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It's binge time, boys and girls

I am afraid of what is to become of me. Sure Effexor has been less than useful but I've been using it for years. Now the doctor has prescribed Parnate. It seems an established fact I can't use Effexor and Parnate together so I've had severe withdrawal symptoms not-so-affectionately called "brain shivers" on the internet. He slowed down my reduction schedule. Now I'm off Effexor. I feel terrible. Dizzy (I already did, now it's intensified), numb, wobbly, just not "with it". I thought I'd at least take some of the soon to be forbidden fruits, namely pepperoni, beer and my favourite vegetable - chocolate. I can't imagine not having chocolate anymore. Supposedly some of these may spike my blood pressure and I've already had trouble with that. ...