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Paxil differences

Are paxil and paxil hydrochloride the same thing? I've seen hydrochloride on a pill bottle, but I have never seen it on my prescription bottle before. ## Yes, they are the same, Paxil Hydrochloride is just the longer name for it, the Hydrochloride designates the precise chemical salt it was derived from during manufacturing. The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and weight changes. Some pharmacies list it on the labels, some don't. Is there anything else I can help with?

Paxil is the worst medicine

I've been on Paxil for 1 year and am tapering off from 10 mg. I'm on week 2 and have experienced racing heart, tremors, zapping in hands, nausea. Omg! I would never recommend this drug. I'll just deal with panic attacks and my .25 Xanax. ## How much have you lowered your dose, so far? Some withdrawal effects are normal any time you lower the dosage or stop taking a medication, according to the NIH. They can occur due to stopping anything from a blood pressure medication, to a daily dose of Aspirin. Stopping your Xanax would actually be much worse, since it can be habit forming and suddenly stopping it creates the risk of seizures, as reported by the FDA. Why are you stopping the Paxil?

Weaning/tapering off paxil

I've been on 20mg Paxil/aropax (one per day) for 20 months now after suffering from bad anxiety and panic attacks. I've recently decided to come off it as I'm feeling really well. I went as saw my doctor who told me to lower my dosage to 10mg per day for a month then reassess after that. It's been 5 days and the withdrawals are horrible. I'm getting bad brains caps, dizziness, vertigo, nausea, insomnia. Do you think im lowering the dosage too quickly? And how long do the withdrawals usually last? Thanks. ## Hello, Joey! How are you? Yes, that is a rather big drop in the dosage, in most cases in the U.S., it would done more gradually, such as dropping to 15mgs for awhile, then to 10mgs and so on. It may take 4 to 6 weeks for the withdrawals to fully go away and, as li...

forgot paxil can i sub prozac

Left my paxil at home and I'm on trip. Can I take my wives prozac for a few days or just skip my antidepressant altogether? ## Hello, Chrissy! How are you? It would be best to check with your doctor, because the doses differ from one to the other, even though they are in the same class of medications. If you skip it for the duration of your trip, you may experience withdrawal effects, that may include nausea, diarrhea, rebound depression and anxiety. What dosages do you each take?

is paxil a narcotic drug

Have been on Paxil 10mg for 5yrs and new (past year) Dr told me that even though I just had bloodwork, they cannot refill until I see Dr again. I have seen this Dr 5 times in past year for other things. I have 5 doses left but Dr can't see me for almost 30 days. I know I am not supposed to stop taking Paxil suddenly. Dr says it is a controlled substance, so I looked it up and that is a flat out lie. I am on Medi-cal past year due to acworkers comp injury, but surgeries are finished and I am only on my regular thyroid, high blood pressure meds and Paxil. Can Dr lie about Paxil and withold it, for 30 days knowing that it is a drug u shouldn't abruptly stop? I am pretty miffed as I suffer depression and social anxiety ## The doctor can set his/her own policy on how often you need t...

Seraquel users please respond

I'm on seraquel now 75 Mgs just started 5 days ago I have severe anxiety depression PTSD OCD also on paxil now 30 Mgs for 4 weeks its not helping will the seraquel help with my anxiety and symptoms of extreme fear ## Hi, Theresa! How are you things going? Seroquel is sometimes given to augment another medication that isn't quite doing its job to treat anxiety. Learn more Seroquel details here. However, the only way to know if it will work for you is to try it for a month or so and see for yourself. What works for one person doesn't always work for another. Are you also undergoing therapy? ## Seraquel also takes at least a month? Doc says therapy wouldn't help me now til I stabilize. Do you take seraquel or paxil ## YES it will! It worked for me! I was freaking out at wor...

anyone else losing weight on paxil?

