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Oxycodone 5mg withdrawal?
8 Replies RSS
I've been on Oxycodone for 7 years. 5 mg 2 to 3 times a day (sometimes 4 times a day on a bad pain day) I've never been without them. I had shoulder and back issues which caused a pain doctor to put me on them. My job changed 2 years ago to where I shouldn't need these meds as I don't do anything labor intensive anymore. I'm still on them. My doctor said stopping shouldn't be an issue, just taper from 3 a day to 2 then to 1 and then 1/2 but I find myself going through sweats and sickness when I take just 1 a day. Looking at the clock to see when it's been 24 hours so I can have another one. Pain aside, the sweats,running to the toilet and the creepy crawly feeling on my skin as if I am going to go insane. What should I do? Should I just stop cold turkey at th...
Updated 7 hours ago.
amneal pharmaceuticals 20 mg oxycodone
1 Reply RSS
Is the Amneal generic brand for oxycodone 20mg, gray in color, round, marked A 50 on either side of the score line and no marks on other side IMMEDIATE RELEASE? It certainly has the quick melting and is extremely bitter just like KVK I have been taking which I am positive is IR. I hope someone knows the answer....thanks in advance. ## First of all, to clarify, the only actual immediate release Oxycodone is only available in a 5mg capsule. Beyond that, there are regular release formulations, and the extended release Oxycontin. In many cases the regular release is just called 'immediate release' because all of the medication is released, at once, unlike Oxycontin, which slowly releases the dosage overtime. However, the regular release formulations still take about 15 to 20 minutes...
Updated 9 hours ago.
Oxycodone Urine Test Question
2 Replies RSS
I am one of the people who need to have the oxycodone in my system for my urine test for a doctor. My last dose of oxycodone was 90 mg of the narcotic Saturday around 8pm. My urine test was the following Monday around 12pm. My question is will the drug show up in the urine test? It was roughly 40-42 hours since my last does. I am a rather large guy 6'1 300 lbs. Input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. ## Can someone please help me out I am worried out of my mind because even though I take them as prescribed I thought I could make it thourgh the weekend and I didn't which left me Sunday medication-less and am literally scared because I deal with what my Rheumatologist calls server Rheumatoid Arthritis and it feels like sandpaper rubbing between my knee joins and elbow joints. ...
Updated 11 hours ago.
Bright green round 80 mg oxycodone ER -no imprint
1 Reply RSS
See title for pill description...shaped round yet a little flattened, bright green, not dull or mint green like in used to seeing. I was under the impression that all countries mark or imprint their pharmaceutical medications with letters or numbers to identify them. Are all countries obligated to imprint their narcotics such as 80 mg oxycodone extended release? ## No, the imprint requirement here is due to U.S. FDA laws, but not every country requires imprints. Which, of course, also means that there is no way of knowing what you will actually receive, if you order from a foreign source. You may have Oxycodone ER, but you could also just have Tylenol, or something else. The FDA warns that Oxycodone carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizz...
Updated 11 hours ago.
dr in las vegas who prescribe oxycodone
2 Replies RSS
I know after some reading how stupid this sounds but I came to a town 80 mi.fro Las Vegas Nv.thinking I could go in with my Perscription bottles and send for Dr records and get my Perscriptions filled one of which is oxycodone 20 4× day. Well that didn't go well.The provider gave me 10 days worth but doesn't want to treat me as I am on pain medication as if I don't have other medical needs. I'm 63 yes old have never abused my Perscription but she doesn't know that. She referred me to a pain clinic in another state even farther away and I don't always have transportation as I don't drive and not sure if insurance will cover.well they won't take me even when I called with her refferal.She had to send my records which she doesn't have,though I'v...
Updated 12 hours ago.
Find Doctor that can prescribe 30mg Oxycodone in NY NJ area!!
249 Replies RSS
My doctor has been giving me 15mg Oxy's but now wants me to go see a pain management doctor to get 30mg's. I have chronic pain from severe scoliosis- have all MRI's documenting this. Does anyone here have a doctor in the New York metro, North New Jersey area that they can tell me about? Thanks. ## @mica, I may not have a doctor I can refer you to, but I can provide you with a couple links that may be of service to you in so far as finding pain management doctors within your general area. Just input your city or zip code for narrowed results: {link removed because site no longer exists} wellness.com/find/pain%20management%20specialist I'd consider calling up a number of them to see if they are accepting new patients, as some aren't, but most usually are. I hope this i...
Updated 13 hours ago.
Doctors In New York Or New Jersey That Prescribe Roxicodone 30mg
604 Replies RSS
hello so heres my question i am looking for a new pain management doctor in either the 5 borrows or in new jersey that prescribe roxycodone/oxycodone 30mg i currently have a doctor in staten island who was prescribing me 45 roxys bi weekly then uped me to 60 30mg roxys bi weekly now he has me coming in every week and lowered me to 20mg oxycodone 30 a week i told him this is not enough for me but he dosent listen to anything anybody says also i have a job and work 5 days a week he wants me to come in every friday but i cant because of work but when i tell him i cant come in every week because i have work let me come on a day i have off im going to loose my job he ignores me and just says its ok just come next week like im just some jerk off i also told him the 20s are not enough its not ...
