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can bactrim cause a false positive drug test

I take bactrim and alieve and don't do any drugs and had a positive drug screen for suboxone and benzos is this common? ## I also just pissed hot for benzos, and I'm only taking bactrim. ## I just failed a drug screen for benzos also and was kicked out of my halfway and all I've taken is Bactrim DS, Ibuprofen 800 and k flex. ## I just failed a drug test for benzos, and all I take is Bactrim ds. I am going to have it sent out to the lab. I cannot afford to lose all that I've been working for because I wanted to get rid of my sinus infection. ## Same here!!!!! I'm in outpatient. I get tested 3 x a week..always negative. I got prescribed this for infection and got called for a random at court and it came up as a benzo! ## So did i. Got called in for a random This was on...

Bactrim ds dosage for dog

My dog has an ear infection and I have some bactrim ds that I couldn't take. I was wondering if he could take this medicine and what dosage would I give him? He weighs 23-25 lbs. ## Hi Kat, When it comes to potent antibiotics such as Bactrim, I feel it is vital to contact an experienced veterinarian who can assess the dog's condition in person first and then make an appropriate medical decision based off their evaluation. Just to add, Bactrim is in fact prescribed to dogs and cats alike for various types of infections. My only concern is that Bactrim tends to cause a lot of side effects in humans, so I can only hope that your dog has a positive response to it. If you have a moment, please post back on how things are going with treatment. ## How much bactrim should I give my 60lb...

Interaction between bactrim and methadone

I have heard that the combination of bactrim and methadone can throw you into withdrawals. I have mrsa and staph but cannot do withdrawals. Does anyone have information on this potential interaction? ## I' have been on methadone for a 7 yrs. I have taken bacterium triple timed and have NEVER experienced any kind of withdrawals from it. I hope this helps. ## Hello Jill, I did a search on the NIH website but I was unable to find any clinical studies that would suggest this is true. In addition, when I checked the drug interaction portion of the NIH website all I was able to find is that when these two drugs are taken together it increases the chance of having a negative heart reaction. Though I am not saying what you heard is completely unfounded I just was not able to find any eviden...

Bactrim DS

sulfameth/trimethoprim 800-160 ## I have been on this drug for a week now and I have been experiencing a hard time sleeping and I wake up every hour on the hour and when I first was on it I did not sleep for four days and I never had sleeping problems before. When I do sleep I also get really weird dreams. Has anyone experienced this? ## Yes- I am having problems sleeping and weird dreams also. Ooh-well; it will stop soon. I will complete the medication and hopefully be done with it. ## This medication is a combination of two antibiotics, and yes, they will cause sleep problems for some people, but this will wear off if you are on it for awhile, or it you complete your course of treatment. ## I have been put on Bactrim for my acne treatment. I also have problem with sleeping and wierd d...

Becotrim 960

I filled a mail order prescription for bactrim and when i received it, it said becotrim 960. Is this the same? The pills came from india / combitic global caplet pvt ltd. ## Bactrim is sold in the U.S. as an antibiotic for bacterial infections. I researched and looked for becotrim 960. I'm unable to find anything about the becotrim. You said it came from India. The United States do import medications because we do have manufacturing plants in countries like India. However, did you have a prescription for it or did you just wanted to order from a site without having to use a prescription? The pill could very well be Bactrim or it could very well be useless. This is why I go to a local pharmacy, which will carry this product. Did the pharmacy you use have Bactrim DS (double strength)....

Can Taking Bactrim Ds 800160 Cause Frequent Urination

I am taking bactrim ds 800/160 for upper respiratory can it cause frequent urination? ## i had to use bactrim for a infection, on the label said it could cause kidney stones, which i got one later. i refuse to take bactrim. ## You are supposed to drink at least a whole glass of water with each pill to prevent the formation of crystals. ## It is really difficult to determine how any person will react to any given medication, even an antibiotic like this one, which contains Sulfamethoxazole and Trimethoprim. There are several reports of people that have experienced frequent urination, while taking it, however you may want to consult your doctor to rule out other problems, such as a urinary tract infection. Are there any questions or comments? ## Which is better to use and ease the pain fo...

