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Is anyone taking Cymbalta for depression?

I have been taking cymbalta, after zoloft didn't work any more I am also taking lyrica, a long with ambian my ambian was stopped then i was given rotinin they stopped that 1 month ago because it did not mmix with lyrica my problem is the hot flashs the sweats and still depressed with pain in my legs side and now gitters any answer for me please. ## Yes, I started takiCymbalta 60 mg three months ago for depression and I find it works quite well, and I haven't noticed any side effects. Over the past 20 years, I've tried them all and have had side effects from them all. So far, I haven't noticed any from Cymbalta -- yet!!! ## Telling someone that has had depression for years and that they don't know how to treat it, I don't believe is a factual statement. First of a...

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side effects of

side effects of Remeron ## I was prescribed 1/2 a 15mg Remeron- or 7.5mg - for sleep- [after 9 months of being off prescribed 0.5mg Klonopin.] The Remeron knocked me out for 2 days! Then tried less than a 1/4, & same thing happened. Last night tried tiny crumb -about the size of large grain of sand -about 1-2mg. Slept 12 hrs & woke up groggy. Curious about posts that report that some on Remeron had it show up positive for a Benzodiazapine. What could the connection be between these meds? Yrs of prescribed Benzos messed me up badly & NEVER want to take another benzo,- or the Remeron -if it is similar & will prevent healing from the benzos. ## From what I know of Remeron (mirtazapine), and from what Ive been told by a few doctors now, the smaller the dose, the more sedatin...

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sleep meds ## I have been taking trasadone for at least 10 years or more. My teeth have turned almost brown in color, I have gained a lot of weight and I am still depressed and anxious. My docotr told me they do tend to stop working after long periods of time. What else is out there that can help me so I can stop taking trasodone? My memory is about shot and sometimes I cannot remember from 0 to 30 seconds back and other days I have good recall. What is that from? Should my blood be tested to see what level my serotonin is? ## Trazodone is an antidepressant that also has sedative like properties, so it is sometimes used to treat insomnia. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth, mood changes, sedation, and the weight gain tha...

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Cymbalta and tinnitus (ears buzzing)

Has anybody experienced buzzing or ringing in their ears from Cymbalta? It's called tinnitus. ## It is possible, but not common, and when someone does experience it as a side effect from Cymbalta, it usually goes away in a few weeks, since such side effects are transient, and tend to go away, once your body gets used to the medication, according to FDA reports. Other side effects may include nausea, dizziness, headache, appetite loss, weight changes, and laryngitis. Are you on any other medications? ## Change your anti depressant. I have Tinnitus but not from any drugs. Whenever you “ experience” a symptom of a side effect, it needs to be changed. Usually the older antis are the better ones. I only notice my tinnitus when it’s very quiet. There are also soft noise ...

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Doxepin-HCL Mylan 3125

Ivory & white tablet inscribed Mylan 3125 ## Confirming that Mylan 3125 is Doxepin 25mg. (NDC 0378-3125) Inactive Ingredients: - Silicon Dioxide - Magnesium Stearate - Cellulose, Microcrystalline - Starch, Corn - Sodium Lauryl Sulfate - D&C Yellow No. 10 - Gelatin - Titanium Dioxide - FD&C Yellow No. 6 - Ferrosoferric Oxide - FD&C Blue No. 1 - FD&C Blue No. 2 - FD&C Red No. 40 - Propylene Glycol - Shellac Ref: DailyMed ## This is an anti depressant and is used to help people sleep through the night sometimes ## I'm on 50mg of Doxepin a night but I'm due to start working night shifts Sun-Wed, then off for 3 days. How do I go from taking my tab at night to in the morning and when do I take it on my days off? Please help. ## I have rapidly gained weight on ...

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Mylan Amitriptyline

Looking for amitriptyline manufactured by Mylan ## I'm sorry, but there is no database showing which medications from which manufacturer are in stock, at any given pharmacy. Such information would be virtually impossible to keep updated, if someone did try to create one. Have you asked your usual pharmacy if they can order it in for you? Some pharmacies will do so, for their regular customers. Amitriptyline is most commonly used to treat depression, and nerve pain. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, mood changes, and dry mouth.

