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Mirtazapine (remeron) - help me understand how it works!

Hello, I need help to understand how this antidepressant works for anxiety. I am suffering from severe anxiety (suspected hyperadrenergic postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome - hyper pots) which causes my heart rate to increase by 30-50 beats per minute upon standing, along with a blood pressure increase, and so it's hard for me to even stand because of heart palpitations, fatigue, dizziness, etc; and so i lay in my bed for 22-23 hours daily for 8 months, my muscles are GONE, & I am only existing. My medicine history story in a few sentences: After more than several heart tests a year ago, they found nothing except mentioned sinus tachycardia episodes and high blood pressure when anxious. For example it was 170/90 with the heart rate of 120 just sitting and talking to the c...

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Remeron (Mirtazapine) with Diapam (Diazepam)

I am 52-year-old man. I take Remeron (Mirtazapine) for anxiety and depression. I started to use this medication about one week ago. I take the medication in the evening. I read in the patient information leaflet that I should not drink alcohol. How many hours after I take the medication is it safe to drink? Sometimes I drive to work by car. When I had the medication dispensed in the pharmacy, they said that the medication can cause drowsiness. Can I drive If I use this medication? I also use Diapam(Diazepam), is it safe to take these medications together? ## I would be more concerned with combining valium and stimulants. I admit it is no longer the 1980s'! I would not recommend driving after taking remeron. The alcohol when moderated well is a guessing game. You have to try it befor...

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Locate a psychiatrist in Pittsburgh?

I cant stress this enough how much the benzodiazepine has helped me in the past. I'm 53 and all I want to do is live some kind of life. This medication has helped me in my social fears, my depression, my stress and anxiety. I dont know how to tell a psychiatrist how i really feel. And how this helped me for many years..I cant sit still, i don't interact with the outside world. I cant explain the way my head thinks and acts. I do know i need to be put back on them for every reason but the most is just to be normal. ## I was labeled depressed when I had untreated anxiety, but once I had anxiety meds I could function & no longer had depression symptoms. My mom had terrible anxiety and PTSD. They would give her like 2mg valium once a day or something which did nothing for her ex...

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mirtazapine drug test

hi to all ive been on mirtazapine for a few months now and i had a drug test a few week ago and its came back positive for amphetamins i dont do drugs except what my doctor gives me im tryin to find any info on internet but no luck thanx for any replies ## Mirtazapine is a tetracyclic antidepressant, so it shouldn't show up on a drug test as anything. I also did some research with our resources, that contain various reports on what medications have shown false positives for certain things and Mirtazapine has not been shown to give a positive test for anything. Where you taking anything else at the time? Even if it was an over the counter product, please post back and let us know, so I can check for you. ## I take 45mg Avanza on prescription before bedtime each day. I also failed a d...

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little white pill with M on one side and 77 on the other side

I found a little round white pill with a M on one side and 77 on the other side ## I found the same pill white, round, M on one side 77 on the other, I can't find it anywhere. Anybody? ## The closest pill which I have found is a small white round pill with the inscription M77 one one side. It differs from your description such that the entire imprint is on one side instead of the M and 77 being on opposite sides of the pill. What I have just described is Amitriptyline 10 mg, manufactured by Mylan. It is an antidepressant. You can read more details about it on the page for Amitriptyline Details. If it doesn't seem like what I described matches what you have, please post back with any other details such as the pill's country of origin, manufacturer name, etc. It might be a pre...

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Throat burned by a pill!

I tried posting this as a reply in another thread, but occurs to me that I should post iot in it's own thread, rather than hijacking someone else's. I'm new here, so I apologize if I've done anything wrong! My problem / question: I take several medications before bedtime every night. My mistake, having read about it elsewhere, is probably taking a couple or three different pills at a time. Three nights ago, one of the smaller pills got stuck in my throat and caused some painful burning. I washed it down with water, but the damage was done. Now I can only whisper and sometimes it hurts to swallow. Can anyone tell me which of the following medications might have been the one to burn my throat? Amitriptyline, Simvastatin, Carvedilol OL, Losartan Potassium, Escitalopram oxal...

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bupropion hcl xl 300

round off white with WPI 3332 ## It doesn't seem to have the same effect as wellbuterin xl 300. Headaches.... ## And you are just one of the many, many people in recent months who has complained about this exact same pill. Contrary to what you are told by doctors and pharmacist, generics DO NOT HAVE TO BE EXACTLY like the name brand, there are allowed to be some difference and for some people, even though these differences are considered minor, it is enough to mean that a generic will not work for them as well as the name brand. I suggest speaking to your doctor about the problem, you may need them to prescribe it as 'brand medically necessary' or see if other pharmacies in your area carry one that is made by a different company. ## Genetics were only required to have 80% of...

