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Antidepressant Overview

Antidepressants are drugs used for the treatment of major depressive disorder and of other conditions, including some anxiety disorders, some chronic pain conditions (off-label use), and to help manage some addictions.[1] Typical side-effects of antidepressants include dry mouth, weight gain, lack of sex drive, and in some cases erectile dysfunction. Most types of antidepressants are typically safe to take, but may cause increased thoughts of suicide when taken by children, ad...

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Fertraline Information

Fertraline hcl 100mg. I believe it's for depression, but not sure. ## I think you mean Sertraline? ## Is Fertraline safe to give to a 14 year old? My nephew has been on this drug for a couple years but his parents won't take him off of it. He is down to one at night but now they want to put him back on in the morning also which he just got off of and he has been doing great. Please help. ## What is Fertraline and is it used for early dementia?

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aurobindo venlafaxine - muscle and joint pain

I have taken Venlafaxine XR Capsules - 2 150 mg per day (a high dosage). They were made by the same manufacturer for the first 3 or 4 years. Then, my insurance company switched to the manufacturer Aurobindo. Since then, I have had severe joint and muscle pain, primarily in my arms, but also somewhat in my hands. This pain is so severe that without aspirin, Tylenol, or Aleve, I can barely reach or lift things. Could this pain be due to the change in manufacturerr of my Venlafaxine XR? ## Hello, Debra! How are you? How long have you been taking the one from Aurobindo? Usually, those types of symptoms would be side effects experienced, when first starting such a medication, or when your dosage is raised, as reported by the FDA. When I first started Prozac and each time we upped my dosage, ...

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Trazodone Prescription Information

What is the safest and quickest method to stop taking Trazodone? ## My daughter has been taking trazodone for 2.5 years at 150 mg. Can you just stop taking it or do you have to be weaned off? If you just stop will there be risks? ## Trazodone is an SARI antidepressant, so it works on brain chemicals, which means an abrupt cessation of it could result in some withdrawal symptoms and a rebound effect. The rebound effect is usually the biggest problem, because it may result in symptoms that are worse than what someone was taking it to treat. Learn more Trazodone details here. Thus, a slow gradual taper, under the supervision of a physician, is the best and safest way to stop these types of medications. Are there any other questions or comments? Is there anything I can help with? ## I need ...

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Effexor XR, Clonazepam, Prazocin and alcohol...

I'm getting concerned about my husband. He has been put on Effexor XR 75 mg, together with Prazosin, and Clonazepam 1 mg, for depression and anxiet and PTSD. When he feels more anxious he will take another Clonazepam, or a half mg of it. I realize his dosages aren't high on these medications but he is also extremely sensitive to meds, so for him this may well be a lot. Lately he has been drinking, after being completely off the alcohol for quite a few years. He will start drinking wine after work, and will drink 3 or more 16 oz glasses. Then he will take another 1.5 of clonazepam some nights, or else 2 Tylenol PM's and go to sleep. I know the drill about drinking and I try not to nag him but I did tell him this pattern is dangerous, against his doctor's instructions and ...

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Effexor long term

been on effexor for about 17yrs i think initially it was fine but over the last eight years find im constantly sick (flue like symptons) tired, non motivated and pretty fed up...But also very scared of being stuck on them now as i know its difficult to come off (was never told this) angry that drs put you on meds send you off and thats it, therapy should be offered also and constant monitoring!!! Feel like i havent been myself for a very long time and i find that really sad i also know life is vey precious but most the time i just want to lay around and be left alone.... ## I feel the same way on it, but I've been on for 2 years. 300 mg a day ## Effexor has been hit by the "opioid epidemic''. The drug no longer works as it should. I remember getting these guys in blister...

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Citalopram and Phentermine

I've been taking Citalopram for a week now, so far so good except for feeling a little tired but hoping it will go away. I want to continue with my weight loss program taking a half of 37ml of phentermine so I can get the energy I need in the morning at the gym, don't want to feel too anxious. Has anyone experienced any interactions or any weird side effects with this combination? Thank you so much. ## Hi Andrea, Based on my research, there is an interaction listed between these two medications; which states the following: "GENERALLY AVOID: Several case reports suggest that serotonin reuptake inhibitors may potentiate the pharmacologic response to sympathomimetic agents. The exact mechanism of interaction is unclear. In one case report, a patient experienced jitteriness, rac...

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Help Regarding Vortioxetine/Brintellix

I have been suffering from Clinical Deep Depression for 19 1/2 years now. I was on Cipralex for at least 15 years (I am extremely sensitive to antidepressants) - Cipralex stopped working and I have been put on Brintellix/vortioxetine - first week - had to cut Cipralex down to 10mgs for 5 days, then start Brintellix/vortioxetine 5mg and 5mg Cipralex for a further 5 days, then 10 mg Brintellix/vortioxetine for almost 2 weeks, started 15mg of Brintellix/vortioxetine yesterday - have been feeling extremely terrible in myself, thoughts of suicide and self harming have been rearing their ugly heads in my mind, can't stop crying and if not crying am biting at the ones I love. Seriously feel I could do something very stupid. Currently waiting on my doctor ringing me as I have run out of thi...

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Can I mix Sertraline and Xanax?

I am 53. I have ., "DID", OCD, chronic Arthritis Pain always having joint replacements it's agressed in whole body. Take high blood pressure meds Xanax 2.0 mg up to 4 a day as needed BY the way Xanax is incredible for DID DISORDER! PERCOCET…MORIPHINE AND no other narcotics been on this remedy for 9 yrs and Xanax since I was young. Looking with Dr for a secondary meds to help with depression and backing off Xanax as much. So question can I mix Sertraline with these drugs. I'm very bad and will only get worse probably 3 more yrs til a wheel chair becomes my feet.

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Cymbalta And Weight Gain

I gained 68 lbs while on Abilify. Now four years later my weight is still 30 lbs over my normal. I still have some depression and very severe anxiety so my doc wants me to try cymbalta 20mg once a day. I would rather be depressed than severely overweight. Anyone know if cymbalta tends to cause weight gain or loss? ## Actually, one of its most common side effects is decreased appetite, so it might actually cause weight loss. Learn more Duloxetine details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hi, I have been on cymbalta for about 4 years now, after a suicide attempt. I started off on one capsule a day which wasn't enough so it was increased to 2 a day. I fell in love with life again. I find it amazing and I can't do without them. HOWEVER! My weight has increased dramati...

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My experience of side effects on Wysolone

My younger brother aged 35 years had a problem of double vision in left eye due to nerve damage and as per doctor advise, he used wysolone tablets 120mg per day along with other medicines for 45 days. The doctor did not told us the side effect of wysolone and precautions which we have to take while using wysolone. We don't know that wysolone is a steroid. Due to this drug, my brother got side effects such as round face, double chin, rashes on all over body and heavy hungry. His eye problem is reduced in these 45 days. after 45 days, the doctor reduced wysolone drug by 80mg, 60mg,40mg like that per day. After 3days, he got problems of loose motions and vomtings and he became very weak. I took him to hospital. Doctors told that he is suffering with lack of immunity power due to steroi...

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