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False Positive test For Benzo Taking Mirtazapine

I have had 3 drug tests all coming back positive for benzo and because of this my child has been removed from my care. I am taking mirtazapine but they are adamant that this would not cause it and that I am taking something else. I am not and at my wits end because if my test came back negative i would get my child back ## Yes ma'am.I take Remeron and all my drug test read pos.Im furious.Ive tried for better employment and couldnt figure out why I was failing these test.Ive never taking any type of drugs,,ever.I finally figured out if I was failing test and the only thing I was taking was Remeron,,,I stopped two days before an interview,,,I passed.This should be on labels of Remeron,,that it will give a positive reading. ## My daughter had a drug test today and came back positive fo...

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Lexapro stopped working after 3.5 months

3.5 months ago I was having serious anxiety issues and depression. I was prescribed 5mg of lexapro and honestly saw results immediately the first week. I felt so calm and feeling myself coming back. 3.5 months later it's all back - crippling depression and horrible anxiety that lasts all day. I got upped to 10mg but the past 3 days have been utter hell Is this a normal thing to happen? Just all of a sudden stop working? ## Hello, Thomas! I am very sorry about what you're going through. Has there been any change? Yes, that has been known to happen, though it can vary from person to person. It could be that Lexapro just isn't the right medication for you, and you may need to try something else. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, hea...

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Anxiety Remeron Seroquel Klonopin

I have been prescribed Remeron 15mg and Klonopin 0.5 for anxiety and lack of sleep. After 40 days I still have too much anxiety and racing thoughts to fall asleep, and I've gained no weight. So my Dr put me on Seroquel XR 150 mg one week ago (Aug 14) and will be able to fill a new Rx for Ativan to try on Aug 30 once the Klonopin Rx is "completed". The Klonopin no longer helps with anxiety as I get those dreaded warm rushes of pain the fill my face, neck, chest, and arms even after I take one. I'm reaching out for help because as I transition from Remeron to Seroquel it's still hard to fall asleep and the grogginess during the day is torture. What meds or combo has anyone taken to help fall asleep, slow the racing thoughts, decrease anxiety and agitatation, and just h...

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on mirtazapine for 2 weeks

I have been on Mirtazapine for 2 weeks. What am I supposed to feel like when it kicks in? ## I been on mirtazapine 30mg. now for 3 years. I take 1/4 pill twice daily and one before bed and one when i wake up in middle of the night. I missed a dose and realized i could feel my emotions which felt good so i decided to try to slowly withdrawl. I cut the pill in quarters and was going to take 1/4 less each week. Tomorrow will be the first full week taking the 1/4 pill less and i feel like crap. I'm 62 yrs old bty. This med. numbs my emotions, but I am going to go back to the 30mg. because i can't take these withdrawl symptoms. Can't believe they are this bad from cutting out 1/4 pill. My muscles ache and my anxiety and panic attacks are really bad and just feel sick. I just deci...

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Mirtazapine and 3 weeks in

ive been on mirtazapine after suffering from anxiety and insomnia for 18 months. Tried SSRI's (2 types, but they made me more anxious). Ive managed to stay on this so far, they have got rid of the anxiety and insomnia on day 1, which is great!. I have been experiencing other side affects though such as depression and numbness in my face. The appetite hasn't increased as yet (phew), but i have hope for this drug as the sedation seems to be wearing off. If the depression doesnt lift after 6 weeks then i will be coming off them. I have done counselling and cbt. I have been reading self help books for 18th months, but I have not managed to shift the anxiety and insomnia unless im off work or on this drug. I have also started yoga and meditation. I eat well and excercise regularly. s...

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rem rod dosages average

Dosage averages used it for sleep few yrs ago need it again forgot which strength I uses ## Hello! How are you? I'm sorry, but I'm to familiar with anything under this name. Were you possibly thinking of Remeron? Could you please post back and clarify? Thank you! ## yeah, when it comes to remeron the lowest does is usually the most sedating. I also cannot remeber the doses :) Also if you take the next does it will be score. in the hospitol they told me they would split it if i needed it to be more sedating. I believe they did come out with a sublingual - not familiar with that one. Yes, get the smallest dose and try that. remeron is more sedating at the lower doses.

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Remeron manufactured by Organon

What happened to the Remeron from Organon? This new stuff is making me depressed. I can't think straight. Why has Merck changed to another manufacturer? Anyone else having problems with the new Remeron? What's next, an extra release Remeron? I typically start to respond to Organon brand Remeron within several days. Are you kidding me? Why?

