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Strongest 30 mg Oxycodone - KVK vs Mallinckrodt vs Rhodes

Hi All, I experience pretty severe neuropathic pain due to a spinal injury. I have a Baclofen pump which also contains hydromorphone but still get a lot of breakthrough pain. I've been taking oxycodone for 8ish yrs. and the pills I was prescribed those first few yrs. did a good job at treating the pain. I've had to change pharmacies and notice lately the oxycodone 30s I've been given lately do little or NOTHING! Especially the Mallinckrodt! My doc prescribed 3 30mg pills a day but I had to munch 5 of the Mallinckrodts in a 4 hour period and still got barely any relief. I was worried I'd get constipated big time after taking that many pills several days in a row but I didn't (because they're so damn weak!) I don't know the mfg. of the oxys I was taking yrs ago...

Doctors In Pa That Prescribe Oxycodone

I need a doctor in the pgh area. I have had 11 back surgeries, chronic pain and anxiety. My pcp gave me a month to find one... Please help. ## Your PCP hasn't been able to recommend someone, or help you find one? I used to live in that area and I know it can be very difficult to find a doctor willing to prescribe controlled substances. Learn more about Oxycodone Details Have you considered a straight pain management doctor, or clinic? ## i dont know exactly where you live in pa. but i have a pain doctor who prescibes me 180 30 mg oxycodone and 60 morphine 30 mg er tablets. he has no problem writing if you have medical records. {edited for privacy}. hope this helps you. good luck ## I also live in pa and used to get 240 roxicodone a month.please email me if you can help me my docotr ...

Need a good doctor who prescribes oxycodone in No. Illinois

At 60, I now have a full disability because of chronic pain from cervical and lumbar radiculopathy and attending sciatica. For 12 years I've gone to a GREAT doctor in Chicago. But this neurologist has retired, only to be replaced by an anti-oxycodone Chinese anesthesiologist who is very authoritative and just a damn unpleasant lady. After driving all the way in to see her yesterday, she took me off my oxycodone 30's and 15's and gave me a prescription for oxycodone 40, for a month--and there is no such thing, as I discovered last night--only Oxycontin 40, and she didn't write for that. I'm quite screwed. I have ample medical records. Medicare, too. Is there a good doctor in the Rockford/Naperville area that some god soul can suggest? I would be sincerely appreciative...

Doctors Willing To Prescribe Oxycodone In Chicago Illinois

I live in Chicago, Illinois and I have been on Oxycodone 30mg for 3 years. My doctor retired and I haven't been able to find a doctor since to prescribe them. Can you help me and give me a doctors name that will prescribe this medication in the Chicagoland area... ## I'm sorry, but there is no listing of doctors that will prescribe any given medication. And you may be creating part of the problem yourself, if you're calling new doctors and asking them to prescribe a specific medication. Most doctors will see that as being drug seeking behavior and won't even let you get in the door. The best thing you can do is to set up an appointment with a new doctor and then just make sure they get a full copy of your medical records, so they can speak for themselves. Learn more Oxyc...

Pill Imprint T192 - Oxycodone?

I have alleged Oxycodone pills that I'd like to verify. When broken in half and wet, they turn blue, with darker blue spots. They have T192 on one side and a line in the center. Are they real? ## Yes, this tablet is manufactured by Camber Pharmaceuticals, and they list it as containing 5mgs of Oxycodone and 325mgs of Acetaminophen, it is a generic for Percocet. The FDA warns that it carries the risk of being habit forming, and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, constipation, and headache. Is there anything else I can help with? ## What are the blue spots on the pill? ## T192 pill white with blue specks. Supposed to be 5mg oxycodone, but my usual dose is (2) 5mg. Can I take 2 of these? Are they immediate release? My pill has a line on the back but pill iden...

PILL 233

WHAT KIND OF PILL IS THIS? SOMEBODY GAVE ME ONE FOR PAIN, SAID IT WAS A OCXY 5mg BUT IM NOT SURE IT'S A SMALL WHITE ROUND PILL WITH 233 PRINTED ON ONE SIDE AND IT HAS A SLIT DOWN THE BACK! IM CURIOUS I'VE NEVER SEEN ONE LIKE THAT ## It's not an Oxycodone tablet on the U.S. market. As a matter of fact, I can't find anything that matches this in the prescription drug databases, which makes me suspect that it is most likely just an over the counter product, though there is a small chance it could be a foreign medication. Does anyone else recognize this tablet? I'll keep searching and post back, when I have information for you. ## Thanks a lot! ## Generic of flexerol 10mg which is a muscle relaxant. Small round peach pill with GI on one side and 233 on other. ## Generic ...

