Vyvanse Affecting A Woman's Ph Balance. Help!

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Samantha Says:

Has anyone had this problem? I had been on adderall for a couple of month and then was taken off of adderall and put on vyvanse. Since then, I have notice my pH vaginal balance is off. Can anyone tell me, if this is a side effect? This is affecting me and my partner.

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Ki Says:

Samantha, I think I'm having the same issue. I struggle to keep my vaginal pH balanced. I see that noone's responded here. If you find out something, please post... and I'll do the same. Thanks.

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frustrated Says:

I have been having the same problem since I stated taking vyvanse approximately six months ago. I am on my fifth or sixth antibiotic for it and also take probiotics. It is affecting my relationship with my husband as well. Im thinking of going off of vyvanse but it really helps me with ADHD like no other stimulant has!!!!

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Frustrated Says:

I stopped taking it three days ago and i think the infection is gone....the sx decreased the first and second days and today seems to be gone!

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Ki Says:

Do either of you also drink coffee? If so, a combination of the vyvanse with the coffee may be the culprit. I'd been BV free for a couple of weeks (had been taking vyvanse) but no coffee during that time. This week I missed a day of taking femdophilus and had coffee the 2 following days and the BV is back with a vengeance. I plan to monitor this for the next few days... And I'll check back in.

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rukiddingme Says:

I have been taking Vyvanse for a couple of years now. I was having chronic sinus infections and multiple rounds of antibiotics over a 6 mos period. Since then my system has never recovered and I have chronic vaginal discharge, itching and burring. Forget sex that only makes it worse. I decreased my dose from 70mg to half that and increased my water intake to between 48 oz and 64 oz a day...guess what it worked...my vagina was no longer red and itchy and burning with a constant discharge. It does appear Vyvase does some how make the system off balance but I have been doing weeks of research to tie it all together...i have also starting a ph balanced water, and superfood supplements...I still have the jaw clenching, jitters and rapid heart rate, but it no longer makes me sick to my stomach. However it also doesn't seem to have the same ability to stabilize my concentration.

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keylime29 Says:
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I have been on vyvanse for a year or 2 now. I quit smoking and drinking alcohol.. i let go of candy and soda..i even work out and have a vegetarian diet.. my biggest issue is not enough water and too much coffee. I started taking acidophilus and drinking more water...i even use rephresh gel & hygenic wash IF i don't drink enough water or take acidophilus i notice vaginal discomfort. It is so interesting that other women are saying this, because i was worried but knew i should be okay because i never have unprotected intercourse or have a million partners.

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frustrated as well Says:
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I carry two licenses. Pharmacy and nursing. I've been on Vyvanse 30mg for approximately a yr. I am now 39 so I thought it very odd that about four months after taking it I noticed vaginal dryness and wondered if I was premenopausal...again seemed crazy as both mom and grandmother menstruated until 56 yrs old. This baffled me and obviously is rather uncomfortable. I wasn't intimately active and therefore no infections. I drink way too much coffee and not enough water at work. I checked my blood work and my estradiol was out of wack. Seemed very low. My period then stopped for 3 months??? At this point I felt inflamed, red, itchy, no discharge. I decided to stop vyvanse cold turkey. I really had no issues other than I felt like I was in a fog for a few weeks, tired, however no other issues. The good news is within 2 weeks, I did get my period. My labs have returned to normal and no more dryness. I'm not certain if drinking more water would have helped as I was desperate to return to normal and didn't increase water intake first. I never felt edgy on this medication and I actually had a better appetite. Regular bowel movements, focus was great. It's really quite a shame about all of this unfortunate symptoms we are having and I haven't read much to confirm this other than this thread. I was very grateful to hear I wasn't the only one feeling this way. Thanks for your input ladies.

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Baffled Says:

Hi. I have been taking vyvance, then adderall for one year now. While on vyvance for the first seven months, I noticed my throat always had mucous at the back of it. When I woke in the morning, I would gag until I blew my nose and coughed up the mucous in my throat. I had never before had this experience. Once I switched to adderrall, the mucous in the throats improved greatly, but somehow, it has affected my vaginal ph. I have had yeast infections three out of the last four months!? I am 46 years old and In my entire life, I have only had one yeast infection. When I asked my doctor about the yeast infections, he told me he had never heard that before as a side effect. I am surprised such a popular medication has these side effects, and the doctor who prescribed it is unaware of them? Obviously women are having these issues. Also, my eyes are dry and itchy all the time. What gives?

