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vyvanse 70 mg

Hello everyone, I have ADHD, I'm not on adderall 30mg.one and a half daily. Ya crazy dosage my doctor has me on..its all started a few months ago when in my area the adderall 20mg has been on backorder, all I know is all the pharmacy's within 20 miles around me says they have only been able to get the 10mg or 30mg. Since my scripts he wrote were for 20mg x2 day..I went to his office with the 20mg script and exchange it for 30mg. My next visit is soon..I'm thinking about asking for vyvanse 70mg dose I have only been one it once..I'm new to ADHD meds by about 2 years so any advice would be great thx

Vyvanse and Adderall Lab Urine Test

Hi. I'm prescribed Vyvanse 50mg but I ran out and took some Adderall IR 30mgs to hold me off. Is this going to come up for something different then the regular amphetamines that I test positive for? And when the urine test gets sent to the lab will they be able to tell I'm taking Adderall instead of Vyvanse? ## Did you pass you test? I'm in the same boat. Will a lab detect the difference in vyvanse and adderall? I'm prescribed vyvanse and took 30mg of adderall 3 times. ## Did you past your test will adderal and vyvanse come back the same if sent to lab ## Can a lab test see difference from adderall and vyvance ## They can't Tel the difference. I did the same thing. Passed. ## I have a history of back problems (two blown disc & degenerative discs) as well as fibro...

Vyvanse affecting a woman's PH balance. HELP!

Has anyone had this problem? I had been on adderall for a couple of month and then was taken off of adderall and put on vyvanse. Since then, I have notice my pH vaginal balance is off. Can anyone tell me, if this is a side effect? This is affecting me and my partner. ## Samantha, I think I'm having the same issue. I struggle to keep my vaginal pH balanced. I see that noone's responded here. If you find out something, please post... and I'll do the same. Thanks. ## I have been having the same problem since I stated taking vyvanse approximately six months ago. I am on my fifth or sixth antibiotic for it and also take probiotics. It is affecting my relationship with my husband as well. Im thinking of going off of vyvanse but it really helps me with ADHD like no other stimulant ...

should 50mg vyvanse capsules be full or half

Some of my capsules are filled all the way some are filled just a little and some are just half of the way which is the proper amount? ## Hi Kim, From what you've stated, it seems like they've been tampered with. I would probably call a local pharmacy and find out if these irregularities are normal. Something just doesn't sound right about each capsule containing what appears to be different doses; let alone the thought of being shorted on the full amount. Did you get this filled at a licensed pharmacy or come about it through some other means? I'm just curious because that would probably help determine their legitimacy. Thanks for any additional info you might have. ## I just got 30 day supply of 50 mg vyvanse & over half of my pills were half filled. This really ma...

free 30 day trial for Vyvanse?

Does anyone know if the free 30 day trial for Vyvanse is still available? I cannot find it anywhere. My prescription was $250 last month. ## For that I think you can go to vyvansesavings.com. That's the manufacturer's site. ## This site also offers visitors a free prescription savings card which I believe should work with Vyvanse among a number of other medications. ## Is the 30 day free trial still available for the vyvanse this month? Can't afford to get them filled. ## I need a free trial to this med helps well the cost way too much ## Yes there is a rx savings card for a free 30-day trial floating around, I actually just picked one up on my doctors office the other day - I guess the pharmaceutical rep. for Shire makes frequent visits lol. I believe this coupon was recent...

do 50mg vyvanse taste like sugar

Do 50mg vyvanse taste like sugar? ## It's probably too late but anyways... they do/did make 70mg vyvance my brother was prescribed these back in late 2014 ## As for the taste I'm curious. I thought they tasted salty but I opened my bottle (it looked weird) and decided to taste them and it was like semi sweet flour, lol. ## Hello Sadie May, Most credible sources won't really specify the taste of a medication but looking around I have found users of various forums claiming that they do in fact have a rather sweet flavor. I cannot confirm or deny that this is true as I do not take them myself but that does tend to be the general consensus among people on the internet. Hope this helps. ## I dont think they have any taste at all in none of them..the highest dose is 70 mg..and the...

