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antidepressent ## I'm looking for info on Cynbolta. It is being considered for my mother -- 80 years old and seriously depressed. She also suffers from Alzheimers and Parkinsons. Other antidepressants (eg:Paxil) have proved inneffective and havae had serious gastro-intestinal side effects. Does anyone have an experiences regarding this drug that can be shared? ## Were you referring to the medication Cymbalta? it contains the active ingredient Duloxetine, and is used to treat depression, as well as anxiety. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, mood changes, and weight changes. It didn't work for me, or for my husband, but there is no way to say how it might work for someone else. Has she started it, yet?

Paxil CR and Perphenazine

i am taking one in the day and one in the night dont feel good and confused and sick with diarrhea and constipation ## I too got diarrhea and very c on fused taking perphenazine 16mg at nite for depression I don't understand how it can help with depression if you take it at nite anyone have a aanswer to this. I also take it with 1200 mg gabapentin 300mg 2x daily 600mg at nite time I wake up shaky in the morning since I started on the perphenazine. Wishing you luck with your meds loretta ## How long have you been taking it? Loretta, the time of day it is taken doesn't matter, it will still reach its level of efficacy in the body, it doesn't matter if you take it during the day, or at night. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headac...

would paxil and wellbutrin thin your blood

i take wellbutrin, paxil. kolatapin, and adderall could they thin your blood ## dose wellbutin thin your blood ?? ## No, that is not a normal side effect of these medications. The FDA lists them as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, insomnia, nervousness, and weight changes. Are you having an issue with blood thinning? Are these the only medication you are currently taking? What are your diagnosed medical conditions? There is really no way to say how any medication will affect anyone that tries it, so it can't be 100% ruled out, but it is unlikely that the listed ones would cause any dangerous blood thinning.

does paxil work for anyone

Please let me know what you take it for, how much you take and how long it took to work? Please respond. ## Hi, Theresa! Has it had any effect, yet? It can take about 4 to 6 weeks for a medication like Paxil to reach its full level of effectiveness in your body. Generally, that's about the same time when you'll notice any side effects reaching their peak in intensity, then starting to taper off. If it's had no effect by then, that means it most likely isn't the right medication for you. Learn more Paxil details here. I've never tried it, but it worked very well for my ex-husband, he was on it for years. What others have you tried? ## No I have felt no improvement at all. I just was raised from 20 to 30 Mgs a few days ago but I have been on it almost 4 weeks now. Do y...

Paxil withdrawals

Hi, I have been taking Paxil (20mg) for over a year now. The first time I noticed withdrawal symptoms was when I was unable to pick up my refill and missed 1 day of taking it. I woke up hardly able to walk because the room felt like it was spinning and I kept feeling like I was having brain seizures. About 2 hours or so after taking a pill I was feeling back to normal. Is this normal for this kind of a drug? I’m 22, still having occasional suicidal thoughts while on Paxil and am worried that I am now addicted to it. Is this drug safe? ## NO! I was on it 6 years . Paxil and Amitriptylin for sleep. I quit paxil cold turkey big mistake. tapered off over 5 months. Was still not easy. This is my first month off and my biggest complaint is the itching and dry skin areas. Did some prep w...

paxil 10 mg inconsistent inprimt

Hi, I picked up my prescription of Paxil 10 mg today from CVS, it’s brand name and was in a sealed bottle from manufacturer. The pills are oval, yellow one side says Paxil and the other is 10 but with a spitter line in the middle. They have always looked like this. When I look at the Paxil side of the pill and flip it up like a notepad page all my old pills would show the 10 facing up but this last bottle the 10 is upside down. Is this normal? Shouldn’t their imprint all be consistent? Pharmacist said it’s fine but I want to confirm because I am super anxious about taking them and have to take it today. I look forward to your reply, thank you! ## Your pharmacist is correct it is fine, there's nothing that says they have to all face the same direction. It really dep...

