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found light blue round pill, with only an "N" imprinted on one side, the other side is blank. 5 REPLIES

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White pill ECI 627

I have a white pill and one side says 627 with a line above it and on the other side it says ECI. ## This tablet is manufactured by ECI Pharmaceuticals, and they list as containing 64.8mgs of Phenobarbital, which is most commonly used to prevent seizures. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, mood swings, and weight changes. ## Is it safe for humans?

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side effects of phenobarbital

I want to know all of the side effects for phenobarbital. ## What are all the side effects to phenobarbital ## Side effects that usually do not require medical attention (report to your prescriber or health care professional if they continúe or are bothersome): •constipation •clumsiness, unsteadiness, or a hang-over effect •difficulty sleeping or nightmares •drowsiness, dizziness •headache •irritability, nervousness •náusea or vomiting •pain, redness, swelling, or irritation at the injection site(if this is used) ## Unfortunately, as with all medications, there isn't room here to type them all out for you. However, you can learn more here Phenobarbital Details John has listed some of the most commonly experienced side effects...

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belladonna alkaloids with phenobarbital

small white pill #2320 ## Taking belladonna alkaloid p/b would like to know pros and cons about medication ## taking for stomach spasdoms, would like to find pros and cons of medication ## I have been taking belladonna with phenobarbitol, and Im free of all my prior stomach problems. Made me tired at first but soon noticed no side effects. It saved my life, give it a try. ## This tablet contains 16.2mgs of Belladonna Alk-Phenobarbital. NDC: 00603-2418 Its typical side effects may include drowsiness, dizziness, loss of appetite, and memory issues. Have you started taking it, yet?

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Seizures in infants taking Phenobarbital

My 5 month old has seizures and has been put on phenobarbital 2x a day. I am worried about the side effects and her age. I would like any information about it. ## Phenobarbital will slow your child's development down my daughter has to have physical therapy because she was on it 2x aday so i recomend that you talk to your child's doctor about changing it we know from experience and thats all we can do ... ## Phenobarbital is a Barbituate, most commonly used to treat seizures. It does have special precautionary warnings regardings its use in children, it can cause behavioural disturbances and some side effects may be more pronounced. Side effects can include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and hyperactivity. You can read more here: Is there anything else I can help with? ## My son...

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False Positive Urine Drug Test For Phenobarbital

I have had 2 urine drug screens w a 2 1/2 wk difference between. The first GC/MS + phenobarbital >1000ng & the 2nd + 816ng. I've never taken this drug before. The meds I do take are: gabapentin, tramadol, ibuprofen, sumatriptan, omeprazole. Please help! ## Nothing you've listed is known to cause false positives for any type of Barbiturates, including Phenobarbital. Has your doctor had any ideas as to what may be causing it? Did you take anything else, even over the counter products? ## Not true. Google NSAIDs (ibuprofen) and phenobarbital. Several stories from legitimate sources about them causing a false positive for barbiturates. I know because I am arguing with my doctor over this very thing right now. I take Adderall and am required to get drug tested. She said anoth...

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I am looking for a pill with West Ward 140 written on the front of the pill

This is a round white pill. It has West-Ward 140 on one side and a line down the middle on the other side. This was prescribed, but got mixed into another pill bottle. If you know the name of the pill, then i can tell you what it was prescribed for. ## west-ward 140 on one side & a line down the middle on the other side. ## West-Ward Pharmaceuticals lists this tablet as being Belladona Alkaloids with Phenobarbital. It is most commonly used as a gastrointestinal antispasmodic. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, flatulence, stomach pain, and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with?

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west-ward 445

I fould 3 pills that say that on top. They are small white pills. ## West Ward 445 is 15 mg Phenobarbital ## Abe is correct. It is most commonly used to prevent seizures. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, mood swings, and weight changes. Is there anything I can help with?

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White round pill 05 112

I have a pill with no name, just numbers... The pill is round and white, with the number 05 at the top and a marked line in the center, so pill could be divided in two, and the number 112 at the bottom of the pill. Is this Phenobarbital as the pharmacy says it is? ## Hi Ron, The only difference I'm seeing between your description and that of Phenobarbital (64.8mg) is the "0" actually being an "E". However, everything else is spot on as far as I can tell. The manufacturer is ironically listed as "e5 Pharma, LLC" and the pill itself carries a National Drug Code of 13517-112. Is there any way you could double check the "0" on your pill? ## I checked the pill out with a magnifying glass, and sure enough what looked like a 0, was in fact a very small "...

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Phenobarbital identifiers

white round pill with number 5012 imprinted on one side and a v or check mark like mark ## Yes, this is Phenobarbital 32.4mgs. ## I have been on phenobarbital for over 40 years. My druggist says he can seem to get it anymore. I need this med & cannot be without it. It controls my seisures. I am really upset. Why would you stop making this product? What confidence I did have is gone now. For sure something bad will happen now. I never thought life could go so bad. ## Why has my phenobarbital been changed to "e5 111"? What fillers are used in this vs what I used to take (5012 v)?

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Belladonna Phenobarbital Side Effects

My fiance has been prescribed this drug for a digestive problem. Lately all she does is sleep. She has almost slept for 72 hours straight. When she does get up she has no energy, tires very fast and has to go back to sleep. Could this drug be having adverse effects on her and causing these symptoms? ## Yes, such things are possible with any medication. Has she contacted her doctor? The Phenobarbital in this is a Barbiturate and if it is causing her to sleep that much and that long, then it is probably not the right medication for her to use, or she may require a lower dosage. ## Did you read the paperwork? It should tell you what it does.

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found light blue round pill, with only an "N" imprinted on one side, the other side is blank.

