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Clonazepam Petril-2 IP (micro labs) bubble packs from India

I fill my clonazepam rx from India online. The pills are white, round, and scored on one side, but have no numbers or letters on them. The bubble packs (10 count each) say: Clonazepam Petril-2 IP micro labs. I think in India they're not required to mark pills, and they seem to work fine....what do you think, might be a little weaker than the Roche I used to get in USA, but not bad... ## Indian counterfeiters are not required to stamp numbers on their products. Experts at packaging though! ## The Petril-2 (klonopin) are real and so is ALMEE-2 alprazolam and Alpraquil 0.5. The 2mg almee comes in black 10 packs with red bubble, but pills are small,white, and round. The alpraquil 0.5 are an orangish beige in strips of 6 x 10 packs and are real as well, all from India. Xanax 2mg are 50 c...

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Clonazepam Accord

These are horrible, Accord clonazepam. Ill be glad when I get my new script and can go back to TEVA. ## There have been a lot of recent complaints on our site about medications manufactured by Accord. Sorry you also had a bad experience. Since pharmacies buy in bulk, it is highly likely that they'll still have the ones manufactured by Accord in stock, when you order a refill. So, you might want to make sure to tell them ahead of time that you don't want them and prefer the ones made by Teva. Are there any comments or questions? ## So I got my script filled before I left town and I always check my bottle for my good ole MFG and NDC#. Both were intact but the surprise was on the inside. Little Blue pills with the C and the 1..... Not my normal 1mg TEVA. Being trusting I figured ma...

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off white bar shaped pill with three scores and no imprint

looks like a xanax but ive never seen one without any markings ## I'm sorry, but if there are no markings on it, then it is impossible to positively identify, unless you would pay to have it lab tested. The only thing we can say for certain is that it is not a legal U.S. prescription drug, since they are all required to have markings to enable their identification. However, it could be anyone of a number of over the counter items or foreign medications. Where was it found, was it in the U.S. or elsewhere? ## They're from Mexico ## i believe you're referrring to Busbar ## I've been taking Xanax 2mga for about three years now and I just got the 2mg bars with no imprint they are foreign Xanax and I was really sick bc I haven't had any for about 3 days! And once I've...

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better choices of clorazepam

my son was originally placed on mylan brand it worked beautifully then when they stopped production {but you are still able to get it while a patient in the hospital} we switched him to teva brand after failing on several other manufaturers, and he has done well, now they say teva has stopped manufacturing the clonazepam. what brand is comparable to these two? he takes 0.5 at night for his nighttime seizures.... I need some advise, don't want him loosing his seizure cotrol ## Hello Renee, There are a large number of generics available that your son could try, what's important to note is what inactive ingredients your son does well with and which ones your son's body does not agree with. For example the Mylan and Teva brands contain the following inactive ingredients accordin...

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XANAX being so restricted, but is my Life Line!

Xanax is my Life Line, its highly addictive, but was presribed to me about 20 Years ago. It was not explained to me at the Time! I am not a addictive Personalty basically, but now i get treated like a Junky! Only one Prescription every Time and have to see my GP, its costly for the Taxpayer and very inconvenieant to me, at my Age i should be trusted like before, practically stick to 3 one mg daily, even had been under ernormous Stress as i have lost 4 Family loved ones in last three Years including my Wife! ## Hans, Xanax isn't a lifeline, it takes over your life and doesn't easily let go. I found this out 30 years ago yet I must say, even though I was first told after 10 days of use it was addictive, I haven't heard that much in the last 29 years? I have had very little pro...

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Xanax withdrawal please help

I have been taking Xanax off and on for about 7 months and lately I have only been taking .25 mg like twice a week. I want to stop taking Xanax all together but everytime I wait like 3 to 4 days I start feeling extreme anxiety and I feel like I need to take some Xanax. And I only take .25mg. Is this anxiety because I am going through withdraws? How can I stop taking Xanax all together and not experience anyone withdrawal symptoms? Anyone have any advice on what I should do? I want to stop Xanax but I also don't want anymore anxiety. Please help me with some advice ## If you are being honest you must know that you are NOT going through withdrawals. Will that mean your anxiety will go away or come back, possibly even stronger than before, well that is possible. Some people need medica...

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what do fake xanax bars look like

I took xanax bars that have a 2 and it says xanax on it and looks exactly like the original bars. But the original has a different shape. The fake one is flat. This original one has like a arch. Fake ones from Canada numb your tongue. ## With the seemingly increasing production and selling of pill presses on the internet, counterfeit pills can look nearly, if not completely identical to the real thing. So basing one's decision off looks alone probably isn't going to be a reliable method for each and every individual case of comparing one to another. This wouldn't be a problem though if patients just filled their prescription at a licensed pharmacy and not from some sketchy source. I'm not insinuating that this is what you're doing, but it really wouldn't even be ...