Paxil cr side effects

Paxil cr 25mg and side effects ## I WAS TAKING PAXIL CR 25MG. AM/PM. MY DOCTOR CHANGED TO A GERNIC PAROXETINE ER 25MG. AM/PM. FIND BOTH HAS ME GAIN SOME WEIGHT, DRY MOUTH AND A BIT TIRED. THIS DRUG HAS KEPT ME FROM DEPRESSION FOR A LONG TIME. I HAVE BEEN ON ALL DIFFERENT DRUGS, THEY NEVER HELP ME. THANK YOU FOR A REPLY. SINCERELY, ESTHER ## Hi Esther, I feel sorry of what happen to you, I just heard of Paxil side effects and this is very alarming to consumers like you. Please refer to this site: ## I started Paxil 5mg 2 days ago. My face has been tingly. Sleep is interrupted about 5 hours in. Anyone know what I should expect?

long term effects of espiride

Esperide anti-depressant drug - long time use: I have been on esperide for at least 4 years continuously, varying between 2 - 4 capsules a day. The effects were quite significant - i was always tired, even after sleeping for 8 - 12 hrs; i was always grumpy; i forget many things; long & short term, i stopped having my period after 2 yrs & didn't have them for 3 yrs. It felt like i was comotosed; had no interest in things i previously loved, like sit coms & comedy, etc. I had no more energy and was freezing cold in the summer; i was not interested in sex. then checked with my gynea why certain hormone levels were extremely high. In the last 2 months I changed to a new anti-depressant - I'm now a new person, periods have come back, laughing again, remembering again, lov...

Paxil and Trileptal

Has anyone taken Trileptal (for anger) and Paxil (for anxiety) together? Did it help? My son has taken Trileptal which has helped the anger but the anxiety is no better. ## They can be taken together, if his doctor approves and is monitoring him regularly, but the FDA does warn that it may intensify some of the side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, headache, mood changes, and weight changes. Is he on any other medications? What conditions has he been diagnosed with?

Paxil removed from market?

I heard Paxil has been removed from the market. True? Anyone know why? Also, are there any side effects or reaction concerns with taking Paxil (Paroxetine) along with Serzone (Nefazodone)? Both show side effects including mood swings and hostility. ## Why was Paxil removed from the market? ## I had just started on it, thought it was working OK, went in for my first eval., and was switched to Lexapro. The nurse said Paxil was no longer being prescribed and was being pulled off the market. No one seemed to know why. H ## I was perscribed paxil by my doctor to help with post partem depression and daily stress about 4 months ago. I honestly think that I should be on something different but I don't really know much about the drug game. If anyone has any personal experiences to share plea...

Paxil & Trazodone together?

I have been on Paxil for anxiety for about 6 months, I was having trouble sleeping so my Dr added Trazodone 50mg 1 an hour before bedtime. Just wondering if anyone has been on the two together, and is it safe, since Traodone is also an antidepressant, I have to say I actually feel even better now, than when I was just taking the Paxil. I have been taking the Trazodone for about a month now. ## Hi Sandie, Hopefully your doctor was aware of this before adding the Trazodone, but according to various drug interaction checkers, combining these two medications may increase your risk of developing a rare but serious condition called serotonin syndrome. Symptoms associated with serotonin syndrome that you may want to watch out for, can include the following: Confusion, hallucination, blurred vi...

chronic fatigue med

I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Have suffered with both for years. There are times when I don't have enough energy to get out of bed for days. Plus, sleep for 24 to 36 hrs straight. Only to go to bathroom then back to sleep. I have no quality of life. Used to travel for my career and never stopped. This doing nothing is not me. My family and friends don't understand why I am not up and about as I used to be. My FIBRO pain is mostly under control, but nothing I have tried has controlled my chronic fatigue. Biochemic cell salts is working for the FIBRO. Any suggestions? Willing to try anything. Am now looking at natural meds. Several are available but don't know what is best. Very confused. Almost missed my mothers funeral. Sad situation. People need me and I am letti...

