Xanax Oklahoma

midgetsk8ter Says:

In Oklahoma and needing a doctor who will prescribe Xanax or alprazolam. Anyone on here know of one around Tulsa OKC area? I'll drive wherever I need to go. My dr retired, new doc won't rx..

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David Says:

Personally, I think if you suffer from anxiety/depression and need a Benzodiazepine class medication (like Xanax), usually your best bet is to see a psychiatrist rather than a regular medical doctor. Reason being is that they are better trained in the types of medications that handle these problems and can "also" help you treat the underlying cause of your anxiety or depression, as opposed to temporarily covering up the feelings/emotions with medication.

Posted below are a few options I came across in the Tulsa, OK area:

Peter A Rao, MD
Laureate Psychiatric Clinic & Hospital
5544 S Lewis Ave
Ste 600
Tulsa, OK 74105
-20 years experience
-Board certified

Peteryne D Miller, MD
Tulsa Center For Behavioral Health
2323 S Harvard Ave
Tulsa, OK 74114
-20 years experience
-Board certified

David L Mcelwain, MD
4111 S Darlington Ave
Ste 425
Tulsa, OK 74135
-26 years experience

Ovidio B Bermudez, MD
Laureate Psychiatric Clinic & Hospital
6655 S Yale Ave
Tulsa, OK 74136
-24 years experience
-Rated as one of the top doctors

I hope this info helps and wish you good luck on finding the right care!

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Midgetsk8er Says:

You obviously don't know what you're talking about! Quit replying to my posts! Creep!

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Eddy Says:

You know David your 'advice' is getting old real quick! Most Psychiatrists do not participate in Insurance, and a $20 visit in my case is $500. The family doctor still prescribes the majority of anti depressant & anti anxiety medicine in the United States. Not everyone who needs Xanax needs a Shrink?

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Midgetsk8er Says:

You're absolutely right, Eddie. He's getting real old real quick! He's stupid! Doesn't walk in my shoes!

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John Says:

Did you ever find a good anxiety doctor?

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Kayla Says:

Is there any Dr's in the Lawton area that take soonercare and prescribe subutex

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Lowell Says:

I need a doctor to prescribe Valium or Xanax. They work for me. I've been on antidepressants that don't. Can someone recommend a Dr. in Oklahoma?

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Xavier Says:

Re: Midgetsk8er (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Sad thing is with the new federal laws regular Drs are having a hard time prescribing then my Dr after 15 years had to cut my medication more than half and even he advised me to find a good psychologist

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Brae93 Says:

Depends on where in Oklahoma and what you prefer medication wise.

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None Says:

I'm not sleeping, anixity is bad I've tried everything. I had a Dr she retired that wrote Ambien and adavan

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