I found this round whitish blue pill in my sons room. The only thing on it is a capital N or it may be a Z on one side. The other side of the pill has no imprints what so ever. Seems to have light blue spekels all over it, and its about 1cm in diamiter. ## I found this round whitish blue pill in my sons room. The only thing on it is a capital N or it may be a Z on one side. The other side of the pill has no imprints what so ever. Seems to have light blue spekels all over it, and its about 1cm in diamiter ## Did you find out what type of pill that was I have found one in my sons room as well and I am having a difficult time finding out what it is ! ## It's called Phenobarbital. Its used for seizures ## It's a light blue pill with the Letter N and the font looks like times new rom...

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class action phenobarbitol

My daughter was given phenobarbital as a newborn to stop seizures. The side effects to her development were many. Are there others who experienced this? The manufacturer should be held accountable. ## My client was on that medication and I'm trying to see if there's a class action suit against this medication she was also on Dilantin and I found a lawsuit for this so I'm checking against phenobarbital as well

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drug test barbiturates

Hello I am a union steward trying to defend a member who has been accused of failing a urinalysis test. The member takes a drug that is commonly known as fiorcet. The screen came back poisitive for barbiturates, and phenobarbital. I have spoken to a pharmacist who has told me that this drug would come back as a positive but I am looking for more proof to defend this member. Is there any documentation that you can refer me to that states that the drug fiorcet would raise a positive drug test for phenobarbital. The actual drug he takes is butalb/acetominophren/caffeine, thank you for your time ## I just came back from my doctors appointment and they are saying I tested positive for barbituates and methamphetamines. I don't have anything to do with this stuff. I am on fioricet, oxycodo...

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phenobarbital shelf life

Does a ten year old pill still have any potensy ## Most likely not. Even those still sealed in the original factory container that doesn't expose them to the elements that cause degradation start to degrade after about 4 years. Once those are opened and they're exposed to the elements, degradation usually starts after a year. Learn more Phenobarbital details here. At this point, it is best to just dispose of them. Is there anything else I can help with? ## A doctor told me that if the pill hasn't dissolved or crumbled, that it still has potency. ## we bought phenobarb 8 months ago, has it lost its potency ## "Recently researchers investigated samples of 8 medications that had expired 28 to 40 years earlier and contained 15 different active ingredients in all[3]. The acti...

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Bella Phenobarb Tab Imprint 140

I was given this prescription of bella-phenobarb imprinted with west-ward 140. I was trying to look up the strength of it online and all I can find is about bella-phenobarb with imprint of 2320 and another with 450., does anyone know about this,it's strenth and comparables. it does not seem to be helping. ## Hi charie, Belladonna alkaloids and phenobarbital tablets contain the following ingredients: Atropine Sulfate, USP..........................0.0194 mg Hyoscyamine Sulfate, USP.................0.1037 mg Scopolamine Hydrobromide, USP.....0.0065 mg Phenobarbital, USP..................................16.2 mg Inactive ingredients: Anhydrous Lactose, Calcium Stearate, Colloidal Silicon Dioxide, Corn Starch, and Microcrystalline Cellulose. I'm not certain if this varies by manufactu...

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Is Bella Phenobarb Tab Good For Nausea

Is Bella Phenobarb Tab Good For Nausea and vomiting ## Belladonna Alkaloid + Phenobarbital is usually used to treat grastro-intestinal disorders (such as cramping and spasms of the stomach and intestines). It may also be used as an anticonvulsant and to decrease the amount of acid formed in the stomach, but I haven't found any specific details regarding its use for nausea and vomiting. Have you considered looking into any natural alternatives to treat these symptoms? ## Yes! Donnatal is excellent for nausea! Best thing!

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Phenobarbital Shortage??

I am having trouble getting phenobarbital from the pharm due to lack of supply. Anyone else having this issue? ## Hello, Alex! How are you? Sorry about the problem that you're having getting your prescription filled. Yes, there have been several posts recently about this issue, but there is currently no information available on when the problem may be resolved. Learn more Phenobarbital details here. The only suggestion I can really make is to speak to your doctor to see if there are any alternatives you can use, in the meantime. Does anyone else know more about the shortage? ## After my post, I called Westward Pharm and found out they were not producing the 10, 15, 30. 60s right now due to an issue at their plant. Other formulations are available, but adjustments will be needed. ## ...

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phenobarbital for dogs epilepsy

Is phenobarbital available by prescription only?...It's just for the seizures of my dog... Can you please help me with information? The vet clinic is far away from us.. Thank you... According to the article ive read it can also help dogs suffering from epilepsy...or any related med.

Bella Phenobarb Tab Side Effects

i started taking them on wed, and as of today i have stomach cramping, and diaria. will this med do this? and should i stop taking them? wed. morning i got rushed to the hospital with chest pain so bad i thought i was having a heart attack. they gave me this to take. ## Atropa Belladonna with Phenobarbital is often given to treat gastro-intestinal disorders. It may cause these issues, in some people, but it is really difficult to say. Have you consulted your doctor? Because it could also be caused by the condition your being treated for itself. ## call your dr. it should not is a calming med....

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Bilirubin is low

Med for bilirubin that is low what causes this ## Hello, Mary! How are you? As reported by the NIH, low bilirubin may be caused by several different things, including excessive vitamin C, taking some medications; like phenobarbital, large amounts of caffeine, seasonal depression, coronary artery disease and end state kidney disease. However, if there are no other symptoms involved designating a possibly serious condition, most doctors don't worry about and don't treat it. It tends to be self-limiting, especially if you take pro-active steps, such as lowering your caffeine intake, keep your vitamin C intake to no more than the usual RDA and quit smoking, if you smoke cigarettes. Is there anything else I can help with?

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