I have started using paxil for about 3 weeks now. It seems to be working for me. I hear so many people complaing about weight gain and I was afraid this was going to happen to me. I just lost 51 lbs on weight watchers and didn't want to gain any weight back. I watch my calorie intake every day and keep a journal. But I find I am taking in less calories lately because since taking paxil I do not feel hungry like I used to.. I have lost 3 lbs in the past 3 weeks. ## Excessive eating and hunger can be caused by mental health disorders and depression. And not everyone experiences such side effects from this class of medications. Very glad to hear that it is working well for you. Paxil contains the active ingredient Paroxetine, it is an SSRI antidepressant. You can learn more about it he...

can you just switch from one ssri to another or do you have to cross taper

Can you just change from one to another or do you have to cross taper the med is paxil going to luvox ## Hello, Theresa! How are you? If you've been taking it for a long time, then a cross taper/titration is usually best and what most doctors will have you do to avoid any severe withdrawal and rebound effects. Are there any other questions or concerns? ## Took it two months before that I took lexPro two months nothing worked what do u think ## can we switch from clorocef to klavox?

Someone tell me if this going to end. Paxil Withdrawal.

Hello! When I was a teenager, around 15 years old I started experienced Body Dysmorphic Disorder and depression. My parents took me to a psychologist an a psychiatrist and they put me on Paxil 20mg. At 24 I was doing ok and I decided to stop taking it. I started lowering the dose 5mg by 5 till I stopped. I was happy cause the withdrawal symptoms were not as bad as I thought they were gonna be. The first weeks I experienced the brain zaps, nausea and headaches but I was prepared. After 2 months I was almost fine and I was proud I was out of it but boom...I'm on my 5th month without paxil and everything came back. I feel very anxious. I wake up in every single day with upset stomach and diarrhea, I'm loosing weight. I feel I'm worthless and nothing seems fun to me anymore. My ...

getting off paxil

I been on paxil 5 mg for like 2 weeks well really a week and the 2 week I Started taking it every other day for 3 days then I stop was that the right thing to do ## Hello, Chris! How are you? Actually, after just a week, tapering usually isn't necessary. How are feeling? Did you experience any adverse effects? The FDA classifies this medication as an SSRI antidepressant and lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth and weight gain. ## Verwon hey hi are you and thanks for asking I am okay I just wanted to know if I did the right thing all I have experience for right now is Alot of sweating at night and my head fill Heavy at times well not such heavy but like a lil headache are something how long will it take for it to completely out m...

Anyone take Paxil and gained weight?

Started Paxil about 2 months ago and I have quickly gained 20 pounds. I can't stop eating, constantly crave sweets (as I'm eating a package of s'mores Pop Tarts). Paxil is helping me so much though, I can't decide if I should be happy (but unhappy with my body), calm, and chubby (possibly bordering on fat soon) ... or listless, socially anxious, and skinny.... just seeing if anyone else has a similar experience ## Hello, Vincent! How are you? Paxil is classified by the FDA as an SSRI and most of them are very well known to cause weight gain in people that take them. My ex-husband had the same problem, it was the only one that consistently worked for him, but it caused a lot of weight gain. Other side effects may possibly include nausea, dizziness, headache and dry mouth....

paxil, epleptin and tydamine for depression

paxil 40, epleptin 100 mg and tydamine 25 mg for depression. Using paxil for 4 months now. The other 2 for 2 months. It looks as if it is not working properly. was better before the last 2 medicines was added. My daughter has like a social phobia. it is as if her condition is worse now. Can you suggest something else. She is 19 years old. Went to University at the beginning of 2013 but to study BSc Mathematical Science but couldn't finish because of the depression. ## My sister was on Tydamine and now suddenly it is not available anywhere in South Africa. How irresponsible the manufacturers are to do this to people. Do they not know how dangerous it is to just stop with no supply. What the hell do we do now!

paxil and vissual disturbance

Hi I recently started paxil again after 2 years due to having very severe anxiety attacks. I have now been on paxil for 4 weeks and am starting to have very bad vissual snow. My vission is very hazy specially in the dark looks almost like camera noise. Now I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this whilst starting up paxil will it fade with time or is it here to stay ? I've been on.paxil twice in.the past and have never had this side effect ## Hello, Rommy! How are you? I'm sorry about the problem that you're having. Yes, Paxil can cause vision issues, as listed among the side effects provided by the FDA. Even if you've never experienced them before, our bodies do change with time, so it's always possible to experience new side effects to a medication...


white oblong pill ## I have se vere arthritis and osteo arthritis; what is paquil ## Hi sandra stewart, I can't find any information on a medication by the name "Paquil" - Are you referring to "Paxil" perhaps? If so, Paxil (Paroxetine) is actually an antidepressant in a group of drugs called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Although it is not usually prescribed for arthritis some studies have shown that this medication may be able to help with arthritis pain- very likely due to the fact that it decreases anxiety which may help with pain sensations. However, I have also read that Paxil can even cause Arthritis or joint pains so it seems as if the studies aren't that thorough at this point and time. Note: All thoughts and opinions expressed are based on my ...