Greatest Pain Med Doctor Helps People In Pain With Narcotics

I found this great Pain Specialist who actually helps people with legitimate problems that have found that they are only helped with Narcotics. This Doctor does not treat you like a drug fiend and actually believes you when you tell the truth. He then prescribes a reasonable amount of narcotics to help make your life better. Once you have proved you are honest you don't have to take a drug panel every month either and he writes a 3 month supply just like with heart medication. Sound Like a dream? It is; at least from my 20 years of experience of being a pain patient. Why can't people who have real medical problems get real medical help when they need it? I think some Doctors need to get their butts sued and medical licences lost for lack of proper care of people in 24x7 agony! T...

white round R on top of line p on bottom 10 on back

this pill has R on top p below line 10 0n back is it oxycodone ## Hello, Liah! How are you? Yes, this tablet is manufactured by Rhodes Pharmaceuticals and they list it as containing 10mgs of Oxycodone. The FDA classifies this medication as a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## What element appears key here is failure of timely and/or appropriate absorbtion. For those who experience events of hyperemesis, one could try taking with meals or even before a lite snack, a glass of milk or hot beverage. Since having also found Rhodes' effacasy far less desirable than others, it obviously it is highly sought to assure both prop...

T194 Oxycodone 10/325 from Walgreens

I am having some concerns regarding this med from WALGREENS. They are pale yellow....I chewed on one and looked at my tongue. What I saw was very unusual. The substance of the pill was very bright yellow. It was gummy on texture like a eatery spackle or paste. It was thick and didn't dissolve. It had no taste really. I left it on my tongue for 20 minutes. I had zero numbing to my tongue. I used to break part of a pill and place on a breaking tooth...it would numb the nerve very quickly. Also I put end of fingers in mouth and rubbed the substance. More than that it stained my fingers yellow. Like food coloring does. Try these yourself to see. I called Camber. Sent pictures of my tongue and fingers. They take the pain away but zero normal side effects. I talked to Camber, they told me...

Green Pill M 30 Please Help

Are there such things as the M's being 30 mg and green? I just found some and I am not sure they are oxys. I know the the M 15mg are green, but I have never seen a 30mg be green. Has someone given us a fake? Is there any other medication this can be other than a roxy? ## There is a 30mg Oxycodone tablet that has an M in a box on one side and a 30 over a score line on the opposite, which is described as a pale blue, but does look like a light green. Is that what your tablets look like? Learn more Oxycodone details here. ## My dr just prescribed me 30mg. Oxycodone 4x a day. Ive heard so many negative things about this medication. I have no choice but to start taking them because im in constant pain. Does anyone know if this medication is as bad as people say it is? ## Inpain, they are...

oxycodone 15 mg u23

Does it supposed to work better faster or what this will be my first time trying oxycodone 15 U23 I just picked them up for my pharmacist went to the doctor yesterday but I'm always scared of trying new things but the regular Oxycontin 15 M Block I think wasn't doing anything for my pain and I'm a natural person I don't like to try stuff so I'm hoping when I do try this. It won't have me oh still hurting dizzy stomach upset vomiting I'm hoping that it just stopped my pain and have me to sleep good tonight that's all I want thank you ## Hello Linda, I apologize but I am having a difficult time figuring out exactly what you're asking. I believe what you want to know is if the Oxycodone 15 U23 takes effect faster than the 15 M. If that's the case the...

rhodes oxycodone

Can someone cause somebody in the FDA to check out this Rhodes pharmaceutical company? If the potency can vary by up to 10 to 20% what does that tell you? They're not all the same. I have had Rhodes for two days and they're pure garbage I don't know why the pharmacy changed who's paying who off but these are absolutely terrible. ## You have to file a complaint with the FDA just like I did. The more complaints the faster they'll stop forcing this crap on us! Not sure how many other people take the time to file with the FDA but we need a lot more, I'm sure. They were giving me headaches, causing dizziness, and weren't touching my pain. ## This is what I found out on the Rhodes Pharm Percocets: The 5 mg, 10 mg, 15 mg, 20 mg and 30 mg tablets contain the equivale...

alvogen oxycodone 10 325 pill not controlling my pain as well as other generic brands

Alvogen 10/325 any one else feel it is not controlling their pain as well as other brands. Thanks for your input. ## Hi Annie, I have not tried the Alvogen brand specifically, but according to other related threads on here, Endo Pharmaceuticals is touted as having one of the best working Percocet tablets by comparison. My theory is that one or more of the binders/fillers that Alvogen tabs are composed of aren't able to sufficiently metabolize in our body, thus leaving part of the active ingredient(s) lying dormant within. I don't know if this makes much sense to anyone else who may be reading, but it seems like a feasible possibility since each manufacturer uses a different set of inactive ingredients. ## Thank you very much for answering my question, in your opion it will work ...


round, green pill with v on one side and 48/11 on the other side ## Located a match it's Oxycodone 15 mg, which is used to treat pain (moderate to severe levels) and is available in a Generic form. To learn more click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ## How long does Roxicodone 15mg work in your body before being excreted, when you have been taking it for some time? ## If you have severe pain and you are on Methadone, if you take a oxycodone 15 mg will you get any pain relief from it?

