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Cannot fill them anywhere in Bradenton or Sarasota. Please help I have a real doctor and the pharmacy I have been going to the past year in my city says they will no longer fill out of county. Does anyone know of a pharmacy in Bradenton or Sarasota that can help a patient fill qty 180 oxycodone 30mg? Please help. On the verge of getting deathly ill w/out meds! Thank you.

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ant Says:

my mother has gone to over 100 pharmacies with legit rx for legit level 10 pain has a broken back in tampa no one not one pharmacy will fill they all say they are OUT! it breaks my heart for her.

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Have never heard of a pharmacy refusing to fill RX for Oxycodone unless there is a problem with the prescription. Does Florida have a law against filling RX for narcotics outside of jurisdiction of county in which the patient resides? I would call the doctor that wrote the prescripton. Maybe it is the quantity that is a factor ? I have never heard of this and I don't believe there is a shortage of the drug. I do know they are cracking down on this drug and many other narcotics due to abuse of narcotics by drug addicts/seekers.

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This situation you ladies are mentioning are making me very angry! My name is Donna. I have just been accepted as the Action Advocate State Leader of Florida for the American Pain Foundation. I am going to be representing for our state. I will be working to Advocate for our fellow floridians in pain. I am going to the annual convention next month and I get some answers. This deal of not filling legitimate prescriptions for pain patients needs to stop! There is no shortage. Its our legislators trying to make it hard for patients. They can stop the pill mills and illegal drug users, but our patients need help. Make sure you have a FB account. I'm going to be needing all those of you pain patients and caregivers to help me for our rights! I will be your voice in the media. I understand how all the bad stigma is affecting you and that's why I'm in the position I'm in. Hang in there. Try to speak with a manager at your pharmacy to get it ordered! And stick with the same place.

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I'm sorry. I just read you post again. Its honestly really bothering me. I had problems with getting my very ill son's Rx filled a while back. Try going and talking to a pharmacy manager. I also contacted the main head quarters of the franchise we used. I'm sorry to say we raised holy h-ll. If worse case scenario go back to your doctor and get a Rx of something else. I know nothing else works exactly the same, but better than getting sick. My sons doc is in Sarasota and since we lived in a different county 1 pharmacy said the same thing. I will tell you that there is no new law of this. Its your pharmacy playing doctor. I would also print out a copy of pain patients rights. For our state and hand them that! I just can't believe they are doing this to you. If you don't mind me asking, what is your age? Older pain patients. I feel shouldn't be left to withdraw because of blood pressure issues. Plus if you are legit, its just down right cruel. God bless and hope something works out for you.

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cashly Says:

Honestly its not a problem for the 15 mg u can go to walgreens for those its only the 30mg with the problems. Because the pharmaceutical companies get paid cash for these at mom & pop pharmacies who pay cash for the pills. They don't supply walgreens or cvs anymore because 95% of customers use state Medicaid or medicare. I feel your pain it sucks.

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Jeremy Says:

I am a 39 year old male with pain from breaking my hip and femur, herniated & bulging discs, and head pain from fractured skull/brain hemorage. Unfortunately this medication problem is very true. I have been trying to get my prescription of 30mg oxycodone 120 quantity for a week. I have checked over 30 pharmacies from Tampa to Zephyrhills. All tell me they are out and don't know when they will have them. They say that there is a limited allotted to Florida and there simply isn't enough to go round. When I went back to my DR to have him change script his staff said "because of the new printed prescriptions we are using you can't get it replaced without an appointment and the soonest we can see you is Oct. 17th". This is totally unacceptable to me, however there doesn't seem to be a thing I can do about it.

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cashly Says:

Jeremy your best bet is to look at the smaller pharmacies and not the big chain pharmacies. The smaller ones should carry them since they are paying cash per unit. They are not funded by local and state government to get their supply. I'm sorry to hear.

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If you want better pain care and better pharmacy experiences you should support me in getting your voices heard. Contact me on Facebook on the American pain foundation page. I'm on the first group page that has the most members. There are meds available but they will not tell you on the phone. Best thing to do is find a smaller pharmacy and talk with the owner or manager. Large franchises are not personable. They won't save them for you or make sure your meds are on hand every month. We have work to do in fixing this mess.

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Verwon Says:

Okay, first to explain, due to the extremely high risks of being robbed, yes, some pharmacies have stopped stocking high risk medications. Even though it can be an inconvenience for their customers, there is nothing that obligates them to do so.