I have a 40 pound dog with an eye infection

Hi. My name is Lilly and i have a 40 pound dog, named Harley. She is half pitbull and half lab. She's such a lover, almost too good to be true!! :) but after waking up today, my boyfriend and i have become REALLY worried about her eye... It's like leaking green stuff out of it. The 1st time we woke up, i saw it, i grabbed a napkin and wiped it off. THINKING it was just a normal eye booger from her eye watering all night. But a little bit after that, i looked at it again. And there's no way it was from just watery eyes. It's unusually thicker than normal and even more of a green-ish infection color too... I'm getting more and more worried about her but i cant take her to the vet with no money. Plz, if u know what i should do or have any ideas, plz let me know!!! My bo...

sulfamethx/trimeth ds tb

bactrim ds tab 80-160mg ## You can read more about this medicine on the page for Sulfamethoxazole + Trimethoprim (Bactrim is a brand name of this chemical combination). ## Bactrim is a sulfa based antibiotic that's used to treat various types of infections. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, non-allergic skin rash and diarrhea. Learn more Bactrim details here. Are there any comments or questions? ## I was prescribed this drug and it had me sleeping 15 hours a day when I am a 5 hour a day person. It was like an out of body experience, I thought I would not make it and considered suicide, and I am the last person in the world to do that. My physician told me to stop taking the medication one evening and I awoke the next morning at my usual 4 a.m. a new person. I would never e...

Bactrim Side Effects

I am curious if anyone else has had any of these side effects from taking bactrim. My mouth is so swollen with blisters all inside my it has started to affect my private area as well with same symptoms. I cant eat and it burns all day long. I only took 4 pills when this started. Please help if you can. ## Rhonda, I have exactly the same reaction to this drug. Blisters on the lips, very sore tongue and blisters on genital area. ## Hi Rhonda,what is the dose you are taking and it would be to your benifit to ask your doctor for a different medication or if it were me I would only take half a dose at a time every 4 to 6 hours. ## I am not sure if you are going to get a response, since this post was made in 2007. However, these reactions do happen to some people and in such ins...

how long to take Rowatinex

Yesterday I took 1 tablet of bactrim for a UTI. For the next 6 hours I did not feel better, so I took 1 Rowatinex capsule. I woke up this morning symptoms free. Do I need to continue Rowatinex? For how long? Thanks. ## Bactrim is an antibiotic and just one tablet can't be expected to completely cure an infection and eradicate the bacteria that has caused it. They do not work like that. There are some antibiotics that only require one dose to be taken, but this isn't one of them. You can learn more Bactrim details here. And I have no information to provide on the Rowatinex, because it is an over the counter supplement that's used for kidney health and kidney stones. It is not actually promoted to help with UTIs. My best guess in this scenario is that this person may have been...

can i cut bactrim in half

I am cutting the Bactrim in half. I took full dosage two days but I cannot chance a fall so I cut in half. If I have dizziness, I will not finish. I can get natural product for UTIs. I do not take anything but an occasional ibuprophen so my system is clean. I never take prescribed drugs as a rule. ## Yes, this is not a time released medication, so you can safely cut it, however you should only do so under the approval of your doctor. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, non-allergic skin rash, and diarrhea, Has there been any change? How are you doing? ## Can I take a half dose of Bactrim to lower my dose because 800mg is too high for me? I've been on macrobid for 3 days (uti) but it's making me sick and does not seem to be wo...

Side effects of Bactrim

I need to know of any side effects that may occur while taking this medication. ## Are there any risks to taking this medication understanding that the patient is 35 weeks pregnant? ## I took it for sinusitis/ear infection and got a terrible case of hives. ## You can't take Bactrim if you are allergic to sulfa (ie. that case of hives) ## Rash can occur ## My 9yr old daughter was prescribed Bactrim for treatment of a bladder infection. 2 pills twice a day for 7 days on 8th day she broke out in severe hives and a red pin point rash all over her body head to toes she also ran a fever. She has had the rash so far for 4days. Doctor says rash is possible side effect or possible allergic reaction. ## Any medication can cause a possible allergic reaction (rash, hives and more severe reactio...

