Bensedin 10mg Diazepam

markiimg Says:


Has anyone seen/taken or have any information on Bensedin (Galenika) Diazepam 10mg? The box/strip looks ok but the actual tablet is white circular/domed with no markings at all....

I presume that they are Eastern European.

Any information at all would be most appreciated.


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Shoulder Boulder Says:

Yes, received my prescription today. Took 1/4 tab, now, two hours later, my spasms from a ski shoulder injury, are not spasming anymore.

I plan to take another 1/4 tad 2.5mg before bed.

Seems like a good brand.

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Benzoinfo Says:

Galenika bensedin is very very high quality pharmaceutical grade diazepam! it is top notch, one of the best brands available. Bensedin 10mg x 15 Tabs in a blister pack, 30 x 10mg diazepam a box, and around. I also am prescribed Galenika ksalol/alprazolam 1mg x 15 tabs a blister pack 30 x 1mg tabs a box. It's also the best Alprazolam available so hands down it is the best available. It is a Serbian pharmaceutical company and it's up there with Bayer in terms of quality.

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Kandy Says:

Hi, i received the same in my refill. Have you tried them? I have not yet. Let me know.

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Kandy Says:

Have not tried them yet, waiting for a reply if they are safe to take.

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jade Says:

Please, can anyone else say they're ok? They have diazepam written on the blister pack and someone says they're counterfeit. It should say dizepumum or something.. I still haven't taken any. Please get back to me. Thanks guys.

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Kandy Says:

Was told they are supposed to be one of the best manufacturers but I am only telling you what some one named benzoinfo said?

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JamesDelaney Says:

Deceent quality diazepam, can understand the skepticism about the lack of marking but these are good. Do they make 2mg xanax?

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Milo Says:

I have them in my prescription and I have taken a couple already. They are ok.

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JamesDelaney Says:

Yeah they're manufactured in asia, but the quality is very good. I understand the skepticism about the lack of branding/marking but i assure you their a good brand.

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Jonathon Says:

Could you please show me the way that you may have filled your prescription so I could please do the same? Thank you so much for your time! Maybe tell me a little bit about your experience as well I am very interested in this I am just now learning about it any help would be very appreciated thank you.

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jade Says:

Hi. I'm very happy with these tablets now..I thought I was getting actavis. I am now taking them as and when needed... Great sleep and wake up feeling refreshed....hope this helps...

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helium Says:

If they are thick,circular and domed,well pressed and in a 15 card with good thick foil,almost plasticky seal they are real,have taken them lots of times,made in east Europe by galenika,and as for diazapam or pamum,don't worry,if somebody went to the trouble of making perfect copies they could easily change a few letters,diazapam is the Europe wide medical name,the fakes are round,flat and scored,in packs of 10,real bensedin has no score,just a thick,domed very unusual shaped pill,in 15 pill cards.

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Benzoking Says:

Hi kandy, anything that is made by galenika is top quality :) galenika bensedin/diazepam are very good - one of the best brands, also better than roche branded valium. They come in boxes of 30 x 15mg tablets unscored circle with slight oval shape! Most people take the strips/blister strips! So you don't have to stress, they are of high quality and very good! I take them regularly! The 3 benzodiazepines made by galenika pharmaceuticals i take are as follows:

Galenika bensedin/diazepam 10mg tablets

Galenika ksaslol/alprazolam 1mg tabs - same packaging as bensedin 15 x 1mg tabs - they are very little blue tablets with no score and are slightly oval

Galenika rivotril/clonazepam 10 x 2mg tabs per strip - they are a flat white tablet with two scores making the tablets easy to break into four pieces

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helium Says:

