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My boyfriend is on Effexor XR. We have been dating for 10 months and we've been dealing with his very, very low libido. I am very patient with him, but I can see myself eventually running out of patience. We actually haven't been intimate since Mid-July. So at this point it's been 5-months since he's had ANY interest in me. I have been self-reliant, but I am starting to have trouble myself, because I am tired of doing it myself. Recently he saw his PCP to discuss low libido and energy. His PCP seems to think it may be related to sleep apnea, but I don't think he's right. Yes, my boyfriend does have some trouble in that area, but I don't think it's as bad as he thinks it is. I believe the problem is Effoxor, but I certainly don't want him to go off of ...

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Pain Doctor prescribed Effexor XR 37.5 twice a day

Has anybody else been prescribed this medication for hot flashes? I have fibromyglia, CFS, nerve damage in my legs, Osteoarthritis in both knees, herniated disks in my neck, and three bulging disks in my lower back. I also have terrible insomnia. After reading all of the side affects I am afraid to even try it. I am also taking 60mg er mscontin 3 times a day, Valium 10mg 3 times a day, and Xanax 1mg at bedtime for sleep. And D3 2000 iu once a day. Any help would be appreciated. ## Hello, Bettyboob! How are you? Yes, it's actually become very common to prescribe a medication like this for hot flashes and other female hormonal symptoms, since they are not as dangerous a hormonal replacement therapy and usually help with a broad range of symptoms. What side effects have you concerned? ...

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Effexor XR to Wellbutrin and Pristiq

Due to weight gain and dwindle effect, my doctor switched my anti-depressant from Effexor XR. He told me to stop the Effexor XR immediately and start the Wellbutrin XL. He said to take the Wellbutrin XL for one week then start the Pristiq. FOr those of you who have stopped Effexor you probably know what I'm going to say next. It started with dizziness, rhythmic pulsating in my head, nausea and generally feeling like a slug. It's like my brain had a severe case of the flu. It was horrible. Now, I'm having with the dizziness and throbbing in my head, what feels like a hot flash but my face gets flushed and very hot. I feel as though I want to throw up. I called the doctor and stopped the Wellbutrin right away after about 3 days. I also called the pharmacist and he told me to t...

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effexor it is ruining my life

I don't even remember how long I have been on Effexor, but I know the day the doctor gave me samples, he said that this is a new medication that I want you to try and see if it doesn't help you more than the others we have tried. HA! That is the joke of the century. I also take sinemet and requip for restless legs syndrome. Little did I know that you are not supposed to mix the medications. Now my body, mind and brain are addicted to all three. I want nothing more than to be off all this medication. I have an appointment tomorrow with my doctor to discuss this option, however, with all I have read, I am almost too scared to try it. I have had the shakes, the electric shocks or short circuit issues in the brain and everything I have heard talked about. It is a shame to think that...

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Effectiveness of Effexor XR

I began Effexor XR when it was first introduced to the US market. Prior to that I took just plain, old Effexor, which was more difficult to tolerate, and had to be taken several times a day. Effexor XR has been the only antidepressant to have some effect on lessening my depressive symptons, which are treatment resistant. It has by no means been ideal. i.e., it has not been able to crack the code of my depression, and free me of symptoms. It's been adequate at best. And although it is not recommended for Bipolar Disorder (I have Bipolar II) because of its ability to propel some individuals into mania or hypomania, my doctor, in frustration, said he would rather see me hypomanic, than chronically depressed. And, I agree with that position. I have also experienced it's menacing wit...

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