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GLYX-13 Discussion

There seems to be some demand for a GLYX-13 discussion (now known as Rapastinel) so I would like to start one here. ## Great! Do u need me to help notify everyone who has written about it? Especially because two people are currently in studies! ## Yeah that would be great, the link to here is posted in the other thread but if you have a way to get ahold of them that would be good. ## From what I could gather, GLYX-13 is said to be a molecular cousin to "ketamine", inducing similar antidepressant properties without the common street drug side effects. This info was reported from a study funded by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) that was published this past April 2013 in Neuropsychopharmacology. I think other's who may be in the following Ketamine discussion thr...

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Glyx 13 Trials Phase III?

Any idea as to when they are going to start Phase III of the trials on GLYX13? ## I know there have been some recent studies on GLYX-13, but I'm not certain when upcoming trials are scheduled. For this, many interested parties suggest checking clinicaltrials.gov periodically to see if they've posted any updates. There's also another discussion thread (linked below) on this topic, if you're seeking more specific details from other users here on the site: Discuss/GLYX-13-248269.htm Perhaps someone else there may have access to more information that can better address your question. I hope this helps! ## I would like to know too. This is November 2014 and still have heard little. ## The center where I am doing the extentipn study says there is no word yet :-(

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