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My Doc will not refill my xanax Im feeling sick
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I was prescribed Prozac & Xanax 10 years ago by my psychiatrist for depression & severe panic attacks. He started me on 1mg 3 times a day. Around Dec 2005 he increased my daily dose to 1 mg - 4 times a day. I have been a patient of his now for 10 years where I see him every 3 months. Through the years, there has been a few times were I had to call to reschedule my appointment and a couple of times he had to do the same. He would call in my meds for the amount I would need to get me through to my next appointment. This month I had an appointment for May 27th I called to reschedule due to transportation. I do not drive now and my ride canceled on me. so, I rescheduled my app. for June 17th I then requested my meds be called in until my appointment, a 3 week supply. She said she wo...
Updated 19 minutes ago.
what does xanax taste like?
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Is real xanax chalky and do they have a taste? ## does xanax taste chalky at all because I got some Bar that's a xanax on one side and a 2 on the other side and they look perfect but do not have that bitter taste that I am used to??? Does anyone have any advice on this? ## If it doesn't taste bitter there is no possibility it's real. If you can taste chalk or any other flavor it should be pretty clear you do not have genuine Alprazolam. ## Alprazolam or Xanax the name brand comes in different strengths, The 0.2 is usually white. The 0.5 is peach colored the 1 mg is blue with a line in middle and the 2 mg bars come in white, yellow, green and a long with scores in them. These are all from the pharmacy. If you have PTSD or anxiety issues find a good doctor and be honest and wo...
Updated 5 hours ago.
xanax vs mylan
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xanax vs. mylan ## Mylan Pharmaceuticals is a drug manufacturer - they handle many generics, including Alprazolam, a generic for Xanax. The brand name of this medication is manufactured by Pharmacia and Upjohn, a Division of Pfizer. Do you have any other questions or information to add? Please post back if you do... ## A friend asked me if this would be safe to take via injection so that the medication would act more quickly, and whether it might cause them harm? I told them ... Yes it can cause severe harm! All those fillers and binders in the pill can cause a blood clot and who knows what else. Just take them orally as prescribed! ## I have a question please. I am taking 0.25 xanax and the manufacture is Sandoz. But my pharmacy switched to mylan and i notice a different change in the ...
Updated 7 hours ago.
xanax white bar r039 fake or real
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I just want to say I am prescribed Xanax and I just recently came across these white R039 2mg. A lot of people on the web are giving alot of different answers and to clear things up they are not fake. They taste real, look a little odd, and the print they used isn't spot on.. but they work great for my anxiety and they are strong I could promise you that. They are real no doubt. ## Hi Jay, Based on my research the real Alprazolam bars marked "R039" are supposed to be yellow and not white. However, this is not to say that the white ones don't work. A lot of reviews I've seen have identified them as counterfeit meds from Pakistan, but they DO reportedly contain legitimate Alprazolam, despite their fake reputation. It's a good knock-off in my honest opinion, since m...
Updated 13 hours ago.
show me pics of real and fake xanax bars
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I would like to see a picture of the real white Xanax bar compared to the fake white Xanax bar. ## Fake Xanax pictures are just not available here, or anywhere for that matter. ## I will show you some pics, I've taken pics of several. If it had not been dark outside I would have noticed immediately. Folks r ending up in the ER because of these dumb greedy people ## I'm the kind of guy who is always skeptical about my meds lol. You could give me a bar and would tell you it's fake. I lookat all the things that would show if the bar was fake. I have even said a bar was straight fake then took it then ended up feeling the full affect. And iv put a xan on my tongue to get the taste and didn't taste it. It wssnt until I put the xan ib my mouth and kind of broke it in half with...
Updated 17 hours ago.
xanax bars real or fake
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The xanax bars I have are white, rectangular, and have a two on the back with a line going threw it and xanax printed on the front. Any suggestions on how to identify if they are fake or not? :( any help is really appreciated ## FAKE. I got 2 from my last refill and they are not bitter as usual, really more toward the mushy side, not like a crunchy fresh one. ## same thing I just got. white g 3722. complete fakes. ## BigIron, you should tour the Country with Melissa the Pissed off and warn others when dealing with criminals they might rip you off! ## The best ones I have found show the gg underscore 2 underscore 4 underscore 9. That's a real xanax and the back side will be flat with nothing on it so if u have any question u are more than welcome to reply to this and I will help answ...
