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Doctors Willing To Prescribe Heavy Pain Medication In Colorado

I have a serious problem. My dr. had two patients start dr. shopping and has decided it is too big of a pain in his butt to continue prescribing, even though I have gotten MRIs and Xrays to prove my problems. I have over a half a dozen herniated discs in my low back, along with degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, scoliosis and arthritis in my facet joints. I am currently on5 30mg oxycodone a day for breakthrough and 60mg of methadone for my long lasting meds. I REALLY need a doctor in the Denver, CO area who will not judge me because of my age, thinking I'm just some drug seeker as I TRULY need my meds to function. I am even being placed on disability until I can get my back healed because if something doesn't change I will be in big time pain for the rest of my life. If...

oxycodone 30mg pain clinics

i have been having trouble getting a good dr who will write oxycodone 30 mg. my back has been broken before and i was going all the way to Florida (a 16 hour drive) just to get my meds. So if anybody knows of any it would be helpful. i live in KY so as long as it is closer that's fine. Thank you. ## Well, the main problem is really when you go in and ask for a specific medication, in a specific dosage. Many doctors will look at this as drug seeking behavior. Whenever you see a new doctor, you need to make certain that you don't demand specific treatment, but you do want to take your medical records with you, or see that copies are sent to them. That way, they can see what has and hasn't worked for you in the past, plus they can see the results from any prior tests you've...

Doctors who prescribe Oxycodone in South Carolina

I'm moving to south Carolina from Florida and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction to a new Pain Management Clinic where I can continue getting the same prescriptions wrote to me: 30 mg Oxycodone and xanax 2mg...thanks for your time :) ## Hi, Lis! How are you? Have you found a doctor, yet? If not, can you please post back with the general location where you'll be residing? Florida is pretty big and you'll probably get more help if you can be a little more specific. Thanks! ## no, im moving to South Carolina...I know plenty of docs in Florida. I just need a dr in Charleston south Carolina area, thanks for ur help :-) ## Did you find Doctor yet cause I'm trying to find a dr to write me pain meds after my accident left me in severe back pain. so let...

Find a pharmacy to fill GA prescriptions with KY I.D.

I have a Kentucky Licenses and went to a pain clinic in GA, they prescribed me Oxycodone 15mg and Hydrocodone 10mg. I have been to several pharmacies in Kentucky and cannot get them filled. Does anyone know where I can get my prescriptions filled rather here in Kentucky or out of state in GA or TN?? Please Help at all if possible, thanks! ## I understand your dilemma, but unfortunately don't know what to do about it. You are kind of running into similar problems in whatever state you try to get them filled, there is always a piece of information that the pharmacy has to be suspicious of, because they can't easily verify it. Why didn't you go to a local pain clinic? ## Is a pharmacy by law allowed to keep or tear up your script ## If you people would go to a Legit Dr, you wou...

oxycodone alcohol mix

Hello, I have been prescribed Oxycodone Acetaminophen 5-325 for pain. Which I'm guessing is 5mg of oxycodone. I took two pills at 1pm. How long should I wait before I can a beer? Just one beer. ## Hi Omar, According to umm.edu as well as other drug interaction checkers, alcohol and oxycodone have a "high potential" for drug interactions. This interaction goes on to state that taking the two together should be avoided due to an increased risk of serious side effects, including but not limited to: Trouble breathing, low blood pressure, fainting (coma), respiratory distress, many of the symptoms/side effects/impairments that come with actually being drunk, and even death. Having read all that, it seems to me like it would probably be best to just stay away from “any amoun...

oxycodone from india

anyone heard of oxycodone made by Qualis Pharmaceuticals. Green round tabs with a score on one side but no other markings. Say they are made in UK and are in a sealed pack of 10. ## Sorry, it is hard to be certain if it is, or isn't Oxycodone. Without an imprint and being from a foreign country, there is no way to know for sure, foreign drugs are not regulated like those manufactured and/or sold legally in the US, which are regulated by FDA. ## These pills are produced by Qualis in the UK and sold in Pakistan, India, Italy and the southwestern regions of Austraila. They contain 40mg oxycodone HCL and 325 mg aceptominophen. They are controlled release tablets not IR, 8-12 hour tablets. The major onset occurs at hours 5-6 where you will feel the euphoria quite strong. Initally, onset ...

Mallinckrodt Oxycodone 30mg - No Oxycodone in Jul 2017 batch

I have been taking Generic - Oxycodone Instant Release (IR) 30mg for at least 12 years as my breakthrough pain Med. For the last 3-5 years, I have taken Mallinckrodt Oxycodone IR 30mg (Generic) and they work great. In mid July 2017, I filled my usual script for Oxy IR 30mg from my usually pharmacy. This time, I noticed that some pills seemed to give me relief, while others didn't. So I knew it wasn't hyperalgesia. I finally cut some in half & 1/4's & tasted them. The ones that tasted bitter, gave me pain relief, thus had oxycodone in them. Most of them tasted like talcum powder only and were ineffective. While there was no visible difference, I figured out that the "real" ones had a slightly bigger, rounder, dome on top, while the "fake" ones were fla...

