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Librium, Shelf-life

I have taken Librium, 25mg - maybe once a month since the 1970's. It was always effective. Recently, my doctor prescribed a small number of 25mg capsules. They had no effect. Is it possible the pharmacy was providing outdated pills? ## Hi don, My thoughts on this situation is that you may have received a different brand or manufacturer's version of Librium than what you may have been given back in the 70's. If this is the case, there may be a slight variation of inactive ingredients that are actually detrimental to how the drug is metabolized and used by your body. Because of this, your body can respond favorably with one medication and not the other, even if they are the same drug. I don't think a pharmacy would provide outdated medications or there could be a very big ...

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False positive for Librium

Hi, I have a question. I have been taking some kind of opiate for years. It started with a Hysterectomy, then I had horrible shoulder pain for years which nobody could diagnose. Finally, it was found to be a torn rotator cuff, I had surgery, then I started having sciatica, which was horrible. After 2 or 3 years of pain I finally ended up having a laminectomy, then I had to have bladder surgery. My back surgery didn't go well, I still had pain and on top of all this my life has been one traumatic event after another. I am currently on Norco, Ativan, Prazosin, Tenormin, Gabapentin, and Benadryl, along with Mucinex and Albuterol, for bronchitis. I went to my Dr to have my Norco refilled, which i have been on for 20 years. Oh, i also take Lexapro for depression. Anyway, she did a urine ...

librium and methadone

I was prescribed librium about 6 weeks ago. It caused me to get kicked off my methadone clinic and as of yesterday it still turns up on a U/A so no other clinic will accept me. How long does it remain in my system? ## Hello, Samantha! How are you? I'm very sorry about what happened. Some metabolites of Librium can linger for anywhere from 7.5 to 50 days. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, drowsiness, constipation and blurred vision. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I've been on methadone for fifteen years and never failed a drug panel but I know people who have and it was xanax. They never got kicked out of the clinic, they just have to keep coming to the clinic to dose every day and no takeouts. Now if you don't have a script you ...

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Librium 20mg as sleep aid during alcohol detox

I would like to know is it dangerous to take say 10 mg or 20 mg during alcohol detox. I am 8 days into detox and still have shakes and have problems sleeping which makes me feel terrible all day, my mind just goes around and around and cannot drift off.I only took one tablet 10 mg after tapering off the booze but afraid to take as don't want another addiction. any advice appreciated, thank you. ## Went to hospital for alcohol detox . They put me on atavan then moved me to 25 MG librium . Would it be OK to take a 2mg zanax one time with librium just so I can go to sleep from all the other cap they had me on while I was in hospital my tolerance is high been on methadone for fifteen years and Dr knew this.

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Librium length detectable in urine

Last week i was given librium for two days as part of a heroin detox. I am going tomorrow to get in on a suboxone clinic but there cannot be benzos in my system. It has been a week since my last dose of librium. Will i still test positive? I was only on librium for two days and that last dose was a week ago. ## I used Librium 50 mg one-time on Friday and I have a U/A on Wednesday. That'll be 5 days. Will my urine be clean?

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Librium placebos

I was prescribed Librium for alcohol withdrawal but the pills do not work. There is only a simple "25" on the pill. Are they placebos? ## Librium isn't a very powerful benzo, albeit the first one ever created. Based on the fact that they do come in 25mg capsules they are probably real. If you're going through alcohol withdrawal it's not going to be pleasant.. even WITH Librium. It's probably still working in the background of your mind and nervous system, preventing convulsions and helping tremors, although you may not realize it. Call your doctor and ask if you can get Ativan instead. It's stronger. I'm a recovering alcoholic and have been through detox several times. In most inpatient settings they do give you Librium but there are better options (Ativa...