Updated 17 hours ago.
fake xanax bars
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Is there a way measure the pill to determine if its a fake or not? Some of the fake tablets I have come across are either shorter or a lot flatter than the real ones. ## I have been having the same trouble. today, I was given 3 different light, dark, and seafoam green S 90 3 bars. I can't tell which are real anymore. sometimes when I take one it makes me not feel the same as a real one should. I don't know what to do. ## The local Police Department has a special way of helping you ## You can get a test kit at any pharmacy. ## Hey Eddy, if all you have is criticism and judgemental tendencies then why r u even still on the site! Ppl are trying to ask for help and all you care about is continuing to bash them any way you see fit! I think you just continue showing your true ignoranc...
Updated 17 hours ago.
white xanax gg 249
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How can you tell if gg 249 are bunk? ## Based on the description and imprint, according to the U.S. FDA, this is a 2mgs Alprazolam tablet, the active ingredient in Xanax. I've not heard of any counterfeit tablets being on the market with this marking. It is more common to get tablets that you are told are one thing and then find out you've been given something else. Where were they obtained? ## i have a prescription for them and i get them from an online pharmacy whose name should be widely known as a rip off, not only did they short me by two pills but they didn't even provide me with sleep aid or anxiety relief. ## Xanax (alprazolam) especially the 2mg bars have been bogus, fake and sold online for years. I even had a shipment of this come to a Walmart Pharmacy once withou...
Updated 21 hours ago.
Xanax with just a '2' imprint
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white, and rectangular, scored 3 times big 2 on one side and nothing on the other. ## There's no listing for one meeting this description in the U.S. prescription drug databases that I can find. Learn more Alpazolam details here. Where was it found? Is there a chance that it's a foreign tablet? ## This pill is a Buspar it is the oldest and probably the 1st way people started ripping people off on bars ## It's is xanax bionpharma brand. Please research but positive that this truly what it is. ## I have taken Xanax for years. I take (1) 1 mg a day. I have insomnia, extreme anxiety, and panic attacks. I have a son with Asperger's Syndrome, I can not have panic attacks when dealing with me. It's very stressful dealing with him. I do not have an addictive personally. I ca...
Updated 21 hours ago.
need help finding a doctor to prescribe me xanax
680 Replies RSS
Please give me a list of doctors that will prescribe me xanax? I have bad anxiety. ## You'll get better responses if you were a little more specific, since we do have users on our site from many different countries. Where are you located? There are also no guarantees that any doctor you go to will prescribe the medication you want them to. That is entirely up to them and dependent upon their diagnosis. ## Does anyone know any doctors in Las Vegas, NV that will prescribe me Xanax???? ## i desperately need a dr to presribe me xanax in new york city..ive recently moved here and am out of what i brought with me..i have insurance but dont need to use iit...i keep hearing anout chinatown but theres so many any help would be appreciated ## I live in the Philadelphia and Delaware County are...
Updated 1 day ago.
how can i tell if my g3722 xanax bar is real or not
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My latest script for xanax has imprint g3722 and it seems to have no taste or effects. I've been taking them for a long time and to my surprise they seem to do nothing. Have you heard of this? It is a white xanax bar that seems to be a little thick. ## Hello, Jeff! How are you? I'm sorry about the problem that you're having. While there is a tablet manufactured by Greenstone Limited that has this marking, which they list as containing 2mgs of Alprazolam, there have been many recent reports like yours, which leads me to suspect that the ones you have may be fake, especially with the size difference. It seems everyone who has noticed their lack of efficacy has also commented that they seem to be thicker than the ones they've received from this company, before. The FDA list...
Updated 1 day ago.
what does generic xanax look like
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It is oval and has G 3719. I would like to know if this is Xanax? ## Hello, person! How are you? Yes, the tablet with this marking contains 0.25mgs of Alprazolam, which is the active ingredient inn Xanax. This is a benzodiazepine, so it may be habit forming and could cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache and irritability. Learn more Xanax details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I believe those are the lowest mg made ## Hi I have .25 tablet with the marking 66.257, do u know if its alprazolam? ## Hi person, I read the message above. I know .25 seems really low, but please find a different way to handle the anxiety. I never knew all the information about xanax; the Memory loss, sleepiness, loss of motivation, as well as not caring about anthing, along wi...
Updated 1 day ago.
how long does it take for xanax to show up in urine
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I took four xanax bars Monday and two on Sunday. I have a urine test Thursday at the docs. Will it show up? ## That is really great Dorothy. I bet your Urined Benzos will be very nice ## If u don't know. Don't guess.It doesn't help anyone! ## It will show up. I've been on probation and home detention and even if you aren't a frequent user it will show up. Xanax sticks to your fat cells like marijuana does, so it goes off your metabolism and im skinny with a fast metabolism. You can take one 1mg at the 1st of the month (and not take anymore) and it still show up on a drug test on the 31st of the month. I learned a LONG TIME AGO TO PASS A DRUG TEST DON'T TAKE DRUGS. THERE'S NO WAY AROUND IT. ## Absolutely correct! Stay away from drugs!! Xanax are very bad for p...
