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Can Celexa Make You Fail A Drug Test

I am tested every month. Now someone told me my new meds (Celexa) will make me fail the benzo part of the exam. Is this true? ## Celexa contains the active ingredient Citalopram, which is an SSRI antidepressant and no, it hasn't been known to cause false positives for anything on standard drug tests. ## my daughter tested positive for morphine but all she gas taken recently is celexa, is she lying to me? ## she is a recovering heroin addict so i dont know if i believe her ## can celexa make someone test positive for heroin? a friend of mine was in a bad car wreck and the hospital said something about heroin but then they changed it to celexa and then someone said that it wont do that. please help me figure this out.. ## I know this is an old post, but I just came home from an interv...

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Celexa side effects - help

My doctor put me on celexa 20 mg 6 months ago and the side effects were just too much. I have an irregular heartbeat for many years that was never a problem until I began this medication. When I asked him about this he for some reason became very defensive and said celexa had nothing to do with it and to keep taking it. I ended up firing him and I now have another doctor who says celexa will cause problems with someone who does have an irregular heatbeat. He's weaned me off of it, but the side effects are still there. I'm experiencing terrible mood swings I'm having a difficult time controlling, I also for lack of a better word-space out. I had the same side effects while on this medication. Could anyone tell me when I will even out again? I've only been off of it for a ...

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Can I Mix Celexa And Methadone

i wanted to know if iam already methadone is it safe to take celexa? ## It is actually recommended that combining the two be avoided and an alternative medication be used in replace of the Celexa, if someone is already on Methadone. Combining the two of them increases the risk of QT prolongation, cardiac arrhythmias and a couple of other health risks. Did your doctor prescribe both? ## I'm on 60mg of methadone for the past year. I started taking celexa for the past 5 months. It works wonders for me. Always tell your Dr what you're on. My Dr knows what I'm on and he says its ok to take. I started on 20mg first now I'm on 30mg. ## I'm on 10 mg of Methadone 3 times daily ,and my Dr.just started me on 10 mg of Celexa. Is it OK to mix together? I've been on it for a w...

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Celexa-Brain Zaps

My 12 year old son began taking celexa 10 days ago (10 mg). The results are awesome. His mood is much better, no sadness, more talkative, excitement and joy seems to have returned. This morning after a couple hours at school he told me that he was getting like quick electric "zaps" in his head. They only last a second. He says they are like when someone touches you after "rubbing their feet on the carpet" type zaps. I've googled, and all I can find is that these are withdrawl symptoms from celexa. Has anyone else experienced this at the start up of this medication? Loving the results until this happened. Hoping they don't need to change his meds and this will go away. ## That can happen when someone is new to taking such a medication, it is not just a withdrawal ...

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Celexa - difference in manufacturers

My daughter has been doing well on 30mg of the generic for celexa, citalopram which is manufactured by Torrent. They are small pink oval pills marked with 1010. After a couple of days of unbearable behavior which is indicative of not taking her medicine and her telling me she felt like she wasn't on her meds, I realized, that the pills were different. After some research these bigger pink pills marked with 508 are manufactured by Caraco. Could there be that significant difference in manufacturers of the same drug? ## I assume you mean 20mgs? Because that is the dosage in both of the tablets you mentioned. However yes, there can be differences from one generic medication to another. They are allowed to differ from the name brand, in the amount of the active ingredient, by as much as ...

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ADHD with Depression severe anxiety PTSD

My phychiatrist RX me celexa for depression ~ Then he tryed me on 5 types of anphedamien type Meds for ADHD Thoes Meds freaked me out I thought to myself. ppl actually get addicted to this stuff? But when I asked him to RX me enough Lorazepam , the smallest does 0.5 msg i think, enough for 1 or 2 tabs a week he about had a cow . Yet he'd give me anphedameins, up to 30 mg 2x's a day? I wish I never when to him and stayed with my primary Dr as he had RX it for me with one refil. Anyway I'm going to see the shrink next week, it's been three months. Tobeg him toperscribe me the Lorazapam as I stated above.. If he fights me on this I'm asking him why it's ok fir me to take anphedamins with my celex and not the smal does of the Lorazapam I'm asking fir for anxiety ...

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Weaning off Celexa

This is hell. I'm having rage, and I mean RAGE attacks! I've been off Celexa for about one week. I weaned myself off of Celexa, while replacing it with St. John's Wort. I'm taking 2800 mg SJW to offset no Celexa, and it definitely is helping. But the rage attacks are scary. Really scary. Like road rage type scary. Help. ## While St. John's Wort is said to help with depression, and anxiety, it does not actually replace a prescription medication, since it's efficacy is not clinically proven, nor are its effects comparable to a prescription medication, in spite of the claims that are made about it. That is also a very high dosage to be taken of it, generally it is not recommended that someone take more than 1,200mgs of it per day. Thus, the greatest chance you are f...