And yes, in cases where you are from out of the area and they might have problems verifying the legitimacy of your prescription, they can get away with refusing to fill it, even if they have it in stock. They are allowed to do that, if they have any reason to be suspicious, whatsoever.

I am very sorry for all the problems this causes those of you that have legitimate prescriptions and legitimate need, but these are just the plain facts.

Just as an example, there are some counties in the state of Maryland where the regular pharmacies do not carry any controlled substances. There are only a couple that specialize in it, which have special security measures in place, so you have to locate one of them to get such prescriptions filled.

Now, the next question is, how are you all checking to see if they have them in stock and will fill your prescription?

If you are just calling around to various pharmacies, you are not likely to get a straight answer. Due to the same risk of being robbed, most of them will just tell anyone that calls that they cannot fill it and do not keep such medications in stock. If you just call, they have no way of knowing whether or not you are a legitimate customer with a need, or if you are a potential thief.

Therefore, to get an accurate answer, you actually have to go to the pharmacy, with your prescription in hand.


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Lisa Says:

First of all, let me start by saying THANK YOU! There are so many of us that are in REAL pain and have REAL MRI'S/Diagnosis's that are left traveling the county in search of a place to get our meds. Its difficult on pain patients to say the least and it is absolutely humiliating to have pharmicists that have been filling your scripts for over 20 yrs start to look at you as though you are a drug addict, despite the fact they have ALL of our medical history and meds we've been on for such a long time. I was told by MY 23 yr pharmicist that she would no longer fill my prescriptions because I recommended them to another pain patient, is that even LEGAL? She tells me, she can refuse ANY person she'd like to. 23 YEARS of more than JUST my oxycodone script!

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marms29 Says:

I live in SW Florida (Fort Myers area), and have been in pain management and on Oxycodone 30 mg for several years now. I went to the doctor last week, and still can not find a pharmacy to fill my perscription. I keep getting the same answer, they are on back order. Does anyone know how to contact the manufacturer to see what the problem is and when it will be resolved? I don't know what to do. I am going to be very ill if I don't find them. Does anyone live in the area and have any suggestions? I am desperate to find them.

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marms29 Says:

Hi Donna, I can't find the group page that you are on. Can you send me a link. I would like to join you. I have been in pain management for years and currently take oxycodone 30 mg. I have not been able to fill my scripts, and am facing horrible pain and sickness. I live in the Fort Myers area, and would appreciate any help you could provide, as I am desperate. Thank you! Michele

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Comments Says:

To all of you that are interested. Lisa, Patricia, cashly, Jeremy,Verwon, and anyone else, I just finshed making the pages for my APF site. Ok. There are 2. Both are under "American Pain Foundation Action Network For Florida Residents" on Facebook. 1 of them is a PAGE on Facebook, and the other is a closed GROUP for members only. Please come on over and join, I'll add you to the closed group. The page is for lots of info about chronic pain from APF. Please join this one also, so you can sign petitions that come available for our legislation rights to bills. There both new. I just got done completing them yesterday and I would love to have you join me.

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Danny Says:

I haven't been able to get mine filled for over week myself. It's a bunch of BS that the smaller pharmacies will take "cash only" for these things, since most of the people paying cash are the ones reselling them on the street. Meanwhile the people who actually need them can't find them anywhere. TPTB need to stop making people in pain suffer, when there's at least a little bit of relief to be had, because of the actions of stupid people who abuse them. Donna has it right too, they look at you like you're a drug addict looking for a fix.

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Comments Says:

Folks, look under groups when you search for my "American Pain Foundation Action Network For Florida Residents" group listed above in the post.If you have no luck there then leave a message for me on "American Pain Foundation Action Network Florida." That is a page. So look under page for that one. I am the Admin on both. The group and the page. So, I will find you. They won't let me leave my full name on here. But you can add my first name then look for Ratliff. You can find me by combining both of those names also.

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Patricia Says:

It is rather ironic that most of you are talking about FL as not being an accessible place to purchase pain meds. I have a daughter who is an addict, and it break my heart that the system tosses her in jail for a couple of months and lets her go. At NO TIME do they offer any type of rehab! She is broke and destitute and needs HELP! I am too ill to take care of her so all I can do is pray! And would appreciate if y'all would add a few words of prayer for her, too.... if you don't mine.... Thanks

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Patricia Says:

And please ignore typos ... I am tired and can't sleep due to shoulder pain. Trying not to overuse my Hydrocodone so I am a tad sleep-deprived and making typos one right after another... Also, if I ever seem to get on someone for not trying to stay "sober" and letting the drug ruin their life, it is because of what I see in my girl and how horrible addiction really is and how difficult to kick the habit... It leads to street drugging really quickly! Sorry.. I am over-wound and over-tired!