New florida law prohibiting drs from prescribing oxycodone to patients with chronic pain

My dr said they were limiting prescribing oxys to just cancer patients, took me off oxy 30s and now im on 4mg hydromorphones. Pain doesn't stop. What can i do? ## My pain Dr.told me they got a memo stating that they were no longer allowed to prescribe Oxy's to any patients that were not cancer or terminally ill. So I was taken off Oxy 30s and put 4mg hydromorphone as my NEW (again for the fourth or fifth time) pain "management" medication. I always try to be tolerant of there educated ideas but I tire of there gross disregard of my comfort and the fact that i am the one that has to live in pain and agony when their new drugs don't work and me and my family have to pay the price...It took over a year to find relief and now it starts all over again. Can anyone tell me ...

hydromorphone, zofran for nausea

Not sure relation to oxy, but dr refuse to refill and has left me without. That has led to long hospital visits..have rare condition....I cannot believe what is going on w pain in fl and other..with just 2 mg hydromorphone not in such intense abdominal cramps..still in pain but able to low function ...without zofran the nausea and vomit is full throttle..on a picc line to feed me...I am amazed that prof criminal of wholesale, dr,, and some people, leave ones with real phy pain like this...I was always telling all drs, include primary and mayo, that my condition worsens w pain..ignored..so end up in er 34 days out of 60 with serious rare condition..and now cantget meds and treated like criminal...i was on lynx and appt cancellled..my waefarin was needed and bleeding!!! But they ignoresin...

doctors who will prescribe pain medications in FLORIDA along the East Coast

I have "Idiopathic Small Fiber Peripheral Neuropathy" and have been fighting this HORRIFFIC PAIN since Jan 24,2012 and it took till April meeting with my Neurologist (I lived in Atlanta) to have an EMG and then a Biopsy to verify my illness. Then they ran it felt like a million test over and over and I passed all so they could not find the underlying cause so it's spreading quick and PAIN is HARSH! My Ga Family Practice WROTE ALL MY PAIN MEDS! I needed to leave Atlanta due to the weather and I chose Ormond Beach next to Daytona BUT AS I TRY TO FIND DRS. DOWN HERE IT IS A NIGHTMARE!! Family Practice DO NOT WRITE SCRIPTS AND IT TAKES A WHILE TO GET IN WITH A 'Pain Mgmt' Dr. Who prob WONT WRITE YOUR SCRIPTS?? I worked up to these for two years and THERE IS NO CURE FOR M...

yellow round pill with no imprint - oxycodone?

I have a round, yellow pill that has NO imprints on it other than the score to break in half. It's a brighter yellow color. I need help identifying this so I can be safe! ## If there are no imprints, then it is not a legal U.S. prescription tablet. The FDA requires them all to have unique imprints to enable their identification, in case of emergency. Thus, if there are no markings on the tablet, it is most likely some type of over the counter product. Although, there is also a chance that it could be a foreign pill. Where did you obtain this tablet? ## Sounds like an aspirin , ones you take everyday for heart Heath 72 or 82 mg ## In the mail from a company that fills prescriptions

How Long Does Oxycodone Stay In Your System For A Urine Test

I took a 30mg of oxycodone friday and a half oxycodone sat morning. I have a drug test wed. Do u think it will be outta my system by then? ## Hi Tot, From what I could gather, Oxycodone can be detected in your urine for up to 3-4 days after your last dose. Keep in mind that because everyone is different, this is only intended to be a rough estimate and should be treated as such. In my opinion though, I think you should be able to pass the urine test if you're drinking plenty of water each day (since Oxycodone is excreted through the urine). I hope this helps! ## i suppose to take 6 oxycodone hcl 10 mg a day.how many days do i need to take so that many pills will show up before my urine test? ## my boyfriend took one Oxycodone 30 mg yesterday, and may have to take a urinalysis test t...

Pain mgt./ Government interference.

I am a pain management patient for the last 12 years, and due to a bad car accident that caused neck, back problems that were I reinjured in a work related situation. Also have had 3 knee surgeries and shoulder surgery as well as both biceps and elbow surgeries and arthritis in all my joints. I have had my pain meds cut in half and my pain mgt. Dr. has prescribed 4 oxycodone IR Witch is a fast acting pain medicine. Now I hear that the government says that my pain mgt.has to be cut in half witch leaves me in pain most of the day and can’t sleep due to the relief that I would benefit from on my current prescription. Government needs to stay out of Dr/patient relationships ## Hello TBone, I'm sorry to hear that your quality of life is being put into jeopardy. Do you have any idea...


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