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Body Pain Rebound Effect after tapering off of Imipramine

I had been on 200 mg of Tofranil PM for 30 years. I was tapered off completely in mid-January 2017. Am now experiencing body pain mainly in my stomach and back area. Feels like electrical shocks, and is constant. Could this be a rebound effect and should I be put on a more modern (less side effects) Tricyclic Antidepressant? ## How long has it been since you stopped taking it? Has there been any change in your symptoms, yet? It would be best to consult your doctor, since these issues could be caused by something unrelated to the Tofranil. According to FDA warnings it has been known to cause rebound pain, rebound depression, and headaches, but those usually occur if someone stops taking it cold turkey, rather than tapering off of it. Are you on any other medications?

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orange small pill 47 on one side gg on other side

small pink pill 47 on one side gg on other side ## Actually, it is more of an orange than a pink pill. I just answered that for another posting, but here it is again. It is generic Imipramine 25mg, brand name Tofranil. It is an antidepressant. ## That identification is correct, it is distributed by Nucare Pharmaceuticals. NDC code: 66267-0266 The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, mood changes, weight changes, and mood changes. Inactive ingredients may include: corn starch D&C Yellow No. 10 FD&C Blue No. 2 FD&C Red No. 40 hydroxypropyl cellulose hypromelloses lactose anhydrous magnesium stearate polyethylene glycol povidone titanium dioxide Is there anything else I can help with?

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Withdrawal from Imipramine

Last dose of Imipramine (25 mg) taken on Monday July 2nd 2012. Under a doctors guidance. Slow, very slow taper. Took 5 months, dropping by 25 mg every three weeks. Began experiencing what I think might be withdrawal symptoms since last dose July 2nd. Symptoms have been: Nose bleeds, Nightmares/Weird Dreams, Profuse sweating at night, Feeling flushed during the day, Headache, Feeling of malaise, Nasal Congestion, Nausea, Insomnia, A bit off, Flu like symptoms and tiredness. I've run these symptoms passed by doctor, but have not heard back from here yet. I was on Imipramine for over 20 years with the highest dosing being 200mg per day. Since Imiprmane is an older drug, I can't seem to find comprehensive information about withdrawal. I'm on day 9 of withdrawal and hoped the sym...

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Imipramine paomate

I have been taking imipramine paomate for 30 yrs. for irritable bowl syndrome along with anxiety, weight loss, depression, diarrhea. This antidepressant has changed my life in that I have been able to go on with a somewhat normal life. It has caused weight gain, dizzness, blurred vision, overeating of sweets , and a feeling of legarthy since I have been on the 175mg dose. When I go think of the way I was when I started on the med. I am thankful it helped me so much but the higher dose of 175 mg is really to strong. I am thinking of going to a Dr. who would be skilled in these things and maybe help me somehow. ## What dosage were you taking previously? Why was it raised to 175mgs? Consulting a specialist would be the best thing to do, in order to get proper treatment, and a proper dosage...

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mp 79 green pill

round green pill, coated covered; what is name of drug, what is it for? ## Sun Pharmaceuticals lists this tablet as containing 50mgs of Imipramine, which is a tricyclic antidepressant. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, mood changes, and weight changes. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Imipramine long term usage

I have been taking Imipramine for my panic and anxiety disorder for 23 years. I am now up to 150 milligrams per day. It is still working for my anxiety, but over the last year I'm starting to have weird symptoms. Fast heart beat (went to cardio doctor a few years ago and he says it was normal) heart fluttering, excessive sweating while exercising, facial numbness, body twitching, fatigue, dizziness. I also just turned 50 and am e o weir called big menopausal symptoms. I'm a mess!! It is very hard to find any articles on very long term I promise use. Anyone have any experience with any of these symptoms?? ## Like I think you said it could be very well due to menopause and/or a combination of your body adjusting to the tofranil with less hormones. I seriously doubt that after 23 y...