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S Says:
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So relieved to see this! I'm 29 and have had weird symptoms for about a year. It took its toll on my marriage and I went to my OB out of desperation! She did a blood panel and my estradiol was ULTRA low. I used Premarin cream for 2 weeks and I'm a new woman. I am really dependent on vyvanse (I use low dose 30mg )for anxiety and don't want to go off because I feel very balanced right now but also am terrified the recurring infections and low estradiol will happen again!? Any ideas from a medical standpoint on how to avoid this!?

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Jh711 Says:
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I also take vyvanse and seem to have to work more than I should to maintain a good balance. I find that I am dry all over, like my eyes, skin, and mouth as well if I do not drink far more water than recommended. (Maybe you too?) What I can tell you works for sure though is apple cider vinegar. It's wonderful for you. You can take a little (half and half with water) in liquid form or take a pill (I do this daily to maintain and it really helps!) also you can put a cup or two in the bath and let it kinda - get in there as you soak- so to speak lol. I use it when I take bubble baths (wine please!) and you can't smell it at all since it's so diluted.

Hope that helps one of you! It's the cheap and easy way (along with yogurt for good probiotics and flora throughout) to maintain a good feminine balance. :)

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Moongirl337 Says:
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Y'all are not imagining It! Vyvanse is such an evil medication. I went off of it for 4 or 5 years due to my thyroid and hormones going out if whack, which I somewhat blame on vyvanse but that's another conversation. Anyway, back on vyvanse for 2 months now and have had 2 yeast infections 2 months in a row! I had not had any at all since stopping vyvanse. I had perfect vaginal health and PH until I started taking it again. I'm convinced! It messes with my digestive tract as well. I get white tongue if I stop taking probiotics. I would like to quit taking it but I am so unfocused without it and last time I went cold turkey was a nightmare! I hope more clinical studies are being done to improve vyvanse because this sucks!!

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NoMoreOpiateWithdrawals Says:

Re: frustrated as well (# 7)

Hello. I hope I can shed a bit of light on ur problem as well as 4 all the other lady's having the vaginal ph issues while on Vyvanse. I'm into natural & alternative medicine. Most who go down this rabbit hole realize quickly that 2 entertain much of the information in & surrounding this certain niche also means having 2 come 2 the realization that u will either become, be labeled as, or have some in depth contact with CONSPIRACY THEORISTS & the conspiracy's related 2 the wonderful world of western medicine coupled with medical system related truths, untruths, hierarchy, agenda, & politics. Now that being said lets dive into the issue. If you know or not let me be the first to tell you from first hand experience with both my and my fiancees immediate family and how their stories stack up to the national average as related to the untalked about yet extremely serious and very complex issue called Candida.

I am sure many know about this but in a nut shell our bodies immune system is as we know inside our GI tract and is comprised of a secret world teaming with an unseen universe of flora both good & beneficial as well as what we deem as bad flora. So we have good gut flora (bacteria) and bad gut flora. We say good because this form is known for health giving properties and the ability to not only keep our bodies ph balance in check but for fighting off things such as C-Diff and for strengthening our immune response while lessening many side effects from our initial interaction with vaccinations as a child. Many symptoms we would normally get which mirror autoimmune symptoms after vaccines such as allergies and skin inflammation and conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, etc.are masked or kept under control from the colonies of good flora lining our gut. Now the 2 are at a never ending struggle for control and unfortunately for us the bad flora grows back quickly, repopulating the GI tract 3 times quicker than the good counterpart.

