Sandoz Bupropion Sr 150 Mg - Same Medication, Different Manufacturer

Nicki Says:

Has anyone had a problem when having to switch their medication to another manufacturer? For the past 4 months I have SUCCESSFULLY been taking Bupropion SR 150 Mg manufactured by Mylan, sold by CVS (it is a light green round pill).....Unfortunately, my insurance recently forced me to go through Medco mail order and I received dark purple round pills manufactured by SANDOZ. Since taking these purple pills I have become sick daily. I have been experienced nausea, not seeing clearly (double vision or something weird like that), vertigo, motionsickness, extreme temperature fluctuations, not being able to concentrate, etc, etc, etc..... So I immediately switched back to purchasing this medication from CVS (Mylan) and my nasty symptoms disipated quickly and I am back to "me" again! My insurance will only cover me through mail order so I am forced to come out of my pocket.... Has anyone else had a problem with those little purple nightmares?

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Nicki! How are you?

Yes, there are others that have posted about experiencing similar problems with some generics, not necessarily the same one as you, but it does happen. I've experienced it myself with some medications.

It can happen due to some slight fluctuations in the active ingredient or differences in the inactive ones.

You could try asking your doctor to prescribe it as the brand being necessary, then the mail order place can't send you any random generic they have.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Turtle Wins Says:

I know it's been months since this post but I hope I can shed some new light. I went to a different pharmacy to fill my latest prescription of bupropion SR 150. The previous generic was pale yellow, but the new pharmacy gave me purple pills made by Sandoz. These purple pills have a waxy, glossy coating on them that the other pills didn't. Within 5 days my depression got worse than it's been in years. Called my doctor who explained that the wax coating was probably not dissolving quickly enough and therefore I wasn't getting the dosage I needed. I switched back to the non-coated generics and everything went back to "normal" within a few days.

So yes, the difference between generics can be dramatic depending on the inactive ingredients. As my doc explained, the uncoated pills use a different sustained release mechanism than Sandoz, which apparently uses the wax coating as their sustained release mechanism.

Needless to say, I will be extremely cautious in the future when buying generic drugs.

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melanie Says:

I have had a problem in the past switching from Sanders appropriate to another generic brand and once I switch back to send us always good game. Recently the last few months I felt once again it’s like my meds aren’t working and was wondering if anyone knows if send us has changed anything and it’s in active ingredients

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melanie Says:

Does anyone know if sandoz has changed any active or inactive ingredients in bupropion sr recently ?

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Anxious Annie Says:

Hi, I've been successfully taking 150 mg SR for a year. The sandoz brand does well with me. I take it 2x s day. Why don't I just take 300 mg XL ? Tried all generics of this. They either don't work (get withdrawals), or side affects to include hallucinations. I also take 2 other anti dep. Spacing them out throughout the day works pretty well. My dep is severe, spacing them throughout the day is s real pain, but I'll do anything that works

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