Updated 13 hours ago.
oxycodone nyc
8 Replies RSS
Hello. I am a NYC resident and I need help finding a Doctor who will prescribe me 30mg Oxy. I am a legitimate patient. I have MRI but no one will help me. I am willing to pay cash per visit and for help finding a doctor. Im in a great deal of pain. ## Hello Paul! How are you? Well, you could be creating a problem for yourself, if your asking doctors to prescribe a specific medication, in a specific dosage. Most will view that as being drug seeking behavior. Do you have other medical records showing that it was prescribed and worked for you in the past? If so, they should really speak for themselves, when you see a new doctor. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipa...
Updated 13 hours ago.
Need Oxycodone 30mg Doctor in NYC
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Hello, I have legitimate chronic low back pain with several degenerated discs. I see a pain management doc in lower Manhattan but he is retiring. Does anyone know of a doctor willing to prescribe Oxycodone HCL 30mg? I am happy to pay a visit fee; but need to know that I can get my much needed medicine
Updated 13 hours ago.
False Negative On Oxycodone Urine Test
4 Replies RSS
im wondering if drinking large amounts of coffee is causing me to have false positives on my pain management urine test?have you ever heard of this being possible?im prescribed 10 mg oxycodone and 10 mg oxycotin 4 each a day i take them as prescribed. im also on blood pressure meds amlodipine besylate 10 mg and triamtrene hctz375-25mg cymbalta 60mg all 1 a day and tramadol hcl 50mg 8 a day would any of these affect results? please help my doc says if it happens again he will have to terminate me from pain management. ty ## I'm taking Oxycodone HCL. I get the 15 mg tabs and cut them in half. I take 3 halves a day. Well, I came up NEG for opiates on my drug test for opiates. They did another test and I came up NEG on that one too. I dont understand how I am coming up NEG? I need the d...
Updated 15 hours ago.
doctors in nj that prescribe oxycodone
102 Replies RSS
Help, Seeking new Doc in NJ (Middlesex/Monmouth County areas) I have been going to a pain mgmt. doctor who was giving me oxycontin ER 40mg twice a day and 10mg Percocet 4 times a day for breakthrough pain. They have cut my meds in half in the last 2 months, I have always taken meds correctly and never had a dirty UA. My levels were always good. I have bulging and herniated discs and am in a lot of pain. They are cutting everyone down on meds because of over medicating some patient etc.. (and now everyone pays). I want to find new pain doctor who will give me what I was originally taking does anyone have any suggestions. Thanks for the help. please get back to me with suggestions. Thanks Again. want to find new doc before my next appointment ## Hello, AC! How are you? I am sorry about th...
Updated 16 hours ago.
dr in new mexico who will prescribe oxycodone 30mg
8 Replies RSS
My boyfriend's doctor of 3 years changed practices and moved and now he cannot find a doctor who will write him the same prescription he was getting the last 3 years with her. Are there any doctors in New Mexico who he can be on a pain contract with and get his prescription from. He was getting 150 3mg Oxycodone a month, because he has chronic hip pain, but every place we've gone to is telling him they aren't authorized to prescribe the quantity he needs. We have all of his X-rays, medical records and a copy of his board of pharmacy saying how much he's been on continuously for 3 years. He's not looking to get more. He just wants to stay on exactly what he was on. Please help. We're hitting nothing but dead ends and he's been without any medication for his pa...
Updated 16 hours ago.
actavis oxycodone a215
6 Replies RSS
Los Angeles area, Beverly Hills- looking for a pharmacy that carries Actavis 30 mg A-215 Oxycodone pill. My pharmacy carries the Mallinkroft Brand, and I like Actavis. Can someone please point me to a legit pharmacy, my script is legit. Thx ## Hello, I like Actavis Oxycodone 30mg too!! With all of the negative posts about it, I decided to take one of my Actavis 30mg Oxycodone pills and have it evaluated. Indeed, it came back as having 29.3 Active Ingredient. Comparing to other brand mama's and their results, my Actavis pill was in the most high range. That suited me just fine!! ## Hi PepitoK, I live in Beverly Hills area and have a valid prescription I'm having trouble filling this time but do not care what brand...any help with pharmacies in the area that may be able to assist ...
Updated 17 hours ago.
Oxycodone Doctor in NJ
237 Replies RSS
I need a doctor that will prescribe oxycodone 30mg in New Jersey. My doctor recently took me off of 30mg oxycodone because I tested "negative" for oxycodone because I lost my prescription that month. I was seeing him for 2 years. I have a serious back problem - 4 discs are herniated and 1 disc is GONE. Most doctors just want to refer me to a orthopedic doctor to get surgery. I DONT WANT SURGERY I am too young!! If you know of a doctor in NJ that will write oxycodone 30mg please email me {edited for privacy}. Thanks! ## Hi, Frank! I'm very sorry about the problem that you're having. However, if surgery is a possible solution that would end your suffering, there is no such thing as being too young for it. It would do you far greater harm over the long term to keep taking n...