Vyvanse 70

I am 22 years old and have been on vyvanse for about 3 years now. I was originally on 30 MG...then up to 50 MG....now i have been at 70 MG for about 2 years. The main reason im taking it is to help concentration in college. This however, is my last year in school and im really scared to stop taking it. On days that i have none available in the morning due to prescription issues...i feel very weird. I feel sad...on the verge of crying for NO REASON.I feel like i cant think straight and i cant even wake up all the way until i had it. Its almost like how people are before they have the morning coffee...im a HORRIBLE SAD ANGRY person without it. I fear what will happen if i stop taking it after college. I feel like i will become a different person and its really scaring me...ANY ADVICE from...

side effects if off for 3 to 5 days

I am 56 years old...my scrip runs out and i find I am without my 30 mg dose for 3 to 5 days and get strong headaches in my back of my head at brainstem..normal? ## Hey Jim, I'm 58, I took 30 mg the first day and at the end of the day I got a whopping headache in the back of my head. I had a concussion about 4 weeks ago, so I'm nervous about this. I was wondering the same thing about the headache. I thin it is withdrawal symptom too. I'm going to ask my doctor when I see her next week. I'll pass it on to you. ## Yes, that can be a withdrawal symptom, but anytime you experience a new type of headache, or one that is more intense than usual, you should consult a medical professional to be safe, as direct by FDA warnings. Vyvanse does carry the risk of being habit forming, s...

My Vyvanse got wet

I left my 60 mg chewable Vyvanse on my windowsill. The window was open and it rained. Some got wet and dissolved and then dried. Now they are bumpy looking and deformed but still in tact. Are they still safe to take? ## If the pills are fully intact then I don't see any reason why you wouldn't be able to continue taking them as prescribed. I suppose the partially dissolved tablets would be the only ones that remain questionable, at least in so far as their potency is concerned. However, when it comes to their 'safety', I personally don't consider water to be an adulterant. As a last resort, you could always bring the damaged pills to your prescribing doctor and see if s/he is willing to replace them with a new script? Hope this helps!

vyvanse urine drug test

I took 40mg of vyvanse on Saturday and had a u/a on Tuesday. Will I pass? ## I know this is an older thread but as many people may have similar questions regarding their (illicit or legal prescription) use of amphetamines and what results can be expected regarding urinalysis drug toxicology reports, I figured I'd post this: the answer to this specific question would depend on the frequency that the inquirer uses (used) vyvanse. Their dosage (40mg) was a pretty low therapeutic dosage and based on the way they phrased the question, I'd assume that they didn't take vyvanse on a regular basis, but rather a PRN (as needed) prescription basis or an intermediate illicit basis for recreational purposes (again pretty low dose to obtain any recreational value). Either way, if my assum...

Chiari Malformation, Bipolar 2, ADHD

I have Chiari Malformation - A brain condition that has my cerebellum going into my brain stem (my brain is too big for my head so it slightly seeps out my skull). I get continuous migraines and nerve pain I also have ADHD combined and Bipolar 2 I am currently on Vyvanse 30 x1 (adhd), Lamictal 100 x2 (bipolar), Gabapentin 100 x2 (nerve pain). I have never been on a nerve pain medication that has helped me out so much. My problem is, when I combine it with the Vyvanse, there is agitation and I tend to go manic for the day and crash at night with a lot of anxiety. When on Vyvanse with just the Lamictal x2 and Gabapentin at night, I feel a lot better, but I'm still cycling fast. Also, ever since starting the Lamictal I am cycling faster. I have a meeting with the psychiatrist on campus...

Help. Vyvanse was a dream come true for me for a year, but it's not working any more.

I was a scatter-brained mom of two young children, couldn't concentrate, organize, plan, or function at all beyond bare minimal survival. Within a day of starting Vyvanse under my doctor's supervision, I became a whole new person. I was functional again! I could finally sit down and play a board game with my daughter. I was happy, energetic, organized, I could accomplish several major tasks each day rather than only one a day or none at all which had been the case before. I rekindled my love for exercising. Over the course of two years since I began taking Vyvanse, I've transformed from a braindead, overweight stay-at-home mom to a healthy, happy 3.5 GPA college student and a thin, muscular yoga instructor. But the second year has been rougher because the medication's ef...

Vyvanse 70 milligrams free trial

My son is 19 years old. He was on Medicaid and now Medicaid has dropped him. I'm trying to get him their Social Security Disability because he has a disability. He is on Vyvanse 70 milligrams which helps him, and it works very well for him. I don't know what to do. I cannot afford a $300 and $400 prescription. He is trying to skip his meds because he knows it is too expensive for me. I am a single mom that needs help. I am trying so hard to keep him on it. Please somebody tell me what to do? I have called the doctor, I have called the pharmacy and the pharmacy has knocked it down to $200; still I cannot do that. Please help me somebody. ## for me not to get fired a had to get my adha under control so the doctor prescribed me and i do not have any insurance. ## Why do you have no...