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i failed my pain meds drug test...False Positive On Drug Test For Pcp

I failed my pain meds drug test for PCP/ angeldust. Could my meds I am on have done this cause I have never touched pcp.? I am currently on celexa lamictal adderall ability xanex hydrocodone tramadol ## Celexa causes false positives for pcp happened to me in rehab. Most doc should know this! ## False positive for hydromorphone when dr. listed morphine instead of my prescribed ms contin er 30mgs 2x a day{for 8 yrs.) and loratab 7.5 as needed. Loratab was compliant and morphine non complant ms contin er wasn't listed anywhere. Could this be why hydromorphone showed up and no morphine showed up at all? I was cut from all pain meds told me I was a criminal for selling my morphine to buy a stronger drug. It has been about 30days now they said I fired them and cut my psyc. meds. I had to ...

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Citalopram from a Canadian pharmacy

I just received my order of generic Celexa through an online Canadian pharmacy. The pills look nothing like the picture on the website and they are white scored on one side with no imprint at all. What do I do? ## Hi April - I'd avoid taking a dose. It sounds like they might have shipped your meds from overseas because as far as I'm aware, drugs that are manufactured in North America are required to carry unique inscriptions so that they can be properly identified. So at this point it can be anything. Maybe it is what you ordered. Maybe not. Without an expensive lab test there is almost no way of knowing. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Do you know if the online pharmacy was either VIPPS or PharmacyChecker accredited? Hopefully you paid by credit card. If so, then the first ...

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Is it safe and effective to take 2 year expired Celexa 20 mg

Is it safe and effective to take 2 year expired Celexa 20 mg? ## Hello, Colleen! How are you? This medication doesn't get dangerous, once expired, but it does degrade over time and lose effectiveness. It would be best to dispose of them and see your doctor for a new prescription. This medication may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, headache and weight changes. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hi, why not call your pharmacist? I know Walgreens is always more than happy to answer questions for me. Take care. ## Hi, why not call your pharmacist? I know most drugstores are always more than happy to answer questions for me. Take care. ## What is celexa used for.it has been a while since I took it.need some thing for yeast infection.

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i failed a drug test for methamphetamine - have not done any - been taking celexa b12 extreme tylenol potassium zinc and sinus pill days ago

Please explain this for me. I haven't done any drugs, just the medications listed? The celexa Tylenol b12 extreme zinc potassium naproxen and some sort of sinus pill few days ago? Yet I fail for methamphetamine and amphetamine how what's going on? ## Naproxen will give a false positive reading for barbiturates, (Cocaine/Speed/etc), Phenylalanine or Pseudoephedrine in Sudafed will give a false positive reading for Methamphetamine/amphetamines. ## the sines pill has afed in it that would hit on the test try dropping what u can even if a doc say youre good cuz state and gov workers look on a scale of levels the less they see the less of drug testing ## So when they send it to the lab can they tell it wasn't meth ## Can celexa, zany 1g, and Lasix 20 mg show a faulse posative on ...

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Celexa 40 Mg Once A Day Or 2 20mg In Am And Pm

DOES ANYBODY HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH TAKING 40MG CELEXA ONCE DAILY VERSUS 20MG IN THE MORNING AND 20 MG AT NIGHT? THANKS! ## I moved up to 40 mg once daily about 1 year ago. It's a lot easier to remember to take it and I find it worked better for me at the higher dose, but don't miss a dose or you'll feel really wierd. ## AFTER TAKING 40MLG OF CELEXA FOR ABOUT A YR. IT FEELS LIKE ITS STOPPPD WORKIN ANY BODY ELSE? ## The number of daily doses for medications like this can really depend on the patient. Most doctors will try to go with a once daily dosing, because as Baxter mentioned, it is easier to get someone to remember to take medications once a day, rather than twice. However, splitting the doses up can work better for some medications, to give people better control, so doin...

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IG 208 - splitting this pill in half

Can I break this pill in half or fourths and take it? - "208 IG" white round pill (celexa). ## InvaGen pharmaceuticals lists this tablet as containing 40mgs of Citalopram which is an antidepressant. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, weight changes, and mood changes. And yes, it is a regular release formulation, so it can be cut. Are you on any other medications?

