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I don't care what the research states: Wellbutrin causes your period to be late. I'm usually on time with my period, been taking the medicine 2 x a day (300mg) for 6 weeks now, still no period. I took 2 pregnancy test both negative. Several women on blogs are experiencing this same problem. I'll post again after I get my period, so you can have a timeline. I hope this helps. ## Hello, BryantsGrl! How are you? Menstrual irregularities are listed in the detailed side effect information and many of the antidepressants tend to lengthen the menstrual cycle in women. Your period may also be slightly heavier and last a little longer than normal. Are there any other questions or concerns? ## But what about having NO period. Mine is not lengthened... I am 8 days late! ## This is so t...

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Is this Welbutrin?

I am (suposed!) to be on 300mg xl Welbutrin- No web page so far could identify this pill - its suposed to be Welbutrin300mg xl - but the inscription on it in black reads GS & under it 5YZ - can anyone please help identify it? Thanks ## I can't find a listing for this. Are you in the U.S.? It could be a very new tablet on the market. Did you contact your pharmacy to double check? ## Hi - Thank you for trying to look it up for me. I am from South Africa. I didn't want to phone my pharmacist, because she is actually a very good friend of mine for year's, I was afraid to offend her, so I phoned Glaxo Smith Kline's head office in Johannesburg (South Africa) today, and the lady there described the pill to me as creme coloured, round& with the letters like I said in my ...

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Wellbutrin XL side effects

already on effexor xr wondering if anyone has combined this with wellbutrin xl, if so, any side effects? ## I take 300 mg effexor xr and 150 SR bupron....generic and less bowel movements than before, more crampy but in general it works for me....want off effexor becuz I think I have built a tolerance. maybe I've lost a few pounds....feel more even, less tired all the time! honestly I never totally know with psych meds cuz they build up slow and I'm moody anyway ...hope this helped some. ## There can be some risks to combining them, such as developing serotonin syndrome, which can be dangerous, or fatal, so you should not combine them, unless your doctor instructs you to do so, and is monitoring you regularly. That said, they are sometimes combined, when someone isn't respond...

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Generic Bupropion HCL XL

My Dr. took me off the Wellbutrin because it was making me sick. I have been taking the Generic kind. I just got a new refill, Generic Bupropion but they look just like the Wellbutrin & my stomach pain has come back. I need help. What do the Generic Bupropion look like? ## I started taking the generic Wellbutrin 2xday, I had stomach aches, nausa, dizzy, mouth sores and funky taste in my mouth and profuse sweating. I had the non-generic before. After 3 wks, call pharm, he suggested LX once a day, which I was on last, but didn't relize it was now generic. Dr. send new perscription and within 1wk,all those horrible symptons were gone!! This is the generic XL and I am doing fine! ## The way they look can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so there is no way I could describe the...

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Zydus (Zygenerics) version of Wellbutrin 300 mg XL -

I had a huge problem with a generic before (TEVA) and have been paying a larger co-pay for brand.....I was wondering if anyone had any info on the Zydus version. Thank You ## I have been taking Zydus bupropion xl for about two weeks. I don't think it is as effective, and I feel 'zaps'--not sure how to explain that, sortof like twitches. I have felt horrible. ## According to the US National Library of Medicine, Zydus's generic Bupropion is actually manufactured by Cadila Healthcare Ltd., based out of Ahmedabad, India. Zydus simply acts as their distributor with a local headquarters in Pennington, NJ. Each tablet reportedly contains the following set of inactive ingredients: hypromelloses, magnesium stearate, methacrylic acid, polyethylene glycols , triethyl citrate, povid...

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Generic Wellbutrin XL and Zoloft

I have been tapering off Zoloft 100mg and switching to generic Wellbutrin XL 300mg. I gradually went off the Zoloft over a two week period and then started the Wellbutrin XL and I am having bad mood changes and I cry almost everyday. I have picking fights with my husband and being completly unreasonable. I took 15mg of Zoloft and it made me fell a little bit more normal. Has anyone had this experience with genaric Wellbutrin XL? Any advice would help!! ## It seems like lots of people experience these types of effects when changing from one antidepressant to another. I had a simular experence when changing from cymbalta to viibryd . I quit the viibryd and started to taper off cymbalta . I am going 2 start the wellbutrin in a week or so. ## I have experienced it and my doctor had to presc...