Anxiety Medicine - Sleep Medicines, what can I do?

Hi, I am long time anxiety patient - i've been on paxil, buspar, lexapro, zanaflex, remrom, flexiril, tricyciclants, trazodone - you name it. Also, with this I have had bad insomnia. I will not sleep for nights at a time, and it is affecting my work as well as my social life. I have tried (for sleep) Lunesta 2-4mg, Ambien 20mg, Sonata 40mg, and Prosom 2mg. I also aso tried restriol. For anxiety I have been on Ativan, Valium, Klonopin, and Versed. At the time, none of the night medicines work, I will even combine them. My anxiety (which is so common in my family) keeps me up. The problem is, they tend to either prescribe one (sleep medicine) or the other (anxiety). I have insurance, and would be willing to see a doctor. MY GAD is so awful lately, it's maybe Er TIME. So, does anyo...

Quit Paxil now starting it up

Hi, I'm a 31 y/o male and in March of 2014 I began to think that I had cancer. Specifically a brain tumor. Well after a couple of trips to the ER I was recommended to a psych dr. My dr said that due to my father and sister having anxiety problems I probably have general anxiety disorder. I was prescribed 20mg of Paxil and 1mg of Ativan to help with first couple weeks while my body gets adjusted to the Paxil. The Paxil worked wonderful, in fact it worked so well I decided to get off the drug cold turkey while my wife and I tried to have a baby. My wife is going after being off it for 4/5 weeks I began to have terrible anxiety again. I began to project the worse possible scenarios. I did not want to harm myself or anyone else but I was afraid that it could turn into that. You read all...

New to Paxil

I just started taking Paxil two days ago. As of this moment I feel sick and depressed. I started taking Paxil after two weeks of Effexor made my symptoms much worse. I feel like I'm hanging onto my sanity by a thread. All these brief ups and and never ending downs are just too much to deal with on a daily basis. Please Paxil work your magic!! ## Hello, Ed! How are you? Unfortunately, many antidepressants can cause a temporary worsening of symptoms for a few weeks, before things change and your symptoms start to improve. I take one for PMS/perimenopausal irritability and overtime we adjust the dosage, I just tend to expect it for about 3 weeks, before I see an improvement. The FDA lists Paxil as being an SSRI antidepressant and its typical side effects are listed as possibly includin...

Just started paxil again after a year of not being on it

I have suffered panic anxiety my whole life the last year I thought I could control it with just the lorazapam. But not. So I am back trying to get through the side effects It been its been 5 days and I am on about 2mgs a day I am very sensitive as long as I keep lorazapam on board the side effects are not so bad. But if I get the least bit anxious as the lorazapam weres off i will sometimes get this burning feeling all through my body and if freaks me out wonder the WTH now but it does pass just annoying and tiring trying to control that panic all the time just want to know if this is normal. Oh and one other side effect if my skin becomes very sensitive and welts up ## Hello, Mickey! How are you? Anytime that you stop a medication and restart it, after a long period of time, start a n...


I have been on VIIBRYID for two months and no help. Was on paxil over ten years but was on 60 mg for two years before switching. Reason for switching was due to post postpartum depression after my third child. I want to go back on paxil because it works for me but I would like some feedback on stopping and starting. I was tapered on paxil while tapering on to VIIBRYID but would there be a problem if I took 60 mg of paxil and just stop the 40 mg of VIIBRYID?? I have a Dr appointment tomorrow but just want others opinions.

Increasing tiredness from low dose of Paxil

I started out on a VERY low dose of Paxil 1.5mg for 7 days and today is day 9 and have been on 2.25mg for 2 days. I am finding I could sleep all day and can't function- anyone else experience this and will it slowly taper off???? ## Hello, MK! How are you feeling? Yes, that is listed by the FDA as a possible side effect of SSRI antidepressants. You may also experience nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth and weight changes. It should taper off, but not until you are on one steady dose for awhile, so your body can get used to it. As long as you are gradually titrating up, you'll likely continue to experience this. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Unfortunately when I gradually got up to 10 mg I had bad side effects of a burning sensation through my whole body, sweats ...


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