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Hi, I've been on libium for 30 years and can't get off them. They are not helping me any more. Anxiety levels are high ... now worried more. My doctor says it's not the cause but I do not believe him. ## I don't think long term benzodiazapeines are a bad thing. I went from valium to xanax 1.0mg 4x a day... Sometimes I run out too early; but never had to detox from them or up my dose every year. I started with a lot; PRN. I tried my mum-in-laws librium one day I forgot my pills. After taking 6 at once - I gave up! They felt less than a chewy vitamin. When I have observed in ppl on long term benzos is that the ppl that feel addicted take it on a tight schedule. No matter how little you take. I met an ambulance bigwig who was addicted to a half a yellow valium (2.5mg)! Cos ...

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can u take librium with hydrocodone

ive been on Librium for two days now 3- 10mg Librium 1st day and ten 2 second day and only two on the tird day. I have been in back to back accidents and was given 2 hydrocodones can I take them together? and the Librium isn't doing the job in three days..been drinking for 5 years daily... ## Hello, Jean! How are you? Both of these medications can increase sedation, so they can be taken together, if your doctor has okayed it, but you should know to watch for any danger signs, such as extreme dizziness and drowsiness, or trouble breathing. Norco is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. What are you taking the Librium for? ## Can I take Librium and Vicodin togethe...

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Librium vs Xanax

I just got some Librium they have Barr 159 on them. I was just curious as to if anyone knows what the equvilant of one of these Librium pills would be to the mg of a Xanax. Thanks!! ## Hello, Even though Librium and Xanax are used to treat the same ailments and are in the same drug class, they are still two different medications that are formulated in two different ways. Since these medications effect everyone differently, there is really no way to justify an equivalent dose of Librium to create the same result as taking Xanax. An equivalent dose for one person could also be an overdose for someone else. Hopefully that makes sense. ## I agree with Jenna on the Librium vs. Xanax question. Librium is in my opinion much stronger than xanax for me even at the high dose of xanax vs. Low dose...

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Identify black and teal capsule ll 10 10 ll

Hi, I work in home renovation, and come across many errant pills. Normally it takes minutes to find out what they are. The capsule is marked with the Lederle LL or symbol (cannot tell which, almost looks like a £€ but together) followed by 10 on each half of the capsule, mirrored except the numbers don't switch. The capsule itself is fairly large, about the size of a 500 mg antibiotic, black and teal, and contains a powder that is white with a yellowish tint. It looks just like some 10mg Librium, but much larger. I know they have products like that in india, but I can find no record of this pill being sold from ESI Lederle. It is really bothering me, so if you can help identify this preferably with pictures or citations, I would be very thankful.

Positive for benzodiazepenes 1.5 months after last Librium dose

On April 23rd to May 9th I took a total of 35 Librium 25mg for alcohol withdrawal. Today is June 18th 2016. I stopped taking them 1 an half months ago. My methadone clinic is saying that I am still taking benzo's. Saying I am positive for nordiazepepam and now oxazepam. How long will it be positive in my urine? I hate being called a liar. ## Hello, Daniel! How are you? I am so very sorry about the problem you're having. The Librium itself can take anywhere from 25 to 180 hours, the real problem is its benzodiazepine metabolite, desmethyldiazepam, it can take anywhere from 180 to 1,200 hours, so in reality, it could take over 50 days, given that it can vary from person to person, depending on how much they were taking and how long they were taking it, as explained in the annals o...

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how long does librium show up in urine tests

I was in hospital and was given 25 mg Librium for 4 days. How long will it show up in a urine test? I have to take a drug test at work ## i took librium in detox for about 3 days. first in 50mg doses then 25mg and then 15mg and about 3 or 4 times during that period. when will it lteave my urine and blood. 2 and a half days half already pasted since last ingestion.

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librium and methadone for opioid withdrawals

Trying to avoid horrible opioid WD... I wanted to know if taking Librium for 3 days will help and if taking 20mg of methadone at the same time as Librium for only 3 days will give me WD from methadone? ## Be VERY careful when mixing Benzos (Librium) with methadone. My clinic specifically asked me if I was prescribed anyou Benzos before they would start me on methadone due to the severe drug interaction between the two. The combination of both depress your respiratory system and your central nervous system. There's been several documented deaths where people took both sometime during the day, went to bed, and never woke up again. I would definitely advise against using both at the same time unless you're under 24 hour medical surveillance, i.e., in a hospital setting.