Updated 1 day ago.
how to spot fake xanax bars
484 Replies RSS
I received my script from an M.D. at an online site. Noticed that this time on the tabs (2 mg white bars - xanax) that there were no numbers or letters imprinted on tablet. It is scored on both sides. ## i have a supposily 2mg xanax bar, it's kinda oblong but rectular and says xanax on one side but nothing on the other. it isn't broken into 4 squares either. is this fake? ## Would these happen to be from a foreign source? I am not finding a listing for this in the US prescription drug database and foreign drugs are hard for us to identify, because they are not regulated as strictly as those approved for sale and use in the US. Does anyone else, perhaps, have more information on these? Xanax contains the active ingredient Alprazolam and is a short-acting Benzodiazepine. It is mos...
Updated 1 day ago.
doctors who will prescribe anxiety medications
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Ihave been taking xanax the past 18 years only as needed. This medication not only helps with my severe anxiety and anger problems. My current doctor for the past 2.5 years has been giving me xanax to take twice a day for a 30 day supply and this usually last me about 6months. Well my PCP has been instructed by his NP that new guidelines state he cant prescribe xanax but klonopin is ok. Is this truely a guidline in MS or simply a recommendation? As I can not find any literature confirming this. Although the klonopin is working ok it takes hours for my anger to subside when it would be immediate with xanax. My other complaint is that klonopin has a longer half life and remains in my body longer than xanax causing me to be extremely sleepy the morning after taking the klonopin but never h...
Updated 2 days ago.
does anyone know any doctors in san francisco california that will prescribe me xanax for my panic attacks they are ruining life
22 Replies RSS
I am having a really hard time finding a doctor that will give me a script for xanax. I use to be able to get them from my old physician, but now all kinds of jerks are making fake xanax and that is all that's out there. This makes my life a living hell. So I figured that since I actually have a legitimate reason to be prescribed xanax that I could go see my doctor and just be honest with her and I'd get my xanax legally instead of having to go on a scavanger hunt to find real alprazolam. But I was wrong. She treated me like s*** and pretty much made me feel like I was a joke, or some addict trying to get a fix. ( which I am not ) All of this just made my life worse. I feel so discouraged and hopeless. It is not fair that all these doctors seem to be nowadays is these people, th...
Updated 2 days ago.
how long does it take xanax to get out of your system
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I took 6 mgs. of xanax yesterday. I don't take them very often, just every once in a while. Will it be out of my system in 5 days? Someone that knows, please respond. Thanks! ## Who in their right mind that doesn't normally take Xanax would take 6 mg in a day. Do you know that you can stroke out during withdrawal? See you in the ER ## That really isn't your concern now is it Eddi! I don't think you should have even posted a reply because it wasn't helpful at all. I used to do up to 30 MG's a day so I think I'll be OK jackass! ## Mike, you are full of crap ## Xanax and other benzodiazepines can take up to two weeks to get out of your system. It depends on how long and how much you are taking to be more accurate. It stores in your body fat, so the less body fat...
Updated 2 days ago.
Pale yellow bars xanax 2 mg
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When I got them from a family owned pharmacy the bars were very pale. They had the imprint R039 stamped. When I took them one it instantly dissolved in my mouth. I tasted the xanax which was a mild xanax taste. Do private pharmacies order online? ## When you ask do they order online, yes many do from their wholesaler. Then UPS or another carrier brings it to them. What you describe sounds almost normal although Xanax shouldn't be mild, it is wildly bitter. ## I have to get generic. I was getting at 1 big pharmacy and they were yellow, 2mg and softish. I could leave under tongue and it would melt. I had to change due to insurance and that place had hard white , they dont feel anything at all like the others with the 2039 .... i got company to get me the actavis brand and all was fine...
Updated 2 days ago.
doctors who prescribe pain killers in pa
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Updated 2 days ago.
long term addiction to xanax
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I feel led to share with you guys my nightmare journey with Xanax. I have been taking it for well over 15 years. Sometimes, I would take quite a bit during some very rough situations in my life. I tried to stop a year ago and ended up in the Emergency Room of our local hospital. I asked my doctor for help getting off this nightmare drug, but she just said "taper" off. Finally I read different blogs of people who have stopped and became really inspired. You all know the horror of this drug. I had serious headaches, nightmares and memory problems to the max. This drug gives you ANXIETY. I am down to one half of a 1mg quarter and about to stop altogether as I cannot take the nightmares. This horrible drug, caused me to make very poor decisions during the past years. I lost of all m...
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