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Pagoclone Tablets for Stammers

Do these tablets work? I've had a stammer for 15 years. ## Hello, because i'm stutterer; and i saw on internet that there's a medicine. This is pagoclone, so i need to see if i can get it over the counter. ## i have stammering problem from one years. i hesitate when i have to give quick answer or response everwhere such as in college while attendence. i cant say 'present sir' easily. the word doesnt come from my vocal chord. when i buy something i do not speak the product name . i have to speak one before the product name. please advice me some medicine that will cure my stammer problem. ## Hello, I want to know where can I fill a prescription for Pagoclone medicine? ## plz take citalopram(Pramcit) medine one time at night and alprazolam(celexa) 2 times in a day and ...

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Chemical Name For Pagoclone

sir, i live in Pakistan and i stutter from last 20 years...i heard alot about this pagoclone medicine, but it is not available in Pakistan, can u please mail me its chemical name so that i could find it in Pakistan. i will be highly thankful ## The chemical compound for Pagoclone is 2-(7-chloro-1,8-naphthyridin-2-yl)-3-(5-methyl-2-oxohexyl)isoindolin-1-one. However, there is a reason you haven't been able to find this medication, while it has been undergoing trials to help those with a stutter, it has never been made commercially available, yet. Learn more: So, it is not available in any country! Are there any other comments or questions? ## PLEASE TELL ME WHEN PAGOCLONE WILL BE AVAILABLE IN MARKET AND IN PAKISTAN ALSO ## When pagoclone will be ready for use by stutters, and if not ...

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worldwide release

I am Brazilian, I hope that Dr Gerald Maguire achieve success in their studies and in 2016 can now enter the world market Pagoclone medicine, helping millions of people who suffer from this disorder ## This medication is most commonly used to treat anxiety disorders, it is greatly promoted due to the fact that it does not cause all of the negative side effects that benzodiazepines are known to cause, such as aggression, amnesia, and liver damage, according to the NIH. Some side effects are unavoidable, of course, such as nausea, dizziness, and drowsiness. Are you currently taking this medication, or a similar one?

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Recent searches for Pagoclone

When pagoclone will be avalable to patients and haw much will cost? Three stattering therapy did't help, I belief and patiently wait for pagoclone. Please give me some new information about this drug.Teodozy ## I am suffering from stammering from past 10 years. ## I am suffering from Stammering from the last 19 years. I heard about Pagoclone. Can you tell me that, when it will be available in the market? Please reply to my mail. ## Please tell me is Pagoclone is available in the market? and how much does it cost? ## where i get pagoclone in delhi. very urgent ## Dear friend, the drug is still being evaluated, but we believe that pagoclone will soon be available throughout the world. This drug should already have been released, but I think in 2016 it will be marketed. hugs and good l...

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pagoclone for stuttering

Are the clinical trials over for this medication for stuttering and approved by the fda? ## Not yet, they are not done with the final tests yet. ## Dear Verwon, Thank you for your reply. Does this procedure usually take quite awhile? Looking for any time frame you may quessamate? Possilbly by the end of this year? ## Yes, they usually do take awhile, predictive estimates right now are saying Spring 2007. ## Where are we on the release of this drug? ## when i alone i can speake properly but when i talking with some one i do stammer. please give me this pill please..... i need this or help me please................................. ## am a stammer when i speek to others i starting stammering but olone i speeek baater or in i neeed pagoclone pills badly.thanks ## i have stummeri...

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