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gaba side effects

Hi there, my problem is complicated. Im on 50mg elavil and 200mgs of gabapentin. Recently I have been experiencing burnt tongue or mouth syndrome. Dr wants to up gabapentin to 300 to treat tongue. We first took away 1 of elavil to help stop dry mouth situation. Now I'm also experiencing salty tast in mouth. This is miserable. I also have fibro and depression. Hence the use of these drugs. Anyone else experiencing these mouth systems? ## Omg I happened to see your post and am experiencing the exact same thing on exact same meds and fibro and depression. Now on one half of 25mgs elavil to wean me off of that and switch me to doxapin. Staying on 300 gabapentin. Which they seem to want to keep increasing gabapentin to treat tongue. I'm so confused as to what is causing the burning m...

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ID white pill with APO 750

White round pill scored in middle, imprint is APO on top half and 750 on bottom. Small pill about 4 or 5 mm in diameter. ## Yellow and red pill with the number s 187 on only one sie ## I believe you are referring to a pill that is scored with APO at the top and T50 (not 750) on the bottom. If this is correct, he pill you are referring to is called Trazodone 50mg. It is most commonly used in conjuction with SSRI's (Selective Seritonin Reuptake Inhibitors) like Prozac to treat depression and anxiety. Please consult a health care professional before taking this or any other prescription medication which was not intended for yourself as there are side effects associated with this medication as well as interaction dangers. ## The identification provided to the pill in the original post i...

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bupropion hcl er 200mg.

round pill pink 555 ## I was just switched from Bupropion SR 150 3x a day to Buprobion ER 200 2x a day. But the pharmacy label on the new bottle says Buproprion HCL ER 200 and below that generic for Bupropion HCL SR 200 but it's only twice a day. I thought only the brand (XL) was still the only 2x a day version. So now I'm totally confused about the difference between SR, ER, and XL. I'd been feeling worse, but the last 3x a day was for 150. So seems like now my dosage has been reduced? Does this make sense. (My doctor also has a pharmacy degree, and gets *very* annoyed at being questioned about my medicines.) I feel so dumb, but I just can't figure this out. Could someone here please straightened me out--unconfuse me? Thanks very much! ## Hello, Meg! How are you doing? ...

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I HAVE BEEN ON WEIGHT WATCHERS DIET FOR 7 WKS AND HAVE LOST ONLY 9 LBS. I FEEL LIKE THIS IS SLOW. IWAS WONDERING IF PAXIL COULD BE A CAUSSE OF THIS ## I too have joined Weight Watchers & I'm having the same problem, I have gained 70 lbs. or better since I have been on paxil for the last 2 years. Paxil really works for me, I have tried several other anti-D. so I was relieved when the Paxil, helped balance me, However this weight issue, is very depressing within itself ## Yes, Paxil contains the active ingredient Paroxetine, which is an SSRI antidepressant, and it has been known to cause weight gain, and in most cases, the weight can't be lost, until the person stops taking it. Other side effects may include nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and mood changes. Have you sp...

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Pliva 648

Small white capsule with green label PLIVA-648 ## Pliva 648 contains Fluoxetine 20 mg, a generic for Prozac (NDC 50111-648) Inactive Ingredients: - Ammonia - D&C Yellow No. 10 - Aluminum Oxide - FD&C Blue No. 1 - Gelatin - Magnesium Stearate - Starch, Corn - Propylene Glycol - Shellac - Titanium Dioxide Ref: DailyMed ## What is pliva 648 used for? ## Troy's ID of the Pliva 648 tablet is correct, it does contain 20mgs of Fluoxetine, a generic for Prozac, this is used to treat depression and OCD. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and dizziness. ## I have a bottle of pliva 648 capsule and I need to know how many per day I should take? ## According to DailyMed, it will vary based on what it has been prescribed for. As an example, for major depressiv...

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alternative medicine of spasmo proxyvon

Hi, I have been taking abour 24-26 pills of spasmo proxyvon a day for the past 11 years. Now as spasmo proxyvon has been banned suddenly, I have been facing a nightmare withdrwal symptons, my bones feels like as it is being cracked. i am tally into depression and i cannot handle antidepressants. so is there any pills or medicine that can make my mind calm. please help me on this ## PLEASE SUGGEST AN ALTERNATIVE FOR SPASMO PROXYVON ## Pl. do the Yoga of Baba Ramdev ## Proxyvon is available but at multiples of cost, and in the days to come it will go even further , its best to taper it out as the cost would not be a knid of bearable thing for us now, my friends have resorted to Alprex to get off these blue nasty pills, but im sure Alprex is havings its own list of side effects, I dont kno...

