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Taking Zoloft and Welbutren

My Dr.has me on Welbutren and Zoloft but the Zoloft makes me feel like a zombi,and so tired so I just take Welbutren now.What should I tell my Dr.? ## Hello, Jim! How are you? I'm sorry about the problem that you're having. The FDA does list those symptoms as being possible side effects to Zoloft, when someone is new to taking it. You may also experience dizziness, dry mouth, mood swing and weight changes. However, side effects usually taper off in severity and go away after a month or so, once your body gets used to the medication. As to what to tell you doctor, if you really don't want to take it, because you don't like the way it makes you feel, then just tell them that. You aren't obligated to take anything your doctor prescribes, the final choice on that is alwa...

psychotic episode from zoloft

Hi, was just wondering if anyone has ever had a psychotic episode from going off of zolfoft, I have and it was pure hell. My kids didn't think they would ever see me again. Please if anyone has had anything close to to this, please let me know of your experience Thanks ## Did you doctor say it was caused by going off the Zoloft? A sudden cessation, if you've been taking it for a long period of time, can cause depression and rebound effects, but a complete psychotic break would be very unusual. ## No my doctor didn't tell me that's what it was from, but my shrink did. Also, another friend of mie had the same thing happen. So yes, it's very common with Zoloft ## I as well had a psychotic episode after being prescribed Zoloft. In 1996, I was 22 and I only took it for 2 ...

Hair Loss from Zoloft

Has anybody experienced hair loss or thinning after being on zoloft? Nobody has baldness or hair loss in my family and I have been losing hair since I started zoloft. My hair is also getting thinner and I am getting the whole receding hair line thing. My dad and his dad do not even have that nor any of my older brothers. I hate these damned side effects!! ## From what I was able to gather hair loss is not listed as a side effect from taking Zoloft. Are you on any other medications? ## Well if you look at the side effects for zoloft (sentraline) it does say that hair loss is a sign of overdose. That means it DOES have the ability to cause hair loss. The question is at what dose? SSRIs are definitely known to cause hair loss. ## I apologize for that you are right, hair loss is listed as a...

Zoloft alternatives

Is there a drug like Zoloft that you can buy over the counter? I need something to help me through a couple of days of tough times. ## Hello Johnny, In regards to actual medicine there really isn't going to be anything that is going to be over the counter that you can pick up. The reason for this is that drugs that are used for anti depressant purposes often have both an addictive nature and side effects that can cause suicidal tendencies. What I can say is that there are some "natural supplements" that claim to have anti-depression benefits. If you are just looking to get through a small window where you don't have a prescription filled this may be the best route for you to try. Here are a couple of supplements that I found that are claimed to help. - Sam-e - Tryptophan...

north carolina doctor who prescribes diazapam

48 year old Raleigh resident looking for a doctor to prescribe me my diazapam. I am being cut off from the clinic I go to. After my doctor retired (in Virginia) went to Monarch because I do not have health insurance. I now go to Cornerstone. I have been taking Diazapam for about 25 years as well as Zoloft. I am aware of the side effects and long term usage of "Benzos". I have a long history of mental health issues and this combination is the best for me. I exercise, meditate, watch my caffeine intake and use to tools taught to me to handle my emotional problems to the best of my ability. I feel angered that because of whatever the issues are that prescribers are not prescribing these types of medications should not be my concern. I have read throughly on the CDC'S website. A...

Zoloft and crying

I have been on 150mg Zoloft for a few years, for anxiety. I haven't had a bad episode of anxiety since I started taking it. But I find that I can't cry. I sometimes tear up slightly, but that's it. Even when my beloved father died, I didn't shed a tear. Has anyone else experienced anything like that? ## Hi Lauribeth, Sorry to hear about your situation. According to NIH, "mood or behavior changes" + "severe mood or mental changes" are both listed as side effects of Zoloft that you should check with your doctor about immediately. They also list "confusion" among a wide variety of other unusual side effects. Source: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/PMH0045066/#DDIC601237.side_effects_section Do you feel that the medication is working too well in the sen...

