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20-325 oxycodone / acetaminophen

I have been taking qty of 120/mo,10-325 (percocet) for 2yrs with no side effects. My new MD reduced the qty to 90 and all was ok. He then reduced the qty to 60/mo 2 weeks ago and now my back pain has increased so much I can no longer continue my 1/2 mile daily walks. On his progressive timetable that qty is to be reduced to 45/mo which will be intolerable. I think I will be ok taking the same strength for 75/mo or would I be better off taking a qty of 60/mo 20-325 extended release? I am 84 yrs old and do not smoke or drink. ## Has he stated why he wants to lower it so much? May doctors are trying to be extra cautious about how much they prescribe of controlled substances, and why they prescribe them, since they do have to account for every prescription. If the government feels they are ...

Pain Dr. / Clinic in Knoxville Tn.

Today I was informed by my pain specialist in Knoxville Tn. I am being booted out. I have substantial medical proof of need for chronic pain. 5 yrs. of perfect urine , no missed appts. etc. A nurse practitioner pushed my buttons in the wrong manner. Told me I had 3 warnings for short medicine. Highest shortage was 7 pills. I've never asked for and early refill. 2 failed surgeries in my lower back , spinal cord damage in cervical as my arm is numb 70% of the time. I was supposed to have surgery after the holidays to correct this. I am 63yrs. old and without a compassionate Dr. I will loose most quality of life. I am not demanding certain medicines as many do. My daily dosage for 4 yrs. has been 4 10mg. IR Oxycodone and 1 12 hr. Morphine 15mg. 2x per day. Is there anybody in the Knoxv...

Pain Medication Shame

First of all, I hate taking pain meds but I was almost completely bedridden for 2 yrs. They gave me my life back and I'll be grateful for the rest of my life. My insurance company dropped me right before I was gonna have surgery to get some relief. So I had no choice but to go with the pain meds. I've been on oxycodone 30/150 per month (5 a day) and MS Contin 200mg 2 times daily since 2009. Had breaks when I could. My point is, nobody knows what my daily life is like. I feel ashamed every month getting refills. Maybe it's in my head but the staff at the pharmacy gives me that "pill seeker" look. I guess all that matters is my doctor trusts me and he knows my complete history. I know I'm not taking them for fun. I'd much rather be normal. Can anyone relate to ...

Doctors in Pasadena California for Percocet

I’ve had some degree of came off and on for over three years. I have been missed diagnosed twice and now have a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. I’m not sure if anyone really knows what I have. I do not abuse my pain medication but the dose I am giving has not been enough to manage my pain. I am in level five or more 24 hours a day. I have tried talking to them many many doctors I have about getting me a good pain management doctor and I keep hearing that they are hesitant to prescribe opiates for fibromyalgia. They will prescribe it for anything else but not for fibromyalgia. I’m going to yet again another specialist at UCLA that supposedly specializes in fibromyalgia but I need to have a back up plan. Whatever this is that I have has caused me to have to use a walker and m...

New Jersey Pain Management Laws

Have the laws changed? I have been prescribed oxycodone 10 mg since 2009 by my family doctor because of spinal injuries and my new neurosurgeon says that new damage is not going to be helped by another surgery.. Do i now have to go strictly to a pain management doctor or can my family doctor still prescribe it? She told me that laws may be changing. ## It can vary from state to state, and within each state dependent upon state laws, it can vary from doctor to doctor. Thus, even if they can prescribe it, they may not want to do so, if it's for long term use, since that requires a lot more monitoring, and they do have to account to the government for each prescription they write for a controlled substance. Since many doctors dislike dealing with the extra burden, they send patients to...

oxycodone manufactured by aurob

oxycodone for treated stomach cancer. 5 mg. previous scripts up to now was manufactured by zydus. got refill yesterday...new bottle says aurob. NO relief. headache stomach ache. fluffy white pill imprinted with U22. ## I am very sorry that you're so miserable! However, I can't find any medications listed that have a U22 marking. Can you please double check and post back? Thank you! The FDA classifies Oxycodone as a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. ## Do NOT use anything by Aurobindo. Just do a Google search....my medication was adderral and they nearly killed me....I'm currently in the process of filing suit against them. ## Aurobindo Oxycodone 10/325...

