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Etizolam side effects

I am having severe anxiety. The doctor advised me to take Lamez 100mg twice a day. I was good for one year but now it started again. Now he prescribed me Etizolam for anxiety. I hope etizolam will help, as I will start from tomorrow. ## Just wondering where you were able to get Etizolam prescribed. Are you in UK, Europe, Japan? Please help! ## I was prescribed some and they really work wonders. I am in India. ## Don't let 1mg fool you. It's 10x stronger than Valium. Less is more mate.

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Nimza 3mg (Nimetazepam) - Only Benzo that Worked for my PTSD

I need to know if I can get a domestic prescription for Nimenza 3mg, or Nimetazepam 3mg. I was prescribed it in Japan and it was the only anti-anxiety medication that completely helped me and did not make me sedated for drowsy. Any advice or compounding pharmacies that can dispense this medication? Do manufacturers ever make deals with third parties who have prescriptions for the drug (which I do in Japan and USA; Schedule IV here although not produced, only one company now makes it!) ## Erimin 5 is one name for a drug called Nimetazepam, a type of Benzodiazepine manufactured in Sumitomo, Japan. It is an intermediate-acting hypnotic drug. It was first synthesized in 1962 by a team from Hoffman La Roche. Since early November 2015, it has ceased to be manufactured in Japan. It was prescri...

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Etizolam versus Clonazepam

I am 72 years old female. Earlier I was diagnosed as having anxiety-depression related OCD. Was prescribed Risperidone 1mg twice a day and Clonazepam-0.25 twice a day, but it did not work. Now instead of Clonazepam I am being given Etizolam-0.5 twice a day. Does any body know that Etizolam shows better results than Clonazepam? ## It isn't necessarily that one gives better results, it's really that since there are some differences in the medication, one may work better for you than the other one did. Etizolam is a Thienodiazepine, which means it is a Benzodiazepine analog, but it is different and works a bit differently, though the effects are very similar. Therefore, it might work for you, where the regular, straight Benzodiazepines did not. You can learn more about it here: Are...

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Etizolam And Escitalopram

When shud we take Etizolam & Escitalopram Tablets and is it a sleeping pill? ## I have gone through angioplasty about 70 days ago .I was advised tab risovas and tab deplate a 150 ,and Etizolam and ascitolapram.I have come to know that theetizolam and ascitolapram is given to persons who are suffering with stress and tension .I want to know why this last drug was advised ,when i have no mental disorder ,tension or any type of stress.Please reply in detail ## @josephine F, Based on my research, Etizolam possesses sedative and skeletal muscle relaxant properties and is indicated as a short-term treatment of insomnia. It's not classified as a sleeping pill, but is prescribed for that purpose..but not as a long term form of treatment. This medication should be taken with food. Escita...

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bright round pink tablets, NO MARKINGS

I was given these and told that they were ETIZOLAM..but I have done some research and seems it could be adderall, something else.. ## US pharmaceuticals are required by law to bear some sort of marking for identification. So if it really is a benzodiazepine analog such as Etizolam, it's more than likely counterfeit or foreign. Unfortunately the only way to know for certain would be to have its contents analyzed by a lab; especially since counterfeits can be made to look physically identical... Personally I would safely dispose of it unless you are able to get it analyzed. It may be worth the investigation to find out for 1) if you can really trust whom ever it was that gave it to you... and 2) for assured peace of mind. You could also try purchasing one of those drug panel kits from...

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tw 772 white round pill

Trying to figure out where my friend got these. Any help would be appreciated. ## Hi Steph, I realize that you're wanting to know where these pills were purchased from, but do you happen to know what type of medication this is supposed to be? I couldn't find any matching imprints from the NIH or other US-based manufacturers - Let alone any specific details on it's origin. This makes me wonder if it's something made outside of the US, where I'm located... Why isn't your "friend" willing to tell you where they got them from? ## It's TOWA etizolam, 1mg made by mimaki pharmaceutical company in japan. Very comparable to alprozolam 1mg. ## SWIM was told that these were 1mg alprazolam. SWIM was angry at first, but SWIMs associate who gave them to SWIM, did s...

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white pill long it says ETIZ ONE SIDE AND C OR 3 ON THE OTHE

Please let me know if and what this is i had them along time ago not sure what they are. ## Hi Johnny, I’ve yet to find an exact match to this pill, but based on your description part of me wonders if this may be a medication by the name of Etizolam... Etizolam is a benzodiazepine analog indicated for use in treating anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia; but what gave me my main clue here is that Etizolam is commonly abbreviated & referred to as Etiz. Does any of this information ring a bell in so far as remembering what you previously took it for?

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tw 772 small round pill

My sister found a small, white, round pill stuck to a tea towel the other day. It says TW 772 on it and I couldn't find anything on it when I looked it up. If you know what it is please tell me. Thnx ## It is a benzodiazepine, used for anxiety and insomnia. The active ingredient is etizolam, which is very comparable in affect and potency to alprozolam. The brand is TOWA made by Mimaki Family Pharmacy in Japan.

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Etizola 0 5mg Side Effect

my father is not getting the normal sleeping continuosly for 1 month above . So the diabetics doctor has prefered etizola plus 5 everyday . Is it has any side effects as he is a diabetic patient .Is Daily consuming can effect heart? if yes , then prefer some solution. ## my mother is suffering from suger (136/176) and presure . now my mother presure is normal (85/130).doctor suggested number of drug for these problem.but inthese drug etizola plus10 is mother feel sleepy 24hrs.when i ask from medicine soap they tel me that,this is due to this drug.what can ido for this. ## Etizola contains the active ingredient Etizolam, it has quite a few medical uses, including causing drowsiness for those with sleep issues. Learn more Etizola details here. If either of the people mentioned ar...

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Etizolam 0.5mg

hello I am Tanveer (40 yaers male Lucknow India). i had the problem that my eardrum started leaking in the year 1997. i got the treatment of the ENT specalist. the i felt that gradually my speech became unclear and my face symmetry is disturbed. there is some dissimilar touching experience(i.e. sensation) in left and right part of the my face. for this i consulted a famous neurosurgion and he suggested me to take ct scan of the brain and prescribed some medicines and suggested to take them around three to four years. i did that but the problem became worse before i consulted another neurosurgeon who saw my earlier Cat scan and medicines and suggested to get a fresh MRI of the whole haed. the MRI also could not tell anything clear. hesuggested to use ETILAM 0.5MG one BD ALONG WITH ZYVEN ...

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