Things that cause a rapid growth of the bad are diets high in sugar, carbs, and WHEAT, yes wheat which is highly toxic even in its gluten free state. High fructose corn syrup or HFCS most, that MOST of all are the fuel for complete & utter disaster & should be avoided like the plague. Candida is the name for the bad flora that is usually contained by the walls of our GI tract safely behind bars. It is a fungus or a yeast depending on who you are talking to and as such feeds off of the sugar intake in our stomachs & blood. Now HFCS not only feeds this problematic candida but goes one step further & takes it out for lunch, freeing it from its prison. When HFCS is consumed and processed by our GI tract it is broken down into microscopic crystalline shards much like thousands upon thousands of micro pieces of shattered splintered shards of glass which must pass through. While doing so they create thousands of microscopic holes that puncture through the wall of our GI tract. This is 1 of the main causes of the mysterious so called LEAKY GUT SYNDROME. These holes are now the escape route used by candida to enter our blood stream and become systemic. They circulate in our blood feeding off sugars within it and usually choose to pocket their colonies along side of or on to one or more of our organs.

Now many might not know this but for those familiar with the work of the wonderful groundbreaking Italian Oncologist Dr. Tullio Simoncini have learned from his many prestigious years pioneering work with cancer treatment that cancer is actually a fungus and under a microscope all cancer is fungal. Once he discovered this he realized that if you take and disturb the ph balance of the fungus rapidly by way of creating an alkaline state the cancer will quickly implode.. Now many argue this point but he has proven that cancer can not survive in the body in an alkaline state. Opponents argue that it is the acidic state which cancer and bacteria or germs are unsuited for so the debate on alkaline vs acidic rages on.. What I can tell you that even if cancer is killed through acidity it is indeed killed through a drastic and rapid push into the alkalyne state so it could be the process and ferocity of the transistion from normal to alkalyne state which destoys it but none the less he has thousands of hours of viewable videos of actual surgeries he has done eradicating cancer via this method which is shown first hand by way of cathetor camera inserted into the veins or arteries and ran directly into the tumor for a surreal close up first hand view of what cancer looks like and how it looks as it feeds upon the sugar in the blood as it rests hidden from the bodies immune response do to the trick it uses which is to initially cause the immune response once becoming systemic entering the blood which causes our white blood cells to engulf the pocket of candida and form a tumor around it in the attempt to centralize and control/isolate it. Once the candida is encased in the tumor it goes to work strengthening the tumors wall by what is known as its chichin or its exoskeleton like shell that is nearly impossible for the body alone to penetrate.

Now not getting too far off course but a quick search of Google or YouTube who is owned now by Google of the name Dr. Jennifer Daniels and her pioneering work destroying candida and easily breaking down its chichin by usage of TURPENTINE! YES TURPENTINE! The life story is unbelievable and how she claims the gov and medical establishment attempted to end her life multiple times do to her exposure of the internal workings behind the scenes of our grossly corrupt medical establishment on many levels and her working with natural meds which is a violation of our FDA's policy which is for Dr's to only use FDA approved drugs and procedures to treat any disease, sickness or illness. Now here is the conundrum. Seeing as how the FDA only approves drugs from pharma companies that spend hundreds of millions of dollars to gain the ranking and God like title of FDA approved and these drugs are never drugs approved for the cure or treatment of any underlying disease or illness but no, the only drugs allowed to pass through the pipeline onto the pharmacy shelves are those that treat one or more symptoms to/of one of these illnesses which are destroying our bodies! while also needing to be a drug that can gross residual income so not a 1 time drug for a treatment or cure of the initial problem or root of the whole problem but 1 that must be taken month after month to treat 1 or more of the many symptoms which arrive from the underlying disease ravaging our bodies. So why 1 may ask would the FDA not allow a one time cure to come through the approval process?

Well I am no genius by any means and this is just a hypothesis but if I am the FDA and I have a plethora of companies lined up throwing hundreds of millions of dollars my way for my stamp of approval for their new drug that treats a symptom of say cancer which is actually the progressed form of candida (yes now its fitting together nicely. Candida enters the blood, pockets on organs, isolates into tumor form and inside it feeds off the blood flow to the organ containing sugars and carbs which become sugars in the blood. So this GI flora has cocooned into the butterfly we all know and love as the big C word which you are about to find out is easily cured with about 1 dollars worth of baking soda! YES THAT IS BAKING SODA), and I allow just 1 company to present a drug to the market which breaks free from the norm and doesnt treat a manifested symptom of a root disease but actually goes 1 step beyond and treats and cures the root disease which is the cause oif all these symptoms which have you and your insurance company going broke over needlessly and I approve this new drug that now can lay claim to having a new FDA approved drug that cures such and such disease that before wasnt curable but only its symptoms kept partially at best at bay, now what do you think will happen to the slew of pharma co's who were next in line trying to gain approval for their new drug which like usual treats a symptom of and not underlying root cause to the illness?

