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How To Get Valium Out Of Your System

I NEED TO GET 6 VALIUM 10MG OUT OF MY SYSTEM WITH IN THE NXT 2 TO 3 DAYS FOR URINE TEST ## There is really no guaranteed way to do so and Benzodiazepines are actually the most problematic for urine tests, because they can be detectable for approximately 6 weeks after last dosing. The precise time frame will vary from person to person, depending on your individual metabolism, overall health, fluid intake, activity levels and etc. but 6 weeks is the average for most people. Learn more Valium details here. Do you have a prescription for them? If so, then you simply need to inform them of that, when you go in for the test. ## i take 10 mgs of diazepam more then i should. my dr wants me to come in for a urine test in 10 days. will the diazepam be out of my system by then? please help. ## i t...

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how to quickly get valium out of your system

My Methadone will be reduced at 10ml/mg weekly. I am on 95mg/mls at the moment, my urine sample shows I have taken, even though 3 times in one week, it's still going down at that rate. What can I do. eg:- drink, vitamins, anything to speed the process of getting theses valium out of my system? ## Took 4-5mg valium need to take a urine test in 3our days how can i clean my system as quick as possible 5ft tall 160 lbs i sweat alot at work very active at work and drink alot of fluids ## Is there any thing I can buy or do to get diazepam out of my system ## How or what aides in cleaning Valium out of your system fast and effectively? ## train a lot and hard and drink plenty of water hopefully your urine whill by then be so diluted they cannot find it no guarantee do ## I am going to lose...

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Mylan Generic Diazepam changed 2023

My insurance only allows generics. To say I have been thru hell is an understatement when these drug manufacturers tweak the formula. Real Valium worked. Generic Watson turned Mayne worked. They have someone else making it. Gives me anxiety. Suppose to take it away. Reported it. They didn't care. I also have multiple sclerosis. Anyway, after 6 weeks of hell last October I started Mylan 5mg. It wasn't like the Watson, however, it wasn't horrible. My whole being changed. Then I got long covid. It was bad. I just refilled my Mylan diazepam and noticed it looked different. Low and behold it gave me anxiety and panic attacks once again. I don't know what these drug companies are doing. Perhaps they are trying to thin the herd. Teva does the same. My life has become unmanageab...

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Upjohn peach round pill

I have a pill that seems to be old. It's peach, round and says UPJOHN in really small print inside a box on the pill and the other side doesn't say anything; it's just scored. I cant find anything anywhere about what it is. ## It's a Zanax tablet, a benzodiazipan, something akin to a valium but more and American version for anxiety, depression or a muscle relaxant. ## Never found out what this was? I have the exact same description for a random supplement/ pill found in an old bag.... Can't find any details.... You are the closest I've gotten to any solution. Thanks!!

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New Valium Diazepam Mayne Pharma NO MORE DANS

So I've been getting my 5 and 10 mg diazepam or valium always the watson/activas/reva/ mayne pharma ones which 5mg: are dan 9425 5 and 10mg: 5620 DAN 10 but I just picked up my 5mgs and they no longer say DAN on them. They are identical to watson dans except where it used to say DAN it now says myx 9425 5 OR 10. My concern is there has there been a quality change in the tablets or is this new diazepam or same old dans with new imprint? MYX 9425 5 IMPRINT MYX 5620 10. I WONDER... HMMM DID WE JUST LOSE WATSON VALIUM DIAZEPAM? ## I just wish doctors would prescribe diazepam to those who can prove they are responsible users and not to help 'recovering alcoholics' which are a dying breed ~ its a vicious circle ~ i am trying to persuade my gp allow me diazepam ~ i have a genuine m...

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Valium 10 Diazepam Tablets I.P. Made by Abbott Healthcare Lt

I bought Diazepam online from India. I received a blister pack and each white tablet is plain on one side and scored into quarters on other side. It also states on blister pack DiazepamTablets I.P. Made by Abbott Healthcare Pvi Ltd. Can you please let me know if they are legitimate or dangerous to take. Many thanks. ## I've have some of those too - so are they the real deal? plz answer? ## I used these and yes they are real. I have quite a high tolerance to benzos so if they were fakes I would of had withdrawal symptoms but they're just as good as any others you will get online. Hope this helps ## I also got those from an online store. Before taking them and because I started to worry they might be fake, I decided to send one pill to a laboratory for testing. The result was diaz...

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white pill cross/ x on one side and blank on other

hi the pill is average blue valium d10 size but it white with a cross that looks likes its for seperating it into halves etc.i couldnt read the blister pack as they were all burst out.... it was russian writing and the only word in pharmacology kinda writing started with dia.............. but didnt say diazipam or diamorphine. anyone know what they are? i know they come in 10mg and 15 mg .... thanks for any help ## i just checked online .... the "cross" thingy on it is a double score... im not to sure if it said dia.... something.... getting a bit paro now cos took some waiting on my friend to get the empty psck snd text me the exact name but any info now would be greatly appreciated :) ## I found pill with a cross on one side and blank on the other it was flat. Any idea what it...

