Updated 2 days ago.
can you take adderall with vicodin
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I hurt my back at work. Can I take my Vicodin with my Adderall? I forgot to ask my Dr and the pharmacy is closed right now. ## I didn't find any problems or interactions listed between them, but it is always best to double check. The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, and irritability. Are these the only medications you are currently taking? ## I took the combo for a few years & they actually work better in my opinion. I found that when I took the adderall without the Vicodin, I would feel more shaky & nervous, also my heart would beat faster. So I always took then together. The Vicodin can have a little bit of a calming effect, so it took the edge off the Adderall. & If you filled both meds at the same pharmacy, they wo...
Updated 2 days ago.
sun pharma generic adderall
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My usual generic Adderall 10mg pill is usually a round blue pill. It's manufactured usually by Aurobindo and sometimes the pharmacy will give me one manufactured by IMPA(I'm assuming it's an abbreviation). This time, I was given a round light green pill with the numbers 443 and what looks like a smushed letters MP on it. The manufacturer is Sunpharma. Is this safe? I had some unrelated stomach issues last year and I'm concerned about side effects of this pill since other dosages of this manufacturers generic Adderall has given people bad side effects. My pharmacy isn't really addressing my concerns. Any info would be great. ## Hi Maggie, I am interested myself. I know a guy who says they are good. But everyone is different. ## Sun Pharmaceuticals does list this as co...
Updated 3 days ago.
green and black capsule with powder inside
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My ex gave me a capsule that was green and black with powder in it. The capsule looked tampered with so I didn't take it but I'm wondering if it was adderall or not? ## Are there any markings on it? If not, then it is not a legal U.S. manufactured medication. The FDA requires them to all have unique markings to enable their identification, in case of emergency. If there are no markings on it, it is most likely an over the counter product, although it might be something specially ordered by a doctor that was made by a compounding pharmacy, or it could be a foreign medication. I also have to add that, in most cases, compounding pharmacies use plain clear capsules, because they are much cheaper than colored capsules. The FDA warns that Adderall carries the risk of being habit formi...
Updated 4 days ago.
Adderall 30mg Which Generic Brand Is Better
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Is the round pink 30 mg Adderall generic name Sandoz/Eon with the markings of CDR 136 on one side more or less effective than the oval orange 30 mg Adderall generic name Barr/Teva with the markings of b974 on one side and 30 on the other side? What is the most effective/potent Adderall that is generic and 30 mg? ## Certain "inactive" ingredients that may or may not be present in each of these brands, are actually detrimental to how the drug is metabolized and used by your body. So it's quite possible that you may respond favorably with one medication and not the other (even if they are the same drug & same dosage); mostly due to how you feel or based on whatever side effects present themselves. Have you taken either one of them yet? I'd probably suggest giving them e...
Updated 4 days ago.
Sandoz Adderall
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Sandoz is the best generic ir adderall I've used. August 11, 2017 I was told by the pharmacist they no longer produce this product. I asked if brand name was available and was told yes. When I received them I noticed they were made by Teva and let me tell you they are awful. I don't know what to do if I can't find a decent generic brand. ## Activis (spell check?) is pretty good. I also went from Sandoz to Teva, not by choice, and hated it. Then I tried Activis, and I'm happy with it. ## That's strange if it is discontinued but CVS just gave me Sandoz Adderall today 9/5/2017 , I had requested corepharma because previously they gave me Mylan brand, which was Bad. I did well on corepharma but the only generic they could get was Sandoz. ## It is possible that just that p...
Updated 5 days ago.
Adderall and Contrave together
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Hello. I've been taking Adderall for about 10 years for ADHD. I'm prescribed 30mg twice a day but normally take 1 and 1/2. Just been prescribed Contrave at my request and on week two until Tuesday. I'm excited bc I know my eating and drinking is tied to anxiety/depression diagnosis I have ignored for over 18 years and again 12 years ago. It may be in my head but I can already see my compulsive behaviors like shopping and other anxiety issues receding and am performing better at my job. Except for the occasional confusion that comes in a very short wave I'm guessing is a side effect. Anyone else take both? I'm age 32, 5'5 and 185 lbs. ## Does anyone else take contrave with adderall? I am currently on week 2 of contrave with adderall that I've been on 10 years....
Updated 5 days ago.
Adderall Hair Test
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So I took 10 mg of adderall on two separate back to back weekends in 5 mg doses over a month ago and had a haircut the following weekend. I potentially have a hair test coming in the next week or two. It's a pre-employment screen for a position I was offered through a staffing agency so it could be any of the tests. I also have a haircut scheduled for this week (wedding this weekend). If I show up and find out it's a hair test will I hit the cutoff for a positive test or will the concentration be below the 300pg/ml or whatever the cutoff is? ## A hair drug test is meant to show consistent use over time. A 1.5 inch sample, cut at the scalp line, will go back 90 days. My best guess is that you will be negative as that amount is not enough to show up on a Hair 5 Drug Panel test. Bu...
Updated 6 days ago.
Which generic Adderall does CVS usually carry?
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Does anyone know which generic manufacturer CVS commonly has in stock for both IR and XR Adderall (Amphetamine Salts)? I know they used to carry Mylan for the IR and it's awful. They also used to carry Actavis for the XR which is also terrible, but I don't have many pharmacy choices with my insurance.. and I'm nervous that I'm going to get stuck with Actavis/Mylan... if anyone has any info I'd appreciate it. I live in RI btw. Thank you! ## Different locations carry different manufacturers, brands and generics (and they are always subject to change). The only way to find out what a specific location carries is to go in person as if you are filling your prescription. You can always choose to not accept what they offer you and go somewhere else. After-all it's your ...