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can aleeve give a false positive of benzodiazapine on an urine drug test

i have taken these medications in the past month, nurotin-celexa-buspar-naperson-flexeral-aleeve-benadryl, can any of these medications give a false positive on a unrine drug test as benzodiazipine ## No, none of them are Benzodiazepines, drugs in this class include substances such as Alprazolam (Xanax) and Clonazepam (Klonopin.) Neurontin contains the active ingredient Gabapentin, this is an anticonvulsant that has been proven to help with certain types of nerve pain. Read more: BuSpar contains the active ingredient Buspirone, it is used to treat anxiety disorders. Read more: The Naprosyn and Aleve both contain Naproxen, this is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, used to treat pain and swelling. You really shouldn't be combining this, as too much of this medication can be dang...

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Did it take you a long time to adjust to Celexa?

I have both Anxiety and Depression, tried several SSRIs that didn't work. Dr put me on Celexa 10mg beginning April 1st...he warned me it would be rough at first. THAT is the truth... I have been SO much worse with anxiety... So I've only been on that low dose for 2 weeks. I feel SO discouraged because am not having ANY signs of feeling one bit better. Could you please share your experiences with me about how long it took. I'd really appreciate it, thanks. ## Yes, it can take about 4 to 5 weeks for this class of medications to reach their full level of efficacy in your body and for you to know how well it may, or may not work for you. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, mood changes, and weight changes. How are ...

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Trazadone Urine Test

I take celexa, trazadone, and vistaril. I failed a urine drug test for benzos. I could believe I had failed the drug test.Is it possible 2 fail a drug test using these meds?? ## I take celexa, trazadone, and vistaril. I failed a urine drug test for benzos. I could believe I had failed the drug test.Is it possible 2 fail a drug test using these meds?? ## Hi Jammie, Research I've gathered states the following: It has been recoded and verified in double-blind research experiments that Trazodone may show false positive benzodiazepine results on urine drug screens. The mechanism for this is not currently known; however, it appears that the metabolites of Trazodone may be similar to those of various benzodiazepines that are tested for on typical urine drug screens... Many places do allow ...

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Celexa False Positive For Methamphetamine

I'm going through some of the same things several ppl are that's WHY I keep asking the same question OVER & OVER. I HAD oxycodone, celexa, a 5mg diazepam early in the morning 9a.m. Got pulled over about 4:45-5p.m. That afternoon they took me to have blood work done. Didn't get to see lab results until I went to court. 3 months later it broke it down into nano grams but it said I had methamphetamine in my system and THERE IS NO FRIGEN WAY. I DON'T DO IT!! STILL GOING TO COURT OVER THIS. CAN CELEXA GIVE A FALSE POSITIVE FOR METHAMPHETAMINE? PLEASE SOMEONE HELP. AND NOWHERE DOES IT SAY DO NOT DRIVE OR USE HEAVY MACHINERY. IT SAYS USE CAUTION. 4 ATTORNEYS WATCHED DASH CAM FOOTAGE. I PASSED EVERY TEST. IT'S THE BLOOD TEST. HELP. ## No CELEXA would not cause a false po...

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can i just stop taking citalopram 20mg

I stopped taking celexa (citalopram) just 3 days after starting it. Is it all out of my system yet? By the way I'm a 200 and something pound woman. ## How long ago did you stop taking it? Why did you stop taking it? Were you experiencing problems with side effects? The FDA lists them as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, mood swings, and weight changes. ## I stop taking it after 3 days its been about 7 days now no i didnt have no side effects just didnt like how it made me feel

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celexa, trazadone, zoloft, sulfamethazole false positive benzodiazepines

I'm currently weening off of Zoloft while taking Celexa as my doctors new choice of an OCD/anti anxiety med because the Zoloft on 100mg was making my anxiety worse. I'm also on 100mg of Trazadone nightly for sleep. Two weeks ago I was put on Sulfamethazole/Trip something or other to clear an infection caused by an ingrown hair. I was given a typical urine drug test and came up positive for benzodiazopines. I've taken no other drugs or supplements and I need to know if any combination of these drugs that I'm taking caused the false positive for my drug screen. ## Zoloft can cause a false positive for benzodiazepines.

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will a gas chromatography test prove i am not on methamphetamine

I DO NOT USE METHAMPHETAMINE!!!! I took a 5 panel drug test and I came up dirty for methamphetamine. They are doing a gas chromatology test on my sample. Will it prove I did not use methamphetamine, if I really did not use it? I am so scared because I do not take anything but celexa, wellbutrin, and neurontin for my depression and anxiety. I am floored because I am the last person that I thought would test positive for this. How accurate is the gas test and are there any instances where they make mistakes? How long before that result comes back? I am sick to my stomach because I am in school for court reporting and this will ruin my chances of getting a job and I did not even do anything wrong. Please, anyone that can help me understand would be so helpful. Thank you.

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