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Anxiety is an emotion characterized by an unpleasant state of inner turmoil, often accompanied by nervous behavior, such as pacing back and forth, somatic complaints, and rumination.[1] It is the subjectively unpleasant feelings of dread over anticipated events, such as the feeling of imminent death.[2] Anxiety is not the same as fear, which is a response to a real or perceived immediate threat,[3] whereas anxiety is the expectation of future threat.[3] Anxiety is a feeling of uneasiness and ...

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Bensedin 10mg diazepam
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Hi, Has anyone seen/taken or have any information on Bensedin (Galenika) Diazepam 10mg? The box/strip looks ok but the actual tablet is white circular/domed with no markings at all.... I presume that they are Eastern European. Any information at all would be most appreciated. Peace ## Yes, received my prescription today. Took 1/4 tab, now, two hours later, my spasms from a ski shoulder injury, are not spasming anymore. I plan to take another 1/4 tad 2.5mg before bed. Seems like a good brand. ## Galenika bensedin is very very high quality pharmaceutical grade diazepam! it is top notch, one of the best brands available. Bensedin 10mg x 15 Tabs in a blister pack, 30 x 10mg diazepam a box, and around. I also am prescribed Galenika ksalol/alprazolam 1mg x 15 tabs a blister pack 30 x 1mg tabs...
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Can you take xanax with suboxone?
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Is it okay to take xanax and suboxone and the same time? ## I took Xanax 2088 v 0.5 mg four hours ago. Is it safe to take a suboxone? ## Has your doctor prescribed them both? Both of these medications can cause depression of the central nervous system, which could result in dangerously low blood pressure and heart rate. Thus, it may not be safe for you to take them both. They also both carry the risk of being habit forming. ## I was prescribed Xanax and suboxone together. I was also was prescribed Xanax and Methadone together. Yes, it can be a dangerous mix, but some doctors will prescribe them together. ## I don't know what planet you reside on but no rationally thinking prescriber would ever allow that cocktail of powerful and possibly lethal pharmaceutical combination to be taken...
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doctor who will treat anxiety in myrtle beach
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Ever have any luck finding a Doc in the Myrtle Beach area who can treat anxiety? I've found that Xanax works the best for me. ## Have you found a dr yet for yourself that’s written you anything for anxiety and down to earth dr!
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myrtle beach
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Hi I recently moved to myrtle beach and am looking for a doctor who will prescribe xanax or kolonopin. I have currently been on xanax for the past year or so and it has helped me a great deal (before xanax I was on kolonopin and it also to some extent). As of now I'm having to drive 3 hours to my old doctor to keep getting it. The doctors I've spoken to down here have told me they MAY continue to prescribe it to me but before they will even consider I have to come in and pay for an evaluation which is 300$ Which is completely understandable HOWEVER, even after that there is no guarantee that they will continue to prescribe the same doseage or even the same medication that I am currently on. I have tried countless others and I've only had success with xanax and kolonopin, and...
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what does xanax taste like?
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Is real xanax chalky and do they have a taste? ## does xanax taste chalky at all because I got some Bar that's a xanax on one side and a 2 on the other side and they look perfect but do not have that bitter taste that I am used to??? Does anyone have any advice on this? ## If it doesn't taste bitter there is no possibility it's real. If you can taste chalk or any other flavor it should be pretty clear you do not have genuine Alprazolam. ## Alprazolam or Xanax the name brand comes in different strengths, The 0.2 is usually white. The 0.5 is peach colored the 1 mg is blue with a line in middle and the 2 mg bars come in white, yellow, green and a long with scores in them. These are all from the pharmacy. If you have PTSD or anxiety issues find a good doctor and be honest and wo...
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Is there a 5 mg Xanax or Klonopin?
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I need to know if there's a such thing as a 5 milligram klonopin or 5 milligram xanax pill. This kid is swearing up and down that they exist and I want to make sure this is legit because I can't find anything about a 5 milligram klonopin or xanax on the internet which is kind of weird. ## Not in the United States? ## Anyone telling you that they can get there hands on a 5 mg Xanax is full of crap. As the other person who responded who is correct. Not legally in the USA. Plus that a large amount to take at once. It's not a med to mess around with. I know first hand due to a doc who prescribed this amount to me for months. The detox was hell so be very careful to anyone who takes high dosages. U can not stop abruptly or you can suffer emotionally and physically. Please don...
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pex 2 alprazolam
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small round white ## what are pex-2 alprozalam and is unipex the one who makes them recieved blister packs and they are white round with a score on one side and nothing on the other they clearly are not 2mg just wondered if anyone else knows about these? ## I too received these in the mail, but refuse to take anything without any identifying marks on it. I'm in the process of trying to get a refund or replacement (bars like was promised), but it looks like I'm out almost $400. There's a topic on the web that says these pills are dangerous. ## I don't know anything about this and without any markings, it is impossible to verify what it is. If anyone has more information, please post! ## PEX-2 alprazolam do not work at all, they can't be 2mg alprazolam for they do noth...
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Crescent Diazepam box id
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i know the colour of the pill ,i know what the pill looks like ,i know who makes it ,BUT does any one know what the box colour of the 10mg looks like . i have one box of 10mg red and white,then my new box is 10mg brown and white ,with the 10mg in green circle ,this is the same colour of the 2 mg tabs ,does any one know have they change the box,ive looked all over the net and can not find out .any ideas?
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Could someone please shed some light!?
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I dont know what the deal is but this chick i know recently started having these Red Xanax and Blue Xanax. Now shes saying she even has purple ones. Ive tried to read up on this bc i know its not a new thing. They are real brittle, when they dissolve they are more of a chalky taste rather than the usual gritty nasty taste. They still kind of give you the same feeling but just more drowsy than usual. Honestly they just look like there made out of someones house or something. Heres some pics. Any one who knows whats going on here ide be much obliged for some help. thx again. ## I feel ya I've been getting wellstamped, very well proportioned, perfect dimensions and scripting/beveling. They're a bit more crumbly and if you look closely at the pill lengthwise they're almost dual ...
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image of a green 4 mg xanax bar
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I'm looking for an image and information on 4mg Xanax. I have just gotten them from the pharmacy today for agoraphobia and severe anxiety. ## Hello, Audi! How are you? There is no 4mg Xanax legally available in the U.S. The Maximum available here with FDA approval are 3mg tablets in a time released formulation. It is also warned that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, and irritability. What are the markings on the tablets you received? That information would enable me to check the dosage for you. Can you please post back with this information? Thank you! ## They are green bars Divided into 4 and says 1 on each. ## How do they work? We could use the name of the manufacturer. You don't have 4 mg ...
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