Oxycodone Manufactured By Teva

its round and white t with a line then v the ## No, there is no Oxycodone listed as using the T V imprint on them. What is the completely marking on the pills in question? If you post back with more information, I can look it up for you. Learn more prescription drug details here. ## It might be Firocet. They look like percocet & my x boyfriend took a bunch thinking they were oxy and puked from all the caffeine. Hahahaha

list of doctors who prescribe oxycodone in massachusetts

I have severe cervical spinal stenosis in my neck and back disc herniation and other pain and I need a REFERRAL for a Good Primary care doctor in "MASSACHUSETTS" who will write Oxycodone. I am in Agony. I love my Primary, he is a great guy. ## Hi, I'm originally from Massachusetts but moved to GA for the last 8 years and am moving back to MA now. I've had many neck, shoulders, arm surgeries and have major back pain and am looking for a pain clinic in New England. I've had ongoing chronic pain for over 20 years now. My pain clinic in GA is currently giving me 30 mg oxycodone 3x a day, so 90 a month. I'm not a drug seeker but am in agony without medication. I understand the laws have changed but people in pain still need pain Dr's and management. Any help is gr...

ss 20 mg oxy white oval pill

One of these or the same but 40mg is the same as how many percocets? What would be the equivalent? How many percocet tablets would be equivalent to the SS 20s and the same thing for the 40 mg? Please and thanks. ## Hey, I found some of these. Can you help to identify what they are? White, football shape, soft to break or snap in half, marked: split line, /20\ type mark on one side then S S in italic kind of on other side? ## It is a 20mg oxy instant release. ## Every 5 milligrams is equivalent to one Percocet. So the 20 mg oxy instant release you have is equivalent to 4 Percocet. And the 40 mg is equivalent to 8 percocets ## There 20 mg icy footballs there called on the street

White pill with A 322

I am trying to identify a pill that is white oval and A322 on one side. ## Hello, Baby! How are you? Is the marking possibly A 332? If so, then this tablet contains 7.5mgs of Oxycodone and 325mgs of Acetaminophen, it is a narcotic analgesic that carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. (NDC 0228-2982) Can you please double check and post back? Thanks! ## Can I please see a picture of the oval white 7.5mg oxycodone ## Is a white round pill with 322 on it Percocet?

Round blue pill M on one side 30 on other

It is blue but white inside. I never saw this before. Is it real or could it be fake? What should I do to find out what it is? ## Did you ever find out if it was real or not? I've got some that are thick with the same imprint but blue outside and white inside. I was curious if they are real and safe to take. Did you try yours or find out any information at all? ## Many tablets can be different colors on the inside, than they are on the outside. It depends on whether or not the manufacturer uses some type of coating, which can be done to help prevent stomach irritation, or as part of a time release mechanism, and etc. There is a light blue tablet with an M in a box on one side, and a 30 on the other that is manufactured by Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals and which is listed a containing...

Syracuse NY - Need new Dr. for my pain management!

I was taking oxycodone for break through pain and MS Contin for long acting relief. Recently my NP at the pain clinic told me that oxy is no longer being given to patients because of the Obama Care crackdown on narcotic abuse. This medication is important for those of us that have chronic pain. I have been in 2 car accidents and have spinal stenosis, 3 bulging disks and nerve damage in my left leg. Working is difficult but necessary right now. Please help me find someone! ## Preventing narcotic abuse has been an issue of importance, long before the Affordable Care Act, and persists, regardless of what insurance coverage someone does, or doesn't have. My husband and I have private insurance, through his employer, and we still have to deal with all the same regulations regarding such ...

MF brand Oxycodone

The pharmacy that I use changed my brand of Oxycodone every month. Where can I find a pharmacy that stocks the M F brand that I am used to taking? And why to different brands have a different effect on me? Some brands seem to work better than others. ## not sure if you are talking about the medicine that's stamped with an M (mallinckrodt)if u are most Walgreens carries them. ## MF stands for “my failure.” Oxycodone is the worst drug to get dependent on. So whoever takes it I feel bad for you. Cuz I broke 7 ribs in a car accident in the passenger seat ... from the airbag. So I had to be on bed rest for 8 weeks. While getting 30mg blue roxicodone. I was taking multiple times a day. Anyways, I always get the weird generic company and find out that they are exactly the same....

TCL 340 Pill - Oxycodone?

I have a pill that's similar to tcl 340 oxycodone. It's not the same pill but has the same imprint. The image on the internet is not the same tcl image on the pill. It's also not the same shape. What could it be? ## The tablet with the TCL 340 marking is manufactured by Time-Cap Labs and they list it as containing 325mgs of Acetaminophen, a generic, or store brand of Tylenol, it does not and never has contained Oxycodone. (NDC Code: 49483-340) The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, and headache. As to the differences in the tablets, it is not likely that anyone would fake Tylenol, but then again, who can say what some people might do in the interest of making a dollar or two. Are you sure that is the correct imprint on the tablet in q...

