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Prazepam for Anxiety

A generic for Centrax - I think it is also available under the brand name Verstran? Does anyone else have more information on this drug? ## Quick question. I used to take xanax to calm down and it worked magic. Tried prazepam 10 mg tonight for the first time. 1 did not work so I took 1 more, yet that still does not seem to do it. If anyone is familiar with it could you advise whether 1 more would do it or if it can be mixed with herbal sleeping pills safely? I need to be up for work in 5 hours, so would also like to know when is the safe deadline to take it without feeling drowsy the next day? ## I would not suggest taking more than prescribed, due to the risk of possible overdose. The NIH warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, suc...

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round blue pill with w c 276 on one side

It is Vestran (prazepam). It is a strong anxiety medication with a higher percentage of becoming dependent than Valuum, Xanax, or klonopin. Be VERY careful and do not take somebody elseso medication. Those people are called "addicts". If you are doing this, most all insurances cover rehab. Best of luck in your future.

hydroxyzine for light epilepsy and feeling of fear

Hello. I use prazepam every evening 10mg since 16 years to treat my partial epilepsy (they found I had it at last when I was 30!!!) for 26 years now and to treat some feelings of fear built up during a hard life. It is a low dose. I do not like high doses and it works fine. Now I moved to a country where I want to avoid going to a doctor who prescribes this and charge a fortune for it plus all the explanations I need to give etc. So here so a pharmacist told me about hydroxyzine tablets with a little valium in it will do the same for me. All my life I do not drink nor smoke nor use anything "wrong." I live healthy and exercise a lot. Please advise me now as I am running out of prazepam, if this can be ok for me to try? Thanks so much. ## Hello, Caro! How are you? There is no Val...

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The only way out

Prazepam is not sold here in the United States due to special qualities it has that are basically a threat to PROFITS here in the United States and anywhere else where it's special properties are known. I used it very successfully in 1990 but then it went off the market and I am looking for a way to buy it through another country, hopefully not from Mexico - somewhere in Europe hopefully. I lived in Holland three years and would like to get it from there; or from anywhere! I have also lived in Portugal, Spain, Greece, France, England, Honduras and Brazil and would be happy with any of these. Please help, whether you know of the medicine's special properties or not. I cannot discuss them here! Thank You for any help ## Prazepam is a Benzodiazepine and, regardless of what you thin...

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