Updated 6 days ago.
Adderall Generics Thread
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Hey guys. Most of us are probably in the same boat--our Adderall doesn't work and it's horrible and we can't function well and it's bull**** and we all know that, but there are other threads/forums to vent frustration. We need a thread with the basics to help us all get going again or to know what to avoid (even though that seems like all of them these days, ha.) PLEASE POST THE FOLLOWING: 1. MANUFACTURER OF YOUR RECENT ADDERALL PRESCRIPTION 2. XR OR IR? HOW MANY MG? COLOR/SHAPE/IMPRINT? (if possible) 3. ***PHARMACY NAME*** AND MONTH/YEAR OF SCRIPT 4. YOUR LOCATION (if you are comfortable with that) 5. SIDE EFFECTS/SYMPTOMS. GOOD? BAD? Generally speaking, chain pharmacies use the same manufacturer at all of their locations throughout the country and that will make it eas...
Updated 9 days ago.
generic, side effects, Ranbaxy, Sun pharma,
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Hello everybody. I have been taking generic Adderall (20mg XR) for about a month and had a generally good response. My doctor also wanted me to try the immediate release tablet because, sometimes, I prefer a short acting effect only in the morning. I filled my prescription at Boston Medical pharmacy. When I tried it the next day in the morning (half of a 20mg tablet) I started feeling unwell after about 40 minutes. There was no therapeutic effect at all (like the XR which was by a different maker), just nasty side effect like nausea, tremor, tingling, dizziness, a tight feeling in the chest and general malaise or weakness; symptoms I never had with the XR. It turns out the manufacturer is Ranbaxy (or Sun Pharma) who had/has quite a lot of trouble with the FDA in the past, but also recen...
Updated 10 days ago.
Adderall 30mg Generic Which Is Better The Orange Oval Or The Pink Round
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Is there a difference in the potency of the generic oval orange 30mg and the generic round pink 30 mg? ## Hi Wendy, When you switch brand names or manufacturers, the drug itself doesn't change, but rather the binders or fillers that they put with it. However I do want to mention that certain "inactive" ingredients (which may or may not be present in each brand) are actually detrimental to how the drug is metabolized and used by your body. So it's possible that you may respond favorably with one medication and not the other (even if they are the same drug and same dosage). I hope this info helps! Have you had a chance to take either of them yet? ## I have taken both the oval orange and the round pink 30mg generic adderall's. I prefer the pink ones but i"m having a...
Updated 15 days ago.
has anyone taken generic addreall from aurobindo pharmaceuticals
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I was scouting around for generic adderall from CorePharma , when i called Meijer pharmacy they said they carry Aurobindo. I've never heard of this pharm company before. Anybody taken adderall from Aurobindo? I alternate generic adderall from teva then corepharma. But since Dominick's grocery/pharmacy who carries it is now closed, I am having a hard time locating a pharmacy carrying Corepharma adderall. Any experiences from Aurobindo? I'd appreciate it. ## I just got a prescription filled yesterday and it's aurobindo pharm too. My last prescription was Teva and it worked just ok. But for the past week I have been having sharp stomach pains. (In the center above belly button) I just started taking it about 2 weeks ago (10-15mg/day) so I can't help but think the stomac...
Updated 16 days ago.
Generic Adderall brands
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I am very concerned and confused about why generic Adderall brands are so all over the place!! I usually get Aurora brand and I'm fine with it but last month I got this corpharma brand crap, it made my stomach ache and gave me a headache! It was terrible. Back on Aurora brand and I feel better again but wtf is up with this BS?! I'm thinking about having my dr write no substitutions on my script and just pay for the name brand adderall. I've tried it in the past and it is by far superior. Motivation, concentration, and energy are all together with minimal side effects. Anyone relate? ## Yep, it's a huge problem (variation in effectiveness) and it's gotten worse over the years. Main problem. With generics the FDA allows up to 20% difference in the "main", activ...
Updated 17 days ago.
Pending Recall Teva generic Adderall March 2016 Actavis
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For those that feel their Teva brand generic Adderall by Actavis Elizabeth aren't working or making them feel sick, you're right. It is for the 30 mg, 20 mg, 10 mg & 5 mg. Specific info here: REASON FOR RECALL Failed Impurities/Degradation Specifications: Out of specification for impurities. RECALLING FIRM Actavis Elizabeth LLC, Elizabeth, NJ ## Wow! I wondered why my pills were different when I got them filled on Mar. 20, 2016!!! The efficacy of the Teva brand generic Adderall has been degrading for some time. I have felt they were no good for months. I can take one and go right to sleep. And I haven't been feeling well. Just an overall feeling of malaise. Thank you for posting this. Why weren't we told by the ...
Updated 17 days ago.
New Generic 30 Mg Adderall Xr (all orange w/ R 3061 on them) Not As Effective
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please share your experience with this never seen before, less effective drug that two different pharmacy's have given to me in last two months. they make me fall asleep! ## Hi shaun, When you switch brand names or manufacturers, the drug itself doesn't change, but rather the binders or fillers that they put with it. Certain "inactive" ingredients that may or may not be present in each brand, are actually detrimental to how the drug is metabolized and used by your body. Because everyone is different, your body may respond favorably with one medication and not the other (even if they're both Adderall Xr), due to how you feel or based on whatever side effects present themselves. Although I haven't taken this medication, I can say that they probably have an array of...
Updated 18 days ago.

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