Zoloft and trouble staying asleep:

I started on Zoloft 3 weeks ago and I went from cutting a 50mg pill in half to increasing it 25 mg each week. I am now on 100 mg. I was prescribed Zoloft for anxiety. I usually take the pill around 7 pm. The first weeks I was absolutely fine the only thing that is persistent is that I would go to sleep and wake up few times a night. I was wondering if this is permanent ? ## No, it should not be a permanent side effect, but it may take a few weeks for it to go away, once you are on one consistent dosage, for awhile. The FDA does warn that this medication might cause REM Onset Latency as a side effect, which means that it can take longer for you to enter the REM phase of sleep and you may not be in it for as long as normal. That can cause a disrupted sleep patter, for awhile. When I'v...

manufacturer change for zoloft

Is it safe from a foreign country? I'm still a little Leary . ## Hello, Rusti! How are you? If it is available via a U.S. pharmacy, then it has passed the same quality and efficacy standards as all others, regardless of which country it is from. This medication is an SSRI antidepressant which may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, dry mouth and weight changes. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I've taken 50mg of sertraline for 24 years. During that time, I would periodically try to get off it. But after about 2 days, I would feel myself go down and resumed taking it. It's been quite a while since I've made this attempt again, so more than a week ago I discontinued sertraline (Lupin Pharma) and I don't feel any different than when I took it. My th...


want to know everything there is to know about zoloft good and bad ## I've been on it, along with a number of other people I know. Hated being on it. Takes too much control of you. Have never met anyone who thought it was good for them. ## I don't have a whole lot to complain about being on it. I never really noticed a difference, but I did find out not to take it within 4 hours of Depakote. It has some very odd side effects. ## I have been taking zoloft for approx. 9 years 100mg daily and it has been very good for me. ## I have been on this for about 3-4 weeks now. I was on Prozac for 15 tears but was having problems again with depression more and he switched me to zoloft 50-75 mg. As needed he said. So far no side affects to say but doing better. Took a leave of absense from w...

Zoloft anxiety side effect

Two weeks ago my doctor increased my Zoloft dosage from 25 mg to 50 mg and I've had debilitating anxiety for since day three of the increase. The anxiety has lessened a little in the last day but I'm wondering if this is a side effect that's not going to go away. I'm quite scared. ## That can be a normal side effect, as reported by the FDA, you may also experience nausea, dizziness, headache, and weight changes. Side effects usually tend to be transient, as explained by the NIH, and they should go away, once your body gets used to the new dosage, but that may take 4 to 5 weeks. However, if its gets severe, or doesn't go away, you should consult your doctor. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hello me to i know how bad it gets, the meds changed me to much and ...

central NJ doctor prescribes benzo accepts medicade

I just moved to NJ, i suffer from TERRRIBLE mental health issues,anxiety/social anxiety, depression, BPD, PTSD, ADHD.... to name a few ha. Im having enough trouble as it is just FINDING a doc that takes medicaid and I would reallly like to not have to go through a bunch of people telling me what ive already heard. I got a psych that gave me my adderal and zoloft but she was trying me on different SSRI and mood satbalizers that didnt work i feel she just thinks im a lost cause. I AM SO OVER NOT SLEEPING BUT BEING EXHAUSTED!! I not only cant hold a job but i cant even make it through the interview or phone calll bc i freak out into a panic attack. I need to start living my adult life, I need my adderal to do day to day life but I cant take it unless I can even myself out. I do not like feeli

Zoloft, amitriptyline and clonodine addiction?

I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety when I was 16 and started taking Zoloft. within 6 months of treatment I was taking 100mg of Zoloft, and here I am four years later still depending on it each day. Due to the high dosage, it caused me to have very very very bad side affects such as migraines and becoming restless 24/7. They then started me on Amitriptyline to help out balance the side affects and it worked perfectly. I take 25 mg of amitriptyline at night. 3 years after continuously taking the Zoloft and Amitriptyline, my psychiatrist added me onto clonodine at night to help me sleep and it works wonders, but I'm afraid I'm addicted to it, mentally. if I don't take it or accidentally miss taking it at night, I am completely restless at night to the point where I don...

Aurobindo zoloft

Is it safe from a foreign country? I'm still a little Leary . ## Hello, Rusti! How are you? It has had to meet the same quality and efficacy standards of all the others generic medications available on the U.S. market. This medication is an SSRi antidepressant and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache and weight loss. Is there anything else I can help with? ## ok up Arobindo , the were twice dropped by our FDF And have several pages of concerns and failed quality standerds. One big one in the usa the FDA does unannounced inspections in India we give them a 3 month warning and they still have issues with quality control!