Oxycodone Vs Fentanyl Withdrawals

I have just switched from oxycodone to fentanyl patches. I will be withdrawing from them following sugery. any suggestions as to which is easier to withdraw from? Thanks!!! ## Well, the Fentanyl is actually much stronger than the Oxycodone, a 0.025mg dosage of it is equal to 5mgs of Oxycodone, so it is going to be the harder one to withdraw from, if it is stopped abruptly. However, the other fact of relevance is how long you will be using it. If it is only for a short period of time, them the withdrawals may not be too rough, though they may still be annoying. Has your doctor provided you with any advice? ## i have been on fentanyl for a long time. prior to this was on a bunch of oxycodone. to give you an idea i was taking anywhere to 3 or 4 of the 80s per day and 5 or 6 of the Roxi 30s...

Need help to get my pain medications from an online pharmacy

I have been under pain management for over 14 years. I never had an issue until the last few months of course I live in Florida. If you do not live in FL you will not understand what is happening. Due to the lovely pill mills and abusers we are unable to get some medications that we need. Most pain mgrs. will not write certain scripts because of the DEA. What most people may not be aware is that to control the amount of pills prescribed in Florida the DEA will only ship so much to each pharmacy. Once they are out they can not reorder they have to wait until the next month before the next shipment comes in this not only creates a problem when trying to fill a prescription but it can be viewed as pharmacy jumping. A pharmacy can refuse to fill our prescription if you are from another city...

oxycodone 30mg/opana IR 10mg/Soma/xanax 2mg

My doctor currently gives me roxicodone 30mg #360, Opana IR 10mg #180, Soma 350mg #120, and Xanax 2mg #90....the only problem now seems to be finding pharmacies willing to fill the oxy's. I was told by my pharmacy (cvc) that they now dont fill beyond 240. Anybody else have this problem in San Diego or know of a pharmacy that will honor the script? Or is this a new state-wide restriction I am unaware of? ## Hey Painman, I haven't heard anything about CVS, but it wouldn't surprise me, they've always been annoying when filling my scripts for the 30's in the past. I always found that Walgreens always had a huge supply of 30's, especially if near a hospital. IF you can't get 30's filled, I would go back to the doctor and have him split your script. Have him wr...

Massachusetts doctors that prescribe pain meds

Does anyone know any doctors that may prescribe pain meds for someone with chronic pain and health insurance? I had one md who retired and a second that vanished. i have never been on this site or posted anything. i am 65 disabled male living in mass. but i am willing to move to another state if i really need to. i am recovering from a bad burn injury. it is not getting better or going away. i get a lot of lip service and i am at the end of my wits with my primary care md who does not believe in pain meds, but i knew this when i signed up with him. he found out my heart needed to be fixed and saved my life so i thank him and my god, dog and family every day. Any constructive help is welcome and would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. ## Please help me im in need of pain doctor or primary ...

kvk tech oxycodone 20 mg

These pills are poisonous beware. I've taken oxycodone 20 mg from manufacturer Rhodes, Purdue company for 4 year's. Last month I got KVK-TECH from Sam's Club. The do NOT KILL PAIN AT ALL..... they give you a real euphoric feeling for 10 minutes but absolutely no pain relief. July 2016 was the worst month of my life for my chronic pain. They also brought my Peripheral autonomic nuropathy out of remission after 4 year's of the symptoms being gone. They made my vision get horrible, the have caused me brain issues bad. I was fine before I took them for a month and I notified the FDA ect. And I'm fighting KVK-TECH....... DO NOT ACCEPT THESE FROM ANY PHARMACY. ALL THE MAJOR PHARMACY search ordered 1,000's of these knowing they don't work and are causing people like...

Oxycodone withdrawal remedies

I've been on oxycodone 30 for years, now I have stopped 2 months ago, but in the process of withdrawal (it was hell). I went to the ER cause I looked like I was a losing it, flaring my arms because I couldn't sit still. Was clean for 2 weeks, then the pain came back and I fell back in. Now I am taking oxycodone again, and I want to stop, but hate these restless nights. I've been up for a week with no sleep and chills at night. What can I take to get off this medication? No suboxones, natural remedies are preferred. Please help. I'm also pregnant. ## Hi I knew something until you said you were pregnant. But once the baby’s born read about oxy withdrawals online. Start skipping a dose and take an Ondansetron and a half Bupranorphine You can get these from your doctor...