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gg 47

small round orange ## This is a generic antidepressant called Imipramine 25mg, or brand name Tofranil. Watch for blurry eyes or eye pain, stomach pain, fainting, excessive thirst. ## The identification is correct, it is now manufactured by Sandoz Pharmaceuticals. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, mood changes, and weight changes. How are you doing taking it? Has it been helping you?

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Imipram HCL

let neuropathy ## Sorry, I can't find this listed anywhere, could you please double check the spelling? ## Imipramine is used for depression, and it should help you. If it does not help you with depression please talk to the doctor who proscribed them.

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imipramine withdrawal

My doc has been taking me off 75 mg. dose for about the past two months two weeks. I have finished what he thinks is a reasonable time to wean me off. I have been off the drug since last Thursday..I am having withdrawal at different times of the day...just when I think I am feeling better something else crops I am having indigestion, chills, lethargy...anyone else experience these things when coming off a tranquilizer and how long did it take you to feel better ? ## i've just posted asking about length of time for imipramine withdrawal. I see your post was ages ago. I've done 3 days of sleeping, nausea, headache and generally feeling very unwell. How much longer have got like this?! ## It has taken me two years to reduce my 150mg imipramine to 85mg per day. You should c...

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Tofranil 10mg alternatives

Hello. My son uses tofranil but now it is not going to be for sale in south africa anymore. What can we replace it with that does the same thing? He used concerta and other treatments but those did not work for him and this tofranil worked. Please help.

Imipram HCL 25mg

Small round orange pill. I do not know what it is used for and need to know to find out how to dispose of if not needed. ## I think you are referring to Imipramine? Imipramine is an anti-depressant and is available in a 25 mg dosage. ## I take a 25mg imipram hcl pill daily for incontinence. It has not helped much and I note that one of its uses is for anti depression. Since I've never been depressed should I be taking this. ## Imipramine is a tricyclic antidepressant, but it is also approved to treat urinary incontinence. Its side effects may include dizziness, drowsiness, blurred vision and paralytic ileus. You can learn more Imipram details here. However, if it isn't working, you may do better with one of the other treatment medications. Have you spoken to your doctor about th...

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imipramine withdrawal illness

I stopped taking imipramine 3 days ago due to unacceptable side effects, which made it not possible to taper the withdrawal (was taking 100mg for 8 weeks prior to cessation). I am having a bad time - nausea, headache, upset stomach, general malaise, vivid dreams and sleepiness. I am struggling to get up and stay awake; I feel so rough... Has anyone had the same experience and can anyone tell me how long I should expect this to go on for please? ## Poor you! I have taken 2 years to reduce from 150mg to 85mg as I have a very understanding doctor. The first week after each reduction is the worst and to help me through this my doc prescribes 12 x 2mg diazepam (no more than that as they are very addictive), I usually take one in the morning then see how the day goes. Couldn't have done i...

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Imipramine drug withdrawal

Imipramine - Why am I not able to get this drug anymore? I have been on it since 1989, 100mg at night. I have been off it now for over two weeks, I see no withdrawal symptoms. ## @Shirley, It's amazing to hear that you're not experiencing any sort of withdrawal symptoms after being on an antidepressant for over 25 years and abruptly stopping treatment. That's certainly a good sign and in my opinion may be a reflection of how you've mentally and emotionally overcome the depression Imipramine was treating over the years... But as far as availability is concerned, are doctors or pharmacists telling you that they just can't write or fill prescriptions for it anymore? Or might it just be one or two local pharmacy that are out of stock and simply wont order it any longer d...

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Imipramine and valium interaction

I just came off of celexa due to side effects (diarrhea). I was on imipramine for depression/panic attacks for 20 plus years. The doctor said celexa had less side effects. Not for me. Anyway I have mennires disease also and need a 2 mg helps the vertigo some. My problem: Can i take them together at night? ## They can both increase sedation, so you should be cautious taking them, and only do with your doctor's approval. The FDA lists the side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, sedation, and shallow breathing. What types of issues did you experience with the Celexa? ## Diarreah that kept on. I have IBS occasionally....but this was different. I have not had daily diarreah or bad pains in over 3 weeks since I came off celexa. I have to take valium ...

