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spasmo proxyvon side effects for the user

spasmo proxyvon is a vital drug if you use it as a drug and make it a habit. Me myself is a very much addicted to it and now i dont think there is any easy way out coming out of it beside rehab but in my situation i work for a government and no one knows about my addiction and it would be embarrassing if someone knows about it and there is many like me. Instead i figure out to take one nitrosun 10 in order to quit Sp and gradually replace with it because instead of taking 6 SP at a time i thought 1 N10 will work though relief wont be 80% same but the consequences is consequences and we have to deal with it. I have been taking SP for last 6 to 7 years and of quiet large dose and i know for god sure i will get over dose one or some other day and its been 3 days i have stopped taking SP an...

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effects of nitrosun 10

If i take 3pcs of nitrosun 10 at a time, what will it do to my body? ## The abuse of any medication carries serious consequences, including potential fatal reactions. ## I take this N-10. since from 3 yrs ago. Now I can't give up. So plz give some remedy to withdraw this thing ## I am habituated of having nitrosun 10 tabs and spasmo as well together everyday. Tried to quit it however couldn't rather its hard to do so. Suggest. ## HEY .....N-10 YEAH.......TI TOO take ie sme.... time bt ocasionally.........izz ok sme tme only bt i am nt addicted................... i kno izz nt easy to quit ne drug o wateva easily............. wat i suggest iz dat............... k u divert your mind towards any othr boozin, .......... nt jab bhi u feel like takin dat .....dont go to.......

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how to leave nitrosun 10

I used nitrosun since 5year I want leave this drug so help me please ## A slow taper is usually what is required to safely stop this medication. Has your doctor provided a tapering schedule? The NIH warns that it carries the risk of being habit forming and a sudden withdrawal may cause symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, and seizures.

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use of nitrosun 10

i am using nitrosun10 for 1yr at 2 tabs per day. what side effects will be there in ma body and mentally ## why do u take it ?? ## Hi Rupesh! From my research, Nitrosun is a benzodiazepine. It is used to treat nervous and anxiety disorder and insomnia. The side effects can be drowsiness, dizziness and headaches. If you have any side effects or concerns, call your doctor. ## I use nitrosun per day i want to leave this medicine. it possible to leaft this tablet

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use of nitrosun 10 tab

I have been using nitrosun10 for past 3 months. am unable to survive a regular life without consuming this tab even for a day. Pls suggest me alternative medicine without any side effect ## Hello, Saro! How are you? The U.S. FDA classifies this medication as a benzodiazepine and they are well known to carry the risk of being habit forming and they could cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache and irritability. However, all medications carry the risk of causing side effects, there aren't any available that don't. It is just the nature of adding a chemical to your body to try to resolve a problem. How much do you take each day and why do you take it?

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can i take nitroten in anxiety

M suffering from aniety ,n I have a habit of drinking in weekend ,so i taught its better take one nitrosun 10 instead of alcohol ## I've been taking n10 for the past two days.. i seriously regret doing this. i have been taking 1 tab at a time ..and i never wanted to take it to begin with..what should i do? pls suggest... i want to study for medical school.. With this tablet I'm not able to study.. pls suggest coz i have to support lots of businesses with my family.. pls do help. {edited for privacy}

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I Want The Name Of Some Drug Which Give A Good Relief Like Spasmo Proxyvon Or Me Narcotic Pain Pills Will Easily Available In Medical Shopin India

please name some pills which give a good feeling like spasmo proxyvon.and which is easily available at medical shop in india. nitrosun10 and all i had tried but i need some new pills for relief ... plz give me some name of these pills. ## I'm sorry, I don't know what all is available for you in India and taking any medication, when you don't need it, just for enjoyment purposes and to get high is a very dangerous practice. You are creating a very real risk of becoming addicted to something and possibly overdosing yourself, which can lead to serious medical issues, or be fatal. Have you considered seeing a counselor to get help with your problem? ## CONSUMING SPASMO PROXYVON CAPSULES AND NITROSUN 10 TABLETS FOR THE LAST 8 YEARS 16 TO 24 DAILY OF SP AND 4-6 OF NITROSUN 10 .SIN...

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Nitrosun {500 mg }

Is der any nitrosun 500 mg which is been used for treating mental patients ............. jus wanted to knw wether actually is it ? ## Well there is no 500mg dosage of it. Nitrosun contains the active ingredient Nitrazepam, it is a Benzodiazepine and is most commonly used to treat insomnia, but it can also be used for some mental health issues due to the fact that it has sedative like properties and can impair motor function. Learn more Nitrazepam details here. Are there any other questions or comments?

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spasmo and nitro

i'v been an addict of spasmoproxyvon and nitrosun for ten years now. i take 4 pills of spasmo and 5mg of nitrosun as each dose. i take about 7-8 doses a day. i've done detox three times been to rehab for two weeks, tried on my own by staying home sober but none worked. my memory has been badly affected more by nitrosun and i am afraid that i may have some part of my brain or anypart in anyway been damaged. please advice. i've become a slave of these two put together. thank you. ## i've been anddict on spasmo proxyvon and nitrosun for over 10 years nw. each time i try quiting, my dose increases. i've tried many ways of being sober. physicaly is not much of a problem. it lasts for a maximum of several days and becmes close to normal functioning; but it's the phycho...

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Where Can I Get Nitrosun And What Is The Cost

I need nitrosun badly plz help me. ## Since this medication is not manufactured in the US, it is very difficult to locate sufficient information, as other countries do not regulate their prescription drugs as strictly as the FDA does. There are no databases which list them all, like there are for U.S. prescription drugs. I was able to locate the following information, which may help get you in the right direction as far your search goes: Nitrosun contains the active ingredient Nitrazepam, this is a Benzodiazepine. It is used to treat some short term insomnia, anxiety and nervous disorders. Another brand name for this medication is Mogadon (to help you with more search results). Mogadon's manufacturer is Roche Products Limited. Their company is based in the UK. Hope this helps!

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