Sex while on Bactrim

While taking Bactrim, my partner stated that while in my vagina it feels like there is grit or a sandy type of feeling? Could this be from taking the Bactrim and not following it up with a probiotic? Or could it be a reaction to me being on the Bactrim and having sex with him?

dosage for dog ear infection bactrim

My beagle keeps a yeast infection in his ears all the time. No matter how many times I take him to the vet, it goes away for a week or two and it's back again. He has seizures and also he weighs 60 pounds, now I know he's overweight but I need to know how much bactrim I can give him to clear up his ear infection. I cannot take him to the vet right now I just don't have the cash for that. So any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated. ## Bactrim is an antibiotic, it can only treat bacterial infections, it will not treat yeast infections. It can be used in dogs, according to NIH reports, and is safe for them, but it should not be given, without a veterinarians approval. It can also cause side effects in dogs, such as nausea, dizziness, skin rash, and diarrh...

can i cut bactrim tmp in half for my dog

I have a 25-28 lb. Pug. She has an ear infection, and I have no money for the vet. I do have some Bactrim that I had a reaction to, and I am wondering if I can cut it in half to give her? I know we used to use Bactrim ?TMP when I worked in an animal shelter, but that was over 20 years ago, and I don't remember the dosages. Thank you. ## Hi Sherry, Based on my research, the usual initial dose of Bactrim for dogs is listed at 13 milligrams per pound, to be taken twice daily (12 hours apart). So for a 28lb dog, that would bring each dose to 364 milligrams (13 x 28 =364), amounting to a total daily dose of 728 milligrams (364 x 2 =728). However, just to be on the safe side it would probably still be a good idea to also contact your local veterinary office with a simple inquiry regarding...

double dose of Bactrim DS?

Accidentally took double dose of Bactrim DS. Is this harmful? ## Hello, Jack! How are you? This is an antibiotic, so you can't really overdose on it, thus a double dose would only be really dangerous if you were allergic to it. Otherwise, you are most likely to experience more severe side effects than usual, which as reported by the FDA, may include nausea, dizziness, headache and diarrhea. However, it is always best to inform your doctor of what happened, just in case. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I have taken 3 bactrim tablets at once and I want to know if that will cause any problems I should be mindful of? Please reply!

what is ilvitrim prescribed for

Hi, my 5 weeks old baby has what is called colic so the Dr said. He cries and folds himself and make his stomach hard and pulls his legs. However the Dr gave him Ivitrim Suspension 50mL to drink and now I want to know if it's safe for my hiv negative baby? What could be the side effects? ## Hello, Penny! How are you and your son? Ilvitrim is an antibiotic, it can be used to treat various types of infections, it can be taken by anyone that needs to take it, it's not just restricted to those who have HIV. When someone is HIV positive, it's often used to prevent them from getting infections that could make them very ill. Learn more Ilvitrim details here. That said, however, it's not going to do anything to treat colic, since that's usually caused by excess intestinal ga...

Bactrim for a 3lb Yorkie

I have a 3lb tcup Yorkie and he's been coughing and I can hear the congestion in his chest and breathing. I'm disabled and in serious pain my self and can barely walk due to the bladder and mesh I can't find the dosage for his weight. I don't want to give him to much. He's my everything and I feel so horrible but I don't want it to get worse or pneumonia? Please help me out. I will make sure he drinks plenty of water.

Bactrim muscle joint

I took Bactrim about two months ago and approximately 4 days after quitting the drug I developed severe muscle and joint pain. I stopped the pills 3 pills early because I developed a rash and had insomnia and was nauseated. I am still experiencing muscle and joint pain, but it has improved somewhat. Doctors are hesitant to blame the drug for these effects. Since it has been sinking I am wondering if anyone else has had these experiences and/or for this long. ## Hello, Sam! How are you? No, I'm not aware of such reactions to this medication lasting that long. I had an allergic reaction to it myself a couple of years ago and most symptoms went away within a week or two of stopping it, though the rash took about a month. The FDA lists the typical allergic reactions as possibly includin...

Reaction to Bactrim

I am taking Bactrim for a UTI and have side effects of hands shaking, gassy stomach, headache, loss of appetite, and irritability. There are 4 pills left and I am afraid to finish them. Is a substitute for Bactrim DS tablet SMX-TMP DS TAB? The script is 2 tablets twice a day. Should I just discontinue them or reduce them to one a day? ## Those can be normal side effects of this medication, according to FDA reports. You may also experience nausea, dizziness, and diarrhea. And SMX-TMP DS is just an abbreviation for the ingredients in Bactrim DS. An allergic reaction is listed by the FDA as possibly including fever, chills, trouble breathing, hives, and swelling. This is a very strong antibiotic, though it is not usually the first choice for a UTI. Are you on any other medications? Have yo...


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