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Save $ order name brand Wellbutrin from Canada

My doctor wrote my script I scanned it and e-mailed to BlueSky Pharmacy, a Canadian On-line pharmacy I paid $89.00 for 90 days of Wellbutrin made by Biovale the same manufacurer of the ones sold in U.S., CVS wants $540.00 for 90 days, do the math. The generic is $144 for 30days at Walgreens. I received my order in exactly 7 days, delivered by regular mail.They charge $10.00 for S&H. So total $99.00 for 90 days. This is a legitimate provider. Do yourself a favor ## This is why the govement made Part D so Canada is out for some of us. Now I spend $40+ a month for that besides my medication ## hi,i did the same thing but when i buy in u.s.a the pill impriet says wellbutrin xl 150 but from pharmacy in canada they get there wellbutrin from turkey and on pill it says GS 5FV,DO YOU KNOW AN...

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I took one (1) week of the new generic drug (Budeprion XL) and went to my doctor's appointment. She told me that the Wellbutrin XL now has a generic pill but I was not to take the generic. I told her I had just refilled my prescription and received the generic brand, so she wrote a new prescription for Brand Only. I don't know what the difference is, but thought it might be useful information for someone out there. ## I know this was submitted years ago, but still today, in 2011, I can not take the generic Wellbutrin. I have tried here and there over 6 years to take the generic and it is like I am not taking anything. My insurance pays almost nothing toward the brand and I pay $280 a month out of pocket, but this medication works so well for me, that it is worth it. I have howev...

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Pill 142 300 mg actavis

I was just switched from taking 2 150 mg to 1 300mg (pill 142 ) I know lots of complaints about generics - anyone take the 142 300mg pill ? How did you feel ?? Thanks ;) ## I have been on the Actavis brand ONLY (since I've had trouble with many other generic manufacturers) for about a year and it has worked beautifully - I've never felt better ... until I got a new bottle a month ago and started having depression symptoms again. I came to this board to see if anyone else is experiencing this. There are no real situational/life factors to pin this on. My psych thinks it's s***ty generic manufacturing, so we're going to try PAR, which I tried before and didn't like, but we'll see. How has your experience been? ## Hi Erin - I have been taking the 300mg Actavis brand...

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Wellbutrin xl dosage increase

I started taking 150 mg of Wellbutrin xl for anxiety. My first two days were tough with increased symptoms, which the pharmacist had already warned me of. The horrible side effects got less and less as the days progressed. By day 8 I was feeling great, anxiety was still lingering, not as bad. On day 13, I started the 300 mg, that was 7 days ago. I take it every morning at 8am. I am feeling good in the morning and every day around 1pm I start feeling horrible. Suddenly I am feeling drugged, dizzy, nauseous and disoriented. I continued to take it hoping these side effects would taper off like they did with the 150 mg, but it doesn't seem to be getting any better. I am still feeling as horrible now as I did when I first started the dosage increase. Do I just need to give it some more t...

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Bupropion and decreased alcohol consumption

I've recently started bupropion, it's been a few weeks. I think I experienced every single side effect the drug had over the first few days but all is good now. I'm not depressed, nor do I have anxiety. I was actually hoping that maybe it'd make me happier but it hasn't done a single thing to my mood or drive; positive or by negative. I started taking it to quit smoking and I really enjoy it more than chantex as the drug makes me make the decision to stop smoking. It's decreased my cravings and side effects of quitting. I've noticed also that I have a dramatically reduced urge to drink. Even if I begin drinking I don't over do it, but typically I just have no interest in drinking. I find this amazing because, not that I'd admit it publicly, but I thin...

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Side effects to wellbutrin

So I have been on Lexapro 10mg for a few years and I didnt feel as if it was helping me at all. Plus I was always tired and gaining weight. My doctor suggested switching to wellbutrin. He told me to take a 150mg wellbutrin and lower my Lexapro dose to 5mg for 2 weeks, then to take 300mg wellbutrin and stop Lexapro. I am almost at the 2 week make and I feel like I have so many side effects and I don't know if it's withdrawal or the new meds, or a combo of both, or maybe I am getting sick? I have headaches, nausea, loss of appetite, lightheaded, out of it, dry mouth, stomach pain, gas, jittery, and heart palpitations at times. I'm afraid to start the 300mg and stop the Lexapro in a few days. Do these sound like symptoms of the withdrawal and starting up those drugs? Its not go...

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Wellbutrin XL 300mg and Hairloss

I've been taking Wellbutrin XL 300mg since the middle of March and for the last month or so I've noticed I'm losing a lot of hair and my hair has thinned out a lot. It's getting to the point that I'm scared of brushing it. Does anyone know if this will get better or will I have to quit the medication? I really like how well Wellbutrin works but I don't want to be bald! ## Hello, Cheyenne! How are you? Yes, as reported by the U.S. FDA, this medication has been known to cause hair loss, in some people that take it, you may also experience dizziness, headache and mood swings. However yes, it should go away, once you stop taking the medication. But, rather than stopping abruptly, you should consult your doctor about tapering it, or switching to a different medication...

