Bupropion Hcl Er 200mg.

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meg Says:

I was just switched from Bupropion SR 150 3x a day to Buprobion ER 200 2x a day. But the pharmacy label on the new bottle says Buproprion HCL ER 200 and below that generic for Bupropion HCL SR 200 but it's only twice a day.
I thought only the brand (XL) was still the only 2x a day version. So now I'm totally confused about the difference between SR, ER, and XL. I'd been feeling worse, but the last 3x a day was for 150. So seems like now my dosage has been reduced? Does this make sense. (My doctor also has a pharmacy degree, and gets *very* annoyed at being questioned about my medicines.) I feel so dumb, but I just can't figure this out. Could someone here please straightened me out--unconfuse me? Thanks very much!

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VerFree Says:

Hello, Meg! How are you doing? Sorry about the confusion.

SR, ER, XL, XR, and several others all mean that same thing, they denote the medication as being time released, there is no real difference between them, it's just the abbreviation that the manufacturer, or pharmacy decided to use at that time.

The round, peach/pink tablet with 555 on it is manufactured by Amneal Pharmaceuticals, and they do list it as containing 200mgs of Bupropion in a time released formulation. NDC: 00115-5445

Its typical side effects may include nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, mood changes, and weight changes.

But yes, your dosage has been reduced if you went from 150 SR 3 times a day to 200mgs ER twice a day, that means you were taking 450mgs a day, but are now only taking 400mgs daily.

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