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oxycodone, (i think)

Two small pills, white one has M surrounded in a square-flipside, 05/52-totally scored. Pink one has 315, flipside,( ETH or 8H ) slightly scored ## The two small white ones are not oxycodone, they are prednisone, 5mg. This is a steroid used to reduce imflammation in joints, the lungs (for asthma, pneumonia) and other imflammatory conditions. Side effects include ravenous hunger!, insomnia, bloating, among other side effects. The pink pill IS oxycodone, 5mg. Generic for OXYIR or ROXICODONE. It is an immediate release tablet used for moderate to severe pain. It is a schedule 2, controlled substance that is abused often and can be highly addictive. Side effects include marked drowsiness, dizziness, euphoria, nausea, among other side effects. ## Sorry, I think you looked at the wrong pill n...

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round blue and has an R then 215 below ## This is 30mg oxycodone, immediate release, generic for Roxicodone. It is a schedule two controlled substance that is a narcotic and highly addictve, used for severe pain. Side effects include drowsiness, dizziness, euphoria, constipation, among others.

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generic oxy 80mg?

small light blue round pill with an A215 on one side nothing on other side ## Small light blue bill with #215 on one side and nothing on the other what is it? ## A 215 This is not 80mgs Oxy, it is only 30mgs Oxycodone Instant Release. Pill Image ## Small, light blue with 215 This is one of the pills from a birth control pack of Ortho Tri-Cyclen 28day cycle pack.

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Oxycodone/asa 4.5/325

Round yellow Tablet Watson 820 ## What are you asking here? You already know that it is oxycodone/aspirin. 4.5mg oxycodone and 325mg aspirin. It is generic for Percocet, which is a schedule 2 controlled, addictive substance. Side effects include marked drowsiness, euphoria, constipation. ## Actually the name brand for this would be Percodan, since it contains Aspirin and not Acetaminophen, Percocet contains Acetaminophen. ## Sorry, I thought I wrote PERCODAN NOT PERCOCET. I was looking straight at the picture and still wrote it wrong! Very few doctors write for Percodan anymore because they feel Percocet is safer on the stomach, plus the aspirin can intensify the effects of the oxycodone. Sorry for the mistake. I really should re-read what I type before I submit the reply I would probab...

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need to identify this pill i found in old percocet bottle. white, oblong, reads watson, and #s824 on it Percocet? ## if its a flat pill about 2 cm thick then yaeh ## Watson 824,generic Percocet Oxycodone 7.5mg Acetaminophen 500mg ## really would appreciate any info ## MP 52 is a something called Prednisone. It is a steroidal type of anti=inflammatory. It is used to reduce the inflammation or swelling of the lungs when one has asthma attacks and is used for other types of inflammation. For example, it is used for lupus and other joint pain and fibromyalgia and other muscle pain. It can cause a ravenous appetite, insomnia and constipation.

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unknown pill found

white round pill found with E1705 on one side and 40 on the other side ## Is it possible that the tablet says E 705 instead of E1705? If so, then you may have found something called 40mg time released oxycodone. Look closer at the pill. If I am correct then you have a narcotic schedule two strong pain reliever. Often times it is used for chronic pain and causes tiredness, shakiness, sweating, blurred vision, constipation, euphoria. If the tablet doesn't say E705 on one side and 40 on the other then I am unable to locate it. Sorry. ## I am going to post the link to a page with an image of the E 705 pill that nenene is talkig about, maybe you can check and see if it matches yours: Pill Image Otherwise, I have to agree, I can't find anything that matches. ## I need you to teach me ...

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Round white pill with 44 183

Round white pill; on one side it says 44 underneath says 183. Is this Oxycodone? ## THIS IS NOT OXYCODONE, NOT ANY TYPE OF PRESCRIPTION DRUG!! IF you read my many posts on here, you will see that pills marked with a 44 are not any kind of prescription drugs. They are manufactured by LNK International and they only make OVER THE COUNTER products that are sold by stores as their generics or store brands. This is nothing more than a regular strength, buffered ASPIRIN tablet, 325mgs. If someone told you it was, they do not know their pills, or they were trying to rip you off.