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Blue vs Green Clonazepam... Plz help me to know the better of the two?

Hello all, I usually am given the GREEN #98 833 1mg clonazepam, but when I filled px today, she gave me the BLUE v2531 1mg clonazepam. Could someone please let me know which are known to be better? Thanks ## What you really have to do is try them and see if one works better for you. While they are technically the same medication in the same dosage, there can be fluctuations, however, what causes problems for some people might work great for you and vice-versa. Are there any questions or comments? ## Personally I have never heard of clonazepam being dispensed in a unit of 1mg; neither have I heard of or seen this drug in any other colours than peach or white. I have been prescribed clonazepam for some years and, here in the UK, it is generally dispensed as the Roche brand, Rivotril, by f...

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Clonazepam ingredients Mylan brand vs Teva vs Accord

Please help with this, i have taken the mylan brand for several years, when the pharmacy could no longer order it they ordered Teva, it immediately gave me pains that seemed to be in my chest....kind of the opposite of what it's supposed to do. So with Mylan being available though only two pharmacies, someone mentioned accord...but what is the difference of fillers. could you simply list all the ingredients for all three brands so if Accord matches Mylan i'm ok? ## Hi Eric, Sorry to hear about your experience with the different makers of Clonazepam. I hope you've gotten around to feeling better since the timing of your post. As far as inactive ingredients are concerned, listed below are the National Drug Codes for each manufacturer's version of Clonazepam. If you click o...

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Teva vs Actavis - are they the same?

I’ve been taking half of .5 Teva clonazepam for 10+ years. When I refilled my prescription I got the same dose but Actavis brand. I don’t seem to feel the same I have slight headache , jittery and spacey Not sure if it’s because I’m a hypochondriac and creating this stress or is it because the actavis brand is that much different than Teva ? ## Hello Cp4499, While the two brands do contain the same active ingredient it is possible that you are reacting to the differences in inactive ingredients. Below I have provided some info I sourced from the NIH. Actavis contains these inactive ingredients STARCH, CORN LACTOSE MONOHYDRATE MAGNESIUM STEARATE MICROCRYSTALLINE CELLULOSE D&C RED NO. 30 Teva contains the these inactive ingredients STARCH, CORN LACTOSE MONOHYDR...

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Clonazepam 0.5 mg

I recently received Teva clonazepam and it worked great. Two weeks ago, I received clonazepam from Accord Pharmaceuticals and it was like a placebo pill. Has anyone taken this medicine By Accord and have you noticed a serious difference with it not helping? I've never had a generic never work before. I don't know what to do. All pharmacies in my area are now going with Accord Pharmaceuticals because it's cheaper. Help with an answer please. ## Hello Stirfry, Sorry to hear about your situation. Unfortunately not all brands of medication work the same for each person. If the Accord brand does not work for you please let your doctor know and see if there is a way that you can get a different brand ordered for you. I would suggest that you give this medication a few days to see ...

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Transition from Teva to Actavis not going well...

I've been on .25 Teva clonazepam for a number of years and being sensitive to meds avoided taking the Actavis it was replaced with stuck with Teva pills from 2016 for a few months. My anxiety returned a few weeks ago that I think was related to the expired meds. Tried the Actavis and the transition isn't going well. My anxiety's still lingering and I just feel different on the Actavis despite the near equivalence of ingredients with Teva. Would it make sense to try the clonazepam wafer that Teva still manufactures? I'm curious if the formula itself for the active ingredient differs between brands, meaning the same medicine in the pill would be in the wafer. Or is there a brand qualitatively similar to Teva's that others have tried? Or am I just feeling side effects f...

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Xanax pharmacies that carry Dava brand

Does anyone know of a pharmacy that carries the green 2mg Xanax bars marked S 90 3 made by Dava Pharmaceutical? ## This Dava medication is carried at thousands of authorized locations. It is inexpensive and really works well. Sure I don't like how its scored but if that's my biggest complaint... ## Hello Stephanie, Each pharmacy will carry different brands and generics regardless of their parent company. This is because each individual pharmacy will have different prices offered to them due to shipping, availability, taxes etc. Pharmacies are ultimately businesses and they are going to do everything in their power to maximize profits. In addition to this, pharmacies do not generally give out information on the prescription medication that they stock over the phone or to people w...

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Teva clonazepam wafer as substitute for the tablet.