white capsule with powder inside and G 5026 imprinted on the outside ## Does the generic Vyvanse have powder or beads inside and what strenghts ## The capsule with the G 5026 marking is manufactured by Greenstone Limited, and they list it as containing 100mgs of Gabapentin, which is an anticonvulsant that is also used to treat some mood disorders, and certain types of nerve pain. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness. mood changes, and weight changes. Inactive ingredients may include: lactose corn starch magnesium silicate gelatin titanium dioxide FD&C Blue No. 2 But they may vary depending on production facility. Regarding the generic Vyvanse, can you please post back with more details? More information is needed to provide you with an accur...

hallucinations from vyvanse

my son was on vyvanse for a year his doc raised his dose he started hearing voices and we lowered the dose. he was off the med for the summer and back on it again when school started , He started having more auditory halucinations on it again so we stopped again . But the voices did not go away now this time . vyvanse did in fact cause this . anyone else have that problem. I have heard others havingng some auditory hallucinations from it but did not hear about how long it lasts . he has been off vyvanse now for a year and still gets them a few times a week and has to go on risperidol but he feels like a zombie and his ADD is beyond bad now and I swear he was never ADD when the doctor put him on it .he was depressed over a friends death and couldnt focus in school . I told the doctor thi...

Vyvanse and Diabetes

Hi. I was just wondering if anyone with diabetes taking vyvanse feels like the meds cause them to feel low even though numbers are fine? I just started it today and have felt low all day. ## Vyvanse can cause its own side effects, which the FDA lists as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability, insomnia, and anorexia. What medication do you take for your diabetes? What are your blood sugar levels showing? If you just started it, today, it is normal for you to experience more side effects, it can take 4 to 6 weeks for them to wear off and for you to feel more normal. ## I take fiasp and tresiba for my insulin and as for my numbers they usually run high at around 11 or 12. I am also starting a pump in 2 weeks so that should bring my numbers down. Yesterday was my secon...

Vyvanse changed my life. For better or for worse?

Hi. I was depressed for quite sometime. I just started seeing a psychiatrist at the time and he had diagnosed me with ADHD and depression. I was only 13 at the time. Before my old doctor moved away he prescribed me anti-depressants at first but I ended up taking them all at once and went out partying that night and ended up getting really sick. So he stopped my prescription. I started seeing a therapist after that 3 times a week along with my psychiatrist on the same days. During the 6 months I was seeing them I started to come out of my depression and was really happy. We tried numerous ADHD medications. Both stimulants & non-stimulants. Out of all the ADHD medications out there, I responded to Vyvanse the best. Now I favor the stimulants more because the side affect that would com...

Vyvanse patient assistance

I've been taking vyvanse for my entire life and I've been without my vyvanse for 2 days now and it's affecting my new job already and I'm panicking, my prescription is 303$ to pick up at my pharmacy and that's the cheapest of all pharmacies in my area and I don't get my new insurance until may and I can really use the free 30 day trial of vyvanse if anyone can help me out. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to lower the cost to 50$ or $60 because that's all I have to spend right now. But the 30 day trial would be a God send. I wont have insurance until may 2018 and I just don't know what to do, I've tried everything. Thank you. ## The manufacturer Shire does have an assistance program for this medication. You can call them to see if y...

Vyvanse vs Mydayis

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can share their experience switching from Vyvanse 70mg once daily to Mydayis (50mg) and if it is a better medication as opposed to Vyvanse? Please respond if anyone out there has experienced this switch as I am considering it somewhat although, I have no major issues with Vyvanse. ## If Vyvanse is working for you, why switch? I am just curious. Mydays is most similar to Adderall, and is used to treat the same conditions, but overall it really depends on what works for you, and what is safest for you. Has your doctor suggest you make a change? The FDA warns that these medications carry the risk of being habit forming, and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, insomnia, mood changes, and weight loss. ## Hi, Verwon! Thanks for the reply. To answ...

Vyvanse capsule

I have two kinds of vyvanse...one is 30mg and the other is 50mg. Now i want to know if they are real cuz the powder inside isn't bitter. In fact its bittersweet. Not overly sweet. I've had vynanse many times. But i forgot the taste. Anybody know the real taste of vyvanse? ## From what I could gather, legitimate Vyvanse is reported by many patients as being "bitter", and in some cases might even leave a bad metallic taste in the mouth. However, when certain inactive ingredients are present, I hear that it may actually come off as being sweet. Does anyone else find this to be true as well? If there aren't any markings on the capsule or some other feasible way to identify the substance and dosage, your best bet would probably be to have the contents analyzed by a lab fo...


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