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best generic bupropion 75mg sandoz or apotex

Mhich one is better? My son use to take bupropion Hcl 75mg from Sandoz Pharm. but when we bought our house and moved we swapped Pharmacies. They carry bupropion Hcl 75mg from Apotex Corp. I've noticed that he isn't able to focus as much, he impulse reacts more, and he takes longer to go to sleep, along with other small differences. Can this be because the bupropion from Apotex Corp. doesn't work as well for him as from Sandoz Pharm. I'm almost sure if it to be honest. Should I transfer and fill it elsewhere? ## Most defintely transfer script. Ive been taking Sandoz bupropion and love it. Had it filled the other day, they gave me Mylan brand and it did nothing for me except make my bp go up. Imo Sandoz is holy grail for wellbutrin generic. Hope he gets to feeling better!!...

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Levosulpiride for depression and anxiety

For the last many years I occasionally suffered from anxiety but I did not take any medication. But 4 weeks earlier I consulted Physiatrist and he prescribes me some medication used for SSR serotonin. This medication, instead of improving, causes more anxiety and depression. Someone recommended me Levosulpirede. I consulted with my physiatrist and approved to take me one tablet of 25mg daily. Levosulpiride helped me a lot to relieve from anxiety and not I am perfectly normal. I just want to ask can I take Levosulpirede for longer term or for the rest of my life?

Why was greenstone sertraline discontinued?

After researching online and my own experience, camber sertraline works as well as greenstone. I could only take greenstone, now I’m on brand name Zoloft. Walgreens has a card from Pfizer that saves me hundreds of dollars a month. After a year I’ll need to get my insurance and doctor to approve a tier reduction for the price of the brand name. ## Hello J, I have some bittersweet news to deliver. It turns out that Greenstone was the generic brand owned by Pfizer, which is the company that manufactuers the brand name Zoloft. On the bright side the pills are nearly identical only differing in color dye inactive ingredients. From what I read it was no longer in the companies best interest to continue manufacturing the generic and decided to only manufacture the brand name. If yo...

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Pink Small Round Pill With 30 On One Side

small pink round pill with 30 printed to one side, the other side has a deep split line. all infomation on this would be greatly appreciated as i cannot find elsewhere ## Hi Girly, The closest match I've been able to locate is Mirtazapine (30 mg). It is a round light beige pill (that could be mistaken as light pink) with the imprint M 530 on one side and a deep score line on the other. Mirtazapine (Remeron, Avanza, Zispin) is a noradrenergic and specific serotonergic antidepressant (NaSSA) which was introduced by Organon International in the United States in 1990 and is used primarily in the treatment of depression. It is also commonly used as an anxiolytic, hypnotic, antiemetic, and appetite stimulant. Structurally, mirtazapine can also be classified as a tetracyclic antidepressant...

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Who recommends Cymbalta & why?

Reading too many cons & not enough pros... Really want to see some positives in treating foot & leg pain, neuropathy, cramping & stiffness before I begin taking the 20mg a day recommended by neurologist office. Please advise. Thank you. I am almost 72. ## I tried cymbalta several years ago, it just made sick to the stomach, did not help my pain or depression, just had to try something else. presently taking oxycodone and gabapenten. Hope you can get some help, sam

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Pristiq and shortness of breath

I’ve been on Pristiq for about a year going from 50 mg up to 100. I’ve been having issues with shortness of breath but it’s gotten much worse and I made an appt with a cardiologist after my regular dr didn’t find anything. I had gotten to where I was seriously out of breath walking from the front room if my house to the back. In the meantime, totally unrelated I have been weaning off of the pristiq because of a severe sweating problem that was no longer tolerable. I’ve realized that after being down to 50 mg, one tab every third day, my breathing issue is much, much better. Could it be the pristiq that was causing the problem and has anyone else had this issue? ## According to FDA reports, Pristiq has been known to cause trouble breathing, as a side effect,...

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Bupropion XL 300 by Lupin (L016)

Has anyone tried Bupropion XL 300 by Lupin - a round pill marked L016? Just received these from Walgreen's internet pharmacy and I'm very concerned. I started taking this medication about two years ago, the PAR generic, and everything was great. Then, CVS changed to Cipla and things got bad -- it was only thanks to Medschat that I figured out the problem was caused by the new manufacturer. So, I switched to Walgreens, which had Actavis. It was so much better for me than Cipla but not quite as good as PAR. Quite by accident, I found that when ordering from Walgreen's internet pharmacy I got the med manufactured by PAR. All's been good for many months... until I just opened my newest prescription and found it's by a newly approved generic by Lupin. Hopefully it will be...

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