Updated 17 hours ago.
if i take an oxycodone 15 mg the night before a urinalysis will urilnalysis show positive for oxycodone
3 Replies RSS
I need to know if i take a 15mg oxycodone the night before i take a ua, will the oxycodone show positive on my ua? ## Are you serious? Lol. Of course it will come out on your ua. It will show up within the hour and up to 48 to 72 hours. ## Of course it will it's take up to 72 hours for it to be out of your system. All you have to do is look it up and see how long and it would tell you. ## I need to know im perscribed oxycodone 30mgand ibprophen 800.mg and tamasopin30mg and my pain management dr is telling me one of my ua tested positive for fentenal and coccain my mouth fell to the floor cause iv never in my life used anything such as that never mind i dont even know what they do I've heard of coccain users that all they do is keep busy until the effects are gone but my left sid...
Updated 19 hours ago.
Difference between Percocet and Oxaydo 7.5
4 Replies RSS
Do they work the same? Is Oxaydo as good as the Percocet? Do they do the same thing? What is the highest dose they come in? I am not used to taking these, I just got them yesterday. ## Percocet contains Acetaminophen and Oxycodone, but Oxaydo only contains the Oxycodone. The FDA warns that they both carry the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and constipation. Percocet is available in a maximum dose of 10mgs of Oxycodone with 325mgs of Acetaminophen. Oxyado is only available in a maximum of 7.5mgs. Though Oxycodone itself, in other forms, is available in higher doses. How is it working for you? ## Does Oxaydo 7.5 and oxycodone 7.5/325 work the same? ## Can you tell me why my man was taking 10 mg Percocet since 2004 wh...
Updated 20 hours ago.
kvk tech oxycodone 30mg IR
37 Replies RSS
I was taking activis 30mg IR for a long time. It worked really well on pain with minimal narcotic effect. Now they only have KVK brand oxycodone. This is by far the worst medication for pain I have ever had. It has a strong long lasting narcotic effect with no pain relief at all. I'm taking it back to my Dr and getting a new perscription. Does anyone know who carries Activis and/or a brand that is comparable? ## Hi Rong, I find it interesting that the KVK tech is working better for you than the Actavis brand, because many people on here are actually taking the time out to file complaints with the FDA about the lack of efficacy coming from Actavis's other pain medications - (namely Percocet). However, when it comes to finding out what's in stock, a lot of pharmacies aren'...
Updated 20 hours ago.
Auro pharmaceuticals U17 Oxycodone/Apap tablet
41 Replies RSS
My local CVS pharmacy has been changing and even mixing brands of my oxycodone/apap 10/325 for months now. Today they gave me yet a new brand made by Auro Pharmaceuticals with the inscription U17. Has anyone heard of these before? I know nothing about them. ## For the pill ID I can confirm that this is a tablet containingAcetaminophen 325 mg and Oxycodone 10 mg. ## I've been in pain mgmt for yrs with this med various generic subs for Percocet 10/325; this last month cvs switched to U17 (auto pharm) generic & the side effects r awful ie ears feel pressure, 24-7 dull headache & sporadic heat redness on face...I notified cvs phcy, I know a reaction when I get one as I've done nothing different from my normal diet, etc, they said there's nothing they can do; I need this ...
Updated 20 hours ago.
does oxycodone show up the same as percocet on a urine drug test
108 Replies RSS
I am prescribed roxicodone 30mg, 4 a day. I have been suffering from chronic neck and back pain for the past 12 yrs. The pain medication works really well, but I guess my body has got immune to it and they dont seem to last as long. He doesnt want to increase the amount but they do not last the whole month. I have been obtaining a few percocets to get me through. My question is, when they drug test me to make sure I'm taking my meds, will the percocet show up the same as the roxy or should I quit taking it? I cant afford to lose my script but I also need to get out of bed and get things done. Any help would be appreciated, thanx ## Percocet is the same thing as a roxicodone ... Roxicodone is just stranger than a Percocet but they are the exact same medication. ## Only take the medic...
Updated 21 hours ago.
a-333 oxycodone pill is a fake
23 Replies RSS
My wife has a bad heart, and pain effects her heart. these actavis percocet must be nothing but phony material. they dont even touch her pain like watson pills did. this company should not be able to cheat the public like this. peoples heath is at stake. they need to be shut down. why are these companies allowed to sell products that don't even work. people pay to get their pain taken care of. does cvs not care either, they are accepting these. ## There are others complaining about actavis on this website. look around a little ## Hello, Stan! How is your wife doing? I'm very sorry that this medication isn't working for her. The best suggestion I can make is that she speak to her doctor about prescribing something else. From what I have read in various posts, many people are ...
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