oblong pink pill #56

i have a rx filled that my Dr wrote and it is filled with a pink oblong pill with c on one side and 56 on the other side. can you tell me what it is ## I have a pink oblong tablet with a G on one side and 33/33 on the other. This tablet is scored, with 33 on one half, and 33 on the other. Can anyone tell me what this is? ## It is paroxitine (Paxil) ... antidepressant (SSRI) ## It could be a pill called Carprofen 100mg and its for canine consumption ONLY! ## What are the side effects of this antidepressant pink oblong pill 56 c

Cost of meds in Mexico

I am taking 1200 dollars worth of drugs a month. I was in Ecuador and bought lasix for a penny a pill. In Columbus they are 1.00 a pill. Help! ## Roche Valium 10mg x 90 tabs with latin prescription with triple holiograms on blister packs and Roche Box taped in clear Roche tape with Bin no and expiration date good to 2018. US 82.00 Feb 12, 2014 Puerto Vallarta, MX Also, Roche Rivotril, 2 mg, 60 tabs for US $58.00. Must have a latin prescription, and, only two pharmacias in greater PVR are legit that carry real Roche products mfg in Toluca, MX. MD visit was US 100.00. US cash or USA credit card. Get referral from international hotel concierge, in the big expensive chain oceanfront hotels. Works the same way in Cabo San Lucas, MX (Baja California) Not available are pain meds, also no Grupo...

When should Paxil start to take effect?

This is my 24th day of taking Paxil. For the first 5 days I was on 5mg, and then I have been taking 10 mg for anxiety, as that is how it's prescribed. My anxiety got worse since I started to take this med. It has now been 3 weeks.. I am wondering when it is going to start working? ## Hello, Zoya! How are you? Has there been any change, yet? It can take about 4 to 5 weeks for it to reach its full level of efficacy in your body, at one consistent dose, to see how well it will work for you. How long have you been taking the current dosage? The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, mood swings, and weight changes.

Paxil and Dormicum

Is it ok to take 20 mg Paxil and 30 mg Dormicum together? I have a difficult time sleeping.

Paxil differences

Are paxil and paxil hydrochloride the same thing? I've seen hydrochloride on a pill bottle, but I have never seen it on my prescription bottle before. ## Yes, they are the same, Paxil Hydrochloride is just the longer name for it, the Hydrochloride designates the precise chemical salt it was derived from during manufacturing. The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and weight changes. Some pharmacies list it on the labels, some don't. Is there anything else I can help with?

Paxil is the worst medicine

I've been on Paxil for 1 year and am tapering off from 10 mg. I'm on week 2 and have experienced racing heart, tremors, zapping in hands, nausea. Omg! I would never recommend this drug. I'll just deal with panic attacks and my .25 Xanax. ## How much have you lowered your dose, so far? Some withdrawal effects are normal any time you lower the dosage or stop taking a medication, according to the NIH. They can occur due to stopping anything from a blood pressure medication, to a daily dose of Aspirin. Stopping your Xanax would actually be much worse, since it can be habit forming and suddenly stopping it creates the risk of seizures, as reported by the FDA. Why are you stopping the Paxil?

Weaning/tapering off paxil

I've been on 20mg Paxil/aropax (one per day) for 20 months now after suffering from bad anxiety and panic attacks. I've recently decided to come off it as I'm feeling really well. I went as saw my doctor who told me to lower my dosage to 10mg per day for a month then reassess after that. It's been 5 days and the withdrawals are horrible. I'm getting bad brains caps, dizziness, vertigo, nausea, insomnia. Do you think im lowering the dosage too quickly? And how long do the withdrawals usually last? Thanks. ## Hello, Joey! How are you? Yes, that is a rather big drop in the dosage, in most cases in the U.S., it would done more gradually, such as dropping to 15mgs for awhile, then to 10mgs and so on. It may take 4 to 6 weeks for the withdrawals to fully go away and, as li...

forgot paxil can i sub prozac

Left my paxil at home and I'm on trip. Can I take my wives prozac for a few days or just skip my antidepressant altogether? ## Hello, Chrissy! How are you? It would be best to check with your doctor, because the doses differ from one to the other, even though they are in the same class of medications. If you skip it for the duration of your trip, you may experience withdrawal effects, that may include nausea, diarrhea, rebound depression and anxiety. What dosages do you each take?


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