Quitting after 3 days

Hi thank you for any insight..I've only been on Effexor xr 37.5 for three days and I'm freaking out! My chest is heavy legs are tingly im out of it but highly anxious and tired all at the same time. I've read tons of discussions about sticking it out but have made the choice to discontinue. I spoke with a pharmacist who said it'd be ok to just stop since I seem to be really sensitive to it. Only haven taken 3 doses, He said I will probably not have any withdrawals but if I do to open a capsule and sprinkle half on something. I'm looking for asstrances. I'm scared on this stuff but am also scared to just stop. He gave me assurances though that at such a low dose for such a short period, I should be ok. It's Saturday and Dr isn't in until Tuesday, no way am...

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Pristiq - By accident took a double dose today

Hi. I think I took a double dose of my pristiq 100mgs today. I am feeling pretty anxious now as I am worried about what could happen? ## I'm Peter. Accidentally took my wife's prestiq 100mg. What will happen to me today? ## I took double dose of pristiq I have been talking this medication for about 8 or 9 years should I be worried ## My daughter can’t remember if she took her Pristiq today. She knows if she misses a dose she will feel awful tomorrow. Should she take a dose now, take half a dose, or not do anything? ## Generally, taking a one time double dose isn't dangerous, unless you are sensitive to Pristiq, allergic to it, or on another medication it may react with, so please watch for signs of any possible issues, such as severe dizziness, extreme drowsiness, or f...

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Cymbalta and crazy sleep

I wake up most nights around 2:00-3:00 and feel like I am in some crazy video game. I feel super dizzy, feel like the room is full of strobe lights, experience brain zaps and have crazy dreams. My neurologist said he has never heard of some of these symptoms and I am wondering if anyone has experienced this. I am on 90 mg. of cymbalta for my fibromyalgia. ## Unfortunately, doctors don't usually know as much side effect information as a pharmacist, or researcher would. Diagnosing, and treating are their areas of expertise, but in most cases, they only know the basic side effects that most medications might cause. As to the Cymbalta, poor quality sleep, psychomotor restlessness, dizziness, and sensory disturbances have all been noted as being side effects according to FDA reports. My ...

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amount to take

Am taking 60mg per day, but still feel depressed. How high can you go withthis drug? ## Hello, Dee! How are you? I am very sorry about the problem you're having. 60mgs is usually the maximum dosage for this medication, it's not been shown to have any greater benefit in higher amounts. How long have you been taking the current dosage? It can take about 4 to 6 weeks for it to reach its full level of efficacy in the body, so you know how well it is working for you. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, dry mouth and weight changes. ## How many zopiclone 7.5 do people take if they have a reasonable tolerance.

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regestrone 5mg for 5 days

i took regestrone for 5 days but periods didnt come.pregnancy test shows negative.before regestrone i also took contrakit tabs..still i didnt get my periods.wat is the prob? im depressed?? im nt gettin my regular periods from the time i attended puberty..plz help me ## I took regestrone 5 mg, 10 tablets, 13 days back, but my periods have not come and the pregnancy test result is negative. What is the problem? ## Has there been any change for either one of you? Do either of you take any other medications? Sometimes, it can be normal to experience irregular periods and it is nothing to worry about, if your last PAP smear was normal and your doctor doesn't see any reason to be concerned, according to the NIH. When was your last PAP smear and exam? ## Hi I am bleeding since 20th august ...

sertraline hcl 100 mg tab

The pills my mother got today were yellow oblong pills, but sertraline hcl are usually pinkish or blue... These yellow oblong shaped tabets are imprinted with LU on the front and d03 on the back. ## To be honest, the colors actually mean nothing, that is entirely up to the whit and whim of the manufacturer. That said, she did get the correct pills. LU D03 does contain 100mgs of Sertraline, a generic for Zoloft, an antidepressant that is also used to treat other conditions, such as OCD. Its common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and headache. You can read more here: Is there anything else I can help you with? ## what is your opinion on taking this medicine with parkinson meds. ## Why was Sertraline by Greenstone discontinued? Does anyone have information on this? ...

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Viibryd Weight Gain

I originally got on the web today to research how to loose weight gained from medication. I have been on Viibryd for 6 months for Major Depressive disorder. I currently take 40 mg. It should be noted taking Viibryd has changed me from a size 0 to size 6. 20lbs. My appetite at times especially in the evening is RAVENOUS. I am embarrassed by how much I can eat and not be full. I have been nonchalant about a few pounds here and there but it devestated me yesterday when i caught a glimpse of CELLULITE on my backside. Nothing else has changed in my medicines or routine. I have always been slim. I have compassion for any who have been trying to figure out if Viibryd is causing their body to change physically. I also will comment on other side effects in another post. My memory is compromised ...

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