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I need an Indianapolis doctor that accepts Medicaid and is not afraid to prescribe pain medication

My husband has lumbago (lower back pain) and I gets pretty bad where it keeps him up at night. He had Medicaid however he's switched to a few doctors and none are willing to give him anything that works for him for pain these days 2 years ago he was on a combination of Valium and norco but since that doctor was no longer available the next doctor would t prescribe them. And since then it has been really hard to get pain meds with all the crack downs on it. He takes naproxen and flex aril and the naproxen doesn't touch the pain Tylenol works sometimes when he's not feeling too bad and ibprophin is a joke. He has asked to stop flexaril when he takes it it upsets his stomach something terrible so today the doctor took him off of it and didn't replace it. He is interested in...

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Different versions of blue valium (diazepam)

Hi. I have just received a prescription of 6 boxes of 10mg teva diazepam, 2 times 14 tablets in each strip per box, they have 10 on one side and a line through the middle to split them on the other side. Can you tell me if they're a good brand or not? Many thanks. ## They are probably fake. I have just bought X2 packs of teva diaz that have 10mg on 1 side and a score line on the other side and I've had a few ppl test them for me incase it was a tolerance thing as to why I wasn't feeling it. But they said they felt nothing and they took diaz years ago in their early 20s. The only way to find out is to take them. Other than that a lab would determine whether they were fake or not. ## Teva is an Israeli based company who sell predominantly to the UK. Where I'm from we don...

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White Round Pill "Roche 4"

Found these pills in the attic of house I recently bought. The date on the script bottle is dated 1971 and is written in cursive the word Valium. The pills are white and round. With ROCHE 4 on one side and just a line through the middle of the opposite side. What are these? Does anyone know? ## They are exactly what is on the bottle, the original Valium tablets in the 5mg dosage. Back then, they were allowed to handwrite prescription labels, the laws weren't as strict. Valium is a benzodiazepine that is most commonly used to treat anxiety, and panic disorders. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, mood changes. and irritability. After all this time, they have likely lost all efficacy, and should be disposed of properly. Is there an...

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Small White Round Tablet D10 On One Side And Score Line The Other What Are They

small round white tablet the same size as a valium D10 on one side and a score line on the other what are they and what are they used for ## The link below represents the closest match I could find to your pill: Discuss/are-blue-tabs-with-ww-on-one-side-D-10-on-other-real-or-fake-diazipam-205514.htm Another close match I found is a small white rounded-off "D" shaped tablet, with a "D" embedded on one side and "10" on the other. This particular pill has been identified as Focalin 10 mg; used for ADHD. Although it's not the exact same description, it sounds like your pill may also be from the UK, so finding an exact match could prove to be rather difficult in US drug listings. Has anyone else come across this pill before? ## It's a Valium found in UK ## The...

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How Long Does Valium Remain In Your Urine

I took 2 5mg diazepam on 10/8 and 2 5mg diazepam on 10/5. I am scheduled for a urinalysis on 10/22 at 1pm. Will the diazepam be out of my system? ## Diazepam is a Benzodiazepine and this class of medications can actually be detectable in urine for approximately 6 weeks, after last dosing. The precise time frame will vary from person to person, depending on your overall health, individual metabolism, activity levels, fluid intake and etc. but 6 weeks is the average for most people. Learn more Diazepam details here. Thus, you may not pass the urinalysis. Do you have a prescription for it? ## 6 Weeks is how long diazepam will be detected, however if you are not a regular user, meaning never, then 3 weeks could go undetectable if only up to 20mg ## WHY WOULD YOU ASK THIS PERSON IF THEY HAVE...

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Comparisons between Valium vs. Anxicalm and other generics

Comparisons between Valium vs. Anxicalm and other Diazepam generics In Ireland we now only get 1 brand of diazepam which is Anxicalm by Clonmel. Valium by Roche was supposedly discontinued. My question is what do you think about the difference in generics for example I'm fully aware there are multiple brands that manufacture Diazepam. Teva, Actavis, Clonmel, Roche among many others. What do you think the differences are, if any? Just curious, Thanks. ## Anxicalm. Are not the same as the original vallium. They kept me awake. Head wired. Bad drug.Highly not recommend. Does the complete opposite. ## Anxicalm. Did not work the same as roche. It kept me awake. Head wired. High energy. They should be taken iff the market.