New Zoloft User

Hi Everyone, Recently had a crisis situation where I had been tried on numerous sleeping pills unsuccessfully and with terrible anxiety and depression. Now on 50 mg of zoloft and 100 mg of seroquel together for 3 days. I seem to be able to feel when the depression begins to ease up already but I am experiencing terrible panic and heightened anxiety in its place. My anxiety focuses a lot on death and age as triggers but just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience of increased anxiety? Will it eventually go away? Also not sure if zoloft will help with my specific fear and anxiety so has anyone else used it successfully for a similar purpose? ## It takes time, but you should be able to call your Dr. hotline and they will help you. Probably give you something like Clonzepam, ...


Hi, I've been on zoloft 150 mg for a year and a half and it has been a blessing and allowed me to function again and be normal from my anxiety. I got a 4.0 gpa after barely being able to even attend class, however a month ago I got in a bad car crash I rear ended someone going 60 mph because everyone stopped and I dozed for a second- ever since the crash my anxiety has been horrible and back to how I was before zoloft- is it possible the Zoloft stopped working, any suggestions/thoughts would be helpful ## Also wanted to note besides some whiplash I was fine didn't want to get medical help because of $$ ## Do you have any idea why you dozed off while driving? According to NIH studies Zoloft can cause drowsiness, and dizziness as side effects... and 150mgs if a pretty high dosage....

Would any of the following cause benzos to show up in a drug test for a job I m on Zoloft 50mg Lisinopril 20mg and benadryl along with hydroxyzine

I'm being treated for depression and panic attacks and anxiety disorders. I feel like I may not get this job that would mean so much for me and my well being to get me out of this rut....what should I do? ## If benzos ate a no no, I'm not sure they will let me work for the company. I'm not crazy or anything, things just happen in life that may require medication and not fair that a drug test can keep me from doing something I love :-( especially prescribed by my Dr..... ## Absolutely not!!! All the medication you listed you are on are NOT BENZOS !! THEREFOR IT WOULD BE INPOSSIBLE TO BE HOT FOR BENZOS !! ONLY IF YOU TOOK DRUGS LIKE XANAX, KLONOPIN, VALIUM, DRUGS LIKE THE 3 I LISTED YOU WOULD COME UP HOT FOR BENZOS ! BUT DONT BE MISTAKEN WHEN URIN IS SENT TO A LAB THEY CAN TEL...

Anxiety from taking Xyzal

I had an experience April 20th & April 21st. My doctor gave me an allergy medication called Xyzal for seasonal Allergies. I ended up in the hospital because I had 5 days of hallucinations. It was like being on LSD. I soon found myself having alot of anxiety from this and had to wait 4 months to see a phychiarist. They put me on Zoloft. They put me on 25mg but I think they have to up the dosage because I have been taking it for about 2 weeks and I see only a slight change. Does anybody know how long I have to take this before I feel less anxiety? ## My Dr. started me out on 25 mg for the first week, then increased it to 50. I read it takes at least a week to start working. I had my first dose today. I hope it works. I've been self medacating and that does not work. ## to Jji hope...

false positive drug test

I am on probation. I am on Zoloft, hydroxezine, prednisone, bactrim, ibuprofen. Can any of these meds cause a false positive for any illegal drugs? ## I am on probation and I go the 23rd for a drug test, can it make me fail and get in trouble? ## I currently take Sertraline. I had to have a drug test for my entrance to school. The only medication I take is birth control, Sertraline, and I was on prescription vitamin D. My urine test came back positive for Benzodiazepines. My Drs office said that the Sertraline wouldn't cause it. They had the lab do further testing. During that time I contacted my pharmacist and after he did some research he found that it can cause a false positive. I then found the zoloft insert online and it says right in the insert that it can cause a false positi...

False Positive For benzo

I am on zoloft and tested positive for benzos!!! I am on probation, and made them send it out for confirmatory testing results...Is this testing accurate...will it confirm a false-positive??? ## The Sertraline in the Zoloft has been known to cause a false positive for Benzodiazepines. What the further testing will show depends on what type of test they've ordered and how in-depth it is, they should be able to detect the Sertraline and it's metabolites. Have you gotten the results back, yet? ## I currently take Sertraline. I had to have a drug test for my entrance to school. The only medication I take is birth control, Sertraline, and I was on prescription vitamin D. My urine test came back positive for Benzodiazepines. My Drs office said that the Sertraline wouldn't cause it...

2nd time on ZOLOFT!

is any one here, who is taking zoloft again with success? ## It did not work for me, when I tried to take it, again, after being off of it for several years. I started getting all the horrible side effects, including severe depression. How is it working for you? The NIH lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, mood swings, and weight changes. Can anyone else chime in with their personal experiences?


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