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Paul G Says:

This is terrible to live in Florida and with great insurance not be ALL of a sudden Not able to fill ANY PAIN MEDS NOT JUST OXY and Roxi's ..I even changed to Dilaudid 8 mg and they say I don't live in county go else where..I go to my county and the pharm I used for years say they cannot get ANY PAIN MEDS and thats a po po ? WTF.. They state the alottment had cancelled all Narcotics to them Here at Palm BAy pharmacy for GOD know's when ..CAN anyone in pain see away around this sorry for the RANT..They also want CASH only $4 each for my Roxi's at anther pharmacy..Tell me thats not a scam or against some law ANy LAwyers out there

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HelpUs Says:

This is a HUGE epedemic here in FL. Been taking Ez for 3 years now and had no problems filling until Sept.2011. Now its hit or miss. Usually driving to 30 pharmz before I can find them. It all depends on the pharmacist. And it is if they think you are an abuser or not. Stereotyping individuals. Dress nice and be polite is my best advice. Out of staters are destroying our rights as well as bad drs, pill mills and the DEA. Not fair to us, the people that depend on these meds to function everyday. A real pharmacist should know what can happen if we cannot get our meds. Side affects and sickness can be fatal to you and those arround you. No joke. This has to be corrected. Also, I believe that its really messed up that a pharmacist that is usually not born of this country can control your fate. I am beyond angry at this whole dilema and need some answers. I hope it gets better because right now people will rob, steal and kill for the blue devils.

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Rod Branfield Says:

I had an elevator fall on me. I used to work for otis elevator and live in largo florida. I have been going to pain management for 7 years, this doctor is not a quack, she gives you a full exam every month and only takes on so many patients. I have had 8 major heart attacks, i have been lucky up until this month and i am about to run out of my methadone, i have been out of my roxy 30s for a month now, i am very scared of what is going to happen when i run out of my methadone. I could die over this, which the pharmacy does not care the indian guy up the road st. marys pharmacy says yes he wants 9.50 a piece and no insurance and i see people shooting up in his parking lot, they should rot in hell, wallgreens has been ok with me even calling me to say hurry up and get here we just got them in usually friday. I am now hearing do not know when next order is in, i do not drive so i am unable to go to 500 pharmacies. I wonder if i could order them by mail or go to mexico????

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KimberRose Says:

I live in Marion Co. You could call my pharmacy Cornerstone to check with them. I'm not sure how far that is but it might be worth the drive once per month. I hope this helps.

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BlessedLady Says:

Re: Bengis mom (# 1002) Expand Referenced Message

Were you told your state has a law that states Schedule II prescriptions must be filled in the county they were issued in ? I doubt any state has a law that states that. Although, I have no doubt some patients have been told that.

You can find out the laws in your states regarding Schedule II prescriptions. Put your state name+Schedule II prescriptions in Google.

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Bengis mom Says:

Its really getting hard to fill prescriptions for pain medication because most all the big pharmacies won't anymore, I would look for the smaller private ones.
The other thing is it has to be filled wherever it was issued the county.
God bless you abd I will pray for you

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Tina Says:

Re: tiredofbeinginPain (# 994) Expand Referenced Message

It's true - go to a small pharmacy. They will do everything they can to help you. That's exactly what I did

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Tina Says:

Re: Toothless (# 995) Expand Referenced Message

Q+I found a small pharmacy and when I went in the 2nd time he kn ew my name and was so nice . The only thing he requested was for me to have all of my other prescriptions transferred to his store. No problem. He helped me

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Tina Says:

I'm having the same problem in Frostburg, Md. The said they can't fill any prescription 70 miles or more from their location. My Dr's office is only 76 miles away. The DEA is making it so hard for us

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BlessedLady Says:

Re: sam (# 997) Expand Referenced Message

You need to change to another pharmacy.

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sam Says:

Re: Comments (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

My pharmacy stopped filling my oxycodone til I started seeing a pain doctor.

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Jesse Says:

Re: Comments (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Ty, it's about time someone speaks up for the disabled, veterans, and seniors that really need them for some quality of life and not to put us in the same category as kids that just want to feel high. It's not fair nor is it right! I live in Battle Creek, MI and they are terrible here.

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Toothless Says:

Try independent pharmacies. They’re much more patient centered than the big ones. Maybe your insurance can help locate a provider. Definitely need to report this to Fl Board Of Pharmacy.

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