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Withdrawals symptoms

Took imipramine for 4 weeks am I going to experience withdrawal symptoms ## Hello, Bubbie! How are you? Yes, you may experience some withdrawal effects, which the FDA lists as possibly including fever, chills, diarrhea, rebound depression, headache, diarrhea and anxiety. Why did you stop taking it?

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Imipramine 25mg Can I Have A Glass Of Wine At Night

Can I have a glass of wine at night if Im on 25mg of imipramine? ## Imipramine is a tricyclic antidepressant and ingesting alcohol while taking it could result in its being less effective for you, than normal. It may also cause additional impairment of your motor skills. Thus, for many people, one glass of wine may be equal to 2, while they are on this medication. The reactions usually aren't dangerous, but you should make sure you aren't driving or doing anything that could put you or anyone else in danger, if you do choose to imbibe. You should also not be surprised is it seems the medication isn't working, as well. Also due to possible detrimental effects on the liver, you should make sure not drink, a lot. Are there any other questions? ## I took imipramine 50 mg for 4 w...

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Urolet MB long term usage

I have been prescribed Urolet and imipramine along with estradiol & progesterone (for estrogen deficiency) to relieve urinary tract irritation (frequency, dysuria) resulting from estrogen deficiency and it's affect on bladder/urinary symptoms as I described. It was prescribed by my gynecologist. The first order of business is to get relief, which I have, but I don't know what the long term plan is. It is written with 12 refills. It seems that the estradiol & progesterone alone did not relieve bladder/urinary symptoms sufficiently, and the Urolet & Imipramine were not sufficient alone. Q: does anyone have side effects from Urolet, or have been prescribed it for long term use?

Anyone Experience weight gain on Imipramine?v.s. Prozac?etc.

I have been on many SSRI's, SNRI's, Anti-psychotics etc....all of my life. I will be 55yrs old, and even after both my preganancies had post partum depression severly. On my second preganancy when doctor found out I was preganant decided to switch me from valium right away, to 10mg of imipramine daily, so would not get the depression as bad as did with my 1st pregnancy. I have been battling with it most of my life ever since the birth of my children. I developed sever panic attacks at the age of 28yrs after a severe and drastic hysterectomy. With bowel, bladder, vaginal reconstruction. I became post-menopausal right away. Put me on Prozac of 20-40mg with Ativan than switched me to clonazapam. It has been a real struggle and would like to find out all your experiences, so maybe I...

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depsonil tablet side effects

I am a patient of Anxiety And Dipression.I am taking Depsonil 75 since long time.what are the side effects of this medicine? ## Hi, Sudesh! Depsonil contains the active ingredient Imipramine, which is a tricyclic antidepressant and its side effects may include nausea, dizziness, confusion and increased appetite. Learn more Depsonil details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ## 3 years back My back where kidney location was painful and the nerve connected to it also painfully which connects to testicles. after all tests doctor prescribed me depsonil 25 every day 2 tab and decresed to 1 now the pain is not there but I am addicted to it if I didn't take the tablet next day I will be very anxious and rood my nose start wattering ( running nose) too much sneezing why is this h...

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Imipramine review

Hey guys. I've struggled with depression for some time and you know how it goes, mess change here and there, always trying to find that balance. I don't remember why I was taken off of imipramine, and I wasn't on it for long. I think at the time my depression was not terribly severe, and I may have even claimed at that time that I did not have depression. Something was wrong to be sure, but it was mostly that I did not derive joy from anything and was apathetic about life in general and devoid of goals or concern for the future. It was AMAZING. On the tenth day or so, I woke up, looked around the room, and felt that I was seeing the world for the first time. I felt my old feelings were just 'poor reasoning,' and it made sense that regular people carry on with work, f...

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