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For how long wiill I continue taking Levipil 500?

Sir I was taking alcohol regularly. My body used to tremble when i was not taking alcohol. I LOST MY SENSE for 4 times when i stopped taking alcohol. My doctor advised me to take levipil 500 with librium 25. For how long will Icontinue taking these medicines? Please help me sir.... ## How much alcohol were you ingesting regularly? If it was a lot, then such withdrawal symptoms are normal. The medications may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, and diarrhea according to the NIH.

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urine screen for benzodiazepines

I relasped on alcohol started taking librium on friday night took my last one on sunday night. Dr also orescribed ativan .5mg and took last one on sunday night. I probably have to submit urine test this wednesday. will it test positive? ## Yes librium can stay in or system for 3 weeks ## my doctor prescribed 20 mg of Lexapro for depression, 2 mg of Abilify to increase my antidepressant effect, 1 mg of Clonazepam for anxiety and 15 mg Temazepam to sleep, however my last dose for all meds was Monday night because I am trying to reduce my the amount on medicine I am taking over all. Last night I received the news via email that I was accepted to the Health Information Technology program in College, the school is doing a Forensic Drug Testing Custody and Control Form on Thursday July 17 a l...

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Is Librium OK For Longterm

Hello Men here iv been on 10mg diazapam since age 16 I'm 38now an I tried a small amount of Librium 25mg I took 2at a time an they helped me so much with my severe anxiety/panic disorder so I want to see if my doctor will prescribe me these for long term an if possible just do away with the diazapam does anyone no if it can be long term or just short term if anyone can help just plz let me no thanks Ken ## Does anyone no if Librium can be prescribed for long term use cause I been on Diazipam 10mg 3aday since age 16 an I'm 38years old now an they still work but not even close to working as good as the Librium 25mg I got 20to take to get me through alcohol withdrawals an I been sober over a month now I had no withdrawals from taking it to get of the alcohol an its like a miricle d...

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can I switch to telmikind 20

Hi..I am 33 yes old taking telmikind 40 for the past 3 months..and between that I had gall bladder operation but my bp was around 150/100 so my be adviced me for librium 10...after taking it along telmikind 40 my bp is around 110/79...and my operation was done...should I stop librium now as my Dr told me that I was having withdrawal symptom as I was taking alcohol 4 the past 12 yrs and suddenly stopped last year...

Can my body make librium

2 years ago I went in hospital for alcohol detox doctor put me on Librium for 2weeks i have'nt been drinking I'm over all that now the thing is one minuet I feel like I'm drugged up then after a couple of hours I feel ok it's like that every day and it's getting me down ## Jenny No but even short term benzodiazepine use can have lasting effects. Librium is one of the oldest meds in this class but works very well for alcohol abstinence treatment protocols

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Green Nerve Pill

When I was a child in the 1950s, my grandmother would ask me to bring her "nerve pills" to her. They were a bright green capsule. What was the name of this medicine? ## I'm sorry, but that really isn't enough to go on to even make a guess. There were as many green pills on the market back then as there are today. Some medications have been removed from the market, some haven't. What they were used/approved to treat may have also changed, things have switched from being over the counter to prescription and vice-versa. Does anyone else have any ideas? ## My mom was on nerve pills in the late 1950s and we were trying to think of the name earlier this evening. We finally happened on Librium and when I asked her, she said yes, that was it. Looking it up, two of the dosage...

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HI ive been on libium few years worried now after readings on Internet but cant get off them ... makin my anxiety worse any one been on them as long please need calm down thanks been ## Hello, Jill! How are you? This is a type of benzodiazepine, so it can be habit forming and a sudden withdrawal creates the risk of seizures. Thus, it is really best to do a very slow taper. How much do you take each day and how many years have you been taking it? What has your doctor advised? ## Hi there ... been on them years 36 more xxx doctor not saud much . Try get on antdpressoin pills which cant take .. so anixerty low as suffering boils on nose lips not nice painful plus itchy .. just worrying over worrying . . Think worsed all time .. thank you replying x

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