Round white pill AZ 011 - is it 5/325 oxycodone-apap?

Round white pill az 011 - I think it's 5/325mg oxycodone-acetaminophen to treat moderate to severe pain. ## Hello, Carol! How are you? Actually, this tablet contains ONLY 500 mg of Acetaminophen. There is NO narcotic / opiate ingredient such as Oxycodone in it. (NDC 51824-011, among others). Inactive Ingredients: - Corn Starch - Stearic Acid - Povidone - Sodium Starch Glycolate Type a Potato ## So this pill is just Tylenol or with pain killer in it cuz I am looking one up and both results keep coming up. People saying no pain killer and then some saying oxycodone in it as well. ## Tylenol IS a pain killer. It's just not a narcotic like Oxycodone.

Pill Imprint T192 - Oxycodone?

I have alleged Oxycodone pills that I'd like to verify. When broken in half and wet, they turn blue, with darker blue spots. They have T192 on one side and a line in the center. Are they real? ## Yes, this tablet is manufactured by Camber Pharmaceuticals, and they list it as containing 5mgs of Oxycodone and 325mgs of Acetaminophen, it is a generic for Percocet. The FDA warns that it carries the risk of being habit forming, and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, constipation, and headache. Is there anything else I can help with? ## What are the blue spots on the pill? ## T192 pill white with blue specks. Supposed to be 5mg oxycodone, but my usual dose is (2) 5mg. Can I take 2 of these? Are they immediate release? My pill has a line on the back but pill iden...

doctors who prescribe oxycodone in huntsville al

Need Medicade provider who pet scribes roxycodone in Huntsville Al ## I'm not sure if you are being serious or sarcastic with your question. As far as pet scribing anything, veterinarians do not accept Medicaid, if you are trying to get Roxycodone in your pet's name for you or for your pet and I don't know of any vet that would prescribe that anyway for a pet. If you need a Pain Management Doctor that accepts Medicaid and prescribes Roxycodone or Oxycodone you can try Alabama Pain Center but you have to go through a lot to get in there and through their classes and such and you won't get them right off. They will give you something else first. Good Luck. ## Good Luck!!! I have been searching for any pain management doctor who will even accept medicaid in the whole State ...

peach pill with 44 502 on it

44-502 oxycodone 5mg peach pill ## This is not an Oxycodone tablet, nor is it any type of prescription medication. It is an over the counter product that's listed as containing 325mgs of Acetaminophen and 5mgs of Phenylephrine, it is used to treat sinus pain and congestion. The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache and dry mouth. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Wow, where did u get your information? I'd say you're one those that sells pills on the street, without even caring who you hurt. People like you should be put away. ## Amen Thank you for letting others know people like that deserves prison time

Mallinckrodt oxycodone 30 mg

This medication is weak compared Actavis oxycodone ## Hi Jay, How would you rank the mallinckrodt vs actavis on a scale on 1-10? I know a lot of patients who've been used to taking certain brands have also complained about actavis as well, but in my experience I'm finding the that primary differences people have are based on a variety of individual factors; such as tolerance, age, weight, metabolism, etc. Not only that but because both manufacturers use a different set of "inactive" ingredients (binders/fillers), this could also influence how much of the oxycodone is actually being metabolized and used by your body at any given time. These are the fillers used in mallinckrodt's (M 30) oxycodone 30mg tablet: microcrystalline cellulose + lactose monohydrate + stearic a...

Doctors In Pa That Prescribe Oxycodone

I need a doctor in the pgh area. I have had 11 back surgeries, chronic pain and anxiety. My pcp gave me a month to find one... Please help. ## Your PCP hasn't been able to recommend someone, or help you find one? I used to live in that area and I know it can be very difficult to find a doctor willing to prescribe controlled substances. Learn more about Oxycodone Details Have you considered a straight pain management doctor, or clinic? ## i dont know exactly where you live in pa. but i have a pain doctor who prescibes me 180 30 mg oxycodone and 60 morphine 30 mg er tablets. he has no problem writing if you have medical records. {edited for privacy}. hope this helps you. good luck ## I also live in pa and used to get 240 roxicodone a month.please email me if you can help me my docotr ...


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