Sulfur Allergy And Sulfur Hexafluoride

Curious Says:

If I have a sulfur allergy can a product that contains sulfur hexafluoride be used on me?

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maggie Says:

I am scheduled for macular hole surgery in June and I am allergic to sulfur drugs. I just read that the gas used in my surgery is usually sulfur hexafluoride.
Is it dangerous for me to have that gas during my surgery?

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VerFree Says:

Are you allergic to sulfa, or sulfur?

There is a difference, and someone allergic to one might not be allergic to the other.

For example, I am allergic to sulfa drugs, such as Bactrim, an antibiotic which contains sulfamethoxazole, but I am not allergic to sulfur overall, I can eat egg yolks, and etc. without a problem.

Maggie, the best suggestion I can make for you is to tell them all of your allergies, so they know what they shouldn't use during your surgery.

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