What Is Ilvitrim Prescribed For

penny Says:

Hi, my 5 weeks old baby has what is called colic so the Dr said. He cries and folds himself and make his stomach hard and pulls his legs. However the Dr gave him Ivitrim Suspension 50mL to drink and now I want to know if it's safe for my hiv negative baby? What could be the side effects?

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Penny! How are you and your son?

Ilvitrim is an antibiotic, it can be used to treat various types of infections, it can be taken by anyone that needs to take it, it's not just restricted to those who have HIV. When someone is HIV positive, it's often used to prevent them from getting infections that could make them very ill.

Learn more Ilvitrim details here.

That said, however, it's not going to do anything to treat colic, since that's usually caused by excess intestinal gas and not an infection.

As a matter of fact, it can cause nausea, gas and diarrhea as side effects, which might end up making him feel worse.

What type of doctor did you take him to, was it a pediatrician or just a regular general practitioner?

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Rhimigious Says:

Can I use ilvitrim for skin infection !!!

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nonhle zi Says:

hi my child is 4 years have hives it started when he was 2yrs and some few montths ttthat when he get insectt bite he would be swollen and be left with sore and also started reacting on certain food can i give him ilvitrim this bothers him especially in summer where mosquios are most he ge blisters from mosquito bites ive tested him he is hiv negative

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lebo Says:

Hi my boyfriend has been diagnoise with PTB his on treatment and also HIV positive is it safe for him to use ilvitrim tablets while on Tb treatment.

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nick Says:

Hi..am positive n my 1 month old boy hasn't been tested yet..when he was born they gv m nevrapine to gv hm n at 6 weeks ilvitrim to gv fr a month. .th clinic told m that they wl only test him at 10weeks is that normal cause usually they test at 6wks..n after I gv my son that med ilvitrim he is developing a rash..what must I do cauz it's only 2 days after starting th med n I hv to gv hom fr a month

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kholeka Says:

Hallo my son is turning to six years in october and he was coughing and had chest tightness and he was prescribed of ilvitrim suspension what is it does

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Tlou Says:

Hi. My child is 15 months old and Dr prescribed 3 types of antibiotic, purmycin-250 suspension, moxypen 250gm and ilvitrim suspension. Is it ok?

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Nancy Says:

Hi...my bby is 10weeks and she started using ilvitrim suspension now she developing rush what must I do

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nonz Says:

Hi, my son has the same rash problem and also getting achne pimples all over his body. How can I treat those side effects?

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bokang Says:

Hi my daughter is 7weeks and is taking ilvitrim and she is forever constipated what can i do? Because she cries when she has to make a poo and produce hard dry stool. What can i do to help her?

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maneliza Says:

Hy im HIV and ïm on PTB treatment m'y tummy is sore everytime but im taking ilvtrime ï dont know maybe It thé side-effect and shortness of breath and m'y kidney is always paining

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nelago Says:

my 3mounth baby also have the same problem with developed rushes the hole body when she started taking the medicines

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Bucks Says:

Hi im hiv+ n iv been on arvs and yday the nurse gave me ilvitrim and wat i woul like to know is is it necessary to take ilvitrim while on arvs and exactly what does ilvitrim do what is its work and is it as the same as arvs or its just like the tb treatment???

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Sypho Says:

Hi, my son was diagnosed with tonsillitis at the clinic and was given two 50mL doses of Ilvitrim suspension. Is ilvitrim good for tonsillitis?

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karen Says:

Hie...l was giving my baby nevirapine for six weeks now l was given ilivittim suspension at the clinic...should l gv it to my baby the same time l was giving her the nevirapine or it is only taken in the morning as the nurse said...l was giving her the nevirapine in the evening

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Gerty Says:

Can I give ilvitrim suspension to my 7 month old dog? He weighs 23kg and has a bacterial infection in his stomach.

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