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I found a pill, not sure if it is a valium

I fuond a small peach colored tablet in my home. This is not one of the prescription drugs that I take. The imprint is 3571 on top half of tablet and a v on bottom half of tablet. The v is kind of strange looking. It is shorter in length on the left hand side and longer on right hand side and there is a small tail at top of each leg on the v. Help!! Thanks ## This tablet contains Hydrochlorothiazide 25mgs (NDC 43547-0397 ). Inactive Ingredients: - Fd&c Yellow No. 6 - Lactose Monohydrate - Magnesium Stearate - Cellulose, Microcrystalline - Starch, Corn Ref: DailyMed Is there anything else I can help with?

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Yellow Very Small Pill With Msj On One Side And A Score Line Down Other

would like to know what a very small yellow tablet with score down one side and msj on other side was told they were valium plz help ## I don't know the specific dosage, but the pills with this marking do contain Diazepam, the active ingredient in Valium. They are from a Swiss manufacturer and are not approved for sale in the U.S., or Canada, so someone had to order them from a foreign source. It is a Benzodiazepine, so it can have addictive tendencies and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache and irritability. Where were they found/obtained? ## I got the same tablets but I don't know whether to try them or not. Does anyone know if they are safe? ## I got some yellow pils with msj on one side and a line on other side. I was told they were 10 mg valium. Can ...

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Blue Tablet Roche 10 Valium

blue tablet with line on one side and Roche 10 on the other side ## I have Valium 10mg that is blue and has Roche 10 on one side and a scored line on the other. I would like to find out if these pills are effective? ## That pill would be almost as old as I am! For quite a while, Roche Valium was inscribed as described. I think I had just completed one of my residencies when they started using the "cut out" V — 1980-something. Given that we're talking about probably a good 20 years since Roche produced that type of tablet, it's undoubtedly a counterfeit. A Valium tablet manufactured in the 1980s would have to be hermetically sealed or quick-frozen not to crumble in the intervening years!) ## yes Dr. Rosey is correct, the last poster. The last time I saw...

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white wwd10 valium

ww on 1 side and d10 on the other tastes like Vals but r they? They are known locally as white Indian Valium. I know there's a lot of dodgy Vals about but i have a benzodiazepine problem and they're the only things that keep me going, but there's been a lot of deaths lately in the areas (lanarkshire / Glasgow). Can anyone help? Thanks. ## Hi, i can tell you that white d10s with a score on that side and ww on the other are safe and they're loose. The ones that dont have ww on the other side are fake. ## If they have a lemon taste is it possible they r cut with suboxone? ## If you're not getting your medication filled at a licensed pharmacy, then the only honest way to prove that they are Valium would be to have the pill's contents analyzed by a lab and/or drug pan...

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93 637 on a white round pill

I found a pill in my sons room and would like to know what it is. It is white, about the size of a m&m and has 93 on the top half and 637 on the bottom half. The other side is blank. ## The tablet marked 93 637 contains Trazodone Hydrochloride 50 mg (NDC 68387-165). Inactive Ingredients: - Hypromelloses - Lactose Monohydrate - Magnesium Stearate - Polydextrose - Polyethylene Glycol - Povidone - Starch, Pregelatinized Corn - Silicon Dioxide - Titanium Dioxide Ref: DailyMed ## I recently found two pills while cleaning and was wondering if someone could guide me in the right direction. One pill is described as white oblong shaped and has the words GG N6 on one side only. The second pill is also white, fat and round and has the words KPI on top and number 2 on bottom. The other sides ar...

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Help! Trouble getting Valium filled twice!!

I have gotten a prescription for diazepam filled twice in one month, 2 days apart. The prescription is for Adderall and diazepam from the same doctor. Usually, they will not fill just part of the prescription, it has to be filled together. I had the doctor escribe the 2 meds to Walgreens, I was told that they were out of Adderall but I could get the diazepam and the Adderall would be ordered and to come back in 2 days to get it. I went back and was told that they weren't able to get a shipment of Adderall and didn't know when they would have any. I called the doctor and told him that the Adderall was out of stock at Walgreens and asked for him to escibe the prescription to a mom and pop pharmacy. I went to pick it up and I had both the diazepam and Adderall! So, I had 2 prescrip...

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blue pill with tas fr

Is this a 10 mg valium? Found a few small pills. Had no markings on one side and the other said 'tas' with 'fr' below. They are blue and about the size of an aspirin. ## Yes, this is listed as being a foreign Valium, that is not available in the U.S. The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, and irritability. ## Is it helpful for benzodiazepine withdrawal? ## No. It's also a benzodiazepine, the same kind of medication that would cause the withdrawals in the first place. ## Thanks for the infos . I have been asking from friends if there is something to take since I travel to NL and did not have enough benzodiazepines with me . My prescription benzodiazepines are the heavi...

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