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Bupropion XL 300 by Lupin (L016)

Has anyone tried Bupropion XL 300 by Lupin - a round pill marked L016? Just received these from Walgreen's internet pharmacy and I'm very concerned. I started taking this medication about two years ago, the PAR generic, and everything was great. Then, CVS changed to Cipla and things got bad -- it was only thanks to Medschat that I figured out the problem was caused by the new manufacturer. So, I switched to Walgreens, which had Actavis. It was so much better for me than Cipla but not quite as good as PAR. Quite by accident, I found that when ordering from Walgreen's internet pharmacy I got the med manufactured by PAR. All's been good for many months... until I just opened my newest prescription and found it's by a newly approved generic by Lupin. Hopefully it will be...

False Positive for medication Benzodiazepines

Does anyone have a list of the medications that can cause false positives? I take quite a few meds and my probation officer said I tested positive. This is impossible. I only take what is prescribed to me, and none of them is on the list of Benzodiazepines. ## There are quite a few medications that can cause such false positives, as a matter of fact, it is far too large of a list for me to name them all for you. However, if you can post back with the names of the medications you take, I will gladly check for you to see if one of them may have caused it. Can you please post back with more information? ## Can Benedryl cause a false positive for Benzos drug screen? If so, where can I find evidence supporting that? A job is on the line! ## i was positive for benzodiazephines,the only thing ...

Bupropion 150 XL by Dr. Reddy's/ScieGen Pharmaceuticals

Do they work as well as PAR brand? Any other comments on this brand of Bupropion? ## Do not work as well. And couldn't return them. CVS still uses PAR and CVS policy is to inform before providing different brand. ## PAR Bupropion works better for me, (used 2 years). Get it in CVS by request only. I tried CIPLA for about 4 months, don’t like it at all. Back to PAR.

Bupropion XL by Cipla Pharmaceuticals

My pharmacy has been giving me refills of the generic bupropion for my last two refills that are manufactured by CIPLA. The pill is oblong and has the number 13 on one side and what appears to be a capital I on the other side. I do not feel that this generic is doing much for me. I have researched this manufacture they are located in India. Approximately 45% of the medications that are sold in the United States are manufactured in foreign countries. I am going to call my pharmacy to see if they can get one of the generics that were previously dispensed to me. The buyers for drugs at pharmacies look to find lower priced drugs, which I understand. I have been taking Wellbutrin XL 150 mg three tablets daily for about eight years including the generic form. This medication helped my severe ...

White Oblong pill with I on one side and 13 on the other

I picked up my prescription for bupropion HCL XL and noticed the shape and imprint is different than it's ever been. It is an oblong tablet with "I" on one side and 13 on the other. There are no score lines. I'm unable to find it through any search and want to make sure it's the correct medication. Any help is appreciated. ## It's just a change in Manufacturer. I noticed the difference too today when picking up my prescription. If you go to Cipla USA's website, they have the image and description of the updated pill. Before this one, I had the round pill with A 101 printed on it, but that was manufactured by a different company. ## I have been trying to find this same pill I picked up at my pharmacy days ago. My bupropion xl never looked like this. Thank you ...

bupropion 150mg -- is it fluoride-free and gluten-free?

Is bupropion 150 mg fluoride-free and gluten-free? ## Is bupropion 150 mg fluoride-free and gluten-free? ## Good question! I'm in the middle of looking that up now (that's how I came across this post) ## Hello, I'd like to help you but I need to know a bit more information regarding your medication. Do you know the manufacturer and if possible can you give me the imprint on the pills? Each brand will have different inactive ingredients which is where you would find the gluten and flouride. Without knowing the exact brand I would just be taking a shot in the dark and I would hate to have something happen to you because I looked up the wrong brand.

Bupropion pill information

purple, round, four 9's appear around the pill ## Will amlodipine affect me while taking bupropion 300 mg pills? ## Hello, I was unable to find any pill of any color that has four 9's as an imprint, however I was able to find a Bupropion pill that has GG;929 imprint in which the G's sort of look like 9's upside down. I will provide an image, let me know if this is the pill you are asking about and I will provide further information. Let me know if this is the pill that you have. If not I can continue searching. ## I have been given the bupropion hcl xl prescription today. I am overweight. I'm wondering, is this a water pill? And depression pill?