White round pill with WILSON'S on it and a blue round pill with 10 on one side

I am concerned. My friend bought meds online. One is a white circle with "WILSON'S" on it. The other is a small blue circle with a "10" on one side. I can't find anything on these medications. I'm concerned that she might take these meds. Please help. Thank you. ## Where are these meds from? What are they being marketed as? I think you are right to be concerned because people have died from getting drugs online. Take Prince for instance. He thought he was taking oxycodone oh, it was something he bought online. In fact it was fentanyl and he overdosed. You can never be too careful! ## Are you sure it says Wilson and not Watson? Just looked up Wilson’s Pharmaceuticals. They are located in Islamabad. I would be very careful.

aurolife pharma oxycodone

I wish this company would be completely shut down. I am in serious pain. I was fine until my prescription needed refilled and I received Aurolife Pharma llc brand as the replacement. I cannot believe the difference. I have an injured spine and neck. I hadnt felt pain in what seemed like forever. As soon as I took the first dose I felt nothing. I thought well maybe its just because these are from a different pharmaceutical company or they might take longer or something. Its been four days and their U22 5mg Oxycodone hcl is garbage. On the 3rd day I used a single day supply that I had left in my prior months prescription bottle from a different pharmaceutical company and I had no pain. Now today is the 4th day and I am forced back into using these horrible pills from this horrible company...

Oxycodone I8

I get 10 mg. Endocodil in Mexico made by BioGenTec. It is supposed to be the same as the oxycontin prescribed to me in the U.S. However it is not the time released version that I prefer, and is very expensive. Mexico will not allow Oxycodone into the country by mail. Is there any legal way around it, and cheaper? ## I teach english here in Chihuahua Mexico and none of the pharmices here have oxycodone so my doctor gave me Liberaxim it's 2 milgram morphine doesn't take my pain away please help ## I have tablets that are supposed to be 20mg oxycodona tablets from Mexico made by Biogentech. These tablets are white, round, and have no markings and are not scored. They are approximately the size of a 40mg oxycontin tab. Are these tablets legit? ## As to the last post, Mexico has fina...

Switched from oxycodone 10mg pink k56 pills to norco

Does norco 5/325 have the same ingredients as the little pink pill k56 which is oxycodone 10mg? My doctor switched me due to the strength. The k56 pills are stronger he said and i needed a weaker pill to be able to work. So he prescribed me the norco. What i'm saying here is that are they the same, but different doses? ## No, they are not the same. The Norco contains the narcotic Hydrocodone coupled with Acetaminophen. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## what does kvk mean on my oxycodone 10 mg tabs bottle? ## KvK Bio Tech is the pharmaceutical company that make the drug. ## No they are two diff type of narcot...

pink oxycodone 10mg tab imprint K 56

Is the pink oxycodone 10mg tab imprint K 56 time released or instant release? ## Hi coolhandbart, How are you? From what I could gather, the round pink oxycodone marked "K 56" is a 10mg INSTANT RELEASE tablet, manufactured by KVK Tech. I've actually seen a few people on here leave terrible complaints about this particular manufacturer not working as well as others, so I'd be curious to know if you've experienced a similar reaction in comparison to any other brands or generics you may have taken? Hope this helps! ## They are absolutely terrible ! I myself have somewhat studied them after receiving them now for the 2nd. month at Walgreens . For a few years I had been receiving Activis Brand and they worked quite well for me. Today when I recieved them for the 2nd. mont...

Oxycodone's Deathly Issue

I've been using Oxycodone for five years for pain management. I read about all the deaths that were associated with this drug which were being attributed to intentional over medications by patients in order to get high. I discovered by pure accident that there appears to be a major flaw in this pill's ability to consistently breakdown in the human system like it is intended to do, especially in the time release tablet. As the pill fails to breakdown and release it's medication, they begin to build up dangerous levels within the upper gastrointestinal track. They eventually do release into your system, but not when you planned for it, and sometimes many stored pills open at one time and dump into your system all at once. It could look like an intentional overdose to those who...

Complaints about Rhodes pharmaceutical

I was taking Mallinckrodt oxycodone 5 mg and I had ZERO side effects. My pharmacy switched to Rhodes Pharma (God only knows why). But, after just taking 1 before bedtime, my heart was racing out of control, I didn't sleep at all, and woke up in a lot of pain and feeling all sweaty. I also wasn't able to have a bowel movement (a problem I never had with Mallinckrodt). Anyhow, I called multiple pharmacies and NOBODY has Mallinckrodt brand. Guess I will have to sit here and wait until I have convulsions, a heart attack or just die (since I can't take these pills)! While the DEA says they are trying to PREVENT OPIOID PROBLEMS, what they're really doing is CAUSING MORE PEOPLE TO DIE! Those who DO abuse opioids - I say, "SCREW THEM!" I, for one, never abused my meds. A...


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