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Amanda Says:

My doctor put me on celexa 20 mg 6 months ago and the side effects were just too much. I have an irregular heartbeat for many years that was never a problem until I began this medication. When I asked him about this he for some reason became very defensive and said celexa had nothing to do with it and to keep taking it. I ended up firing him and I now have another doctor who says celexa will cause problems with someone who does have an irregular heatbeat. He's weaned me off of it, but the side effects are still there. I'm experiencing terrible mood swings I'm having a difficult time controlling, I also for lack of a better word-space out. I had the same side effects while on this medication. Could anyone tell me when I will even out again? I've only been off of it for a week and it's terrible. I've always been an even tempered person and now I don't know what will set me off. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I cannot keep living like this. I don't want to be around anyone anymore.

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Amanda Says:

By the way, I am 55 if that helps. Thank you.

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David Says:

Hi Amanda,

Based on your description, it's very likely that you may just be experiencing withdrawal-like symptoms, despite having taken the time to wean off of it. Sometimes our bodies adapt and get used to having the same thing for such a long time that the second you change treatment options your mind just flips out!

It's going to be different for everyone, but from what I could gather, some people report withdrawal symptoms lasting as long as 5 weeks, while others have reported symptoms lasting only 2 weeks. I suppose this largely depends on the dosage and length of time you've been taking it though.

In the meantime I would recommend talking to your doctor about natural things you can do or take that might help alleviate at least some of those symptoms.

I hope this advice helps in any way!

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Amanda Says:

Thank you so much. I thought I was losing my mind when the withdrawal first began. That is a frightening feeling. You have definitely helped me and Monday morning I will be calling my doctor.

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Butterfly Says:

I recently started celexa and I feel anxious and my heart rate is up which is scaring me. I contacted my doc and they said this is normal and should go away when my body calms down, but I am scared that I might have a heart attack or die?

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Cmay0914 Says:

Re: Butterfly (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

This is because you're trying to adjust. I am going through the same thing. Every forum that I've read has said that the startup of this med is BRUTAL, but that if you stick it out, it's so worth it. I'm currently on day 4 of 20mg and my anxiety is through the roof. Heart rate is up, and depression is much worse. Hang in there, and give the drug at least 8 weeks to work its magic before you call it quits. I really hope it works for you.

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