Well I picture the sound of crickets and visualize tumbleweed blowing through the now roomy offices of the FDA. Once they make the mistake (mistake in their eyes that is) of allowing a cure through they have officially shot themselves in the foot because those hundreds of millions to billions in annual income taken in they were expecting has gone poof without a trace. No pharma co or its board of investors would ever allow a company to invest millions to billions to gain the FDA stamp of approval on a new drug that does an even better job at treating a symptom to a disease or illness that has just been cured by company A over in the corner. To do so would be a complete waste of time and money because no patient would ever by a drug to treat a symptom to something they can have a cure prescribed to them for so now you have all these drugs that are shelved do to no longer being prescribed which means angry investors, angry pharma co's, angry FDA, & happy healthy patients! SORRY THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN UNTIL SOME1 has the courage to finally make these thieves and bottom feeders be held accountable for their less than humane behavior and conduct slash abuse of power at the highest levels. I have the cure for the cancer we call the current medical establishments infrastructure and process by which it operates that frees the dr's from being told what they can prescribe by the insurance companies who may as well be labeled as your dr since what they say is the final script making its way to you paid for by the insurance group.

My plan eliminates the current structure of the pharma co paid for text books by which our past, current, & future dr's use for study to gain accrediting and licensing that are in essence a farming of doctors raised by the behind the scenes pharma co whose only agenda is to build an army of drug dealers who are able to do so legally. Not only do they pay billions to these Dr's in incentives and under the radar kickbacks to promote the newest drugs for these co's but are pushed aggressively to prescribe these drugs for off label treatment of other illnesses and conditions which the overall health & well being of the consumer has been long far gone. Why worry about these rushed drugs gaining approval that have shown a lifespan of 1 to 5 years on the market before all the deaths and side effects from the use of them has tallied up enough case files to begin the feeding frenzy done by the fine dressed drooling lawyers who are so concerned with protecting its clients from the harm done by these drugs that they start 1 of multiple legal cases in 1 to all of the 50 states suing the drug co's for all the realized misrepresentation done by way of their clinical trial and evaluations they paid millions to have done to be presented to the FDA who is our master advocate for consumer safety yet they never 1 time take the time to verify or validate the information presented to them by these wolves in sheep's clothing.

The FDA feels it well suitable to take the word at face value of these companies and their paid for Dr reports on the safety of their drugs when they could easily take a small minute portion of the proceeds earned from the approval stamp and conduct their own joint investigation of the claims of these companies especially seeing as how every year they while on so called watch allow into the market drugs that claim multitudes of lives yet are under reported by the docs pushing them and while I feel illegally allowing these drug co's to push their propaganda by way of commercial for the new drugs followed by chipmunk speed voices running down 10% of the side effects had from the use of the drug that treats, say a migraine headache yet side effects are possible death, stroke, implosion, explosion, zomby hord joining, etc.. and flip the channel away from the evil and can you guess what is found on the next channel? A law firm running a commercial seeking those damaged or harmed by that very same drug just watched. I N S A N I T Y ! Not only are just the mentioned portion of side effects God awful & 3 times worse then what your attempting to treat to begin with but they know repetitive exposure of these style commercials on children as they grow to adulthood create redundancy and dumb us down to the disgusting underlying process by which they operate. Its normal for kids to be bombarded by these commercials and now that chipmunk voice full of death and despair that follows each and every drug ad gets tuned out to and we become immune2 or so used 2 the tone & delivery style of them we begin 2 not even become concerned with them.