Since Teva replaced their clonazepam pill with the Actavis version (which I'm not doing well with), would the wafer (that it looks like Teva still carries) make a good substitute? Does the wafer or the pill vary at all in distribution and effectiveness? And is it reasonable to think that the active ingredient in the Teva wafer is any different from the one in the Actavis tablet? Has anyone at least moved from tablet to wafer and experienced any difference? ## RE: "Does the wafer or the pill vary at all in distribution and effectiveness?" My gut tells me that it would vary (at least mildly) in distribution and effectiveness due to being a different composition altogether. I think a tablet would take longer to metabolize when compared to a wafer that's broken down quite ea...

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Neliz diazepam 10mg

I have some 10mg Neliz diazepam tablets. Flat white tablets with a dividing line on one side. No other markings. They come in foil strips of 14 tablets per strip. Has anyone heard of these or had any experience with them? ## Hello Barry, I was able to find some pills that matched your description. It seems that Terapia Ranbaxy is the manufacturer who makes these pills. Here is some useful information I was able to find on Diazepam according to the National Institute of Health. Primary Use: This medications primary use is to treat anxiety disorders, alcohol withdrawls, tremors and to control seizures. Warnings: Notify your doctor immediately if you develop a rapid heart rate, chest pain, yellowing of eyes or skin, mood changes, incoordination, strange thoughts, mental confusion or depres...

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Diazepam 10mg CDC

Hi people.I've bought 2 blister strips of actavis diazepam 10mg, 14 pills per strip. Light blue, with C above the score line and DC below.blank on other side.they melt on the tongue almost immediately. Does anyone know if they are genuine? Any help is appreciated ## I need this medication but doctors won't prescribe, i have bad pain. ## Every blue 10mg valium outside of pharmacies are fake. All manufacturers have stopped making them since Jan 2014. All Actavis blues which are light blue are no good. Tested plenty ... ## Maybe in the uk bud but I'm in dublin. pharmacies still dispense blue 10s and the actavis ones I got did the trick for me. i only got 2 trays but they worked. ive not had them since though. tnx for your reply anyway pal. ## They're all gone. I only have 2...

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Clonazepam by Accord

I have been taking 2 mg daily of Teva clonazepam for a few years. I have been noticing that my memory (both short and long term) is increasingly more affected by the drug. Over the past year I have found myself being on "auto pilot" alot. My pharmacy just switched my prescription to the blue accord clonazepam arbitrarily. Is there any evidence supporting the accord brand being easier on "cognitive fog"? Also, due to this fog", I would like to taper off of benzos for good. Could you recommend a safe taper schedule for clonazepam? Thank you in advance. ## Hello, John! How are you? I'm sorry about the problems you're having. Long-term use of this medication can cause such memory issues, as reported by the FDA. It also carries the risk of being habit forming and ...

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Farmapram 2mg from Mexico

Farmapram 2mg, filled a prescription at ABC Pharmacy in Nuevo Progreso. Can anyone provide information on them please? Are these the same as domestic US medications? ## From what I could gather, Farmapram 2mg is allegedly a form of Alprazolam 2mg from Mexico. I don't know if your pill has any markings, but another Farmapram 1mg tablet I came across with IFA imprinted on one side and scored on the other, was manufactured by Investigación Farmacéutica, Mexico. Unfortunately I haven't heard of this company before so I'm unable to offer a personal opinion on their legitimacy. However if there are no markings I would definitely be skeptical. ## Link below what bottle looks like.... farmapram 2mg packaging image ## Are they Legit or safe, probably. Are they legitimate to...

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Diazepam cdc markings real?

Is light blue tablets with the markings cdc real diazepam ## Real in UK anyway definitely real... and this is for every valium novice, try taking 1 10mg diazepam that you know are real and let it melt completely on your tongue. Then you will get the taste of diazepam. All diazepam no matter where they come from have this same taste. It is not an unpleasant taste. You can quite happily chew them up like sweets. So if you have pills you're not sure about use just 1 off them and taste it. If it's vile tasting it has a dodgy drug in it. if it let's out very fast and is tasteless it's probably just plaster of Paris and blue dye. You will always remember the taste of real valium, cos it tastes quite nice unlike most. Hope this helps many of you from being ripped off. ## So to ...

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New xanax brenkenridge pharma best xanax vs greenstone xanax

hey everyone, I just saw that there is a brand new line of generic xanax alprazolam in .25mg, .5mg, 1mg, and 2mg tablets that are newly approved generics for alprazolam xanax. the 2mg are legit made pharma rectangular bars imprinted b707 and shape is very similar to brand name (greenstone) front side says B 7 0 7 and the back is blank and has a curve up like brand name and greenstone. i am hoping to hear some feedback on these generics. they are dispensed by Breckenridge pharma but manufactured by centaur pharma which I believe is in China. not sure. they again are Breckenridge Pharma Generic and blue bars with very similar shape to brand name but instead of white are blue. i believe these to be the very first legit pharma made alprazolam xanax bars ever made in blue. i am curious if an...

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