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Wellbutrin xl question

I started on bupropion xl 300 (brand zydus) on sept 14th this year for depression. It helped gradually over the month and by one month in I was feeling alot better. I went to pick up my refill and didnt notice until I got home that they gave me a different brand. It was bupropion xl 300 (brand actavis). While taking this new brand I seemed to gradually be getting my depression feelings back. I then found direct success and my doctor sent in a prescription for the brand name wellbutrin xl 300. I took it only 3 days but it was almost like I was not taking anything. I had all my symptoms back! Should I continue on the brand name because everyone says it's the best or go back to the one that worked? I am so confused as to why the brand name wellbutrin works so well for everyone but me. ...

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wellbutrin - no period yet

I am prescribed wellbutrin 150 my XL. First month took 1 tab once a day. Got my period. Month two: I took tab every other day because of the other side effects (almost all of them except for seizures and other really serious one... even had a metallic taste in my mouth)... got my period. Following month I took one tab every day ... no period... I had to start taking birth control so i could "manipulate" my period ( romantic get away). This month taking the one tab daily ... now I am 4 days late. Took a pregnancy test ($ 4 Walmart brand) day after missed period... got a negative. I was told by a Nurse that it was too early to take the test and that is why I got a negative. She suggested wait at least 7-10 days and test again. Any thoughts, any advice, any medical professionals ou...

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dizzy, headache, difficulty sleeping at night

Just stared taking Bupropion hcl xl 150 six days ago. Just switched from Cymbalta, having problems with headache, dizziness, difficulty sleeping, and a couple seconds long period of confusion. I am wondering if these will pass as I adjust to this drug. Probably will call doctor but wanted to hear from people who have experienced this ## Hello, Susan! How are you? What you've described are all reported as possible side effects of this medication by the FDA. You may also experience dry mouth and irritability. Side effects are usually transient and go away, once your body gets used to the medication, but that may take 4 to 5 weeks. They may also be compounded from stopping the Cymbalta, because that could cause some withdrawal symptoms. What did your doctor advise?

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buproprion 150 xl withdrawal

I feel so lost in my head...uncoordinated...frustrated,,,hard to think straight... just want someone to talk to about it that has sympathy or understands,,,cant talk to my boyfriends, or friends,,they just say negative things about why i was even on meds ## Hello, Mimi! How are you? I'm very sorry about what you're going through. Did you stop taking it cold turkey? If so, the symptoms you're experiencing are normal, as listed by the FDA, you may also experience nausea, rebound depression and rebound anxiety. Why are you stopping it?

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Wellbutrin withdrawal?

I've been taking Wellbutrin XL 150 (brand name) for 2 weeks. Will I experience withdrawal symptoms (weight gain) if i stop now? ## Hello, Luckytr! How are you? No, there shouldn't be any severe withdrawal symptoms, after such a short period of time, but it's always best to double check with your doctor to be sure. Weight gain wouldn't be considered a withdrawal symptom. As listed by the FDA, they usually include nausea, dizziness, diarrhea and depression. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Wellbutrin xl 300

how do you taper from 300 Wellbutrin xl to Wellbutrin 150xl? Thank you. Pat ## @Pat, This type of information is usually best advised by the prescribing doctor who can work with you closely on writing out a tapering schedule that you can adhere to for a predetermined length of time. One thing I do hear often though, is that the tapering process for antidepressants "typically" involves titrating the dose down over a period of several weeks or months. It would just be a good idea to discuss specific details with your doctor first in case your situation calls for a weaning process that better suits your individual needs/goals. I found the following article by Harvard.edu to be beneficial as well, where they provide "suggested dose reductions" on Wellbutrin at the bottom of ...

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wellbutrin and hair loss

has anyone had a hair loss from takeing wellbutrin? ## YES I SURELY HAVE ## i have been on 300mg of Wellbutrin for about 2 years. No sign of hair loss yet. suzanne ## Yes my daughter is twelve and is loosing hair . ## o my goodness yes!! i never connected my hairloss with Wellbutrin !! i take 300 mg XL daily. I was baffled as to why my hair which is naturally thick and healthy is thinning at an alarming rate. U reckon it is the Wellbutrin side effect ? ## I asked whether anyone had hair thinning, and I see that some people did. Also, heavy sweating, especially at night. I do not seem to be getting positive effects from these drugs: only benzodiazepines help with the anxiety part. Otherwise, I seem to have a lack of will, that inborn sense of desire to do something. No energy, weak too, ...

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