We feel an unjustifiable safety at the hands of & discretion of those with the labeling of the F, D, & A expecting moral obligation 2 not ethically allow such greed, chaos, death, & poor judgment calls 2B made on drugs that have the power 2 strip us of our health, wealth, & loved ones lives we care for so dearly. Now before I finally get to the point of my comment and how it relates to ph I just want to end the gloom & doom by inj.'ing my common sense solution to the entire problem that makes way too much sense to ever be put in motion but eliminates greed at every level & would save the taxpayers & our country billions if not trillions & only a ****n in charge could read this long winded comment & not utilize its wisdom or they have hands in or out of their or pharma/political pockets & are at a stalled position of internal conflict of right, wrong, greed & golf. So now 4my cure 2 the entire problem pay attention here. The whole problem is we pay to see our Dr when we are sick & by doing so we create the ripe environment ideal 4 the greed and current stagnation. We have pharma co's who need pushers of their drugs which needs a FDA that will earn hundreds of millions approving a drug that treats a symptom to and never a cure to a health issue so you have a myriad of drug choices to mask the underlying condition by eliminating or lessening the associated symptom that is bothering the patient/consumer followed by the insurance companies bending you over your arm of your sofa with lube in hand as they deny or dictate what the Dr can be allowed to prescribe for you if they are to pay for the script. Instead of us creating the scenario responsible for so much stupidity why not pass laws that restructure the current protocol of how we are treated. We stop paying Dr's to treat us when we are sick. NO MORE PERIOD! In fact we do quite the opposite.

We pay our or the Dr. to treat us to keep us from becoming ill. This offers incentive to the docs to make sure it be in their best interest that their patients sustain & remain in optimal condition. By doing so we end the current problem with the disassociation from doctor's between dietary intake & health. Seeing as throughout the entire degree earning schooling only offers our current & next gen of Dr's a meager 4 to 8 hours of training associated with diet, food intake & how it relates 2 optimal health so it basically is nonexistent & going that route is frowned upon by the alphabet boys overseeing the maintaining of the licensing & future careers of our new docs. We also take away the avoidance by them2 suggest vitamin & mineral or alternative, natural, homeopathic, etc. It now becomes within their best interest 2 by any means available, keep us in the best of health because should we become ill within this new system our Dr's do not get paid again until we are healthily living & smiling. Now they know getting paid means not creating symptoms requiring pushing of drugs that create more of the same requiring more of the same by way of more prescribed drugs that eventually overwhelm and acidify the system as we slowly become toxic. This means the pharma co's are forced 2 create drugs that cure not treat symptoms & the FDA must comply since every company is doing the same in order 4 the docs 2 prescribe their drug because they now push wellness & not a glamorous pile of polished s*** covered in perfume masked as medicine.

Now we begin the recovery of our nations & global health of the human race while creating the atmosphere 4 Dr's 2 do what they wanted 2 when first deciding 2 enter the profession which was cure & bring health & not later learn they are puppets on thin strings a dime a dozen who must lower their integrity 2 survive the dog eat dog medical construct. Now the insurance rates plummet & law firms can have a hey day bringing all the current evil drugs 2 light & holding the old system responsible 4 the shady practices they grew comfortable & accustomed 2. The medical establishment is cleaned up from the inside out merging the lines of diet & health, natural, & allopathic medicine welcoming alternative research & ideals backed by peer reviewed research independently validated by 3rd party along with mandated FDA double checking of any & all health influencing drugs seeking 2 enter the marketplace. We create an ideal pristine environment & infrastructure 2B handed over 2 our beloved offspring while eliminating the majority of the national debt along with all the misspending & false claims riddled & rife with greed & self serving principles. When taking antibiotics Ur creating the perfect storm 4 overgrowth of yeast & fungus that has a door 2 the blood supply do 2 HFCS use. Once the immune system has been compromised U see a huge spike in autoimmune disease symptoms which partially happen from wheat & sugar consumption do 2 sugar caused AGE's & wheat created inflammation of the arteries from the scraping it does2 the arterial walls. I presume Vyvanse adds 2 the malabsorption of vit & min as well as the bodies acidic ph working hand in hand w/ candida IMO.

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B Says:
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Re: Ki (# 4)

Do you think maybe it's the caffeine with the vyvanse I'm having the same issue but dont drink coffee I do however drink soda

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