Bupropion XL 300 mg by Sandoz

I haven't found any information on the XL versions of Bupropion by Sandoz. Can anyone share their experience with this pill? I just picked it up today. It's a white, round pill with ST 300 imprinted on it. A search on Sandoz's website came up empty. The NDC # is 00781-5529-10. This is the third manufacturer for the XL 300 mg that I've tried. Cipla's version gave me constipation, and I haven't had any side effects with PAR's. ## Hello, I'm not exactly sure what type of information that you're looking for considering you were able to not only give the imprint but the NDC. For now I will simply provide you with all of the information that the NIH provides for this drug and then you can give me further instruction from there as to what you would like to k...

best generic bupropion 75mg sandoz or apotex

Mhich one is better? My son use to take bupropion Hcl 75mg from Sandoz Pharm. but when we bought our house and moved we swapped Pharmacies. They carry bupropion Hcl 75mg from Apotex Corp. I've noticed that he isn't able to focus as much, he impulse reacts more, and he takes longer to go to sleep, along with other small differences. Can this be because the bupropion from Apotex Corp. doesn't work as well for him as from Sandoz Pharm. I'm almost sure if it to be honest. Should I transfer and fill it elsewhere? ## Most defintely transfer script. Ive been taking Sandoz bupropion and love it. Had it filled the other day, they gave me Mylan brand and it did nothing for me except make my bp go up. Imo Sandoz is holy grail for wellbutrin generic. Hope he gets to feeling better!!...

Bupropion XL by Mylan Pharmaceuticals

Hi everyone. I'm a 39 year old male and on Day 6 of 150mg Bupropion XL. I am wondering how long it takes Mylan Bupropion XL to start working? Also how long does it take to get the increased libido effects that everyone mentions? Currently a little down and even with Viagra, I have a hard time. ## It may take about 4 to 5 weeks for it to reach its full level of efficacy in your body. As to the side effects, according to the U.S. FDA, it doesn't increase your response/libido, it is that it usually doesn't cause the same loss of libido as other similar medications. Other side effects may include nausea, dizziness, headache, and increased risk of seizures. Are you on any other medications? ## What pharmacy dispenses bupropion 150 mg that is manufactured by Mylan? Any help would ...

What does ACT and ANC mean on a prescription?

I have been taking Bupropion XL 300 MG TAB ACT. I filled my prescription 3 hrs ago and i was given Bupropion XL 300 MG TAB ANC. I am feeling very strange. The pharmacy said they are exactly the same, just different manufacturers. I have never felt this way on the other Bupropion. ## Hello, Rita! How are you doing? Has there been any change? Are you on any other medications? Can you please describe your feeling strange more specifically? The NIH does warn that it can cause side effects such as nausea, dizziness, headache, nervousness, and weight loss. And yes, your pharmacist is correct, they have just been manufactured by different companies. ## Generic Wellbutrin isn’t the same as brand name. Main ingredient is the same but formula is different, so doesn’t metabolize the sa...

small round dark blue pill

sm ooth on one side, other side has 410 with capital E above it. ## Bupropion (byoo-PROE-pee-on) Treats depression and aids in quitting smoking. This medicine is an antidepressant. ## dark blue round pill m on one side 15 on the other ## Jules7373 is correct, and to add specifics, Sandoz Pharmaceuticals lists it as containing 100mgs of Bupropion. It is used to treat depression, anxiety, and to aid in smoking cessation. NDC code: 00185-0410 The FDA warns that it carries the risk of being habit forming, and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, mood changes, and dry mouth. I hated this stuff, it made me feel that I had drunk several pots of coffee, in a row, I was bouncing off the walls. Jenny, is the M in a box, or not? Can you please post back and clarify?

Bupropion Sr 150mg Wellbutrin M/U12

Will this cause a possitive result of methampethamine from taking a hair folicle test? ## Yes, it has been reported as causing false positives for Methamphetamine on drug tests. Learn more drug test details here. Has this happened to someone you know? ## Yes. It is happening to a family member now. Is on probation taking 150mg of Wellbutrin twice a day now being revoked and having to go to safp. She even had her depression med changed that wouldn't test positive. Judge would not accept any of her documentation, letters from physicians anything. She is totally being railroaded. ## Will wellbutrin xl show up on a drug sweat patch as methamphetamine? Honest answers only please.