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tabllet a/214

light green ## This is Oxycodone Immediate Release 15mgs. ## just wondering the comparison of this pill to a percocet 10. what's the difference? ## Percocet contains Acetaminophen as well as Oxycodone. This pill is straight Oxycodone, no buffering products, and it also has 5 more mgs of Oxy.

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Gernaric Oxycodone

Do they make a genaric oxycodone? They are so costly. ## yes they make genaric ## oxycodone is a generic. It is the generic of percocet. Sorry, but the cost is probably as low as you can get unless you haven't tried cosco.com pharmacy. They usually have lower prices/ ## Yes, Oxycontin is a brand name, & a month of the pills (without my insurance just looking at the sticker) says it costs $840. Oxycodone IS the generic & it will run about $250. There ARE different generics out there, & one of them is horrible! I won't say the maker's name, but once you find a generic that works for you, stick with it! there are differences. If you have limited income, You can have your doctor's office put in a request for a 'card' from the brand name manufacturer that ...

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yellow white small capsule with ETHEX written on yellow and041 on the white half of capsule ## what is this capsule white and yellow ethex 041 thanks ## ETHEX 041 = Oxycodone Capsules - 5mg (without Acetaminophen). Pain killer, for maximum effect take with 500mg Acetaminophen. ## The Acetaminophen has nothing to do with the effectiveness of the Oxycodone. It is only added into some of the pills so you have an added anti-inflammatory. ## That is not entirely correct, Acetaminophen is an anti-inflammatory as well as anti-pyretic among other things but it is also a stand alone pain reliever and is well established as a potentiator of nearly all opiates.

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HCL Name

Can someone tell me what HCL means after the Rx name? ## HCL is the chemical designation for hydrochloride. Hydrochlorides are salts resulting, or regarded as resulting, from the reaction of hydrochloric acid with an organic base. Many drugs are synthesized in this manner, and it is very common for it to ba part of a drugs name.

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oxy codone 10mg er

i have found a pill football shaped kindda white and one side has the numbers 94 and the other side has 23 was told it was genaric form of oxy codone does anyone know?????????? ## There is no Oxycodone listed with this imprint. As a matter of fact, I can't find any pill listed with this imprint, can you please double check the numbers?

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Small round orange pill M 60 generic Oxycodone?

I have a small round orange pill, m inside a square on one side and 60 on the other what is it? ## This is NOT Oxycodone. Pill Image This is Morphine Sulfate Extended Release 60mgs, a generic for MS Contin manufactured by Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals.

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White round pill with 93 150 3 on it

White round pill with 93 and 150 on one side and a big 3 on the other, is this Oxycodone? ## This is NOT Oxycodone. This is Acetaminophen 300mgs and Codeine 300mgs, a generic for Tylenol 3. Pill Image

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E 703 ## I am not sure what you have here, is this your pill? Pill Image You do not say if yours has the 20 on the other side, it should also be a pinkish color, not brown, but then again colors are subjective. Anyway, if yours is straight brown without the 20 on the other side then you have a counterfeit pill as that does not exist. E703 is manufactured by Endo Pharmaceuticals and has a 20 on the opposite side. It is Oxycodone Extended Release 20mgs, a generic for the 12 hour pain reliever Oxycontin.

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to find out what pills are if your not sure

If you need to find out what any type of pill is by imprint code or name and information all you have to do is go to web sight www.rxlist.com ## I have a yellow pill that I found in my daughters room I was wondering ehat is was it is Yellow and a small oval. It hase the letter m on one side that is in a box,the other side is preferated andhas a T then 51 ## I got a different pill in my prescription bottle one side has a M in a square box and the other has a number 970. it looks completely different than my other pills. ## white round pill. One side has boxed M. Other side is scored with 05 02 or 05 32. Can you helpl me identify this pill? ## I have a pill with a big C on one side and the numbers 86 over 62 on the other it is light pink what is it? ## I found a decent size white pill in ...

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generic oxcotin [email protected]

what are some of the letters and numbers on either mg for the generic brand?one for 40 is abg what is the other plus one for 80 not sure any help would be appreciated since they have changed from medicaid to medicare things are all messed up ## There are quite a number of different imprints for Oxycodone meds. The one for 80 mg similar to the 40 mg you have is ABG 80 - those ones are manufactured by Watson Pharmaceuticals.

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