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wHAT ARE THE STRENGHTS OF THE WITE BARS AND ARE THE THE STRONGEST YOU CAN GET... DO I NEED TO SCORING THESE IN FOUR AND DO THEY COME IN ANY OTHER COLOR DEPENDING ON STRENGHT ## The white bars are 2 mg and they only come in white. ## I'm not really sure of how many mg a white bar is but I do know that it would not be a good idea to take a whole one. this website does not give off as much information as need but the responses help! DON'T TAKE A WHOLE BAR. ## kd- get your facts straight before you give somebody advice that will harm them ## HEY, I GOT AN IDEA.....ASK YOUR DOCTOR!!! ## Possible Dosages for this and Related Drugs: Note: May Include Dosages for Drugs similar to Xanax Solution 1 mg/ml Tablet 0.25 mg , 0.5 mg, 1 mg , 2 mg Tablet, Extended Release 0.5 mg, 1 mg, 2 mg, 3 m...

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xanex lilly 4415

blue, oval ## THIS PILL IS NOT XANAX Pill Image This is Zyprexa, not even in the same family as Xanax, this is Olanzapine, this is used to treat certain mental health problems such as Schizophrenia and manic depression. It is also highly addicted and very dangerous to use if you do not suffer from these types of conditions. It is a very powerful drug and can cause detrimental effects if taken by a person who does not suffer from these disorders.

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weaing off xanax

I would like to start getting off Xanax gradually, how do I go about it........ ## i would like to stop taking xanax. can you help me???? ## yes..i did it..i quit col turkey..a friend monitored me..i quit after almost losing my arm in an accident. looking back now i know xanax's were causing me to make all kinds of mistakes i wouldn,t normally make..some with irreversible consequences. no easy way but quitting cold turkey..withdrawels are mind boggling..after some time has passed you will be convinced this is another one of the devil's great deception drugs!!! respectfully angela ## how long have you ben takeing it and at what strength? withdrawl from any benzodiazopine can be fatal in extreme cases. in detox's if you test positive for this drug you must stay for 5-7 day whi...

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PLEASE HELP I.D. TWO DIFFERENT PILLS MY NEW HUBBY CAN'T REMEMBER WHAT THEY ARE. ONE IS WHITE, ROUND, CROSS ON FRONT E44 ON BACK. OTHER IS ROUND ORANGISH YELLOW SL ON FRONT 563 ON BACK. THX HE AND I APPRECIATE ## What does Vicoprofen make you feel? ## Your first pill E44 is Tizanidine 4 mg generic zanaflex a muscle relaxer.Your second pill SL 563 is Cyclobenzaprine 10mg generic Flexeril.I should add that the company that makes this pill has changed it to read PILVA on front rather than SL ## is zanaflex like a xanax

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gg 2 4 9xanax

gg 249 ## ok well this pill is about 1/2 inch long and about an 1/8 inch wide. and has four little lines,m like boxes and it says gg at the top and 2 then 4 then 9 and thats what it looks like symptoms and conditions for which Gg 2 4 9 xanax messed me up it was like a was intoxicated.

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need to know what the pill is

light blue pill line down the middle on one side and the word mylan A1 on the other side would like too know what they are. ## this small, light blue, scored pill with mylan a1 written on it was found in my daughters car. i would like to know what it is ## I THINK ITS A XANAX. ## DDDDD is correct you have 1mg alprazolam,generic xanax made by Mylan Pharmaceuticals

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Sexual side effects from Xanax?

I would like to know if there could be sexual side effects while taking xanax, such as a decrease in libido? ## About the only sexual side effect I've noticed is it takes longer to pop the cork so to speak. For some that can be a blessing but I never had a premature ejack problem. Sometimes it's frustrating because you can't close the deal and it ends up being a endurance trial for the both of you. My Doc says a Wellbutrin tablet will help with that. I find it easier just to not take any Xanax much more than five or six hours prior to having sex. I never understood and have been totally against taking a drug to fix another drugs side effects. The Wellbutrin may very well work but I couldn't tell you.

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weaning off xanax

I would like to start getting off Xanax xr gradually, how do I go about it......... ## Alprazolam is difficult to wean off, and FDA was considering withdraling it -- just like Methaqualone in the 1970s - then the parent company met with FDA behind closed doors -- You could try a long acting benzodiazepine like clonazepam - will prevent the withdrawl symptoms, but will not give you the kick that so many Xanax users like though. ## I have taken Xanax for years! I take it responsibly. I had a potassium problem a few years back and ended up in a very, very bad depression with anxiety attacks. I started on Potassium, Zoloft and Xanax to get through the terrible anxiety attacks I dealt with every day for a few weeks, till the medication kicked in. I was afraid to take the low dose of Xanax 3 ...

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