I'm afraid to start taking Bupropion with Tramadol

I was just prescribe Bupropion 150mg 2x daily. I also take Tramadol which was prescribed by the same Dr. I'm afraid to start the Bupropion because of the drug interaction btwn the two. Should I be worried? Can I cut the tablets in half & take 75mg 2x daily? ## Hi Donna, After looking over the interaction between these two medications, I can certainly see why you might be scared to take them together. The interaction I found states the following: "MONITOR CLOSELY: The risk of seizures may be increased during coadministration of tramadol with any substance that can reduce the seizure threshold, such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI antidepressants or anorectics), monoamine oxidase inhibitors, neuroleptic agents, central nervous system stimulants, opioids, tricy...

White oval pill i 71

What is it and why is it prescribed? Is this pill an opioid? I found it in my kid's bedroom and I would like to know what type of medication it is. ## Hi Frank, A white oval pill marked with I 71 on one side and blank on the other is reportedly identified as Bupropion hydrochloride extended release (300 mg). This medication is marketed as an antidepressant with a number of other off-label uses as well. For verification, the manufacturer is listed as InvaGen Pharmaceuticals and the pill itself carries a National Drug Code of 76282-0481. I hope this helps! ## It is a pain reliever. Tramadol hydrochloride 50 mg ## This identification is wrong, FYI. The first answer was correct. This pill is not Tramadol, it is Buproprion 300mg.

Bupropion HCL XL 150 Mg Wpl 3331

Current Bupropion HCL XL150 MB TABGLO are yellow oblong pills that are press-stamped 681. New Rx refill is Bupropion HC XL150 MG Tablets are small white pills tab ink stamped WPI 3331...is there just a difference in manufacturer? ## Yes, that is correct, they are both the same medication, in the same dosage and formulation, just made by different companies. It is common for a pharmacy to switch which one they provide, depending on who was offering the cheapest price whenever they needed to restock. Is there anything else I can help with? ## What exactly is the difference in Bupropion HCL XL and Bupropion SR? ## I have been taking Bupropion HCL XL 150 mg round white tablets for several years. Several months ago, my pharmacist refilled my prescription with a different color and shaped pil...

bupropion identification

i have received bupropion sr 150 and the have no stamp on them, they are round and light yellow. how do I know if they are the real drug, ## Did you ever find out? I just got the same thing and am afraid to take them ## This has also happened to me - got Buprotic (??) 150mg m/r tablets. The blister pack seems legit but the tablets have no identification stamped on them, plain off-white tablets. They came with 4 free Tadalafil tablets, called Erectafil, which I didn't really want but they are stamped, and they work!! Don't really know what to do next, I might send a Buprotic tablet off for analysis but I have no idea how to do this. ## OMG REALLY??? ask your pharmacist... or you cant i'm guessing?? ## Did you ever find out if these were legitimate or not? The 'buprotic...


I found this white round pill with WPI 839 on it can you tell me what it is. ## WPI 839 is 150 mg Bupropion sustained release ## Marco is correct, this medication is commonly used as an antidepressant, and as a smoking cessation aid. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including dizziness, nervousness, insomnia, headache, and nausea. I tried it once, years ago, and it made me feel like I had drunk multiple pots of coffee, I was almost bouncing off the walls, so I was told to stop taking it, and never take it, again. What experiences have others had taking this medication?

bupropion - actavis vs sandoz

I have been taking bupropuin 150 mg 2 times daily made by actavis for over 6 months and doing very well with it last week I was given the same medication but it was a different color and made b sandoz .I have been taking it for 8 days two days ago I had a panic attack then for the past 2 days I have had tightness in my chest. Felt a bit dizzy yesterday and have been feeling extremely overwhelmed and even crying, I'm not sure if it could have something to do with the medication. Please help ## There can be some fluctuations in the amount of the active ingredient from one generic to another, they are usually slight and considered to be therapeutically insignificant, but there are some cases where someone can be sensitive to any fluctuation and they may experience problems. Learn more ...

Bupropoin Hcl Sr 200mg compared to HCR ER

Ive been taking the SR for a long time. I had a siezure Aug 2008. My Dr has kept me on this med. w/ok from Nuerologist. I recently became aware that the pharmacy gave me Bupropion HCL ER 200mg on my last refill-instead of the SR. I always check and cant beleive I didnt see this. Is there a diffrence? Ive felt really out of sorts, extreme hot flashes,sleeping poorly, upset anxious stomach. ## I have been taking Wellbutrin xl 300 mg for about 5 years. My insurance switched, I placed a mail order nad received Buprop 24 XL tab 300 mg.The only marking on the pill is A102. Has anyone taken this? Is it realy the same? ## Both the SR and ER designate it as being a time released formulation of this medication. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headac...


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