A Doctor That Will Prescribe Xanax In Or Around Nashville Tn

Kris Says:

I have been having anxiety attacks for years and had mistaken it for severe depression. After having my third child they started to become out of control. I've seen a few doctor's that all seem to want to try a large combination of meds and diagnose me with a number of things... one doctor (that no longer is in this state) prescribed 1mg xanax and I felt as if I could get on my knees and cry out thank you. I felt cured. Then he left state and another doctor put me on ativan 1mg 2x a day and it didn't kick in until after the damage of the attack was done and after me freaking out or pulling over on road to cry... then it would last way longer and I felt a bit like a zombie where the xanax would kick in fast, take care of the issue and leave soon after. Too many ppl abuse the drug and make it hard for ones that find it as a true life saver. Where can I find a doctor in or around nashville tn that is comfortable prescribing xanax 1mg for anxiety attacks?

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David Says:

If you suffer from anxiety and need a Benzodiazepine class medication (like Xanax), usually your best bet is to see a psychiatrist rather than a regular medical doctor. Reason being is that they are better trained in the types of medications that handle these problems and can also help you treat the underlying cause of your anxiety or depression (for long term relief), as opposed to temporarily covering up the feelings and emotions with medication. Many general physicians are also reluctant to prescribe controlled substances due to abuse and the heavy regulations that they have to abide by from the government.

If you do opt to see a regular medical doctor, some advice I can give you is to not specifically ask for any given medication right off the bat. Make sure to transfer or take a copy of all your medical records with you. Then, the best approach in my opinion is to discuss what has and hasn't worked for you in the past. Most doctors will take it under consideration if you approach them in this manner. I don't think a lot of patients get the medications they hope for, due to how up front and "needy" they come off as to doctors. I hope this makes sense.

I hope this info helps and wish you the best of luck in finding the right care!

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kris Says:

I am sorry I was talking about psych doctors not just primary care :-) and the last one gave an allergy med that just made my body tired n my mind still anxious. Also gained 20lbs in a month and a half.

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Eddy Says:

You know David while your advice is prudent ( and also almost identical to what Jenna posts?) unless a state REQUIRES this, you must be aware that most Psychiatrists do not accept Insurance, and a $30 specialist visit can cost $500, at least in my area, If your Doctor does not feel comfortable in prescribing Xanax and suggests a referral, especially in today's pill climate I can understand it, but please, your advice is not again prudent for all areas in the U.S. I liked my Psychiatrist who prescribed Xanax yet he offered no special insight or instructions that a regular M.D. couldn't provide. Family doctors prescribe the majority of anti depressants and have limited knowledge in that area as well? Many people are hurting, and it seems like seeing a Psychiatrist can be much more difficult than you would even know. Perhaps with Obamacare everything will be wonderful, but for now we have a broken system, and a Government making it harder to obtain care.

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Lisa12 Says:

Hi Kris, from everything i've heard, xanax is a horrible thing to try to withdraw from. Maybe consider Klonipin or Valium. I have taken xanax and know it works well but I would hate to be dependent on it.

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brittany Says:

whats his #

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Christian777 Says:

yeah I live in Ardmore on the Al/Tn stateline, and I started a thread exactrly like this but havent got any responses,if anybody knows anyone from nashville to Huntsville please let us know, If you feel like driving theres a doc in athens that used to give me 4 barrs a day, I cant go to him no more

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Ally Says:

How did this forum go from Nashville to all these other damn states!?? I'm looking for a doc for the husband but wow!!!

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Daniel Says:

Klonopin is just as bad as far as withdrawal goes, believe me I have been there. I am currently taking xanex for anxiety and fully understand how It can and will be a life saver for people like us. The truth is all benzo's can result in serious withdrawal symptoms but for people who have major anxiety attacks on a regular basis, In my opinion it is best to keep your anxiety and your life in order through a benzo regement. If you have not had to take benzo's for anxiety and your anxiety is controllable more often than not I would highly recommend finding another way to control your anxiety. Benzo's should be a last resort if nothing else has seemed to work.

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gina615 Says:

have u tried the mental health co op?

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Blake Says:

I just moved to Fayetteville TN from Memphis and I need a doc to write me klon or xanax

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larry Says:

Can you please send me the athens doc info. {edited for privacy}. thanks. I just moved from indiana.

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larry Says:

Who is the doc in memphis that gave you xanax? {edited for privacy}

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anonymous Says:

Cool Springs Psychiatric Group is more open about prescribing xanax to those with GAD.

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Tabitha sanders Says:

Where is this doctor located
I live in hermitage. Please give me him nunber and what pArt of town he prectacise. I I'm dying of kidney failure and I need t to get in ASAP. Please write back ASAP please! I want to go the doctor ASAP and km willing to do whatever it takes

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amanda Says:

Hi, I live in the fayetteville tennessee area and I am needing help with a psychiatrist who is willing to prescribe xanax with prescription methadone. I do not abuse xanax nor methadone, i know it's not that easy to believe but i'm not in denial. I have no reason to be. I care and love myself too much. i have a doctor who is prescribing me xanax but he doesn't want to cooperate with my methadone treatment plan and if anyone has any useful information please let me know. {edited for privacy}.

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New girl Says:

Christian, are you talking about Athens, GA? And can u give me info please...I haven't even been able to leave my home. Not being able to get my prescription is ruining my life:( Thanks for ANY help. Also, if anyone knows where to find Xanax in the Gainesville, FL, Jacksonville, or Orlando areas...please write back! Thanks

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You said mental health cooperative in Chat? Please tell me they are benzo friendly.

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amanda Says:

Hi Blake, this is Amanda. Sorry I took so long. I came off 170mgs methadone daily and four 1mg xanax daily and i am currently taking only 20mg suboxone daily. I had a hard time letting go but anyways i just checked my email and i know a doctor in shelbyville tn who gives xanax and klonopin. His name is alex fider and he used to prescribe me four 1mg xanax daily and 2mg klonopin at bedtime. Every time you go he will increase your dosage it just takes time to get the dose that is right for you and dr. fider is understanding and he prescribes just about anything you want, he's very nice. Best of luck! if you need anymore info let me know. I like to help others who are in need and i consider anyone who is searching here to be in need and if anyone else needs my help finding a doctor in their area I can help by searching online. I have time to spare since i'm unable to work so i can help others like this.

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Tina Says:

What is the doctors name and number in Athens

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Tina Says:

Christian 777 what is the doctor in Athens....

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