Wxl 300 Canadian Wellbutrin Xl

Tori LTB Says:

Insurance no longer pays for brand name Wellbutrin XL as too expensive. I am in US and feel the brand name worked best. However, the brand name I got much cheaper from Canada looks a little different from what I was taking before. Instead of the whole name printed on the white round pill, it is marked W X L with 300 below. It also has a flat finish instead of the smooth coating. From Valeant. Is this pill really the genuine brand name Wellbutrin?

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Joan Says:

I have been taking Wellbutrin 300xl for many years. I have been paying $5.00 every month! I went to the website for Wellbutrin and got the $5.00 copay coupon codes and they WORK!!! I did receive a notice from my insurance company that they will no longer cover the name brand, but the coupon code are still working!!! TY JESUS!!!

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Joan Says:

Oh,... my Wellbutrin 300 xl has the whole name on it and it a roundish pill with a finish. They coating actually comes out in the toilet lol. Hope this helps

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