Seizures In Infants Taking Phenobarbital

Amber Says:

My 5 month old has seizures and has been put on phenobarbital 2x a day. I am worried about the side effects and her age. I would like any information about it.

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antonio Says:

Phenobarbital will slow your child's development down my daughter has to have physical therapy because she was on it 2x aday so i recomend that you talk to your child's doctor about changing it we know from experience and thats all we can do ...

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Verwon Says:

Phenobarbital is a Barbituate, most commonly used to treat seizures.

It does have special precautionary warnings regardings its use in children, it can cause behavioural disturbances and some side effects may be more pronounced.

Side effects can include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and hyperactivity.

You can read more here:


Is there anything else I can help with?

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anna karenina Says:

My son is 3month old now. He had seizures 1 month ago,he has been put into intensive care for 4 days. When we got home he takes phenobarbital and phenytoin(dilantin).. what is the side effects of these drugs? please help.

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Mavic Maniego Says:

My baby when born has findings of cerebral edema or mild inflamation of the brain. He experience seizure when he was 10 days old. He is using phenobarbital until now, his age now is 2 1/2 years old. He's EEG is 3 years normal. And no seizure at all. I was worried about his being hyperactive and changes in mood. I would like to ask if I can withdraw him in using Phenobarbital. Because of this side affects. I was worried also of calcium loss. It's hard to detect at this time. But I don't like that he will have more health problems in the future. thanks,

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Ange Says:

my baby has had seizures since 7 months of age; he is now 21/2 years; his doctor prescribed phenytoin and later tegretol; the doctors were now contemplating sodium valproate; EEG- indicates febrile seizures; Brain CT Scan = normal; during the recent attacks he was on phenobarb, valium; the seizures now last one second but leave him exhausted; question is aint these many drugs for the boy; what are the side effects???

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kiyanna Says:

My daughter was focus when looking at me before taking phenobarbital she was taking it 2x a day for her seizuers now she has less movement and dose not focus has any one excperince this

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Liz Says:

@Kiyanna....I am experiencing the same side effects from phenobarbital. My daughter is 18 months. She has been on phenobarbital since she was 12 months and the entire 6 months of being on phenobarbital she has no energy at all, she doesn't move much at all, and she is extremely tired all the time!!! I will be demanding that we start the weaning process and try a new medication at her next appointment with her neurologist.

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may26 Says:

hi! how's your bABy n0w? i just dElivereD my 2nd bABy last ApRil 22 and just like your bABy, he also has inflammati0n in the brain.. he had seizure oNce oN the 24th.. so, hewas given PHENOBARBITAL.. as of today, April 27th, thank God there was nO recurrent of seizure.. n0w, i am worRieD oN the sidE eFFect of thIs drug, esPecially oN my bABy's dEvelopment.. how's your bABY, madam?

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Joby Says:

Hi.. My daughter when she born she had some respiratory problems and admitted in the NICU nearlly 21 days. Doctor prescribed to give her phenobarbitone 30 mg 1.5 ml daily. The same dosage continued till 2 weeks before. After that the doctor gave us 20 mg and we continuing it till day. But from last week she is having a kind of abnormality before sleep. Her eyeballs rolls up entire body jerks with an abnormal sound. It contnues nearly four or five times before sleep. Can you tell why does it happen? Whether it is harmful ? And whether it is a serious issue?

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Kristina Says:

What you are describing is a seizure. What you need to do is take your baby to the emergency room.

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Vic999 Says:

Re: Liz (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

I am wondering if anyone has tried CBD for seizures?

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