Hi, I have taken bensedin many times. Galenika makes 2, 5, 10 mg pills so no scores on pills. I checked the box of 2 x 15 cards. On the front of the box written below bensedin is the word diazapam in brackets. In small print elsewhere on box is the list of ingredients: ie, lactose, binders etc. It does say diazapamum, but on the blister packs inside its diazapam. On the entire net there is only one post about fakes in the uk. There are fakes around but easily spotted. It's easier to fake generic round flat blue pills than an awkward domed shaped pill. Everybody associates 10 mg diazepam with the original blue roche 10s. Most diazepam now is generic unless your doc specifically writes valium on script, which is rare nowadays. All fakes are the same shape, easiest to make, they are flat, in thin strips, not the chunky 15 cards and nearly all fake diazapam is the blue scored pill design. Plus fakers always try to copy well known brands to fool people, not generics from east europe with little brand recognition. Plus galenika makes great alprazolam, rivotril, midazolam, so why make only fake diazapam when there's more demand for the stronger more expensive benzos? Just make sure you fill prescriptions from pharmacies in east europe, not the uk. Mine all are from bulgaria where galenika are made. If what you have matches my description your fine and remember real diazepam chills you out, not knocks you out.

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helium Says:

Hi James, Bensedin is made in East Europe, Serbia, bulgaria, not Asia. Every benzo out of Asia is faked. There are packs of Roche 10 mg from Pakistan by Martin Dow factory, Karachi, all fake, no such company exists and Roche have no ops in Pakistan. Galenika are a huge operation making real meds In east Europe. Bensedin is the most popular generic diazapam in Europe. nobody gets Roche valium really anymore. it's still made but doctors will just put diazapam not Valium on scripts now. licence ran out on Roche years ago. valium was their trade name for diazapam. now it's all generics, bensedin, anxicalm, teva, actavis, aspirin, and on and on. generics must be exactly the same amount of active substance in each med, the plus/minus 20% allowed difference is untrue. 10 mg is 10 mg, imagine someone is on heart medication and need say 5 mg of a certain med. if generics are that different the person could die. so they are equal. may be different bulking agents but active substance is exactly the same. When it comes to benzos stay away from Asia, east Europe is where the best generics come from. Galenika being one of the biggest and most tightly regulated.

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cookie Says:

If they have no markings at all they will be fake... So u have no idea wat the tablet contains.

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jade Says:

Mine have no markings just a bulky dome white pill....but they do help me sleep... Do u think they're counterfeit?

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jade Says:

Helium is it ok for them not too have markings??..,

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helium Says:

Yes,perfectly OK,real bensedin tablets have no markings on each individual pill,,they are made in 2/5/10mg pills so no need for break lines on pills,once they are in their blister packs your fine,don't worry,enjoy.

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jade Says:

Thanks Helium, that's set my mind at rest...

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John Says:

Re: Lisku81 (# 873) Expand Referenced Message

Can I take benzo with low dose of codeine

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Jobn Says:

Re: mary (# 874) Expand Referenced Message

What should I take then? I’m 74

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Maca Says:

Re: Kandy (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I've tried them and they are good quality... Hope this helps.

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Microman1 Says:

Re: cookie (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

Nonsense mate. 10mg Bensedin have no markings on them at all and they are by far the best diazepines out there on the market…

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Maca Says:

Re: Kandy (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

They're top notch

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mary Says:

Re: Lisku81 (# 868) Expand Referenced Message

Do not start taking valium for anxiety. It provides short term relief but at a great cost. The withdrawal is wicked.

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Lisku81 Says:

Re: Matty (# 871) Expand Referenced Message

You right broI was on both benzo and pregabalin plus 50mg of physeptone that's why it wasn't so bad

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Matty Says:

Re: Lisku81 (# 870) Expand Referenced Message

Sounds like you didnt rattle off the pregabs because you were taking 3 other benzos aswell.

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Mikeyoungish Says:

Re: jade (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

The Bensedin 10mg box I have is fine but the pill is so hard a pill cutter wont go cut it. The tablets were cheap rubbish, a white beveled pill, with no effect at all. I took one and waited, then realized mine were counterfeit hard chalk or rock.

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Lisku81 Says:

I would disagree with your opinion as I was on pregabalin 300mg 4 times a day and one day I decided to stop ?? and few days rattle like 5 days but nothing bad as wen I tried with benzos. Benzos are nightmare. And I still taking diazepam. Clonazepam sometimes nitrazepam

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